Thursday, June 25, 2015

May 26 – postdated (Part 1)

There was no sense of time in the nothingness that claimed me. When the world outside my skull began to swim in and out of my consciousness, I had no idea if a second had passed or a decade.

I had only flashes of sight and sound at first. For some time I thought I was dreaming. Everything was hazy, like a mirage. I saw the view from my medi-bed. The diagnostic arms were over me, their lights a steadily glowing green.

Later I was looking from the bed towards the door of my room. As had become the usual, there were two Nobek guards there. Usually they stayed inside my room, but at that point they were just outside the door. They seemed to be chatting up one of the Imdiko orderlies. He smiled at the pair of grinning men, young and cute as a button as he enjoyed their attention.

Another period of blankness. It must not have lasted long because the guards and orderly were still talking. A part of my attention was on them. Another part was on the computer panel of the medi-bed.

Something different filled my thoughts. Not blankness. Not real consciousness either. More of a mapping ... I looked at a grid of energy pulses. I followed trails I had seen before, looking for something. Control commands. That was what I wanted. Now that I had subverted stasis, the warning alerts would soon tell them I was breaking free. I needed to divert their attention and finish my escape.

The first alert beeped. Another joined it. In less than a heartbeat, several medical alarms went off at once. I looked at the panels of the bed again. The lights flashed red, signaling shutdown of all major organs.

The Imdiko orderly shoved past the startled guards to get to me. In an instant the room filled with more medical staff, Tep tearing in at full speed. The guards were distracted and pushed aside in the panic. My moment had come.

I came off the bed, my fully armored arm tossing the heavy control panels away from me as if they were made of cardboard. I ignored the shouting medics, springing right for the Nobeks. I had not yet gained my full strength and capabilities, but it was now or never. Time had run out. Whether my host body was ready or not, I had to get out of Medical.

My only hope was through surprise. I had managed that, and I took full advantage of the guards’ confusion.

I brought the fully armored fist around in an arc to smash the skull of one. It made a beautiful crunching sound that brought triumphant joy I hadn’t felt in far too long. He dropped at once.

I had no real time to enjoy the victory. Though my infiltration had strengthened the other arm, the armor only extended slightly past that shoulder. I could not incapacitate the other guard so easily, especially since he had a moment to recover from his surprise. I did not try. The moment the first Nobek went down, I turned and grabbed the second. He was going for his blaster, moving in a blur. I was faster. I had him by the throat in an instant and flung him at the startled medics. Before he landed, I was already running out of Medical.

As adrenaline pumped through my body, I became aware of a tiny part of my mind screaming in horror. It had started screaming when I’d knocked the first guard down. Little by little, I had become more conscious of the terrified bit of consciousness twisting in my head, trying to escape knowledge of what I’d done.

Her. It was the weak-minded host. That irritating Earther who was always whining to herself and others about the baby.

The damned unborn child, I cursed to myself as I ran, finding the least-used corridors as I made my way to the in-house transportation system. It was that fetus which made the Earther’s body an unorganized soup and somehow managed to keep me at bay when I tried to push past. But that would end soon. All I needed to do was stay out of sight for a little while, long enough to destroy the hateful parasite and complete the transformation. I knew all the places where the vessel’s minders rarely went. I couldn’t be tracked by them either. If I could gain one of those safe places, I would win. If not, I would die ... and I would take this creature and her progeny with me.


  1. Noooooo sniff sniff poor shalia.

  2. OMG TRACYYYYYYYY YOU EVIL EVIL WOMAN!!! Loving it but want more lol as usual begins pacing and taking my hair out waiting for Monday?

  3. Wow!! Hard to believe Tep, Oses and the rest weren't expecting something like that to happen! They sure dropped the ball, and Shalia's baby might end up paying for it.

  4. If this ends with her losing the baby then sacrificing herself to take out the "other", I may never forgive you lol.

  5. Incredible, I can't wait until Monday. Awesome as usual Tracy. You the best.

    1. I meant to say you are the best. I love your writing.

  6. OMG WOW. I don't think Tep, Oses have dropped the ball. I have a feeling just like the two bites Shalia has taken without being told they were coming I think this is a set up. Why after being told "IT" was getting stronger would the guards be outside her room. pretty must it looks like they want IT to think that it has beaten them. There is many ways to track IT/Shalia and we have no clue where Oses or Betra are, for all we know they are standing right in the room......
    Anyone thought about how Oses was watching Shalia when he was sooo obsessed with her protection?
    Oh and by the way, the is an entry is "SHALIA'S DIARY' goof ball she can't die yet she is the one writing the entry.

  7. All very good points, Marcy! I sure hope you are right!

    1. I hope i'm right too. I'd hate to have to show up on a writer's door step begging for more.
      Shalia is kinda like a wayward friend that you don't want to be around because murphy "law" keeps biting her in the A$$.