Monday, June 1, 2015

May 22

I wish I could report the sedation Tep used on me yesterday to finish getting his samples made things better. It did not.

I woke from the testing to find myself under heavy guard. That sent off warning bells. “Fuck. What happened?”

Feru’s strained face hinted at hope. “Is that you, Shalia?”

“Last time I checked.” I looked around to see his relief echoed in the expressions of Oses, Betra, and Tep. The Nobek security squad continued to look mean.

“Thank the Mother of All,” Betra breathed. “We were afraid we wouldn’t get you back.”

“Get me back from where?” I looked at the expert of the group, Tep. “Doc?”

He came close to pat me on the shoulder. “The sedation put you out, but the invading organism was able to activate areas of your brain for its use. It took complete control over you.”

Terror filled me. “How am I here now?”

Tep shrugged helplessly. “My best guess is that when you are conscious, you can fight back and keep it at bay, at least to a point. We’ve seen you do it.”

“I had no control when it opened those bay doors,” I reminded him. As I spoke, I searched my head for any stray alien thoughts. I detected a surliness in there, a small mote of tension. Nothing else.

“You weren’t aware you’d been infiltrated at the time,” Oses said. “Now that you know about the entity, you’re on alert. It hasn’t taken you over enough to overrule you yet.”

Yet. That one little word rang out like a death knell.

“What about Candy?” I mused. “She’s been out for a couple of days now.”

“Sedated and in full stasis,” Tep said. “The combination seems to be holding her for now.”

“You don’t think it will continue to?”

He rubbed his eyes tiredly. “The other It continues to invade her body, transforming it more and more. Your version has already hinted that stasis won’t hold her forever.”

Oses said, “It’s the perfect weapon, made to overcome all barriers. That’s what I believe.”

Despite the anger in his face, he almost sounded as if he admired it. That’s a warrior for you. If the It hadn’t set up shop inside Yours Truly, he might have looked forward to fighting it.

“So now what?” I asked.

Tep straightened. “I got the first round of samples for testing despite it fighting to get free. We’ve put a rush on the lab, so we’ll be ready for more tests tomorrow. This time, you’ll be conscious in the hopes you can keep a rein on that thing. Plus I have a few other tricks I’d like to try to make sure the organism can’t take you over again.”

I almost asked what those tricks were. Good sense showed up for a change before I could open my mouth. The It was no doubt listening to everything. Not that they would have told me what they were up to ... they know talking to me is the same as talking to the enemy.

So until tomorrow. Why do I feel like a train is speeding straight for me and I can’t get off the tracks?


  1. Uuuuhggs lovin IT Tracy but wanted more!!!!! Grrrrrrs this entry was far to short. Stomps about waiting for Thursday!!!

  2. Putting a rush on the lab. That's laughable. What is more important than stopping dangerous alien weapons from potentially killing more people and taking over the ship?

  3. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I've finally caught up...
    I'm still curious why it's taking longer to take Shalia over then Candy.
    Also this alien invasion arc is thrilling but I hope we can hear more from Clan Asalda (lol not sure if I spelling it write)

    So how often is this blog updated?

    1. It is posted every Monday and Thursday. If you like Shalia's Diary, you should try Tracy's books (if you haven't already)!

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