Monday, January 12, 2015

April 9

Well, the results of Tep’s various tests could have been better. I’ve got something called mild gestational hypertension. He’s given me medication to treat it and upped my sedation. I have to stay in bed for about a week, lying on my left side only.

“It could be your diet, the lack of rest you’ve reported, not drinking enough water ... any number of a combination of things could be the reason your blood pressure is slightly elevated,” Tep told me.

“Evacuating Earth after nearly burning to death and then being abducted by a certifiable alien maniac might have a little to do with it,” I acknowledged. “No stress here, Doc.”

He chuckled. “You are off your feet for the next week, Shalia. Laze around, have your liaison attend you – in a completely celibate manner, by the way. That goes for the weapons commander too. I’ll be glad to send them a message informing them of your need to rest.”

My face warmed. I’ve been up front with Tep about my recreational activities with the baby’s welfare in mind. It doesn’t mean I’m not embarrassed to have him know about what I’m doing. He figured out who I do it with during my stay in Medical while I recovered from my breakdown.

I waved him off grumpily. “I’ll tell them myself. For heaven’s sake, you’re not telling all you know to my dad, are you? I’ll never be able to face Nayun if he knows half of what I’ve shared with you and Feru.”

Tep chuckled. “I do not share such information with Dr. Nayun. All he hears from me is how you’re doing physically. He won’t be too happy to know about this development. I’ll make sure to tell him that as long as we keep tabs on it, you and the baby will be okay.”

“That’s good to know,” I said. “Lying around for a week is going to be a drag though.”

Tep gave me a narrowed-eye look. “You will do it, though. You are going to get some decent sleep. I think I will inform Liaison Betra about my orders after all.”

“Damned paternal Kalquorians,” I muttered as he helped me off the examination table. “I’ve already got three dads, you know.”

He grinned, the expression softening the sharp planes of his face. “You need at least three fathers, Matara. I’ve never known anyone who gets in half the trouble you do. Take your medicine and get in bed. I’ll check on you in a couple of days.”

I thought I’d stop by and let Candy and Katrina know I was to be out of commission for the next few days. However, Tep wasted no time in letting Betra know my condition. I no sooner stepped off the lift that opened to the Matara area of the ship when I was met by my liaison.

“Here you are,” Betra greeted me. He had a big smile, apparently in a better mood even though Oses had sent him off with the twin boners this morning. Maybe he gave himself a hand, ha-ha.

“Here I am,” I sighed, knowing he was there to shepherd me straight to my quarters. Sometimes I fight with Betra just because I want to assert myself. Sometimes I do it to get a rise out of him. Once in a great while I argue because I feel it actually is necessary. Sometimes I irritate him just because I’m me.

Yet I knew I wasn’t going to get my way this time. There would be no side trip to talk to Candy and Katrina. Betra was going to make sure I went straight to my room like a good little girl. After the night and morning he’d had, I didn’t want to butt heads. So I simply smiled and let him escort me to my rooms.

I’m on bed rest but I’m no invalid, not by any means. Still Betra was his Imdiko self, insisting on helping me undress, putting a nightie on me, tucking me into bed, reminding me to lie on my left side so all the important blood vessels weren’t having any undue pressure put on them, getting me water and snacks and my handheld for my bedside table.

“Are you going to sleep?” my nursemaid asked.

“Tep says to take the sedative early enough to log in at least 10 hours,” I said. “I’ve got a little while before I need to do that.”

Betra nodded. “I’ll remind you. Do you still want me here tonight?”

“Of course. Now that I’m stuck in bed, I need company.” And protection, I thought. The ghost was still at large and I worried about it showing up. If it does while I’m alone, Tep can cram his bed rest up his butt. I’m going to be running like an Olympic athlete in that case.

Betra promised to stop in every couple of hours until his shift was done. He says he’s going to bring me something special for dinner to make up for the irritation of being stuck in bed. He’s so sweet. Oses better not give him shit tonight.

Speaking of Big, Bad, and Yummy, I need to leave him a message about what’s happening. My dads too, so Nayun doesn’t freak out when Tep tells him I’m not doing perfectly well. Plus Candy and Katrina. They might want to come keep me company.

A vacation in bed. Maybe it won’t be so bad, especially if Betra dotes on me. At least now I’m in the frame of mind to enjoy being waited on.

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  1. Lots of lazy time with one or both of her two favorite guys