Monday, March 30, 2015

May 10, evening

Candy and Katrina came back from shore leave in good moods. I had my own to match after spending quality time with Oses. Sure, strolling through a village in pastoral settings under a sunlit sky is undoubtedly relaxing after spending weeks in a tin can in the unending night of space ... but I’ll still take sex with a big, yummy Nobek any day.

I do admit to a little pang of regret after getting my belated birthday presents from Candy and Katrina. The art market my friends visited was a cornucopia of wonderful things, apparently. Which I should have anticipated, having a couple of magnificent outfits made by a Darotkin.

Katrina bought me a drapey blouse made of the lightest, most shimmery fabric imaginable. She also had a baby’s dress in matching fabric for my daughter made on the spot. “I’m sorry I didn’t get you a dress instead of just a shirt, but I’d didn’t run across the seamstress until I’d bought a few other things. My funds ran low,” she said, her expression hangdog.

“Oh my gosh, Katrina, this is gorgeous!” I gasped, holding up the tiny iridescent dress. It glimmered in shades of pink. It was simply cut with far fewer ruffles than one usually sees on a baby girl’s dressy gown. A smart choice given how the fabric was a statement all on its own. Ruffles would have been overkill. “Don’t you dare apologize. I love both of these.” I inspected the blouse and grinned at my friend. “I love the way this drapes. I think it will fit for most of my pregnancy and then I can still wear it afterward.”

“That was my hope.” Katrina grinned. “When I was pregnant, I always appreciated clothes that I could keep using once I’d shoved the kid out.”

“I am beyond thrilled. I don’t have to wait until I’ve gotten the baby weight off to wear it, and I’ll get to keep wearing it. It’s perfect!”

Candy had also purchased a dress for my baby, one that made up for the first one’s lack of ruffles by far. Since it was a demure pastel blue with tiny yellow flowers embroidered on just the hem, the frills were fine. I even got a little weepy, thinking of my baby looking adorable in all her finery.

“Stop crying,” Candy begged. My emotions had invited her tears out too, and she rubbed at her cheeks. “Open your birthday present from me.”

I did so and gasped at the cuff bracelet she had bought me. It was not the typical Candy-girly-precious thing, but it was still beautiful.

It looked made of some sort of polished stone, with bronze metal embedded in the porous surface. About two inches wide, it wasn’t delicate, and yet the design on it made it seem so. Finely etched, patterns swirled in fabulous loops and fantastical shapes that defied description. In the middle was a glass-like oval, within which emerald green liquid swirled like mercury. I’d never seen anything like it.

“Wow. Just – wow. The Darotkins made this? It’s amazing!”

Candy grinned. “Actually, the vendor I bought it from didn’t know who made it or where it originally came from. He’s a trader who buys stuff to re-sell. Do you like it? Really?”

“I love it.” I put it on. It fit my arm perfectly when I closed the hinged clasp. It was warm against my skin, not like metal at all.

“Good,” Candy grinned and fiddled in her pocket to bring out a duplicate of the bracelet. “We have a matched set then!”

I laughed. “Where is Katrina’s?”

Candy gave a pout. “There were only two. I was bummed out about that.”

Our elder friend chuckled. “I know you were, and I appreciate the sentiment. Anyway, you know how I am about my jewelry. One of those cuffs wasn’t right for me.” She patted her necklace affectionately, a simple silver chain with a birthstone pendant given to her by her children. Katrina only wears silver. She says other metals make her look sallow.

I love this cuff. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, when I went to take it off before taking my shower, I got a little pain from it. Something stuck me, leaving a tiny pinprick that bled a couple of drops. Bitten by fashion, ha ha. Whatever it was that stuck me, it apparently came off of the bracelet. All my looking and touching couldn’t find whatever it was that poked me.

I’m going to save the blouse and bracelet for a special occasion. Maybe the grand opening of the dance club, though it’s still not half done. We’re getting help from the crew to put it together, but they’re a busy bunch of fellows. They fit working on our play-place when they can. I’m not griping. I’m grateful we have all that manly help to put in the sound system, bar, lighting, and such. I just hope the club is done in time for us to enjoy it before we get to Kalquor.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

May 10, afternoon

Sore ass. Sore pussy. Big smile on my face. Forget shore leave. I’m all about ‘Oses leave’ now.

He is so amazing when it comes to sexual torment. That man has a gift. I’m tempted to sit out all my shore leaves for the rest of this trip if I can be tortured by Oses.

It started off like most of our encounters. I went to his quarters, and the door automatically opened for me. I’m keyed in for access without invitation. I walked in to find Oses naked and waiting, hover cuffs in his hands. Oh me, oh my.

My mouth already dry and heart thumping wildly, I stripped off my sheath, folded it neatly, and put it on the shelf designated for my clothing. My slippers went there too. I wore no underclothes in the interest of expediency.

Properly nude, I started to drop to hands and knees when Oses caught me by the arm to stop me. I forgot myself for a moment and glanced up before remembering how we conduct playtime. I caught a glimpse of the Nobek’s rough but adored features in an expression of quiet concern. Then I dropped my head, my eyes cast to the floor in an attitude of surrender.

His rumble of a voice vibrated my bones. “Pet, have you discussed the stress of crawling and kneeling with Dr. Tep yet?”

I frowned at the cushioned space of floor between Oses’ feet. “It hadn’t occurred to me, Master. It seems safe enough for now, I think.”

“It probably is. However, I’d like for you to consult with him just to be sure. Until he gives approval, you may remain on your feet. However, I still wish that while you stand, you to keep arms and legs wide to display yourself for my pleasure.”

Ugh. I hate discussing my kinky sex life with the doctor. Tep knows far too much about the kinds of intimate things I do with Oses and Betra. Betra is the one who enjoys humiliation, not me. Still, I know my body is undergoing great changes with the pregnancy. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Besides, defying Oses is never an option. That man knows far too many ways to make me scream, and not just the good kind of screaming. So I put aside my chagrin and meekly answered, “Yes, Master.”

“On the sleeping mat. Lie on your side in the most comfortable position you can.”

I climbed up on Oses’ bed, which takes up most of his quarters’ floor space. Crewmembers don’t get a whole lot of room for their sleeping quarters, unlike us Earther girls. I have a sitting and sleeping room. Oses has a closet posing as a room. One other piece of furniture besides the sleeping mat takes up almost all the floor space in here – the spanking bench. Due to my pregnancy, I’m no longer allowed to use that for the purpose it was intended.

I snuggled onto the bed, my head propped up slightly on a pillow. I lay on my right side, legs curled up a little so that I was in a semi-fetal position. “Okay, Master. Position has been assumed.”

I thought I heard Oses snicker a little at my pert tone. Something billowy fell on me. “Use this for support,” he said.

I grabbed the object to discover it was a body-length pillow. “Oh, I’ve been looking for one of these to sleep with,” I said. “My hips get a little sore these days, so I’ve been using a regular pillow to keep them in line. Something to do with stretching ligaments, according to Dr. Tep.”

In my enthusiasm, I’d forgotten that I was not to speak until spoken to. Fortunately, Oses was in a forgiving mood. He said, “Take it back to your quarters when we’re done.”

“Thank you, Master,” I said, snuggling with the pillow. I clutched it close, like a teddy bear, with one leg slung over it. It really did make my hips feel better.

Oses took my arm and put a hovercuff on my wrist. He made it snug enough to not slip off while making sure it didn’t compromise my circulation. My heart beat faster as he cuffed the other wrist too. Then he moved on to my ankles. Whatever his plans for me were, I would be helpless to get away. My guts tumbled eagerly at the vulnerability.

“Are you comfortable, pet?” Oses asked. “Make sure, because I’m going to freeze the cuffs in place.”

I squirmed a little, making sure of my position. I was comfortable all right, unless you counted the trembly feelings inside me. Delicious anxiety at what my lover might do to me had my senses on full alert.

“I’m comfortable, Master,” I said in a breathy voice.

“Good. You know what to say if that circumstance changes. Cuffs, freeze prisoner in place.”

Just like that, the cuffs activated. They would not budge from their position until Oses commanded otherwise. Me being me, I tugged at my arms and legs just a little. Nope, my wrists and ankles were stuck right there. I wasn’t going anywhere.

As if I would want to.

I watched as Oses went to the shelf by the bed. He took an opaque white tube from it and opened one end. Squeezing the tube, he squirted a palm full of light blue cream onto his hand. He gave me an evil grin and sat down on the bed. Reaching over me, he rubbed the lotion onto my butt cheeks.

I was dying to ask him what that was all about, but I’d pushed my luck with chattering earlier. I knew Oses was up to no good, judging from that scary smile. Talking without permission was a good way to make his plans for me even worse.

Besides, the ass massage was nice. If there is one thing Oses does that makes me feel amazing, it’s his rubdowns. The man is phenomenal at working all the tension out ... and then doing something to wind me right back up again.

For the moment, I sank into the pleasure of feeling his hands on me. I sighed as warmth seeped into my flesh where he rubbed. Oh, how nice. The lotion spilled heat into wherever it was applied. I liked it ... right up until the sensitivity climbed into something resembling more discomfort than pleasure. Oses’ fingers began to zap fire into my skin wherever they touched.

I made a tiny whimpering sound and shifted away from his hands. My forearms and lower legs were immobile, but I could move the rest.

Oses stopped at that point with a chuckle. Uh-oh. He had planned for pain to be involved. I felt a familiar tumble of nerves and excitement as he rose from the bed and went to his closet.

He drew something from it that I was all too familiar with. It was a wand-like device with a soft, round, bulbous tip. My breath caught to see him coming towards me with the toy that vibrated when switched on. This thing was designed for pleasure, but Oses knew how to wield it for torture too. Holding that wand against my clit while it vibrated violently was one of the Nobek’s favorite activities ... along with forbidding me to climax while he did it. Or forcing me to orgasm over and over until I begged him to stop.

I moaned in mixed gratitude and fear. I was in for it.

The Nobek’s grin grew brighter and scarier. Had I not known Oses would never cause me harm, I would have screamed sholt at the top of my lungs. He’s so effective when it comes to playing games with my head. Just a look can be enough to drive me crazy.

“Why the nervous look, pet?” he asked as he sat down next to my helpless, shuddering body. “Do you doubt I will give you release?”

“No, Master,” I whimpered. It was the other stuff he would do that made me instinctively try to move away.

“Stay still, pet,” he ordered me. “You will accept what I wish of you. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Master.” My voice could barely be heard as I clutched the body pillow tight in my hands.

“And if it becomes too much, you will tell me, won’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” At least I had that.

“But if you can bear it, you will lay there and take what I give for my enjoyment. Correct?”

“Yes, Master.” That wand filled my vision. Oses would make me scream before it was over. I knew it. I dreaded it. And I looked forward to it.

“That’s all you have to do, pet. Just lay there. Nothing else is required. So let’s start, shall we?”

The wand hummed to life. I couldn’t help but squeeze the pillow between my knees as Oses brought it to my clit from beneath my bent legs. With the pillow holding me open, there was no hope for escape.

Rapture blasted through my gut as the Nobek found his quarry. The rounded tip of the wand settled against my clit, shuddering hard. A cry escaped my lips.

“That’s right,” came Oses’ satisfied voice. “It feels good right there. Enjoy that, pet.”

While he held the wand against my avid lady bits, he plucked at the breast not covered by the body pillow. More pleasure crowded my senses. Already climax galloped towards me, eagerly rushing to envelope me in its embrace.

My body tensed. The wand turned off, stopping me from coming.

“Very nice, pet. That didn’t take long at all. Those pregnancy hormones have increased your libido magnificently.”

I groaned as climax backed away. It would be prolonged denial this time then. Oses was right about my quickness to arousal these days. I had no doubt he would use that against me to its limits.

“And now for the other part of our play.”

I had no chance to worry about what he meant by that. Oses’ hand moved from my breast to my ass. He lightly trailed his fingertips across one buttock.

Burning trails of pure fire traced the path of his touch. The bright pain made me forget the missed orgasm in a hurry. I yelled.

Oses watched my face for a few seconds, his gaze sharp on me as I gasped in the aftermath. The flaming heat ebbed rather quickly, but its memory remained intense. Wow.

“What do you think, pet?” the Nobek asked.

There is no doubt Oses has a sadistic streak. I know that not so much because of the things he does with me but because of what I’ve learned he does with Betra, who also has his rougher side. They now play games with each other that leave bruises and marks for days on end. No sex, of course. Betra is hardcore hetero. However, he has found he can do things that are not sexual with Oses and get satisfaction from it.

I like some pain, but I’ve been too chicken to figure out where my limits truly lie. Plus with the baby on the way, we’re all extremely careful. Not only that, but my lovers do have a softer side that doesn’t always demand hurting for pleasure. They indulge that gentle part of their complex personalities with me when the mood strikes.

I wasn’t so sure about the agony of whatever had been in that lotion Oses rubbed into my ass, making the skin so sensitive. I thought perhaps I had found my limit. Yet the worst of had already faded, leaving just a pulsing warmth. Plus I was in my favorite position: at the Nobek’s mercy. Something in me gets extremely excited by that, even when pain is involved. Oh, who am I kidding? Especially when pain is involved.

But was this too much pain? I swallowed hard.

“It’s a lot to absorb,” I told Oses. “It’s more than I’m used to. I’m kind of on the fence about whether or not it’s for me.”

He nodded. “It’s an acute sensation. I assure you there is no damage happening, however. I barely touched you.”

I sucked on my lower lip, considering. It had hurt like hell, there was no doubt about that. Yet there was that excitement still. Plus, truth be told, I’d been brought to an awareness like never before when Oses stroked my ass. There was no room for worries when all my being centered on that pain.

“Let’s keep going,” I decided. “I may say sholt pretty soon, but I would like to explore this a little more. If it pleases you, Master.”

Oses smiled at me. It was a real smile, not his Master-in-command guise. “As you wish, pet. Just don’t try to get through it on my behalf if you find it’s too much. I’m not interested in taking you somewhere you don’t wish to be. Promise me.”

I thought of that fiery pain and nodded quickly. “I promise.”

As soon as the words left my lips, the wand buzzed back to furious life. All pain was forgotten as brutal carnal need tore through my insides yet again. Obscene pleasure galvanized me, taking me far away from thoughts of sadism and whether or not my masochistic streak matched up to it.

No, right then I was all about the wand and how it made me eager to orgasm. The rise was meteoric in strength and speed. My body clawed for release.

The vibrations quit, leaving me dangling oh so close. Before I could decry the loss, Oses’ fingertips swept over my buttocks, setting them on fire again.

The exquisite pain streaked across my ass. I screamed for an instant before the vibrator came to life again, chasing the hurt with vicious elation. The abrupt change choked off my yell.

I went out of my skull for the next few – seconds? Minutes? Who the hell knows how long it lasted? In only moments, I neared orgasm. As soon as I hovered over that glorious peak, the wand switched off and Oses’ fingers drifted over my sensitized rear. Pain eclipsed all, shoving completion away. Then the vibrations tormented my clit anew, making the torment unimportant.

Back and forth between unfathomable ecstasy and shattering hurt. Talk about your crazy see-saw ride. I couldn’t think. I had no conscious knowledge of anything but the two different ends of the sensory spectrum.

It was my favorite place to be.

At last I lost track of which extreme was pleasure and which was pain. They melded together, creating an intense, unnamable sensation all its own. It was my entire existence for a little while. I hung balanced in agony and on the cusp of orgasm for long seconds. I screamed like a banshee into the pillow.

Climax swallowed me whole. It wasn’t a sweet release by any means. The brutality of it had me fighting to escape both the wand and Oses’ gently trailing fingertips. I’ll be damned if coming didn’t hurt more than the Nobek touching my ass.

It wouldn’t end, either. Spasm after spasm gouged my pussy. I thought I might go insane.


The wand and Oses’ fingers were gone in an instant. I gasped like a landed fish, shaking violently. My poor crotch would have whimpered if it had vocal cords.

“Are you all right, pet?” Oses brushed my hair back from my face and kissed my cheek with tender lips.

“Fuck,” I panted. “Oh fuck. Fuck. Too much. Oh fuck.”

“Easy. Relax. Take deep breaths. That’s my girl.”

He continued to caress my face and hair and to kiss me, murmuring soothingly in my ear. Little by little, my heartbeat and breath slowed. I groaned.

“Oh, my poor twat.”

“Are you hurt? Let me look.” Oses moved down to inspect my girlie bits.

“No, not really. I just came so damned hard ... shit, it hurt like hell. I’m feeling better now. All floaty, like after a good spanking.”

It was true. Endorphins were running high now, giving me a sense of euphoria. Jeez, what a crazy ride though.

“You look okay.” Oses sat up and frowned. “I think we’d better stop entirely.”

He was so aroused that I was walloped by guilt. “No, I want you to make love to me. I just can’t handle the level of intensity we were going at. Come on, Oses, I’m fine.”

He eyed me speculatively. I could tell he wanted me with all his heart and groin, but protectiveness was asserting itself. As always, Oses put me first.

He is wonderful.

I tried a different tact. Making my voice as plaintive as possible, I begged, “Please, Master? Please put your cock in me. I promise I’ll tell you if I can’t handle it. Please?”

Oses drew a deep breath. He straightened, looming over me like a savage god. Lust lit his gaze as he looked me over, all pinned down and helpless beneath him. I thought I saw his cocks give a little jerk.

Then he moved, slinking like a panther to crouch over me. He was careful not to come into contact with my ass, but the attitude was one of carnal threat. Excitement rolled through me, wakening my ridiculously enhanced libido once more. Sheesh, you’d think my pussy would have thrown in the towel after that last series of orgasms.

“You ask so nicely, pet,” his deep voice rumbled. “It would be wrong of me to disappoint such a delicious little plaything when she asks like a good girl.”

“Thank you, Master,” I whispered. Oses’ feral face filled my gaze. Oh hell yeah, I was definitely wanting to get more of him right then.

His primary cock nudged at my opening. Oses planted his hands on either side of my head, like he was going to do a pushup. Braced, he slipped inside me. We were both sloppy wet with our combined natural lubrication. He went in easy, filling me with that amazing cock.

Because I lay on my side and Oses was doing me from above, his secondary cock couldn’t enter my anus. It still had to go somewhere. Oses’ only recourse was to tilt his hips in such a way so that his cock slid against my ass. The effects of the lotion were fading by then, fortunately. It still hurt to be touched, but it was a level of hurt that played into my love of being vulnerable. In other words, it was enjoyable hurt. Yes, I realize that wouldn’t make sense to most people.

Despite the primitive want that filled his expression, Oses checked in with me. “Still too much?”

“Just right, Master,” I sighed. “The sensitivity is easing off.”

“Good. I’ll still try to keep the contact gentle. Let me know if you get overwhelmed again.”

“Yes, Master.”

With that, Oses’ hips began a slow swinging back and forth. His main cock emptied and filled me over and over, gently abrading my sex with a delicious friction. The secondary cock rubbed over one ass cheek, sending exciting little smarts through the flesh. Within seconds, I moaned my delight, hanging onto the pillow with a death grip.

“That’s right, pretty little slave,” Oses growled in my ear. “Master’s cock is inside you. Master is fucking his captive pussy. Master is going to fill it with his cum.”

Yes, yes, he owned me. I was his to do with as he desired. His to play with. His to enjoy in whatever way he wished. His to fuck over and over until he was satisfied.

When climax claimed me, it didn’t do so with the brutality of before. It swept through me, gorgeous and fulfilling in all ways. My cries were glad things, not screams of tortured ecstasy. I rode the swells with buoyant pleasure. Oses soon added his groans, and we cried out together.

Oh hell yeah. Who needs shore leave?

Monday, March 23, 2015

May 10, early

Wow, the ship is quiet. I think I’m the only person left in the Matara area.

Everyone else is on shore leave. They are on a small moon outpost of a system I can’t even pronounce.  It’s mostly a collection of tiny villages inhabited by the Darotkins. Those are the aliens with brains in each of their twelve hands. One on the Xniktix station made a couple of dancing outfits for me and the gals.

After consultation with Dr. Feru, I opted to not go on shore leave. For one thing, the idea makes me squeamish. I do not feel comfortable leaving my safe transport ... not after what happened with Finiuld. The trauma remains. As much as I’d like to suck it up and face my fears, it’s just too much right now. I think I could do it if I really wanted to, but I’ve got another reason to stay on board the Pussy ‘Porter.

That reason would be Weapons Commander Nobek Oses. If I’m skittish about going on shore leave, he’s twice as freaked out about me leaving the ship. In his mind, he can’t properly protect me, and protecting me is the Number 1 Priority on Oses’ list. He’s got his own demons to conquer after our abduction weeks ago.

We both sat down to discuss the matter with Feru yesterday. Nobeks are notoriously difficult to treat for psychological issues. They hate admitting to weakness. However, Oses is an older and wiser member of his breed. As long as his struggle remains known by only a select few whom he trusts, he is willing to accept help for the emotional storms he faces since being taken prisoner.

“The thought of Shalia off this ship makes me crazy with fear and anger,” he admitted to Feru in a low voice. His muscles, of which he has many and big, corded with tension. “I hate the idea of her being vulnerable in surroundings over which I have little control.”

“That’s fine, Commander,” Feru said in a noncommittal tone. He knows better than to offer sympathy. It’s never welcome among the warrior caste. “Shalia is not ready to take that step anyway. That gives you time to continue your exercises in coping with this anxiety.”

Oses clenched his hands into fists a few times. He drew a deep breath. “Eventually, I have to face that she will want to visit these places we are stopping at along the way. I do not know how I can let her go without fearing for her safety.”

“One issue at a time, Commander. Look at the present, not the future. We are dealing with the here and now only. Right now, Shalia is remaining on board the transport. Were you able to spend the last day away from her all right?”

I smiled as he jerked a nod. I hadn’t seen my big, bad Nobek since my birthday. I’ve missed him, though the send-off sex before our imposed ‘separation’ had been spectacular enough to keep a smile on my face when I thought about it.

“It was not easy,” Oses admitted. “After a few hours, I spent every moment wanting to check on her and make sure she was safe.”

Feru made a note. “You were able to discuss her well-being with her liaison Betra, however. Did that help?”

Oses nodded. “Betra was excellent about taking my coms and letting me know everything was all right. I don’t believe I would have made it the entire day if I hadn’t been afforded that ability.”

Feru eased into a smile. “You did it, however. You made it through 27 hours of separation and took another step forward in releasing the trauma. Building on these small successes will allow you bigger gains. I won’t lie and tell you that there won’t be anxiety when Shalia is ready to take shore leaves again. However, you will find yourself better able to deal with it.”

Little by little, Oses and I are both recovering. Baby steps can be frustrating when a person wants to put the past behind them in a big hurry. I keep reminding myself and my Nobek lover that though small, they are still steps forward.

Candy was not too happy to hear I wouldn’t be joining everyone on shore leave. “Oh, but I heard there is going to be an arts trading fair while we visit!” she told me. “I wanted you to pick out a birthday present. That’s why I didn’t give you anything on your birthday!”

“You and Katrina arranged a surprise party for me,” I pointed out. “That was present enough.” They’d even arranged for a five-tier birthday cake. It had delicate candy butterflies and flowers, a veritable garden of a cake. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Hormonal to the hilt, I cried over it and made Betra take two dozen still picture vids of the thing. I’d even had to leave the room while they cut it up because I couldn’t bear to see them do it. I managed to get over it however, and the cake was delicious.

Candy still pouted. “You are so difficult to buy for, Shalia. We don’t like the same things.”

Katrina, the eldest of our trio, snickered and shook her silvered head. “Just find the frilliest, most precious, pinkest thing at the market, something that will fit in that ruffled nightmare of a room of yours. Then find the opposite of that and buy it for Shalia.”

Candy blew a raspberry at Katrina. “Just because you don’t like girly stuff—“

“Candy, no female over the age of five likes that much frou-frou. Those two Nobeks who you’ve been keeping company with probably have nightmares every time they come over from their destroyer to spend the night.”

“What, you’re seeing just two men now?” I asked. “When did this start?”

“After I met them on the concourse outside the pleasure club,” Candy said. Her smile was sunny again as she dropped her debate with Katrina. “Don’t you remember? Ama and Mihi. They were there the day that we looked at locations for our dance club.”

I had a vague recollection of two Kalquorians, one scarred and another with an appealing devilish smile. I blinked at Candy. “You’re exclusive with them?”

“For now.” Candy shrugged. “They have a long-term thing going with each other and I’m enjoying seeing how I can fit in a committed relationship between men. That’s what’s ahead when I get to Kalquor and join a clan, so why not try it out now?”

I nodded, though I hoped with all my heart Candy would not end up in love with men she can’t keep. That struggle is all too familiar to me.

I turned my attention to Katrina. “So now when you hold a salon, you’ve got more guys to yourself.”

Katrina reddened. “Ah, well, I’m not doing that so much these days. I’m a little distracted what with putting the dance club together.”

“Captain Wotref’s clan wouldn’t be another ‘distraction’ would it?” Candy teased.

“Wait, what?” I spluttered. “What the hell is going on? You too? Why am I just finding out about all this?”

“You’ve had plenty to deal with,” Katrina pointed out. “Plus I’m not making a big deal about it. There is no reason to. I’m simply enjoying the captain and his clanmates’ company for now.”

“Holy Hannah,” I said, throwing my hands up in the air dramatically. “The universe has gone crazy when you two settle down. What happened to all the free love?”

“My pussy got tired,” Katrina said in a droll voice. That left Candy and me shouting with laughter.

Neither woman may want to make a big issue out of their current arrangements, but I know for a fact that they will be joined by their paramours on this shore leave. It kind of makes me wish Oses and I were well enough to go down there, along with Betra. Walking along, hand-in-hand with my temporary sweethearts while playing tourist sounds kind of nice.

But Betra is down on the moon by himself, keeping an eye on his group of Earthers and making sure they don’t get into any trouble. Oses and I are up here in orbit. Since Feru is not making my favorite Nobek stay away from me for another week or so, I think we should console each other.