Monday, June 8, 2015

May 23, part 2

The next phase of fighting the It rolled around. Tep was determined to run his tests. I was determined to help him do so.

Tep decided to perform a little experiment first, though he wouldn’t tell me – and therefore the It – what he was up to. We knew sedation was out when it came to dealing with my changing body. Another way had to be found to keep the It at bay.

Tep started by bringing the stasis field as close to full power as he could without putting me out. Then the medi-bed panels were removed just long enough for me to be strapped to the bed with physical straps. I like bondage, but this was no fun at all. Then the panels came back up, offering yet another physical barrier.

“Local anesthesia, from neck down,” Tep ordered the computer. The It started to stir restlessly in my head when I heard that.

“It’s not happy,” I said, even as my body went numb. “It’s thinking about resistance.”

“Do your best to not lose control to it,” Tep encouraged me. “It’s overcome sedation, so it may have some defenses when it comes to fighting off the spinal block. Liaison?”

I was startled when Betra appeared at my side. He and Oses had kept close during everything, but while medical stuff was happening, they kept their distance. I couldn’t imagine what an administrative type could do to help with medical tests.

Betra’s face suddenly darting down towards me, his mouth wide open and fangs showing, made me scream. The bite came to the side of my neck, just above where I’d gone insensitive to all feeling.

Tep stroked the top of my head. “Easy. We couldn’t let the organism know what we were up to, so I didn’t dare warn you about this. Perhaps we can make the It as susceptible to the intoxication as you are.”

The pain of the bite had vanished almost immediately. Silky tendrils of happiness were already beginning to weave in my head. “Shit, guys. You scared the hell out of me, Betra.”

Tep smiled wearily. “It was necessary. Shalia, I know this will make you feel serene, but I want you to try to remain in control over yourself. Let the intoxication reach a point of balance between the two and then tell Betra to stop.”

“Okay.” The other piece of my brain, the bit that wasn’t me, became aware of what was going on. I sensed it struggle to assert itself, but it couldn’t seem to figure out what it should do. It was a weird sensation; one moment it wanted to move this way in my head, and the next it tried to move another. I caught glimpses here and there of its consciousness. It felt like it was trying to find its way through the densest fog ever.

I became so bemused by the It that I didn’t realize how under the influence I was until a stab of pure want shot between my legs. Well hello, Libido. I thought I was supposed to be numb down there.

“Sstop,” I slurred. “Oops, I think I let you go too far.”

Betra immediately released me, rising up to gaze into my face. He stood over me, as gorgeous as a man could be. Look at me, surrounded by men. And here I was, tied helpless. Mmm, nice.

“Ah, hell,” I lilted, feeling happy despite knowing I’d messed things up. “Yep, I’m stoned. Sorry, Doc.”

Tep’s mouth quirked, as if he had found the humor in the situation. “How is your passenger doing?”

“The It iss confused,” I reported, still drawing my words out in a langorous tone. Except for the sensation of struggle in my head, I felt warm and happy all over. “It can’t seem to figure out what'sss happening.”

“That’s a start.” Tep nodded to his team. “Let’s get some samples.”

I smiled up at Betra. I knew what I wished was happening. “Stay?”

He chuckled and glanced up at Tep. The doctor nodded. To his team, Tep said, “Please try to close your ears to whatever she might say. Matara Shalia is not in full control of her – feelings.”

“But my feelings are in full control of me,” I giggled. I gave Betra a wink. “Guess where and what I’m feeling now?”

Betra snickered. “Behave yourself.” To Tep he said, “The block isn’t doing its job.”

Tep’s face was red, whether from embarrassment or the effort to keep from laughing, I don’t know. “They say that 95 percent of that kind of excitement takes place in the brain. Perhaps that is what’s happening.”

I grinned happily. “And Betra is a smart guy. He gives good brain.”

The room erupted in snorts and chuckles. A few of the guys gave Betra what I would call 'come-hither' looks. Tep called everyone back to order as Betra went magenta in embarrassment.

We had about twenty minutes of me humiliating me and my liaison like that while Tep’s team worked. I felt none of the tests or sample taking. Then the It began to crawl out of its hole.

“Hey, get back in there,” I told it. “We’re still high and happy. Be a good invader and do what we want you to.”

It snapped at me, like a bad-tempered dog. Even through my intoxication, I sensed I needed to get serious.

Betra leaned close, filling my vision with his beautiful face. “Is it fighting back?”

“It’s trying.” I noticed I wasn’t slurring quite as happy as I'd been before. Betra’s venom was wearing off finally. The It must have been taking advantage. “It wants to stop the testing.”

“Be strong, Shalia,” the Imdiko urged. He glanced at Tep. “How long?”

“Another 15 minutes, if we hurry. With the anesthetic, stasis field, and restraints, we should be okay if she loses control to it.”

“I don’t want to lose control.” I had the overriding terror that sooner or later, the It would destroy my consciousness. That fear pushed the intoxication back.

“You’re doing fine,” Betra encouraged me. “Fight to stay in charge. I’m right here with you.”

I fought, all right. Little by little, the It battled its way free of the venom. I had to resist it and the intoxication. I began to think the bite had been a huge mistake.

That was confirmed when the It barreled over me for a moment, leaving me staring into blackness where Betra’s face had just been. For one horrifying second, I couldn’t see or hear anything. The It was in control, and my first thought was for my daughter.

I shoved the alien consciousness back with a scream. “Get away! You can’t have me! You will not take my body!

Tep’s voice was a beacon in the encroaching darkness. “It’s okay, Shalia. We’re done for now. All right people, shut it down.”

Then Betra was over me again, his shoulders sagging in relief. “Easy, love. They’ve finished. You’re okay. Shalia?”

An inhuman snarl left my lips. In that instant if Betra had come close enough, I would have tried to bite his face off. I could visualize it; my teeth sinking into his nose, biting through, crunching cartilage, blood spurting, his screams ringing in my ears ... and then the It subsided back into its little corner of my brain.

I shuddered over the awful urge that had possessed me until it felt like my own. I wept with relief to have myself back, to have come back from the brink again.

“No more,” I blubbered. “No more. I can’t do this anymore.”

I now knew for a fact that if I dropped my guard again, I would lose.


  1. “He gives good brain“ I love it! Then it just got seriously scary. Poor Shalia!

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  3. Shalia has always been good at the tacky, funny one liners. I'm kinda worried about our girl. How much more can she withstand?

  4. I feel sorry for Shalia, she is really afraid. She was having some fun but the It is really starting to take over.