Monday, April 27, 2015

May 16, part 3

We entered my quarters. For a few moments, Betra and I just stood there, both of us at a loss as to what to do next. We were both worried about Candy.

“Damn it,” Betra mumbled and took to pacing back and forth across my sitting room. “I feel like I should be trying to find her.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, reaching up to rake fingers through my hair. “I’m scared about how she’s acting. It didn’t seem like her at all. Nothing she said made sense.”

He came to me and grabbed the hand I’d mussed my hair with. He kissed my fingers, his thumb rubbing over the bracelet Candy had given me for my birthday. Seeing it made me want to cry, and I had the urge to pull free of Betra’s grip. I was too upset to want comfort. I felt like wallowing in my fears.

Yet when Betra’s lips found mine, I realized I wanted to be soothed after all. I couldn’t look for Candy because I would only get in the way. Besides, I knew nothing of hunting down someone who might not want to be found. There were those much better trained for that, and if I knew Oses, they were already scanning for her.

So I poured all that pent-up emotion into kissing Betra back. I have already enumerated the many wonderful things about that Imdiko’s kisses. This time, I gave him something to think about.

Betra’s kiss had started off soft and gentle. Mine was anything but. I kissed that man like I owned him. Some assertive part of me decided it wanted to claim him, to make him mine as he had done to me too many times to count. I even climbed him like a tree, clambering up his body to wrap my arms and legs around him in a demanding clutch. My growing girth was no hindrance in to the need to have him. When he tried to break the kiss earlier than I wanted, I even snarled and captured his lower lip between my teeth to keep him from moving away.

“Sha-wee-ah!” His lipless protest made my name sound funny. Any other time, I would have laughed. But I wasn’t in a laughing mood. I had decided I wanted this man, and I was going to fuck him until he cried ‘uncle’.

I reared back and gave him a smile that felt more like a snarl on my lips. “My bed. Now.”

My demand brought the light of challenge to his purple eyes. “Excuse me? I believe I will have you where I want to.”

For whatever reason, I didn’t want to surrender this time. For once, I felt assertive sexually. “That’s where you are wrong, Imdiko. We’ll do this my way or you can leave. In sort, give me what I want or sholt.”

The crazy thing was, I meant it. I have no idea what got into me, but I wanted all the power. I wanted control. It was the only way I was going to have sex.

Betra’s jaw dropped, and his eyes went wide. I’d never insisted on dominating. I’d never wanted to. We were both shocked.

“What has gotten into you?” he asked.

“You, if you’re a good boy.” I relaxed, some of my power-happy feelings easing to see him that uncertain. “I guess I need control for a change, Betra. After all that’s happened, and now Candy—” I shrugged. “Damn it, I have to be able to claim some power over my life once in a while.”

He considered me for a long moment before the hint of a sad smile touched his lips. “I can understand that. It’s just unlike you to not let me take care of things.” He chuckled and planted a quick smooch on my lips. “If it will make you feel better, I can let go for a little while. Just don’t tell Oses.”

“I believe he’s figured you out by now,” I snickered. “To the bedroom, you yummy thing.”

“So demanding. Maybe you can be my Dramok,” he teased, but he obligingly headed to the next room. Still hanging off him, I rode along.

I climbed down once we were next to my bed. I took a few steps back, looking over my prize. Would he really let me be in charge? “Strip. Do it nice and slow, so I can enjoy it,” I told him.

“Let me take my boots off first,” Betra said. He gracefully stood on one foot and then the other as he yanked the nearly knee-high black boots off and tossed them carelessly to one side. “All right. Prepare to feast your eyes on what you’ve already seen dozens of times before,” he joked.

“It never gets old,” I sighed, enjoying the sight of those broad shoulders coming into view as Betra opened the top of his uniform and shrugged it down. He bared his defined chest next, and I sighed again. No, it was still good to look at. I might never tire of seeing Betra naked.

He slowly peeled the formsuit down to his waist, revealing himself to me and smiling saucily the entire time he did so. I walked around him to take the view in. Mmm, I seldom get to enjoy that muscled back, and it is so damned fine.

“Stop,” I told Betra before he could slide the uniform over his hips. Yes, I wanted to see that gorgeous ass in the worst way, but his back had to be given its due. I’d neglected appreciating it the way it should be.

He froze and looked questioningly at me over his shoulder. I stepped up close and traced the line of his spine. I grinned at his responding shiver and did it again. He jerked.

“You are beautiful from every angle,” I said. My fingers investigated every ridge of muscle that I saw. “Never turn your back on Oses, my friend. He wouldn’t be able to control himself if he saw this.”

I saw those delicious muscles tense the slightest bit. “That’s not exactly a thrill for me to hear, you know,” Betra smarted off.

“It’s true though.” I ran my palms down from his shoulder blades to that trim waist, feeling every exciting bump and curve of his body as I did so. “If I was a man, I’d want to shove my cock in you too. Whether you liked it or not.”

“Shalia—” Betra started in a tone that told me he’d heard enough.

“Hush, Imdiko,” I said, caring little for how uncomfortable I might be making him. I stepped back. “All right. Show me that hot ass.”

He hesitated for a moment, as if he might refuse me. Then Betra slid his formsuit down, revealing the double curves of his delectable rump.

Oh hell yeah. If I was a guy, I’d definitely want that. Betra was lucky Oses had such good command over himself. Better command than me.

I leaned in to kiss that amazing rear. Betra gasped and went still. Oh man, that butt was wonderful. I knelt down to get better access. I was all over that smooth, rock-hard flesh, my hands framing it as I kissed and licked it all over. It wasn’t enough. I had the mad urge to actually devour him.

I bit. Hard. Betra yelped and turned around. “Hey! Are you trying to draw blood?”

I couldn’t help but grin up at him. “Sorry. You are too yummy to resist.”

He scowled but looked somewhat amused too. “I don’t know if this is fun or not yet. What I do know is I’m drawing the line at you using your teeth. That hurt.”

“Okay.” His cocks were right there, so I kissed their tips in apology. “Better?”

Betra smiled. “Much.”

“Good. Finish taking off those clothes and lay down on the bed. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want the whole damned Imdiko.”

He laughed at that and pulled his uniform all the way off. Still chuckling, he flopped back on my sleeping mat and spread himself out. “I’m all yours.”

Oh my gosh. Standing there and looking at that naked man stretched across the bed ... all for me! ... made my pussy spasm with a tremor of pure want. I wanted to fuck him. I needed to fuck him. I felt like I would fall over dead if I didn’t get what I had to have.

Without further ado, I yanked my panties off and climbed aboard the Good Ship Betra. His eyes widened when I grabbed his slick cocks and positioned myself to take them in.

“Not wasting any time, are you?” Betra said. “How about taking that dress off?”

“Oh hell no,” I grunted and lowered down.

“Shalia, shouldn’t you at least be stretched—”

His words were cut off as I captured him. Feeling him enter me was sooo good, even the burning part of having a cock stuffed into my tight ass. It hurt some, but it was wonderful at the same time. Funny enough for sexually submissive me, the best part was taking what I wanted from Betra. I took particular delight in how his eyes rolled up, how his mouth dropped open in a groan, and seeing his fists slam the surface of the bed in reaction. He might not have liked being on the bottom, but he loved being inside me.

I wasted no time in claiming the entirety of both those wonderful cocks. The ache only made me impatient with myself, and I forced my body to accept Betra. I wanted to own that man, and I had no interest in any delay.

“Fuck,” he moaned over and over. “Fuck.”

“It would be my pleasure,” I snarled. I slammed my palms against his chest for leverage, letting them take my weight. I dug my toes into the bedcovers and levered up, emptying myself of Imdiko. Then I slammed back down, taking him hard and fast.

“FUCK!” Betra screamed.

I kept going, pumping my body over his, clenching my pussy and ass hard around him to increase the friction...and my pleasure. Between being crammed full of gorgeous Kalquorian and my pregnancy-enhanced libido, I was ramping up hard and fast towards climax.

“Sha – Sha – Shalia,” Betra gasped, his face turning red. “Slow – slow down. I’m gonna come.”

I ignored him, chasing that lightning flash of ecstasy for all I was worth. Those cocks were mine, and they were going to give me what I damned well wanted.

“Damn it,” the Imdiko swore. “Damn it, stop for – for a fucking moment!”

To hell with him. This was my moment. This was my thrill ride. I was in control for once, and it was all about me.

Hands closed over my hips, halting me in mid-pump. I stared into the deep blue-purple of Betra’s eyes. He heaved for breath, his face working. “I told you to stop before I lose it!” he exclaimed.

My hands were still propped against his chest. Angry that he had denied my dominance, that he had broken our agreement, my fingers hooked into claws. I dug my fingernails into his flesh.

Betra yelled out and shot up to a sitting position. He let go of my hips to grasp my wrists. “I don’t like having blood drawn!” he snarled, fangs down.

“Then lay down and take the fucking you said I could have,” I snarled back. I clenched muscles I didn’t know I had around his pricks.

He hissed, and those cocks jerked inside me. Yet he wasn’t done being cranky yet. His lips thinned for a moment before he relented.

“I did agree to give you the power,” he said grudgingly. He fell back onto the mat. “But if you keep hammering at me like that, don’t expect me to last. It’s like being taken by a tornado.”

I felt a twinge of conscience. After all, Betra always made sure I was satisfied when he was in control. I realized I was being a selfish bitch about this. I guess I suck big time at dominating.

“I’m desperate to come and make you come,” I told him. “I just want to fuck until our heads blow off with climax. I’m feeling quick and dirty, and I didn’t think to ask if you were up for that.”

Betra’s better nature re-appeared at my declaration. He laughed. “Hey, I can go for quick and dirty. I was just worried you expected me to hang on for longer than a few seconds.”

“Nope.” I leaned over to give my big, understanding, and amazingly patient lover a conciliatory smooch. “Besides, your break only lasts so long. I want to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.”

Actually, whether or not he’d be pleased had not been on my radar until those last few moments. I’d been solely after what I wanted. I didn’t wish Betra to think badly of me though, even if I acknowledge I had been a world-class jerk. Seriously, the hell was wrong with me acting like that?

I gave him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry if I’m being mean. I must be stressing over Candy. Worrying and not being able to do anything about what’s going on is driving me crazy.”

That much was true. A part of me kept yelling find her, find her, over and over.

Betra stroked my face, his eyes soft with understanding. “Trust me, I know what you’re going through. All right, beautiful, if it will relieve some of your stress, feel free to fuck my brains out.”

My ever-rampaging libido swung back into action, especially when he playfully arched his hips up and ground against me in tight circles. Lust spiked hard, and I went back to driving over him once more.

Hard and fast. Taking him. Making him please me. I rose and fell on Betra, driving his cocks deep inside, feeling the hard edge of arousal bite deep into my guts. He cried out every time my pussy and ass pounded down on his groin. His beautiful body strained beneath mine, trapped, unable to deny me. I was nearly there.

The first pulse of elation rolled through me just as he succumbed. I felt his cocks jerk inside their prison, surrendering to my strength. Then I poured ecstasy, my body alight with victory as I claimed that lightning flash of glory.

Betra was noticeably wobbly as he got dressed and prepared to go back on duty. I sighed to see that beautiful man clad in his uniform again as I lounged on my bed like a queen.

“You should spend a day naked and at my disposal some time,” I told the Imdiko. I kept my tone playful, but in all honesty, I only half-teased. “My Kalquorian sex toy, serving me the way I should be served.”

Betra laughed, shaking his head at me. “I’d be dead before midday if this session was any indication.” He leaned over to kiss me. “I’ll com if I hear anything about Candy, so make sure you keep your portable nearby.”

“Thanks,” I said. I watched him as he walked out of my room...well, I watched his ass. It’s such a nice ass. It still makes me wish I had a cock to stuff in it.

Stress and pregnancy libido. It’s a crazy combo.


  1. Those cuffs are really worrying me now. Despite the hot Shalia Dom sex, I got concerned her aggression could hurt the baby, I hope someone puts 2 and 2 together and recognises something about the cuffs, for both their sakes.

  2. Or actually for all 3 Shalia Candy and the baby.

  3. I'm with you Kathy, yes I liked the Dom Shelia but I'm worried about the "three" of them too. I think that's like the second time this whole trip that Betra's fangs have been down. That was hot

  4. I'd like to see her try that s*** on Oses lol