Monday, May 25, 2015

May 20, part 3

Tep put me in a private room. He got busy arranging the tests he needed to subject me and my unwanted guest to. I remained in partial stasis to keep me from taking off and committing mayhem should the It get the upper hand again.

Oses remained with me while Betra went back to my quarters to fetch a few things. My Imdiko lover returned with my prettiest nightgowns, my handheld, hairbrush, and other little things. He set the handheld on the table next to me so I could speak to it. My diary, music, and audio story files were there to keep me amused during this incarceration.

It is an incarceration. I am a prisoner in Medical, held by stasis and the terror of the thing taking me over.

I gave in to panic for a little while. “Promise me,” I begged Oses and Betra over and over. “Promise me the baby will be saved, no matter what it means happens to me. You have got to keep my child safe if I get to the point where I can’t make those decisions anymore.”

They said all the right things, assuring me that my little one would survive this nightmare. I’m sure Betra meant it at the time, but who knows if he’ll falter if the worst happens? He’s told me he loves me, and sometimes love makes us weak. If it comes down to pulling the plug on me, I’m not sure he can insist.

Oses, however ... well, he’s Oses. I have hopes his brand of uncompromising love will take care of whatever comes. He’s had to face the possibility of it before. I think I can count on him.

When I continued to cry, devastated by all that had happened and continued to happen, the men did their best to soothe me with gentle kisses, whispered comforts, and loving caresses. When that failed, Oses went for what only a desperate Nobek who couldn’t beat someone up would think of: sex.

I was jolted from my despair by him flipping up the nightgown I’d been dressed in by the orderlies, exposing me from my swelling waist down. I gasped as he spread my legs and planted a wet kiss on my pussy.

“Are you insane?” Betra hissed at him, looking as shocked as I felt. “This is not the time for sex!”

“She’s stopped crying,” Oses pointed out. If not for the heat in his purple eyes, the look he gave me would have been quite bland. “It’s a good distraction, I think. It’s up to you, Shalia. Do you wish me to stop or continue?”

I stared at him, flabbergasted. “Oses, I’m being taken over by an alien organism!”

“Yes, I know. But right now you are still Shalia, the woman I crave. You were also getting hysterical, which does you no good. I have snapped you out of that.”

He had a point. However, my mind was far from wanting a lurid encounter. “I do not feel like fucking, Oses.”

“Not yet,” he shrugged. “Maybe I can change your mind. You are helpless under a partial stasis field. That puts you unequivocally under my power, something that usually makes you happy. I can give you a little sexual pleasure to help you feel better. If Betra will stop looking so affronted, he could help too.”

Betra shook his head at Oses. “Only a Nobek would think of fucking at a time like this.”

Oses rolled his eyes. “I said nothing about actual fucking. It’s against regulations for intercourse in Medical anyway. However, Shalia can be serviced. Maybe she can even achieve climax. Maybe not. But we can try to take her mind off her troubles, if only for a little while.”

Betra looked like he was getting angry. It was a crazy idea, all right. Plus I had another concern, which I voiced before the Imdiko could give Oses the verbal tongue lashing he was no doubt planning to unleash.

“Oses, you can’t want to touch me. Not with this – this awful thing on me. In me.”

The Nobek looked at me. There was love in his eyes, but not the soft dewdrop love of poetry. Not a sappy, silly love. This was hard love, the love of a man who would kill in its name. It was an uncompromising love that said nothing would keep Oses from doing what had to be done to shelter me.

“It is not you,” he said. “The invader can never take you from me. Nothing, not even death can take you from my heart. I see only you, Shalia. The It cannot change that, and it cannot have the part of you that matters most. If the only way I can show you that is through lovemaking, then that is what I will do.”

With that, he buried his face in my pussy. My instincts were to buck him off, to slug him, to pull on his hair to get him off me. Yet I was helpless to do anything but take it.

That thought was enough to switch my gears. My mouth had been opening to tell Betra to kick the Nobek’s ass when I realized there was nothing I could do physically to ward Oses off. Damn the man, he’d been right when he said that was one of my triggers. My pussy gave an insistent throb of need.

Even now, I’m not sure how lust could have overcome my terrors at such a moment. Maybe it was the love I’d seen in Oses’ eyes. Maybe it was simply an animal instinct to hide, at least emotionally, from what tormented me. Whatever it was, it had me gasping all of the sudden as desire lit its familiar but still wondrous fire.

I moaned, my vision turning hazy as I looked at the dark head moving between my legs. Lips, tongue, and teeth worked my sweetest flesh. Oses’ breath was warm on me, its heat seeming to seep into my core.

I guess my reaction to those most intimate kisses convinced Betra that Oses was on the right track. The Imdiko’s mouth found mine, and his hands curled over my breasts. While Oses concentrated his delicious attack on parts south, Betra handled everything from the waist up.

Mouths and hands played over my body, taking me away from the horror for too brief a time. It was the best they could do however, and I sank into the pleasuring with gratitude.

With one hand moving over my belly, as if he sought to comfort the child in me, Betra’s other hand and mouth teased and tormented my breasts. One moment he nipped and pinched. The next he kissed and caressed. Then he sucked and squeezed. The sensations went from twinges of pain to soft pleasure to stabs of excitement. One bled into the other until it was a continuous pulse of bliss that suffused all of me.

Meanwhile, Oses plied me with fingers and mouth. His fingers worked in and out slowly, putting pressure on all the best, most sensitive parts. His lips surrounded my clit, sucking it into his mouth, trapping it carefully between his teeth, and lashing it with his tongue.

I lay beneath the two men, unable to move. Rapture swelled within me as they took advantage of my inability to even twitch, devouring my frozen body until billowing delight shattered me. When those first surges of ecstasy quieted, they resumed with more intensity than before. They made me climax twice more before they deemed their work done.

I floated in a hazy aftermath, my body sated and my mind quiet for the moment. I felt strangely secure as Oses and Betra straightened my nightgown and bed sheets, making me presentable once more.

Some semblance of sanity asserted itself. It told me my lovers would protect me as best they could. If the day came when they no longer could keep me safe, then they would guarantee my child’s well-being. With my earlier hysteria bled out, I could think again. Thanks to Oses and Betra, I once more knew exactly where everything that mattered most to me stood. The universe was still a catastrophic fuck-all, but at least now I had stable bits to keep me sane.


  1. Aww Shalia is figuring out just how much the guys love her.

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