Thursday, January 8, 2015

April 8

What a day. It started out with a scare in the middle of the night.

I woke to find a dark, shadowy figure standing over me and Betra as we slept in my bed.  I sat up with a scream, which made Betra jump up. He took a swing at the shadow, which blocked him with lightning-fast reflexes.

“Damn it!” Betra yelled. “Oses, what the fuck are you doing?”

The Nobek’s voice rolled over me. “I came in to sleep with you two. Last I heard, you were both perfectly fine with that. In fact, I believe I was invited.”

“Lights up one-quarter,” I ordered before taking my turn yelling at the weapons commander. “For crying out loud, Oses. Give people some warning before you scare the hell out of them!”

He rolled his eyes at both of us. “I was trying to not wake you. Shalia, you are far too on edge if you wake up screaming like that. Why aren’t you taking your sedatives?”

I huffed at him, not wanting to admit he had a point. “I don’t like being weak, okay? Taking the medication makes me feel like I’m being wimpy.”

Betra settled back into bed, scooting to the far side to make room. “She’s only required to take the ones that keep the nightmares away every few nights anyway. Are you taking those when you’re supposed to?”

I hemmed and hawed about that. I got glares from both men.

Oses’ tone was particularly severe. “By the ancestors, woman, no one thinks you’re weak except you. After what you went through, your strength cannot be doubted. If not for the baby, I’d wear your ass out right now.”

“I usually sleep fine when I’ve got you or Betra with me,” I said. “At least I do when you’re not creeping in here and scaring the life out of me. How the hell am I supposed to sleep now when my heart rate is still going a million miles an hour?”

“Take your damned meds when you’re supposed to. Right now would be a perfect start.”

“It’s too late now,” I said, glancing at the chronometer. “I’ve got a checkup with Dr. Tep first thing in the morning. If I take the sedative, I’ll oversleep.”

“Give her an orgasm,” Betra yawned. At least he was able to settle right back down. “A good climax always puts her out.”

“That’s funny, coming from you,” I scowled. “Mr. Cum and Crash.”

He grinned at me. “Yeah, but you get off first so you can’t say I’m selfish.”

He had me there.

“All right,” grinned Oses as he peeled off his uniform and boots. Darn if he wasn’t already fully erect. “One orgasm coming right up.”

“I wouldn’t mind helping.” Betra leered at me.

Oses gave him a glare. The Imdiko went still, not even breathing while the weapons commander sized him up. Then a cruel smile twisted one side of Oses’ mouth up.

“You do not get to help. You get to lay on your side of the bed and watch, boy. Lay there without touching Shalia or yourself. You may not climax either.”

Betra gave Oses a look that was both tormented and grateful. His cocks were filling, getting fatter as excitement began to have its way with him. He nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Satisfied that he was going to be obeyed, Oses came to me on the bed. “As for you, lovely girl, you may spread your legs for me. I want to play with that sweet little pussy.”

Just like Betra, I was happy to do as I was told. Oses lay on his stomach, his torso between my bent legs. He inhaled deeply of my scent. “That’s nice. I like that. Already wet too.”

His fingers went to my slit. I sighed and trembled as he explored my folds with a delicate touch. Oses took his time, his gaze moving from my sex to my face and back again as he gauged my reactions. My breath caught when he brushed carefully against my clit. I moaned when he pressed a finger inside me.

He licked my juices from his finger lazily, like a cat with cream. His eyes were heavy-lidded with pleasure. “Um. I love how you taste. Would you like some of this, boy?”

I’d been so caught up in what Oses was doing to me that I’d almost forgotten our silent third. His tone shaky with hope, Betra said, “I’d like it, Master.”

“You’ll have to lick it from my fingers. You do not get to touch her or yourself while you do so.”

When the Imdiko didn’t immediately respond, I looked at him. Want warred with worry on his handsome face. This was not something Betra was comfortable with.

Desire won out, however... along with that need he had for being humiliated. Betra lowered his gaze from Oses’. In a small voice, he answered, “Yes, Master. I still want to taste.”

The Nobek pushed two fingers in me this time, pumping nice and slow. I groaned as his fingers found my sweet spot, producing core-melting friction. In and out, he pleasured me until I could feel bliss growing like a balloon inside.

When my happy cries were almost continuous, Oses withdrew his fingers. He held the dripping digits out to Betra. “Suck off every drop and look me in the face while you do it.”

The Imdiko swallowed. For a moment, I thought he would back out of the play. Then his lips slowly parted. He opened his mouth for Oses.

The Nobek slid his fingers inside Betra’s mouth, over his tongue. Betra closed his lips over the digits. His cheeks hollowed as he sucked on Oses’ fingers. His eyes were wide as he stared at his tormentor. I watched his throat work as he drew on my juices.

Call me weird, but it was hot to watch Betra clean my honey from Oses’ fingers. Really hot.

Oses pulled free.  He glanced at me. “He’s pretty with something in his mouth, isn’t he?”

I sighed. “Betra is gorgeous no matter what he does. But yes, that was lovely to watch.”

Oses cocked an eyebrow at the blushing Imdiko. “Would you like more, boy?”

Betra jerked a nod. When the Nobek glared at him, he quickly added, “Yes, Master.”

Oses looked him over speculatively. So did I. Betra was fully, fiercely erect.

It was bringing out the sadist in the weapons commander ... or maybe it was the frustration over not being able to have Betra the way he truly wanted to. Or maybe it was that he’d had to remind Betra who was in control right then. At any rate, Oses told him, “I’m going to warn you right now, you will not be allowed to climax at all. You will remain hard and celibate for my pleasure. No matter how excited you become, you will not have an orgasm tonight.”

That brought a flash of anger in Betra’s eyes. He might achieve some kind of satisfaction through humiliation, but that doesn’t change the fact he likes to be the dominating part of a scene. Submitting to Oses with no hope of climax was not sitting well with my liaison. Not one bit.

I was more than a little shocked to hear Betra say, “Yes, Master. I would still like to taste more. Please.”

Maybe he’d surprised Oses too, because there was a long beat where the Nobek didn’t react. Then Oses jerked a nod before pressing his fingers in my pussy once more.

I lay there, taking my own bit of punishment from the weapons commander. He fucked me with those long, thick fingers, making sure to rub the right spot while gently stroking my clit. Heat and pressure built hard inside me before he left off. Oses again presented his glistening fingers to Betra.

There was no hesitation from the Imdiko this time. His jaw dropped open, allowing Oses to fill his mouth with my essence.

Oses wasn’t done pushing Betra, however. While the liaison sucked hard on his fingers, Oses began to pump them in and out of his lips, fucking them like he had my pussy.

Their eyes locked. I knew the Nobek was imagining it was his cock plumbing Betra’s mouth. I knew Betra was thinking the same thing. Yet still the Imdiko did not back off or demand Oses stop. There was a stubborn, determined aura coming off Betra the whole time his tormentor/would-be lover shoved his fingers in and out of his mouth.

Oses finally pulled his fingers free. He stared at Betra for a long beat. When he spoke, his voice was gruffer than usual. “Good job, boy. Now lay there quietly while I make this beautiful woman scream.”

With that, the weapons commander turned all his attention to me. He stared at me just as intently as he had Betra and pressed his fingers into my pussy once more.

He watched my face while finger-fucking me. Unlike Betra, I didn’t have the ability to meet that direct gaze. Oses staring at me is just too intense. I never feel more naked and vulnerable as when that Nobek looks me in the eye like that. It gets downright uncomfortable.

Instead, I watched his hand move against me, making me take those rough, scarred fingers. I saw how swollen my exposed clitoris was as his thumb circled and occasionally brushed over it. I moaned as I watched him take me, making my body respond to his powerful touch.

He lowered his head then, blocking my view as he mouthed a breast. The hot, roiling stew in my gut doubled to feel his lips on my nipple. Oses kissed the stiffening tip gently at first, and then with more demand. Seconds later, he was sucking and nipping like he might decide to bite the damned thing off. Little darts of pain joined the pleasure, increasing my arousal a hundredfold.

I was catching fire, coming to a full boil. My cries filled the air. My head tossed to the side, and I saw Betra watch Oses play with me, driving me towards orgasm. His primary cock wept, though he obeyed Oses and did not touch himself. The tormented need on Betra’s sweet face was so compelling I could have wept for him had I not been gripped in a maelstrom of passion.

Somehow being on display for the Imdiko brought that excitement to a new level of intensity. I was on show in the most intimate of activities for one lover with another lover. Had I felt vulnerable before? Now I really knew the meaning of the word, especially since looking away would not change the fact that Betra saw it all.

Heat surged and filled my pussy and clit. Brightness began to eclipse my surroundings. I was going to come for Oses, and Betra would watch me succumb. It didn’t matter than he’d seen me surrender to Oses before. For some reason I felt particularly exposed, bare right down to my soul. It felt like too much, but I couldn’t stop it from happening. In fact, being so openly ravished was making the climax come faster.

“That’s it,” Oses breathed, feeling my pussy tighten around his fingers. “Come for me. Come for me now.”

My sex contracted hard. Pleasure rolled over me, rippling from my cunt up into my belly, then my chest, traveling through my throat and into my skull. Another wave followed the first. Then another. And another.

I could feel the men’s gazes on me, making the rapture that much more poignant. I came for them both, letting them see me at my most vulnerable.

When the pulses finally stopped coming, Oses pulled his fingers free and sucked my honey from them. He looked over at the Imdiko, who panted so hard he nearly whimpered. Betra had fistfuls of my bedding clutched in his hands. I could actually see the veins pulse in his cocks.

“If you come, I will put you in cockrings for the next week,” Oses snarled at Betra. “Plus I will make up some story of you breaking rules so I can publicly whip you for an audience.”

Betra’s eyes widened with a mixture of fury and want. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“You don’t think so? Try me, boy.”

Betra swallowed hard. I could tell the fantasy of being humiliated in such a fashion had great appeal for him. I don’t quite get it, but I’m not the one to judge others’ idea of exciting sex play. If the idea of being embarrassed before his crewmates melts Betra’s butter, more power to him.

Apparently, the fantasy rather than the reality was more than enough for my liaison, at least for the moment. He scowled but said, “I will not come, Master.”

“We’ll see. I’m going to fuck Shalia’s gorgeous pussy, and you’ll watch the whole time. If I catch you closing your eyes to maintain control and if you lose control, you will be sorry.”

Betra’s expression said he wasn’t so sure he’d regret disobeying Oses.

I have to say I’m glad these two found a safe place to fulfill their interesting needs, needs I can’t quite take care of for them. I’d never be able to humiliate Betra. The amount of heavy-handed treatment Oses enjoys threatening him with would be more than I could take aimed at me.

However, I was more than happy to accept a good fucking from my Nobek lover while Betra watched. Oses and I were so wet with excitement by that time, he slid inside easily. I groaned to feel that thickness penetrate and rub up against all the good stuff. The orgasm I’d enjoyed only seemed to have primed me for another one.

Oses arranged me in such a way that Betra had a good view of the action. He lifting one of my legs up onto his shoulder and turned me slightly towards the suffering Imdiko. Then Oses fucked me nice and slow, giving Betra a show of his primary prick gliding in and out of me. He goaded him the whole time too.

“Look at that pussy take my cock. Look how that tiny little hole swallows this big dick. See how wet she is? Wouldn’t you just love to feel how warm it feels to have her pussy all around you? So nice and tight because she’s swollen from the last orgasm. Look at it, boy. Look at this pussy get fucked.”

While Oses teased Betra and fucked me, he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. There were long minutes when he fell silent too, minutes during which he kissed me with fervor, letting me know that though he was playing mind games with Betra, he was there for me too. I was not left wanting for attention at all. I heated up pretty fast, readying to go off again. Being watched at my most vulnerable did crazy things to my head. I thought of the pleasure club Katrina was always trying to get Candy to go to. I didn’t want to play with shockwhips or be at the mercy of strangers, but what would it be like to get fucked by my two guys in front of an audience? The thought had made me squeamish before, but right then I could imagine the heady excitement of being on display.

Whew. I’m turning myself on again just by writing about it. I have more issues than I was aware of.

Oses kept describing the sensations he felt to Betra, but those commentaries happened less often as he rutted against me. He started to lose some of that iron control as lust had its way with him. I gasped and heaved for breath as his cock moved back and forth in my pussy, setting my insides ablaze with rapture.

Oses grunted like an animal while he slaved over my pleasure. “I feel her ... squeezing my cock. She’s going to come for me again. I love being inside her when she comes ... don’t you, boy? How she moves against my cock ... her pussy clenching around it ... drawing out every drop of cum ... oh, fuck ... just ... just like ... that. She’s close ... she’s going to do it ... fuck ... fuck.”

I ignited. Under the scrutiny of Betra, listening to Oses describe his experience, seeing him approaching his end, and having his groin pounding against mine – the detonation was swift and devastating. I came clawing Oses like a tiger. I know that from the scratches I left on him. I was so lost in my own bliss that I missed it when he found his.

Afterward, Oses held me tight against his chest. He ordered Betra to spoon me from behind, but the Imdiko was still not allowed to climax. My sympathy for my liaison was short-lived: the damned man was right about orgasm sending me to dreamland. I was asleep in an instant after being taken care of.

I woke when a grumpy Betra got up to go to work. He was still erect. Oses grinned as he watched him dress and stomp out of my quarters. Their relationship is so weird. I wonder how it’s going to turn out.

The Nobek was Imdiko-sweet to me, helping me shower with gentle hands and picking up breakfast while I styled my hair and put on a little makeup. Right now he’s stuffing his face while I journal and eat. I guess I’d better wrap this up though. My appointment with Dr. Tep is in half an hour.


  1. Wow awesome post,but I admit I am so feeling bad for Betra, I know he enjoys the humiliation, but I could not help thinking "oh come on let the poor guy cum" that was just mean.

  2. Oses is going to turn Betra into a crazed beast before this is through. He is an evil genius though, letting Betra get more and more comfortable with him while ratcheting his arousal up and up. Can't wait to see how the two of them end up.

  3. wow, talking about hotter then a super nova. yeah I feel sorry for Betra but Oses is doing it the right way. slowly inching his way into the "boy's" skin. you know as well as I do two weeks ago on ship Betra could barely stand the idea of Oses being in the same room with him while naked, now Betra is sucking on Oses' fingers while laying naked in bed with him. little by little Oses is taming the farel, abused child that is locked up in Betra. good job, Tracy!!