Monday, December 22, 2014

April 5, afternoon (part 2)

I admit to feeling pretty bratty.  Sure I wanted to screw that big yummy Nobek. And as usual, I wanted him to be strong and powerful during it. But I also felt a bit contrary. So when he said, “Get over here,” I didn’t obey.

Instead I blew a raspberry at him and said, “If you want it so bad, you can come and get it.” Then I skipped away like a goofball five-year-old playing tag.

There wasn’t far I could go. The room was small since it was mostly a vid-projection based space. With the vid programs closed, it was just a blank room with four silvery-gray walls. Yet I danced away from Oses, laughing in a teasing way as I went.

“Silly,” he called me, but I saw how his eyes darkened as he realized he’d have to catch me. I’d heard running from Nobeks was a super bad idea, but I wasn’t really running. I playfully avoided him.

As he started to stalk towards me, I reminded him, “Be nice now. I’ve got a baby on board.”

“So you think that’s an excuse that will allow you to get away with being naughty?” he asked, speeding up a little to get within a couple of steps of me.

I skipped a bit faster. “I think it’s an excellent excuse,” I giggled. “What are you going to do about it? You can’t spank me. Nyah, nyah.”

I was utterly ridiculous, but a silly mood had seized me. I wanted to be carefree for a change. I wanted to have fun. I wanted Oses to play with me.

Oses doesn’t really play. I never even saw him come at me. All of the sudden, he was just there. His arms wrapped around me, holding me tight against his body. I looked into cat-pupiled eyes that possessed no mercy. He deliberately opened his mouth wide so I could see his fangs descend. His face came close and he buried it against my throat.

There was an instant of sharp pain as he bit. I yelped but didn’t struggle. Knowing the sweetness that was to come, I surrendered without a qualm. Just a moment later, the pain was gone.

While I waited for the venom to fill my body, I concentrated on the feeling of Oses against me. His massive arms cradled me against his wide chest. I thought I could feel his heart pounding against my breast, as if it wished to leave his body and enter mine. I thought of us melded together as one being and how wondrous that would be. I sighed, sinking into the pleasure of his embrace.

The first soft curls of euphoria crept through my veins. I sighed again, feeling the warmth of blended arousal and contentment filling me. It was a good feeling, one I hadn’t experienced in some time. When was the last time I’d enjoyed a Kalquorian bite? I couldn’t even remember.

My body was happily humming when Oses released me, and I was wet from need. The intoxicant in a Kalquorian’s fangs is a potent aphrodisiac. I wantonly rubbed myself all over my favorite weapons commander. He chuckled to be lustfully mauled by me.

“I thought you wanted to run away,” he teased as I covered his face with damp kisses.

“No, no, I want to wallow all over you,” I moaned, pulling at his armored formsuit so that the front seam purred open, baring his chest. “I want to cover myself in Nobek Oses for the next few hours.”

“I don’t have a few hours,” he said. Oses wasn’t resisting as I kissed my way down his massive, muscled torso. Instead, he let me explore him with my mouth. “I can spare a few minutes, I think.”

“Aw Oses,” I complained in between licks and kisses. My hands roamed the skin I bared with abandon. “You can’t bite an Earther girl, make her all crazy with lust, and then leave her wanting.”

“Can’t I? I think you’ll have to convince me you’re worth a potential reprimand for reporting late to duty.”

“How?” I sank to my knees. His delicious aroma, much like cinnamon, got stronger as I neared his crotch.

“Just keep heading down. Put those eager hands and mouth to good use, and I’ll consider fucking you. Take off your blouse so I can enjoy looking at your breasts while you’re at it.”

For an answer I yanked his crotch seam wide open. Oses’ eager cocks spilled out, damned near smacking me in the face as they did so. Then I whipped my blouse off over my head and shoved my bra off with impatience.

My hands gripped the bases of each rigid stave. I sucked pricks like my life depended on it. With the venom in me, I was crazed in my need for sex, even for giving oral sex. I fellated as if I could achieve orgasm by that means. My mouth was voracious, slurping Oses’ lubricating juices as fast as he produced them.

Meanwhile he stood over me, hands on his hips, watching me from far above. Oses looked excited, but he also looked down on me like a lord and master being served by a slave. I loved the fantasy and bought fully into it. I pretended I had no choice but to service him, that he owned me and I must provide him pleasure even if I received none.

However, I got plenty of excitement from seeing to Oses’ desires. The insides of my thighs were slick and heat built in my belly. Without being touched, my pussy was alive with sensation. I almost thought I could climax just from looking at the naked lust on his face.

I worked his cocks with everything I had and still couldn’t get enough. He simply stood and watched for a long time, grimacing  and grunting every few seconds. From the frequent tastes of spice-salt-sweet I detected when I sucked on his larger prick, I wasn’t doing half bad. All that pre-cum meant I made my man pretty darn happy.

Finally Oses stepped away so that I was left reaching for him. “Turn around. Put your ass in the air for my use,” he told me.

Oh happy me. I almost gave myself vertigo from spinning around so fast. In my enthusiasm in presenting my derriere to him, I nearly smacked my forehead on the hard floor.

Oses knelt behind me. His big hands spread my cheeks. He said. “I love this ass. I’m tempted to shove my primary cock in there without preparing you and fuck you while you scream.”

I knew perfectly well he’d never take me in a damaging way. The threat was merely a matter of him playing out our mutual fantasy of his mastery. I whimpered and trembled as if to beg for mercy.

“Just keep that pussy open and take what you’re given,” Oses growled. “Any crying or complaining will mean punishment.”

I spread my legs wider in acquiescence. With a grunt, the Nobek pressed the tip of his cock against and into me.

For all his dangerous demeanor, he was as careful as I knew he’d be. The only hint of demand came from the way Oses gripped my hips, holding me steady as he forged us into one gasping being. His thrusts were steady but gentle. He relied on my intoxication and his fingers stroking my clit to make me come.

And come I did, shuddering and crying his name as sweet passion seized my pussy in long spasms. When the most intense of the convulsions passed, I reached between my legs to clench Oses’ smaller cock in my fist. He rocked back and forth in the grip of my hand and pussy for a few moments before his moans announced pleasure had been attained.

After that, Oses sat back on his knees and pulled me up so that I sat, still impaled, on his lap. He stroked my clit until I seized again. I arched back against his chest, screaming gratification to the illuminated ceiling overhead.

Later Oses told me he hadn’t been late for his shift, but it had meant not showering before going on duty. The smell of me on him was a source of frustration for the crew on the bridge. It seemed to amuse him that everyone else was in a terrible mood for those hours. Such is the Nobek sense of humor.


  1. Wow, Oses is soo bad. Teasing the bridge crew like that is so very mean - and I absolutely love it.

  2. You know Oses had a blast driving the crew crazy. I bet their "club" was busy for a few days.