Monday, June 15, 2015

May 24, part 2

Tep and Feru left after our conference. Before they did, Oses spoke with them and the security guards. I was startled to see everyone leave, shutting the door to allow Oses and me privacy.

“Now what?” I asked, my eyes wide in disbelief.

Oses gave me a smile as he sauntered over to the bed. “We think you can have a little break from feeling like a prisoner. Certain restrictions have been lifted for this one time.”

I felt the It perk up just a touch over that. “You are not letting me out of stasis,” I spluttered. “That would be madness.”

“No, you’re not going free. In fact, I’m going to put the physical restraints back on you. Should your invader begin to act as if it wants to take over, you will tell me. The security guards will come back in and deal with the organism, if needed.”

I swallowed. ‘Deal with the organism’ sounded pretty fatal coming from the big, scarred Nobek standing over me. Yet if he can help it, Oses will never allow me to be harmed. Not that it matters so much to me since I’m pretty damned harmed right now.

The most important thing to me is that he’ll do whatever has to be done to save my baby ... even if I have to be sacrificed in the process. I believe it would destroy Oses to kill me, but he knows how I feel about the matter. I have been reassured he will not be sentimental if the time comes to finish the It once and for all. It’s good that I can trust him.

I watched him strap my helpless legs, torso, and arms down. He ran his fingers between the straps and me, making sure they were tight but not so tight that my circulation would be compromised. “Is everything feeling all right?” he asked.

“Right as rain,” I answered. “Do you mind telling me now what it is you’re up to?”

“How about fucking?”

My jaw dropped. “You must be kidding. With this thing infecting me? Even talking through me? You can't be sure this is me now! Prophets save me, you can’t be that desperate!”

Oses shook his head at me. “I know it's you right now. I know you are still Shalia, the woman I once made my Matara. I love you. I always will. I need to be with you now.”

“In case there isn’t a later?” I asked.

He swallowed. I knew then that Tep and the medical team had told Oses something they hadn’t told me. Like despite the discovery that my body fought the It, they very much feared there was no stopping the transformation.

They hadn’t given up, not by a long shot. But things were not looking good. If I was going to be with Oses ... really be with him ... this might be our last opportunity.

“Just don’t uncover any of what it’s done to me,” I whispered. “I don’t want to see it. I want to pretend – I want to pretend it’s just us. You and me and nothing else.”

Oses nodded. He moved the sheet covering my naked body, pulling it so that it bared me except the part that covered my upper chest and arm where the It had formed the armored exoskeleton. He tucked the fabric carefully, making sure it wouldn’t come loose by accident.

He stripped his formsuit off. Despite being on leave, Oses had gone back to wearing his uniform most of the time. I think it gave him some measure of security and made him feel more like his old self. More in control, maybe.

He looked pretty damned good out of it though. Even with things as awful as they had become, I couldn’t deny the surge of passion to see that big, scarred mountain of muscle come into view. Dear prophets, Oses is astonishing to look at. With all that’s happened lately, I seemed to have forgotten.

And while I’m infected or whatever one would call what’s happened to me, it didn’t seem to affect the Nobek’s attraction to me. His cocks looked rock hard, swollen with arousal. They glistened, exuding lubrication as he regarded me lying there. I became just as wet in a big hurry.

“These need to be open for me,” Oses rumbled, his voice deeper than usual as his hands wrapped around my ankles. He spread my legs to accommodate himself. The stasis field was keyed to my biology, so Oses was able to move me about without being affected.

Stasis didn’t keep me from feeling trembly as he crawled up onto the bed. Like a stalking panther, the huge man came for me, slinking until he crouched over my still form.

Oses gazed into my eyes, pinning me with his stare. I was lost in those purple oceans, which dwindled a bit at a time as his cat-slitted pupils widened. I felt so helpless under the weight of his gaze. I was helpless because of the straps and stasis, but even without them I wouldn’t have been able to move.

Never taking his gaze from mine, Oses lowered his face and put one hand to my breasts. They had grown full with my progressing pregnancy. Once upon a time, he had been able to cover the entirety of a mound with one hand. Now my tit overflowed his palm. He sighed his appreciation as he squeezed and suckled.

Arousal shivered from his mouth and hand to my pussy. I moaned in gratitude as he played with me, plying my flesh with licks, kisses, pinches, and nips. While he delighted us both with my breasts, his hand traveled down to dip into moist warmth. Fingers probed and then plunged, fucking me. My body fought to arch into him, but of course it couldn’t. I cried out the Nobek’s name. I shouted, “Master!” when his thumb brushed my clit.

Slick from my juices, he pressed one finger and then a second into my ass. Kissing his way down my swollen belly, Oses coaxed the tight muscles to relax, to accept his demands. Bit by bit, I opened to him, the slight ache dissipating with his careful ministrations.

I forgot all about his preparations when his lips closed around my clit. Oses sucked me into his demanding mouth. Crazy-sensitive with my growing pregnancy, I shouted as a bolt of pure exaltation blasted through that little bit of me. For a moment, I forgot how to breathe.

His mouth released me, leaving me gasping on the cusp of orgasm. I looked down, seeing how that dark head continued to hover over my mound. His hot breath caressed my straining flesh. I knew he was only a millimeter from tasting me again. My every sense was alive, waiting for that contact.

Instead, Oses spoke. “You will come for me. I will touch you, and you will surrender to it. There is to be no holding back. Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes,” I whispered hoarsely. I was still on the brink, needing only the slightest nudge. “I will come for you, Master. I will come because you will it.”

“Then do so.”

Lips enclosed me again; raw silk tongue slid over me. I didn’t just fall from the precipice, I hurled myself off. I lost myself, lost in convulsions of unremitting ecstasy, flung out of the bounds of time and space.

After some time, I was dimly aware of Oses on me. Then he was in me. His huge body covered me, weighing me to the bed. His breath was still hot, but now in my ear. His hips thrust, spearing me over and over, his cocks thick within. His groin rubbed constantly against my clit, bringing me again. I lay there beneath him, unable to move as he took his pleasure with me. As he forced pleasure on me, again and again. My cries were continuous as he inflicted greater and greater passion upon me.

Then all at once Oses froze. His breath stopped for a second or two. Then his groan unraveled from his throat, a great stream of spoken release just before the physical release. I came again to feel him emptying within me, granting me the gift of his love.

As a potential last time, it was precious. Only then did I realize that every time is precious. I hope I never take it for granted again. I hope I get many more chances to not take it for granted.


  1. I love Oses. He is someone you just need to hug.

  2. At first I thought it was going to be weird but it turned out to be so loving and sensual. Shalia and Oses have a deeper connection than just the love. It’s like they are sole mates. Still, I’m excited to have her start meeting clans but her connection to Oses will always be special.

    This part of her diary is the best yet!