Monday, March 30, 2015

May 10, evening

Candy and Katrina came back from shore leave in good moods. I had my own to match after spending quality time with Oses. Sure, strolling through a village in pastoral settings under a sunlit sky is undoubtedly relaxing after spending weeks in a tin can in the unending night of space ... but I’ll still take sex with a big, yummy Nobek any day.

I do admit to a little pang of regret after getting my belated birthday presents from Candy and Katrina. The art market my friends visited was a cornucopia of wonderful things, apparently. Which I should have anticipated, having a couple of magnificent outfits made by a Darotkin.

Katrina bought me a drapey blouse made of the lightest, most shimmery fabric imaginable. She also had a baby’s dress in matching fabric for my daughter made on the spot. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you a dress instead of just a shirt, but I’d didn’t run across the seamstress until I’d bought a few other things. My funds ran low,” she said, her expression hangdog.

“Oh my gosh, Katrina, this is gorgeous!” I gasped, holding up the tiny iridescent dress. It glimmered in shades of pink. It was simply cut with far fewer ruffles than one usually sees on a baby girl’s dressy gown. A smart choice given how the fabric was a statement all on its own. Ruffles would have been overkill. “Don’t you dare apologize. I love both of these.” I inspected the blouse and grinned at my friend. “I love the way this drapes. I think it will fit for most of my pregnancy and then I can still wear it afterward.”

“That was my hope.” Katrina grinned. “When I was pregnant, I always appreciated clothes that I could keep using once I’d shoved the kid out.”

“I am beyond thrilled. I don’t have to wait until I’ve gotten the baby weight off to wear it, and I’ll get to keep wearing it. It’s perfect!”

Candy had also purchased a dress for my baby, one that made up for the first one’s lack of ruffles by far. Since it was a demure pastel blue with tiny yellow flowers embroidered on just the hem, the frills were fine. I even got a little weepy, thinking of my baby looking adorable in all her finery.

“Stop crying,” Candy begged. My emotions had invited her tears out too, and she rubbed at her cheeks. “Open your birthday present from me.”

I did so and gasped at the cuff bracelet she had bought me. It was not the typical Candy-girly-precious thing, but it was still beautiful.

It looked made of some sort of polished stone, with bronze metal embedded in the porous surface. About two inches wide, it wasn’t delicate, and yet the design on it made it seem so. Finely etched, patterns swirled in fabulous loops and fantastical shapes that defied description. In the middle was a glass-like oval, within which emerald green liquid swirled like mercury. I’d never seen anything like it.

“Wow. Just – wow. The Darotkins made this? It’s amazing!”

Candy grinned. “Actually, the vendor I bought it from didn’t know who made it or where it originally came from. He’s a trader who buys stuff to re-sell. Do you like it? Really?”

“I love it.” I put it on. It fit my arm perfectly when I closed the hinged clasp. It was warm against my skin, not like metal at all.

“Good,” Candy grinned and fiddled in her pocket to bring out a duplicate of the bracelet. “We have a matched set then!”

I laughed. “Where is Katrina’s?”

Candy gave a pout. “There were only two. I was bummed out about that.”

Our elder friend chuckled. “I know you were, and I appreciate the sentiment. Anyway, you know how I am about my jewelry. One of those cuffs wasn’t right for me.” She patted her necklace affectionately, a simple silver chain with a birthstone pendant given to her by her children. Katrina only wears silver. She says other metals make her look sallow.

I love this cuff. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, when I went to take it off before taking my shower, I got a little pain from it. Something stuck me, leaving a tiny pinprick that bled a couple of drops. Bitten by fashion, ha ha. Whatever it was that stuck me, it apparently came off of the bracelet. All my looking and touching couldn’t find whatever it was that poked me.

I’m going to save the blouse and bracelet for a special occasion. Maybe the grand opening of the dance club, though it’s still not half done. We’re getting help from the crew to put it together, but they’re a busy bunch of fellows. They fit working on our play-place when they can. I’m not griping. I’m grateful we have all that manly help to put in the sound system, bar, lighting, and such. I just hope the club is done in time for us to enjoy it before we get to Kalquor.


  1. Oh boy perhaps I am being paranoid but is any one else wondering what kind of trouble is gonna be caused by that or those cuffs? Or am I just so used to Shalia being in trouble a see a potential trouble bomb in everything. Call me anxious too I am biting my nails wanting to see clan Seots reaction to her having a little girl. waits very impatiently for Thursday.

  2. Here we go again. That bracelet is trouble. I only hope it does not hurt the baby. I can't wait to see Clan Seot's reaction to Shalia having a little girl. Can't wait for Thursday.

  3. Well Crap, I just know the cuffs are going to be some kind of trouble, And Clan Sout is going to be super happy to have a girl.

  4. I don't think you are being paranoid Kathy! I was seeing trouble as soon as Candy said the vendor did not know who made it or where it came from. For most people that would not be an issue, but for our girl Shalia....oh boy, I see trouble!

  5. Trouble ahead I can feel it. The cuffs mean something

  6. Of course the cuff is Trouble! Shalia sucks up Trouble like a black hole sucks in matter. Poor Clan Seot! They will be so happy about the baby girl, but lucky if she makes it to Kalquor in one piece. This is going to set back Oses recovery if Shalia is hurt.