Thursday, December 11, 2014

April 4, later (part 5)

Oses sighed. “You’re still enjoying this too much, boy. However, I think I might know how to make you a good deal more uncomfortable.” He slid off the desk he’d been perched on. “Come here and bend over the desk.”

I could tell Betra didn’t much like the sound of that. I frowned along with him. There was only one thing I could think Oses might do to him in that position, but it was something he’d sworn not to do.

Betra climbed to his feet slowly. The battle was on once more as to whether or not he could trust our Nobek friend. His steps were slow as he reluctantly went to the desk. As he approached, Oses backed away, staying out of arm’s reach. That seemed to settle Betra’s mind a little; he bent over the desk without more than a second’s hesitation.

“Shalia, I need you to go to him.” Oses smiled an evil smile at the Imdiko looking up at him from that vulnerable posture. “This boy has been very naughty. He needs a spanking.”

“Um,” I said. “I have a problem with doing damage, if you’ll recall?”

Oses chuckled. “You’ll spank him with your hand, as you would a mischievous child. Chances are, you’ll hurt your hand more than his ass. But the hits to his pride are what truly count.”

A shudder passed through Betra’s body, but he said nothing. Even though his face was turned to Oses and away from me, I had every idea he was wearing that embarrassed/hungry look on his face. The humiliation thing was in play again.

I slowly got up and crossed over to him. Standing next to the Imdiko, I could indeed see his flushed face was filled with want. At least I wasn’t supposed to mark him. Ew. I thought I could handle swatting that gorgeous, muscled ass okay though.

“Brush that bit of hair off his face,” Oses told me. “I want to see everything he feels.”

I did so. “How many smacks am I dealing out?” I asked.

“I’ll decide that as we go along. But if it does start to hurt you, you may quit at that point.”

“Okay. Say when.”

“Go ahead.”

Betra was breathing faster and faster. I wondered how hard it was for him to deal with his conflicting desires. It must be really confusing to want to be humiliated and yet have such a controlling streak at the same time. How does a person cope with that? I supposed Betra had pretty much denied the whole humiliation kink until just now.

I lifted my hand and thought about where I would hit him first. The cheek farthest from me looked like a good place to start, all rounded and smooth and muscle-y. My preference was more for stroking that beautifully sculpted masterpiece, but this was not about me. So I let him have it.

My hand smacked satisfyingly against that pretty butt cheek. Betra didn’t jump as I’d hoped, but he twitched a little.

I hit him again, on the other cheek. This time I got no reaction at all. Well, sheesh. I pretty much sucked as far as punishment went.

Oses moved closer, kneeling on the floor and folding his arms on the surface of the desk. He laid his chin against his forearms and smiled unpleasantly at Betra. “Look at the bad Imdiko getting his ass spanked by a woman. Just like a naughty little child.”

I smacked Betra again. This time he moaned a tiny bit.

Oses’ gaze grew darker. “That’s right. You’re not a man. You’re just a kid, a misbehaving little runt who is getting what he deserves. And you’re going to lay there and take it, because you know what a brat you’ve been.”

I really was off the hook as far as doing Betra any actual harm. The bit of uneasiness I felt over being the actor of his punishment faded. I was just there to give Oses something new to humiliate Betra with.

I spanked my liaison to a rosy hue while Oses told him what a bad boy he’d been. Betra reacted by whimpering and moaning a lot, though his gaze never left the Nobek’s face. For a while, I felt like little more than a piece of the furniture. Shalia, the spanking machine. But then I realized I was more than that. I had become an extension of Oses himself. He couldn’t touch Betra, so I became his hands. Earlier I’d been his pussy. I know, Oses doesn’t have one of those. Except through me, he did. With me, he could exact punishment that fulfilled both men.

I realized that I could be a bridge upon which these two lonely men could meet halfway. Maybe their sad unrequited love could happen after all, at least for as long as I was on the ship.

I felt a surge of responsibility to somehow make that happen. It led me to spank Betra long after my hands stung from the discipline. Finally, however, I had to call a halt to it.

“His ass must be made of steel,” I groused to Oses. I pretended my heart wasn’t filled with hope for these two, that they may somehow find a way to make their relationship work. I showed him my reddened palm.

“You’ve spanked him enough. I think he’s gotten the idea of just what a bad little boy he really is,” the Nobek said in a disgusted tone. The manner in which he spoke was for Betra’s benefit. There was nothing but adoration in his eyes for the Imdiko.

“Now what are you going to do with him?” I asked.

Oses grinned. “I’m going to have him be a nice prop for you while I fuck your lovely body. Get up on the desk, boy. Sit there and let Shalia lean back against you.”

Betra straightened and turned around. He hopped up so that he sat on the desk with his legs hanging down. His cocks stood straight up, signaling his continued enjoyment of punishment.

“Settle yourself between his legs, Shalia,” Oses invited me.

He helped me get up on the edge of the desk, taking great care as he did so to not touch Betra. I squirmed back so that my back was supported by the Imdiko’s stomach and chest. His cocks were wet heat against my spine.

“You are her support, boy,” Oses told Betra. “Our pretty girl needs to be kept comfortable while she takes my primary cock.”

“Master?” Betra’s voice was tremulous.

Oses’ look could have froze fire. I think he was displeased that Betra had spoken. “What, boy?”

“If my arms were loose, I could brace myself better. Or help see to Shalia’s pleasure.”

“I’m sure you’d enjoy that, touching her beautiful body while I fuck her.” Oses caressed my breasts with rough hands. “You want to feel her soft, round tits in your hands. Or maybe you’d like to stroke this nicely rounded belly that shows the proof of her life-giving abilities,” he continued, rubbing my stomach next.

Betra sounded choked. “Yes, Master. I’d like that very much.”

“Which is why you won’t be allowed. Be glad I allow her to recline against you and you get to watch us enjoy ourselves.” Oses eyes narrowed as he looked behind me to Betra. “This is not meant for your pleasure. If you ejaculate, I’ll fetch my strap and tear your hide off.”

I felt Betra tremble. Whether it was from eagerness, anger, or fear, I don’t know. “Yes, Master,” was all he said.

Oses turned his attention to me, pointedly ignoring Betra now. “Let’s see. My pretty mother-to-be must be loved with care. Allow me to position you for our mutual enjoyment.”

He lifted my legs in turn, placing them over Betra’s to open me up for his use. Once again, Oses took care to not touch the Imdiko. Once I was arranged, he looked at my posture critically.

“You need to be reclined a bit more, but not so far back that the baby’s weight affects your back.”

Betra obediently leaned back, taking some pressure off my hips. He took me down about six inches, cradling me against that firm chest and abdomen. I doubt it was comfortable for him, but it felt pretty good to me.

“Right there,” I said. “That’s just right.”

“Good.” Oses had been smoothing his hands up and down my torso the entire time. “You look so lovely and lush in this position. I could stare at you all day, just like this.”

“In that case, I’d better take care of matters myself,” I said archly. I put my hand on my crotch and rubbed the folds of my sex between my fingers.

I was already wet from all our earlier play, and my fingers slid easily over me. Heat spiked from my touch, especially since Oses and Betra were watching me do it. I moaned as ticklish pleasure thrilled my flesh.

“By the ancestors,” Oses breathed. He grabbed my hand and snatched it to his face. He greedily licked the juices. “But there is no need for you to play with yourself when you have me to do that.”

He leaned close, one hand braced a few inches away from mine and Betra’s splayed legs. His other hand went to my eager crotch. I jerked and cried out at his touch, moving against the Imdiko at my back. I thought I heard a whimper of want from him, but my attention was all for Oses. Oses and his thick, calloused fingers stroking my pussy.

“Pretty girl wants to be fucked,” the Nobek whispered. The rough pads of his fingertips rasped against my softer flesh. “You want it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“Ask for it then. Ask me to fuck you, pretty girl.”

“Please, Oses? Please fuck me?”

At my breathless request, the weapons commander slid one of his fingers inside me. I jerked hard, my head falling back on Betra’s shoulder. Feeling that thick invader inside me set off sparks. I looked down to see the dark brown Kalquorian flesh enter me and slide back out. In again. Out. His thumb drew slow circles around my clit.

“Does that feel good, pretty girl? Do you like seeing my finger fucking your sweet pussy?”

“Yes,” I gasped. My cunt tightened around his slowly working digit, drawing hard to feel every wondrous movement he made. “It feels so good.”

“Would you like me to put in another finger? Ask nicely.”

“Please fuck me with two fingers. My pussy wants two. Pretty please?”

A second finger filled me. I cried out and arched a little. Oses’ eyes darkened as I indicated my bliss.

Behind me, Betra’s cocks were pressing hard against my spine. I rose and fell with his deep, quick breaths. I briefly wondered how awful this was for him, ignored and used as a piece of furniture while Oses and I played. He was tense against my back, and I thought he trembled a little.

His torment couldn’t hold my attention for long. Oses was playing with me now, and my consciousness centered on him.

“Look at how your pussy takes my fingers, Shalia. Look how wet and hungry it is. Oh, here’s that beautiful clit, coming out of its hood for me. Hello, lovely little clit. I’m so glad you came out to play.”

His thumb brushed lightly over the reddening pearl of flesh that had indeed emerged. I yelled out as pure delight shot an arrow between my legs. My fingernails bit into Betra’s thighs, which I hung onto as if for dear life. He moaned but did not protest the abuse.

Oses’ eyes flicked up to look at Betra for a moment. “You do not climax, boy. I will wear the hide right off your ass with my strap if you do.”

I felt Betra shudder. “Yes, Master.”

Oses’ attention returned to me. “Now where was I? Oh yes, this gorgeous pussy and clit.”

His fingers continued their work, fucking and teasing me. My whole body flushed with excitement. Trickles of pleasure had become a cascade of nonstop elation. The tension in my gut was building.

“I’m going to come,” I panted.

“Yes.” Oses’ grin was pure evil. “You certainly are.”

He stroked up and down my clit while pounding inside me with a third finger added. My belly wound up tight and I felt control fraying. I writhed helplessly against Betra as cataclysm edged nearer ... nearer...

Then it was on me, exploding starlight bright, igniting me from head to toe. I jerked and heaved all over the place as Oses urged me to a second orgasm. My ass thumped a staccato beat against the desk top with the third.

Finally that brutal Nobek let up, allowing me to lay limp against the gasping Betra. The Imdiko’s groans were almost as loud as mine. Oses skewered him with a severe look.

“Did you?”

“No, Master. But – please—”

“I said no, boy. Sit there and shut up while I fuck Shalia.”

Oses pulled the crotch of his uniform open, and his cocks tumbled out like eager puppies ready to play. Aw hell. I was done in already.

Fortunately, the weapons commander didn’t seem to need me to do anything but open wide. Since I was already in that position, we were good.

Oses kept his secondary prick lifted out of the way as he stuffed my pussy full of the larger cock. Since he hadn’t prepared me, he was giving the tighter entrance a miss this time. He went back to tormenting Betra again, giving the trembling Imdiko a cruel smile.

“You know how good this feels. Sweet, tight, warm Shalia all around my cock. Nice and wet too. No, don’t close your eyes, boy. Watch me feed this delicious pussy my prick. Look at how she’s taking me. It looks good, doesn’t it?”

Betra was gasping again. I felt how hard and ready he was against my spine. Oses was putting that poor man through hell. The Nobek rutted against me, yet he held back the greatest of his strength so I wouldn’t be harmed.

“So hot and soft inside. I’m going to come soon, boy. It feels like a knot between my cocks. Like boiling oil filling the secondary. Yeah, it’s getting ready to go. I can feel it. Going into ... into my front ... cock ... hot ... fuck ... here ... I ... come ... fuck!”

Oses’ cock jerked inside me as he erupted. Darn if I didn’t go with him. At least it was a more gentle orgasm than the ones that had preceded it. I was wrung out enough without have climax stampede like a herd of cattle this time.

Oses groaned and shuddered as he released. After a few moments he sighed.

“By the ancestors, that was good. Are you all right, Shalia?”

“Hand me a bucket of stim tabs, and I’ll let you know.”

He laughed and disengaged with care. Then he plucked me from the desk top and settled me on the nearby chair. As Oses tucked himself back into his uniform, he eyed Betra speculatively.

Betra sat on the desk, looking at me with desperate want. His cocks were swollen fit to burst and had turned an almost angry purplish color. His cheeks were wet with tears. His erections must have been hurting horribly.

There was no trace of sympathy on Oses’ face. “Well Shalia, I’m not sure what I should do with this boy. If I’m to be serious about punishing him, I should send him on his way like this.”

Betra’s agony was a bit much for me to take. “Or you could let him take care of himself for our ... entertainment.” Not so much my entertainment. The humiliation angle had its moments, but now that I was a satisfied Shalia, I wasn’t finding it quite as titillating.

And I really did hate seeing Betra that miserable. My pique with him for discounting my fears was more than gone by now.

“I suppose I can be lenient this once.” Oses removed the cuffs from Betra’s wrists and pointed at the floor. “On your knees, boy.”

Betra slid from the desk to the floor. Oses went into his desk and found a small cloth, which he flung at the Imdiko. “Jerk yourself to climax and make it quick. I’ve got work to do. And don’t make a mess or you’ll spend your day on your hands and knees scrubbing my floor.”

We watched as Betra grasped his main prick with one hand and held the cloth to catch his eruption. It took him only seconds to achieve climax, and he screamed when he did. I saw how Oses licked his lips when it happened.

The weapons commander made Betra get dressed and leave almost immediately, giving him hardly any time to recover. My liaison staggered out the door, looking much the worse for wear.

Oses turned to me after Betra left, a soft smile on his features. “Well, it’s not quite how I imagined having the two of you at once, but it’s more than I had any right to hope for. Thank you for helping that happen, Shalia.”

“Let me know if you decide to build on what we started today,” I told him. I winced as I made my rubbery legs stand and walk towards the door. “Just make sure the next phase doesn’t happen for another day or two.”

He laughed and agreed. We’re a rather confused bunch, I suppose. I wonder how this will affect Oses and Betra’s relationship from now on.


  1. That was so HOT. Oses fucking Betra via Shalia. I can only hope it will be Oses and Betra one on one someday.

  2. Poor Betra! What he needs (a dominating Nobek Oses) is not what he wants (being completely straight). I just don't see this ending up being a HEA for those two. Hopefully, Ms. Tracy is a fairy godmother in her spare time and has something up her sleeve for them.

  3. Oh my, I just had to re-read the last few blogs and wow this is a hot scene. Now I need to go smoke a cigarette and think about how I would play this out if I was Shalia

  4. So hot! Read it this morning before I even got out of bed and had to read it again tonight. Really hope Betra and Oses can end up together. Sigh..have to wait until Monday for more.

  5. Show of hands, who's tired of being left hot and bothered and thinks we should tie Tracy to her chair and make her post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and twice on Sunday?