Thursday, April 30, 2015

May 17

I’m really worried about Candy. She did not return to her quarters last night, and ship’s sensors cannot pick her up.

“How can that be possible?” I asked Oses when he told me they couldn’t find a sign of her anywhere. “I thought you could find anything with your equipment.”

The line between his brows had become a gully. Worry etched on his face like the scars he wore. “We should be able to pick her up on the readouts. It’s easy to tell Earthers from Kalquorians; your body temperatures don’t run as hot as ours. But every Earther sign belongs to someone else. It’s like she’s not even on the ship anymore.”

That made terror slam into my gut. “Oses, you’re not saying—”

He grabbed me and hugged me tight. “No, Shalia. No outer hatches or bay doors have been opened. She wouldn’t be able to do that without proper security clearance anyway, not with us in space. Candy has not left the ship, no matter what the sensors say.”

That was a relief. “What about the Ofetuchan phase gadgets? Is that a possibility?”

Oses shook his head. “All the devices from that ship are accounted for. Searches on Finiuld’s vessel have turned up no others. Candy couldn’t have gotten to it to operate those devices anyway.”

We have a real mystery on our hands. Where the hell is Candy?

After hearing all that, I wandered the ship’s concourse. I asked around, because not doing anything made me crazy. Of course no one has seen her. I knew I would turn up nothing, but what else was there for me to do to get through this nightmare? Sit in my quarters, hoping for word? Wait until someone else stumbled across her?

I ended up in our almost-finished club. No one was working on it. All the Kalquorians who usually help us out were either on duty or searching deck by deck for Candy. All the Earth women who are also involved didn’t have the heart to work when one of the people most involved in the project is missing.

I ended up staring at my reflection in one mirror-covered wall. My long-sleeved dress showed my baby bump ballooning my front. I thought about the few memories I’d built in this space. All the times I came in here, hoping to help. Being made to sit around and offer little more help than my opinion on how this place would shape up. Candy, running up to ask about this configuration of sitting areas, tweaks to the color palette, how long the bar should be, and did I need anything to drink or eat?

I should have been blubbering at that point. Instead, I felt rage fill my head. Fury over not knowing where my friend was, over my helplessness to do anything, over ... I don’t know, life in general. I was mad at the universe in that moment. For an instant, I thought about smashing the mirrors.

Instead, I left the would-be club. I went to my quarters and had a bath. I went to dinner and picked at my food. I spent the night with Oses, who kept promising me they would find Candy if it meant tearing the transport apart. I woke up and still no Candy.

My com is going off. Oh please God, let it be good news.

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  1. Omg, could you leave us dangling again! Another weekend wondering. Tracy you can be a mean and evil human, you know that, right? ಠ_ಠ