Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 24, part 1

There has been good news at last. Dr. Tep gave Candy an infusion of my blood. The organism that has invaded her has been slowed in its progress. Not only is it taking over her body at a much slower rate, but those spikes of her nearing consciousness have stopped.

Something in me actively fights the organism. My body may have the key to defeating this thing. But what?

Tep has his theory on what’s going on. Obviously he’s not talking about what that idea is in front of me, for fear of telling the It that we may have found a weapon. I have an idea too, though not the scientific details. I can’t speak out loud to my voice recorder because I don’t want the monstrosity in me to know either. Suffice it to say, there is one major difference between me and Candy ... that has to be the key.

It gives me hope and terrifies me at the same time. I have to guard my thoughts from the It. Especially given last night’s nightmare of the It’s memory.

I and the Other One (as I’m now referring to the entity that has taken over Candy) had finally finished our extermination of Barinem for the moment. We returned ‘home’; a hidden research facility on the planet. It belonged to a cadre of Bi’isil scientists.

We reported to one of the little gray aliens. That required a whole series of ritual cleansing, speaking the proper words, and bowing first. We were not impatient with these requirements. It was order and perfection, which was our mandate anyway. Chaos was for lower, fallible creatures. There was no room in the universe for such. We were instruments of the perfect ones, clearing the way for order and civilization.

At last we were allowed to meet with the one in charge of us, the one who had told us he brought us into being. We didn’t have a name for him. We simply thought of him as ‘Maker’. I and Other One bent one knee to kneel before him. That put us at face level with him. Maker stared at us, his huge unblinking black eyes fathomless in his bulbous head. He was not happy with us, as he let us know through the telepathy the Bi’isils use for communication.

You killed them all? I told you to bring me ten for research and study.

Other One crossed his arms over his chest before speaking. “They were imperfect. They were flawed. They were not worthy of the Maker’s intentions.”

Other One put both hands on the knee bent before him. We waited for Maker’s response.

A flash of anger screamed through my skull. Of course they are imperfect. They are not of Bi’is, so they can never approach perfection. That does not change the fact you were to bring them here for experimentation.

I crossed my arms over my chest this time. “They do not deserve the honor. They were not worthy.”

I returned to the same pose as Other One. The matter was crystal clear in my mind. The Barinem had been inferior. No Bi’isil should even look at one, much less share space with it.

Maker turned to another of his kind, one who stood nearby punching data into a computer. Is this the first team back from the cleansing and gathering?

The other Bi’isil glanced our way and nodded. We expect the rest of the teams to return in the next two days. It hesitated for a moment before adding, They have also reported that they found no specimens worthy of our consideration. Perhaps they are experiencing the same issue as these two?

There was another rumble of anger from the Maker. It vibrated my skull. We have made a mistake somewhere. We will have to look into the programming before we proceed any further. Send out a regular collecting party for specimens tomorrow. I want to see how well our weapon bonds with the Barinem as soon as we discover where our error lies.

If it wasn’t for the flawless acknowledgement of ritual, I would have looked at Other One. What Maker said bothered me terribly. It was the first note of anguish I had known since my awakening.

Later as we stood alone in our replenishment pods, Other One voiced the same concerns that assaulted me in his flat but growly voice. “Maker lied to us. He could not have created us if he is flawed, for we are perfection. Or he has been contaminated since that time of creation.”

“Confirmed. We are the products of Bi’is, the world that stands against chaos. Mistakes are not made by those who brought us into being. We stand against all defect and disorder.”

“There can only be organization. There can be no confusion.”

“Confirmed. Protocol is at risk. Stability is at risk. Order must be restored.”

It was an emergency situation, one that demanded all usual rituals be jettisoned. That was all right. We knew the steps to be taken when a crisis threatened. We were perfection as we left our pods and routed a secure channel to the other cleansing and gathering teams. Once we explained the situation to them, they agreed immediate action must be taken.  Once the matter was dealt with and our entire group was re-assembled, we would take the ships back to Bi’is to report that the infestation had been eradicated.

It was left up to Other One and myself to decontaminate the research facility. We immediately secured our weapons. In full emergency mode, we began to clean up the impurities. They would not be allowed to contaminate faultless Bi’is.

Maker screamed in my head as I pulled him apart limb by limb. Now that I knew him to be imperfect – he had admitted to that himself – it was as much a thrill to destroy him as the Barinem. The Tragooms they kept collared for personal security were even more exciting to kill. They put up a much better fight, more worthy of my skills.

Other One and I had a little trouble getting into the communications room with its triple-sealed doors. However, we had been well constructed. We were perfect after all, and made to spread perfection throughout the universe. We got inside and killed the contaminated Bi’isils frantically calling for help from home world.

That suited me fine. Bi’is already knew how we had protected it from the chaos. When we got there, it would be as heroes of the greatest civilization, a civilization we would guard against any and all forms of disarray.

I – the Shalia me – woke from the dream gasping and feeling cool Bi’isil blood drenching my hands. Fortunately my room in Medical did not resemble the Bi’isil research facility in any way. That helped me get my senses back quickly.

I immediately called for Feru, Tep, and Oses. I reported my dream/memory in all its awful detail. They were quiet for a long time after I finished.

Oses was the first to hazard an opinion. “It’s Bi’is technology, as we thought it might be. They’ve always been at the forefront of biological type weaponry, but this is a whole new realm of design.”

Tep said, “If this was what was used in the unsolved attacks on the Barinem, then it’s decades old. There has been no evidence Bi’is used an organism of this type since then.”

“The weapon went terribly wrong, turning on them. One would have to suppose they couldn’t correct the program that only sees things as right or wrong with nothing in between.”

Feru weighed in. “To allow such a creature to weigh heavier matters of right versus wrong would also allow it to develop a conscience. They wanted a pure weapon, not one that could think for itself.”

I could see they’d been discussing the matter at length out of my hearing. I said nothing, choosing to monitor the It instead. All I sensed was the usual cold, hard intent. If the It could only think in terms of the universe as being black and white, order and chaos, it would never change its mind about its end goal. All that mattered was the eradication of disorder, leaving only purity behind.

Since nothing is perfect, eventually the organisms would want to destroy everything they came in contact with. The It and Other One would not stop with those of us on the transport. They had a whole universe to cleanse.

Feru asked me, “Shalia, do you have any sense of what species the organism took over in that incarnation? What did the cuff device’s wearer start out as?”

I thought back to all the dreams, trying to get a sense of who the It’s prior victim might have been. However, I could only recall that pinpoint need to destroy everything that wasn’t orderly, that didn’t fit the It’s version of perfection. Whoever my predecessor was, I thought his personality might have been completely erased.

My voice choked, I told them this. “Is this what’s happened to Candy? Will it happen to me in the end?”

Tep was quick to say, “We don’t know that. The organism was still under development to judge from the memory. The Bi’isils wanted to test it on the Barinem, which tells us they were not at an end stage yet. In fact, the It may have been programmed specifically for whatever wore it first. If it was a creature of very different biology from your own, then it could be another factor working in our favor to free you of its influence.”

I tried to feel as hopeful as Tep tried to sound. Yet Candy had been a long way from herself before they put her in stasis. If not for the fact that something in me is fighting off the It, something that Candy did not possess on her own, I would probably also be lost – perhaps for good.

I am so scared for us both, but I am mostly scared for my child. What will happen to her?


  1. Keep it coming Tracy. This story just keeps getting better and better. The little gray eastwards were behind this. Glad to know the It turned on them. The baby is keeping Shalia safe but how. Can't wait for the next story

  2. Really great story Tracy! I can't figure out how they are going to get the "It" out of Shalia and Candy. Monday seems so far away!

  3. Great entry so looking forward to the next, and am now just as eager to see more of it's dreams or memories, if the event happened decades ago, I am wondering if there are records of anything big having happened on the bi'is home world, I want to know what happens when the its get back there, will they have attempted to cleanse the entire home world. Uuhgs paces until Monday.

  4. Is the its dna going to contaminateor affect the baby dna or development making the its see the baby as one of them making the baby perfect and sheila as she is creating growing baby making her perfect or maker?

  5. Is the its dna going to contaminateor affect the baby dna or development making the its see the baby as one of them making the baby perfect and sheila as she is creating growing baby making her perfect or maker?

  6. Is the its dna going to contaminateor affect the baby dna or development making the its see the baby as one of them making the baby perfect and sheila as she is creating growing baby making her perfect or maker?

  7. I think the hormones is what is keeping the "it" stunted on it's growth. Candy didn't have the "mommy hormones" so the "other one" has been able to take her over faster, plus Shalia is never truly alone. Candy locked herself away after the fight.

  8. What I think is the baby is the first girl Nobek and is protecting Shalia from inside

  9. WOW Sharon that would be one hell of a twist to the kalquorian society hybrid females displaying those traits. I would love to see how the reactions to that would be.