Thursday, April 9, 2015

May 12, part 2

Betra rose from the table, taking the bowl of hot and spicy rasgrul sauce as well as the still-covered bowl. I assumed that to be extra sauce. He jerked a nod to Oses. “You can carry our lovely maiden to her bedroom. I’ll fetch an extra cover to keep her sheets clean.”

I’ve never seen Oses grin bigger than he did right then. The man looked like he had won a billion dollars. “You do know how to throw a dinner party, Imdiko. One Matara, coming to bed.”

Betra went to my room while Oses got gracefully to his feet. “Stay there, pet. Let this old warrior pick you up.”

“Old?” I laughed while secretly envying how easily he was able to get up from the floor. Even when I’m not pregnant, I don’t have any of his agility. “You could outfight most men a quarter of your age and you know it.”

Oses bowed, looking more pleased than ever. “Thank you, my sweet pet.”

He crouched to gather me in his arms and lifted me like a baby. My big, strong Nobek. He makes me giddy.

Oses carried me the few steps from sitting room to bedroom. Betra had already located a thick, fluffy blanket and set it over the other coverings of my sleeping mat. The bowl of sauce was on the nightstand.

Oses stopped next to him and my bed. “As you’ve already directed tonight’s festivities so well, I leave you in command. What next?” the Nobek asked Betra.

Betra looked delighted that the usually controlling Nobek was letting him keep the lead. “Lay her on the mat. We’ll undress her.”

Oses settled me gently to the soft surface. He supported my back as Betra slipped my pretty blouse off.  “Hang it up in the closet please?” I asked. I didn’t want it getting wrinkled.

“Of course. Matara Katrina has good taste in clothes,” Betra said.

He put the blouse away and then my skirt when Oses took that off me and handed it off. My low-heeled slippers were next. Then with infinite care, I was stripped of my underclothes, leaving me with just my bracelet and a simple gold necklace.

“The jewelry is pretty,” Betra decided. “Let’s leave it on. If the sauce gets on it, we can clean it.”

“All right.” Oses’ eyes had gone dark the way they always do when sex is on the menu. “I’m looking forward to cleaning sauce off her skin.”

“So am I. Shall I drizzle our dessert?”

“Indeed and hurry.” Oses looked my naked body over with eagerness.

“I take it the heat won’t translate to skin contact?” I asked.

Betra brought the bowl over and settled on the bed next to me. “Just a little warmth, perhaps.”

“You’ve felt worse,” Oses agreed. “Like last time you and I were together?”

Oh yeah, the fire lotion episode. If we weren’t going that far this time, I thought I’d be okay.

Betra dripped yellow goo over my breasts. “One for you and one for me,” he told Oses happily. He set the bowl with still more than half the sauce left over to the side.

“Fair enough.” Oses sat next to my prone body and leaned in with a very glad expression and erection. He licked the fastest falling drop rolling down beneath my armpit, and kept going up all the way to the nipple.

“Yum,” he said, as I giggled at the ticklish-erotic sensation.

Betra was right in that there was a little warmth, especially where that raspy tongue lapped up the rasgrul. It reminded me of when I’d chopped jalapenos in the past and the resulting heat on my fingertips. Very warm, but not painful. It was a good feeling.

“My turn,” Betra said. He took out a wide swath of sauce at the bottom of the breast on his side and smacked his lips together. My insides bubbled in joy. I liked being dessert.

“Delicious,” Oses said, bending to suck my nipple clean of sauce. I squealed as he drew hard and licked the pebbled tip with great enthusiasm. Excitement zapped from breast to clit.

Back and forth the rapturous feasting went. My breasts tingled from the attention as the men licked, suckled, and mouthed them with abandon. Hands crept down by body to enjoy points south. Being his typical baby belly-worshiping self, Betra caressed my bump. Oses went further down to tease my pussy.

“Speaking of tasty sauces,” the Nobek said, licking his dripping fingers after cleaning the breast he’d been assigned to.

“You can mix them, you know,” Betra said, waggling his eyebrows at us both. “Dr. Tep said it’s okay, so long as you keep the rasgrul on the outside.”

“Oh did he?” Oses said at the same time that I groaned and covered my face with my hands. I spread my fingers to give Betra a glare.

“I am tired of that man knowing everything I do in the bedroom,” I told my liaison.

Betra didn’t look the least bit apologetic. “He needs to know for the baby’s sake. Besides, I think we’re helping his clan with their own seduction techniques.”

I wrinkled my nose. “You know, I think I want to think about Tep getting busy almost as little as I want him to be thinking of me like that.”

“Too much talk,” Oses growled as he slid down to put his face level with my sex. “Hand me that bowl of sauce.”

I was freshly drizzled above and below decks. Betra now had my tits to himself while Oses concentrated on my pussy. Warmth and tongues and lips and occasionally little nips from teeth ... I quickly forgot my momentary pique with Betra.

Oh those wonderful men. With those talented mouths in play, I could forgive them anything.

My insides churned in a good way as I was lustfully devoured for several minutes. The warmth of the sauce permeated deep into my flesh as low rumbles of pleasure grew to shuddering bliss and occasional thunderclaps of pure sensation. Oses worked to stretch my ass with his fingers as he mouthed my mound, letting me know there was so much more fun in store later. He was extremely careful to make sure he ate up all the sauce before it could drip down where his fingers twisted and plumbed.

I never got a taste of the rasgrul, but I know I absolutely love it. I’m thinking of keeping a bowl on my bedside table for my bed partners’ midnight snacking needs.

Mine wasn’t the only unhappy sigh when the last of it was lapped from my trembling flesh. Then Oses smiled brightly at the still-covered bowl on the bedside table. “Shall I open it?” he asked Betra.

The Imdiko grinned from ear to ear. “Absolutely. However, that one is Shalia’s dessert. Now that her dinner has had time to settle, she might be ready to indulge herself – and us.”

I crooked a brow at the big, naughty boy. “What are you up to now?”

Oses took the cover off and sniffed the contents. “Oh, I see.” His smile leered as evilly as Betra’s. “It’s chocolate sauce for you to pour on us.”

Betra stood and peeled his clothes off. “Right on the first guess.”

He lay down next to me on the bed and stretched luxuriously. His cocks jutted towards the ceiling, thick and ready. My, my, they would look and taste wonderful with a coating of chocolate.

I sat up and beckoned for the bowl. “Give me that.”

Oses obligingly handed me the bowl. The chocolate sauce was dark and smelled divine. This was going to be so good. I gave him an arch look.

“I expect you to be ready for your turn as soon as I’m finished with Betra,” I said.

Oses’ eyes widened. “Feeling assertive, are you?”

“I’ve been offered chocolate and cinnamon dicks. I’m hormonal with fierce cravings, and this one is now at the top of my list. Don’t make the moody pregnant lady get mean.”

Oses laughed. I mean, he really laughed with unabashed humor. When was the last time I’d heard him do that? I couldn’t remember.

He stood and bowed deeply. “As you wish, Matara. In deference to your condition, I am yours to command.”

Seeing I would be properly obeyed, I turned back to Betra. The Imdiko’s smile was as big as ever as he waited. Someone was looking forward to being munched on.

I shook my head and snickered at him. He was so adorable with that goofy grin. I looked forward to making him groan.

I knelt between his splayed legs and tested the temperature of the chocolate with a fingertip. It was slightly warm, thick, and gooey. I licked my finger...and it was me who groaned first. Wow. The Kalquorians had mastered some seriously rich chocolate. I could have eaten a trough of it.

Well, using it to smother spicy-sweet alien cocks would have to do. I carefully tipped the bowl over Betra’s waiting erections.

He sighed. “Oh, just the right temperature. That feels good on me. Not as good as your – oh, oh, oh!”

I assumed my mouth felt pretty damned good too, because he lost the thread of whatever he was saying when I wrapped my lips around his smaller dick. Betra gasped and kicked his feet against the bed surface a little as I twirled my tongue all around his cock tip.

And oh boy, did that chocolate taste amazing with that slight sting of cinnamon-y lubricant Betra naturally exudes. I completely forgot I’d filled up on dinner. I slurped that man’s cocks like they were ice cream cones. I feasted on him. His cries of elation rang in my ears.

It was hard to tell which of us was most enthusiastic. Betra in chocolate sauce is delicious, and I moaned and groaned as I gobbled him. For his part, the Imdiko jerked all over the bed, overcome by my energetic licking and sucking. I wrapped my arms around his thighs in an effort to keep him still.

I finally cleaned him off of every luscious drop of sauce. He lay on the bed panting. “Fuck,” he groaned. “I need to get that chocolate recipe.”

“My turn,” Oses said eagerly, crashing down on the bed next to Betra. As always, he was careful not to touch the Imdiko. Betra’s getting better with his phobia about sensual contact with the Nobek, but a lot is still taboo.

My thoughts were far away from the complexities of the two men’s relationship. I had the bowl tipped over Oses’ generous helping of flesh in an instant, ready for Round 2.

I didn’t make the weapons commander bounce as enthusiastically as Betra, but he did his share of grunting and breathing hard. Oses did more than twitch too as I sucked greedily on him. This was one time I truly did enjoy being on top. From all the noise the Nobek made, he liked it just fine too.

“Just enough for one of you,” I said, checking my supply of chocolate once I had Oses cleaned off. “Who will it be?”

“Since this is a celebration for both of you, Oses can decide if he wants to come in your mouth, pussy, or ass,” Betra decreed. “If he chooses mouth, he gets the chocolate. If not, I’ll be more than happy to continue to be dessert.”

“Mmm,” Oses said, thinking about his options. “I find every inch of Shalia wonderful, and my cocks enjoy going wherever they can. However, I have prepared her sweet, tight ass for laxan. I can’t imagine letting it go to waste. You may have her mouth, Imdiko. ”

He grabbed cleansing wipes from my bedside table and made sure his cocks were free of all the chocolate I’d doused them in. I was pretty sure I’d gotten it all, but I appreciated that Oses wasn’t going to put things in me that didn’t belong. I have no idea if chocolate can cause a vaginal infection, and it was best to not test that, what with me being pregnant and all.

Betra grinned, apparently happy with the arrangement. “Is Oses’ plan acceptable to you, Matara?”

Gee, let me think. “Make room,” I said, shoving his legs apart so I could crouch between them. I poured.

Within moments, I had that Imdiko moaning again. I moaned along with him as I enjoyed chocolate-covered Kalquorian. Then I shivered as I felt Oses take up his position behind me.

I happily opened to the Nobek when his cocks nudged their careful way into my ass and pussy. Oses had stretched me well, but that man has substantial girth. He inched his way in, making sure the cries I made were those of pleasure and not pain.

My backside ached a little as it was coaxed into accepting loving invasion. However, I had a mouthful of chocolate-cinnamon heaven. Add in the smaller but still filling secondary cock rub all the right places in my pussy, and the small amount of discomfort was more of a delight. Sometimes I think I like anal penetration just as much as regular intercourse. Heaven knows after all the sex I’ve had with Kalquorians, I can’t imagine getting anything less.

At any rate, getting filled with Oses meant getting filled with the physical version of happiness. My senses were awash in pure joy as my head bobbed up and down over Betra and two cocks bobbed in and out of me. There was a celebration of pleasure going on inside me, a rejoicing that grew more riotous with each passing second. I matched Oses’ rhythm, rocking back and forth and fellating Betra in tandem with the Nobek’s pace.

Once I’d cleaned all that lovely chocolate from Betra’s dicks, I concentrated on sucking his primary cock while I pumped the smaller one in my fist. I was out of chocolate, but I still got to enjoy his lubrication, and he poured it for me. That was one aroused Imdiko. I peeked up at him to see him tossing his head from side to side, his eyes glazed with rapture. His prick kept spitting pre-cum into my mouth. Yummy.

Oses was thrusting faster, his gasps growing louder. I matched him stroke for stroke, moaning around Betra’s cock all the while as my pussy got that hot, ticklish, trembling feeling that meant I was closing in on the finish. Betra’s cries grew in volume and frequency as well.

We entered the homestretch, the need for climax whipping us into a frenzy. We lunged for completion as one entity, not three separate beings. Both men’s thighs flexed. Their hips strained towards me. Oses’ growl and Betra’s wail filled my ears as I burst through to nirvana. Cocks jerked and poured ecstasy into me as elation tumbled through my body. I screamed between swallows.

I have decided I want dessert with each and every meal from now on.


  1. There is not much more I can say about this post other them yummy, that was sinfully delicious!!

  2. Dang that was sweet! No pun intended...... Giggle giggle. I'm with the others, I want DESSERT first if it cums with Kalquorian males..... Giggle now that pun was intended.

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  4. Just read the new book, Alien Indiscretions and it was awesome! If any of you don't have it yet, get it.