Thursday, January 29, 2015

April 22

I think I may need to spend another week in bed. Betra and Oses wore me out this morning ... in a very good way.

It’s nice having that Nobek around more often now that he’s on medical leave. I do enjoy our, ahem, therapy sessions. Hey, now that I’m well rested and my hypertension has taken a leave of absence, Tep wanted me to get some exercise. He didn’t specify what kind of workouts I should get. Sex works perfectly fine, thanks.

Besides, a Nobek has to be kept busy. Feru insisted Oses take leave while he deals with his issues of over-protectiveness towards me and the overall trauma he experienced from not being able to adequately keep me safe when we were abducted. Sex keeps Oses busy. I’m more than happy to be of assistance to him.

Captain Wotref has been amazing over the whole affair. He didn’t want to hear one word about Oses not being fit as his weapons commander. “Ridiculous,” he sputtered when Oses tried to resign his commission. “Lose the best man on my entire crew? I’ll cut my arm off first. You,” he pointed at Oses as he riveted a steely gaze on him, “will take all the time Feru says you need to. You will follow his instructions to the letter, get your head on straight, and bring your ass back up to the bridge as soon as he says you’re ready for it. Not one moment before that, and not one damned second later.”

Wotref then turned to me, Betra, and Feru. “If Commander Oses gives any indication he’s slacking off in his therapy, you will inform me immediately. You too, young lady.” The captain’s tone softened when he spoke to me, and he gave me a private wink to let me know the gruffness was all for show ... at least where I was concerned.

The captain turned back to the three men who were standing at attention before him. “As for anyone else, what’s happened is none of their damned business. This matter is between the five of us only.”

Betra cleared his throat a little. “Captain Zemos might be curious as to why the weapons commander kept one of the phase devices.”

Wotref grunted. “True. Zemos is no fool. Don’t worry; I’ll figure something out.”

“Tell him I kept it,” I volunteered. The men all looked at me.

“Well, it’s gold and pretty and I’m a girl,” I said, putting on a ditzy smile. “A pregnant girl. A pregnant Earther girl who everyone knows had an emotional breakdown. Who among you Kalquorians have figured out why my species does the things it does? Especially when an Earther is under such stress? Admit it; when it comes to understanding a pregnant Earther Matara, none of you has a clue.”

Betra and Feru snickered. Wotref gave me an appreciative grin. Oses looked horrified.

“I can’t allow you to take the blame for my actions, Shalia,” he protested. “You’re not one to act so foolish anyway.”

“You can and you will,” I shot back. “I need you back as this ship’s weapons commander, keeping me and all the rest of us safe. If this will do the job, I don’t mind if that Zemos person thinks I’m a giddy goof with light fingers. He’ll get over it.”

Okay, so I’m not doing much for getting Kalquorian men to treat Earther women with less of a paternalistic attitude. I’m probably setting us back ten years where that Captain Zemos is concerned, at any rate. But for Oses, it’s worth it.

Wotref laughed outright. He had such a careworn look to him that I was glad to provide some happiness to the captain. “He will ‘get over it’ as you say. Zemos will drop the matter in an instant when he hears such a story.” He turned to clap a hand on Oses’ shoulder. “You’re on leave. Take care of yourself, my friend. Get better because I need you.”

Oses still didn’t look happy with the situation, but he bowed with respect to his commanding officer. “With the help of Dr. Feru and my friends, I will. Thank you, Captain.”

So Oses’ pride and career are safe, I am boffing him as much as is medically safe, and he’s getting help. As for the others who saw the ‘ghost’, they have noted it’s not haunting the halls anymore. Candy is getting credit for her exorcism of the specter, and all are beginning to relax. Things are looking up.

The only other thing of note that has happened was what I walked in on two days ago. After a day of watching others work on our dance club (they still won’t let me help due to my recent health issues), I went in search of Oses and Betra. I found them in Oses’ quarters, which he’s given me automatic access to ... and the sight was something to behold.

Oses has a kind of bench in his room, sort of like a pommel horse that gymnasts use. I’ve been bent over that for a spanking from the Nobek before. I was startled to see it was in use again.

I was one step in, my greeting dying on my lips before I got the first syllable out. It wasn’t Betra tied to the spanking bench with Oses turning that gorgeous ass red. Nope, the situation was reversed.

I cannot imagine how Betra managed to subdue Oses and bind him to that thing. Then again, the Imdiko had warned him that one of his breed could be incited to take on a Nobek and win. I guess this was an example of such.

Betra grinned. Over Oses’ furious growls, he said, “Shalia! Want to join in?”

I saw the thick studded strap in my liaison’s hand, the pants puddled around Oses’ ankles, the deep red of the weapons commander’s ass – and his fierce erections – and I turned right back around. “Nope, I’m good. See you two later,” I called over my shoulder as I left the quarters, walking as fast as possible. Since I had no idea how rough the play would get, I figured I’d sit that one out. That strap looked like it could draw blood. After two days to think about it, I’m still glad I opted to leave.

I guess Betra and Oses are figuring things out. Maybe they’ll reach the point to where they won’t need me as a bridge to reach each other anymore. If that happens by the time they drop me off on Kalquor, I’ll feel good about the situation.

I certainly felt good about my situation this afternoon. After lunch, I left the dining hall. I wondered if Oses was available to give me some dessert – Nobek cocks in Kalquorian sauce, har-de-har-har. I thought I’d go to my room first and freshen up before searching the big guy out.

It turned out he was waiting for me, along with Betra. The pair sat side by side on my lounger, almost close enough that they could have reached over and touched one another. Yep, they’re figuring things out. Once upon a time, Betra wouldn’t have let Oses get so near.

“Well, hello,” I said. “Fancy meeting you in my rooms. What’s up?”

They favored me with smiles: Oses’ was exciting and dangerous while Betra’s beam was sweet and warming. My heart picked up its pace even as it melted.

Betra said, “We thought you were due some doting on. Or were you off to supervise the club construction again?”

“Dote! Dote!” I yelled, running over to bounce on the lounger between them.

They laughed at my silliness. Then dote they did. All at once, I was surrounded by muscled arms. Lips sought out mine as first one man kissed me and then the other. Hands moved over my body, touching, stroking, and exploring.

Oh my. We spent some time on that lounger petting heavily. Oses left Betra alone, and Betra didn’t have a fit when the Nobek accidentally touched him. They centered their attention all on me, and I was happy to receive it.

Bit by bit, clothes came off. At first the boys contented themselves with shoving my blouse and skirt up so they could play with what they wanted. I did the same with their shirts to trace those muscular torsos. As we heated up and excitement grew, I tugged the resealable crotch seams of their pants open. I filled my hands with hot, moist cocks that gave off that delicious cinnamon-y like aroma. That scent will make me think of sex for the rest of my life.

As I stroked hard lengths of Kalquorian, fingers traced through my intimate folds. I moaned into Betra’s mouth as he squeezed my breast. Billowing heat filled my belly, and my sex erupted with ticklish pleasure. My hips jerked when Oses rubbed his thumb over my clit.

We were in no hurry to rush to culmination, however. As if by some unspoken agreement, we kept teasing each other, doing just enough to make the other sigh with pleasure. I was the center of it all, with the two men concentrating all their efforts on me.

After some time, we were naked on my lounger, writhing against one another, still kissing and touching. It was like discovering and being discovered by others for the first time. To me, it felt all so new and pure.

“And to think I was planning on a shower when I came in,” I giggled to my lovers. “What was I thinking? This is much better.”

“Hmm, a shower,” Oses said. “This Matara wants to be bathed, Imdiko.”

“Oh, that would be nice,” Betra agreed. “Let’s do that.”

“That wasn’t a hint,” I said as Oses stood with me in his arms. “I’m perfectly happy with what we’ve been doing.”

My protest went unheeded as I was carried into the facility. Betra went ahead and began fiddling with the shower controls.

Oses stepped into the stall with me as the warm water cascaded down. He set me on my feet.

Betra said, “This afternoon, we want to take care of our Shalia. All your needs will be met. Be quiet and enjoy yourself.”

It was hard to argue with him when his fingers rubbed my scalp, massaging and shampooing away the tension I hadn’t realized was there. With Oses soaping my body at the same time, I was quickly overcome by their attention. Prophets be praised, I am one lucky girl.

They bathed me from head to toe. When the soap had been rinsed away, the kissing and touching started again. Oses spent as much time smooching my rounded tummy as Betra did. I still say when I’m as big as a house they won’t find me nearly as enticing, but for now it’s okay.

Those kisses headed south of the border. I found myself bracing my hands on Oses’ shoulders, since he was the one kneeling in front of me. He had one of my legs draped over his arm as he licked and sucked my clit. Betra was behind me, straining to get at my pussy while he supported my back. His tongue flicked in and out, lapping my cream.

I stood there, getting my pussy eaten while warm water ran down my back. Soon I didn’t feel the shower at all. My world narrowed to my sex and what the men were doing to it.

Kalquorian tongues are raspy, almost rough. The way Oses and Betra’s caught on my sensitive flesh as they pleasured me sent daggers of delight through my core. The friction was delicious. Erotic thrills made me shake all over as they drove me higher and higher towards nirvana.

My cries echoed in the stall. Heat gathered deep within, that final pulling together when rapture is like a ball in the gut, right at the threshold of release. I could feel it readying to burst wide open.

The exquisite spark lit, a bright single point with all the power of a sun. For an instant I poised on that star flare, balanced on its very tip. Then I tumbled. The star blew wide, stretching its force through me.

Contractions seized me, convulsions of enthralling bliss. I bowed to their power, letting them have me. Ecstasy pulsed, free to express itself for as long as it could. It was my master, and I, its willing slave.

I returned to my little world as Oses hefted me in his arms once more. He carried me out of the shower. Betra toweled me dry.

They combed my hair and put a moisturizing lotion all over my body, their big, capable hands smoothing it into my skin. Then my sweethearts carried me to my bed.

“Do you want us?” Betra asked as he and Oses stretched out on either side of me.

“Of course,” I breathed, looking at those beautiful, powerful bodies so ready for mine.

For once, there were no power plays. There were no games. There was only lovemaking, first from Betra. Oses watched while the Imdiko slipped inside me. The Nobek’s lips were parted as Betra’s wonderful length ran in and out of my pussy. He licked his lips as our moans grew louder and our bodies slapped together with more force. His groan joined our cries as Betra released inside me and my sheath clutched him, eager for all he could give.

Then Betra moved aside. It was his turn to watch as I opened to Oses. My breath caught as the Nobek’s thickness pressed into flesh already swollen from elation. With me, this man was not broken. He was still strong, forever undefeated. I saw it in his eyes. My protector was as determined as ever as he thrust within me, making me come yet again before adding his essence to Betra’s. I held them both. Again I became their bridge, their one path to an actual connection.

Afterward, they held me. We talked about everything and nothing. We laughed a lot. We grew serious sometimes. We ordered dinner, which the men fed me. We loved some more. At last, we fell asleep, ending the day in each other’s arms.

Parts of us may be damaged. One part will eventually leave the other two behind. That’s assuming we all get a tomorrow, which I know is not a given. I refuse to be sad over what may never come. For now, we have each other. Since now is all that is ever guaranteed, I’ll take a page from Betra’s book and be grateful for this gift that has been granted. 

End of 5th Storyline


  1. Fantastic story line TRACY, uuuhgs waiting for the next is going to be hell. But will be so worth it, hey is Wotref a Dramok?? He seems to hold Oses in very high esteem, wonder if there was ever any more to that??? Can not wait to see, LOVE YOU TRACY AND THANKS FOR ANOTHER AWESOME STORYLINE! YOU ROCK!!!!

    1. Wotref is a Dramok with a full clan already in place, Ms. Matchmaker. ;)

  2. I agree, great story line. I loved how you ended this. Looking forward to when Shalia's Diary starts again. Thanks for taking the time to write this and provide it for free.

  3. A wonderful ending to this storyline ,Tracy. I loved that Betra and Oses are moving forward together, working it out. Maybe a clan book is in their (our) future? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. You've got nothin' else going on. :)

    Thanks so much for providing this weekly Kalquor fix.

  4. Dramok wotref and clan wonder what story there mmmmm ;-)

  5. Great ending to this story line!! I don't know if Betra will ever be able to "bottom" to Oses but it looks like Oses cares enough for Betra to keep everything slow and moving forward.
    I can't wait for the next time line. Maybe something to do with the dance club, our favorite guys and maybe a non-clanned Darmok. ;•D

  6. Thank you for such a great story Tracy! This gives me my in-between book Kalquorian fix. I really look forward to the Monday and Thursday morning postings. I read them before I even get out of bed!