Monday, December 8, 2014

April 4, later (part 4)

Sensing his victory, the weapons commander returned his attention to Betra. “Strip, lovely boy. All the way down.”

For a moment Betra just stood there. I thought he might change his mind and take the official reprimand. Instead, he gathered his pride and made himself stand up straight. He still wouldn’t look at Oses, but his shoulders were back and his head held high again. He lifted a leg and yanked at the black boot that came to mid-shin. I was impressed that Betra never wavered. I don’t have that kind of balance even when I’m not front-heavy with baby.

My liaison got his boots off in record time. Now that Betra was committed to enduring discipline, he undressed quickly. He opened his formsuit at the throat seam and the armored fabric purred apart, running in a straight line from neck to groin. He peeled himself free of the uniform and tossed it in a corner.

I’ve seen Betra naked more times than I can count now, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying the view. Betra’s body is simply stunning. Wide shoulders, strong arms, flat belly, beautifully sculpted ass ... yow.  There is nothing wrong with that Imdiko.

Despite not being very happy on an emotional level, his body looked plenty delighted right then. His cocks were already swollen, gleaming with lubricant, and standing out from his groin. It was at complete odds with the grim look on his face.

Oses came around the desk and slowly prowled around Betra, taking in the view with deliberate concentration. No doubt that Nobek wanted to run his hands all over that amazing body. I saw his fingers twitch. The front of his pants started to tent.

For his part, Betra stood there and endured the examination. I saw a muscle twitch in his set jaw, but he made no complaints. He didn’t flinch, though I had the insight that he wanted to move away from wherever Oses was at the moment. I also knew that if the weapons commander laid so much as a finger on Betra, fists would start flying. The Imdiko was on edge.

Oses stopped in front of Betra and pointedly stared at the other man’s cocks. My liaison’s face turned blistering red at the blatant ogling. Yet he seemed to grow even more erect and wet under the scrutiny. I blinked in surprise.

Oses shot me a look and grinned. “Betra isn’t turned on simply by being watched. I believe he has a weakness for humiliation as well.”

“Can we get this over with?” Betra snarled. He somehow managed to get even redder.

“I expect you to be a good boy for me, and that includes respect in your comments,” Oses said. His look was still pleasant, but there was a note of warning in his tone. “In fact, during this time you may refer to me as ‘Master’. I will call you ‘boy’ so there is no question of who is in control here. Is that clear?”

Betra shook with suppressed rage. Yet his pricks jerked, as if excited by the way things were going. He was battling two different instincts: one of pride, which made him want to beat the shit out of Oses. The other inclination was need, however. Behind the mask of fury was a hint of want so deep and profound that I thought this part of Betra’s makeup had never been addressed before.

Oh my goodness. Things were certainly getting interesting.

Finally Betra managed to choke out, “Yes, Master. You are in control.”

“Good boy. Touch yourself for me. Stroke your cocks.”

Betra’s shoulders were hunching again, but he obeyed. A hand went to each of his cocks, and he masturbated himself in front of Oses. His gaze was locked on the floor.

Oses sat on the edge of his desk. The slight smile on his face was pure danger. His was the attitude of a man who fully expected to enjoy every moment of this conquest. He might not be getting all he wanted from his beloved Imdiko, but he reveled in what he could have.

“Look at me, boy. Look me in the eyes as you handle yourself.”

Betra grimaced. For a long second, I thought he would disobey. With effort, he dragged his gaze up so that he looked Oses in the face. He continued to pull on his cocks. I saw a drop of pre-cum form at the tip of the larger one. The Imdiko’s expression was that of a trapped and frightened youth, one who was mortified by the situation ... but in his eyes was another look. Desire.

Not for Oses to touch him. I knew Betra’s sexual dislike of other men was a definite piece of his personality. However, being made to do this embarrassing act in front of Oses – for Oses – was serving something else that was a part of him.

I couldn’t quite fathom it. If it had been me being told to do something I found shameful, I would be out the door in an instant. I couldn’t do what Betra was doing, no way, no how, no sir.

But watching another person deal with the indignity ... willingly putting himself in the hands of a man he knew was bent on punishing him, one who would subject him to even more humiliation ... well, I won’t deny I found that exciting. I could barely breathe as I waited to see what Oses would have Betra do next. Especially since I knew Oses had a cruel streak a mile wide.

“Does it feel good, boy? Do you enjoy playing with yourself for my amusement?” Oses asked in a low voice.

Betra swallowed hard. He fought for every word. “Yes ... yes, Master.”

“It could be I might tell you to do something you absolutely cannot manage. I can be quite inventive, as Shalia will attest to. What will you tell me if we reach that point?”

I didn’t miss the relief in the Imdiko’s eyes. I was glad Oses gave him an out if things got to be too much for him. With Betra’s history of sexual abuse, who knew what might set him off?

Betra thought for a moment. “I will say ‘laser’.”

Oses nodded. “That’s a good word that doesn’t fit our situation. I will not mistake it if you call it out.” He gave Betra’s body another long, evaluating look, one that made the Imdiko visibly shrink. And yet that drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his larger cock grew larger. Betra definitely had a lust-hate thing going on with performing at Oses’ dictates.

The Nobek’s gaze swung in my direction. Uh oh.

“Shalia, come over here to my boy. He’s going to undress you for me.”

Betra looked at me as I joined him in front of Oses. His expression was both eager and scared ... funny, that’s kind of how I felt, and I wasn’t on the weapons commander’s shit list. I had no idea what our mutual tormentor might have in store for us.

Oses looked at us, side by side. That slight, knowing smile was enough to give a Tragoom the heebie-jeebies. How could anyone look so mundane and evil all at the same time?

Oses nodded to Betra. “Boy, strip her. Not with your hands,” he added quickly as Betra started to reach for me. “They are a mess from playing with yourself. In fact, I want you to lick those clean, boy.”

The Imdiko’s hands were slick from his lubrication. He looked at them and hesitated. I wondered if he would use his escape word. Yet he’d kissed me plenty of times after I’d sucked on his cocks, which meant he’d had a taste of himself before. I know he’d never take a cock in his mouth, but there was no real reason for Betra to be squeamish – well, except for the man staring him down only a couple feet away.

He didn’t speak. Instead he touched his tongue tentatively to his thumb and licked it. I detected him wrinkling his nose just a tiny bit, but he seemed okay. He kept licking at his hands.

“Look at me, boy.” Oses’ command felt as if it jerked my spine. “Look at me while you taste yourself.”

There was that hunching motion from Betra’s shoulders again, but he obeyed. His primary cock was now curling towards his stomach. He sucked the wet from his fingers and lapped his palms until Oses was satisfied he’d done an adequate job of it.

“All right boy, put your hands behind your back. Keep them there while you undress Shalia.”

Betra’s humiliation edged back for confusion. “But how – I mean, Master?”

Oses’ brow lifted. “Use your mouth, boy. Undress her with your mouth.”

“Oh. Yes, Master.”

A man using his mouth to undress a woman sounds sexy as hell. In truth it is – but it’s also awkward. I felt sorry for Betra as he struggled to get my blouse up over my head. If I’d known this was going to happen, I would have worn something with a looser neckline. Even worse was the wraparound skirt ... I’d tied it off in a knot. Not a tight one, fortunately, or Betra might still be tugging at it with his teeth. Then the bra with its hooks – oh boy. The only thing that didn’t give that poor Imdiko fits were my panties. They slid off rather easily.

He’d knelt at my feet to get those off and remained there when I stepped out, freeing my ankles of the silky fabric. Betra’s gaze rested on my rounded belly. He had that worshipful expression on his face again. That man adores my pregnancy. It makes me wonder if he’d find me half as alluring if I wasn’t expecting.

Oses’ voice reminded the Imdiko of where he was and who he was actually serving. “That’s a good place for you, boy. Shalia, sit down in the chair behind you and spread your legs. Mind you are careful, pet. I don’t want you in any position that causes you or your child harm.”

My sweet brute. Meanwhile, Betra appeared to be looking forward to this phase of his punishment.

I lowered myself into the chair behind me and lifted my legs while widening them outward. Betra leaned forward, as if he was going to come over and get right to work. At the last possible second, he stopped. His eyes rolled up to look at Oses.

The Nobek’s brow lifted. “Nice save, boy. I thought I’d have to get my strap out to warm your ass for not waiting for my command.”

“My apologies. Master.” Betra lowered his gaze.

“You will not use your hands except to assist Shalia in propping her legs on your shoulders. I think that will be most comfortable for her. Mouth only. Pleasure her.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do it now.”

Betra shuffled across the floor on his knees to me. His hands around my ankles were gentle and warm as he lifted them to his broad shoulders. Once I indicated I was in a good position, he returned his hands to the small of his back. I sighed and my eyelids fluttered as he bent to my pussy.

Betra is amazing when it comes to cunnilingus. That man can do things with his mouth that many can’t do with mouths, hands, and cocks combined. As his lips, teeth, and tongue played over my softest bits, I soon found myself gripping the armrests of the chair I perched on. My gasps and moans filled the room.

Betra started by letting his tongue loll all over my open pussy. He lapped at every fold, delving into each cranny so as not to miss any bit of me. I warmed quickly, delicious pulses waking at the sweet raspiness of his tongue. I watched him lick me, cooing encouragement as he investigated each petal with laser focus.

A shadow loomed over us. Oses stood right there, watching the action.

For a moment, Betra shrank away. His eyes widened at the sudden appearance of the Nobek. They were dark, the black cat-like pupils engulfing the blue-purple irises. His jaw dropped open, allowing fangs to unhinge from the roof of his mouth and appear behind his regular teeth. A warning growl rumbled from his chest.

We all froze for an instant. Then Oses brought his hands up, the fingers spread in a placating gesture. “I’m not going to touch you, Imdiko. Betra, it’s all right. I just came over to watch.”

The mix of anger and terror ebbed from Betra’s expression until he no longer resembled a cornered animal. He stared up at Oses, his fangs hinging once more. Embarrassment of a different flavor colored his face.

“I’m – I’m sorry. You startled me, and I—”

“I know. Ease down. There’s nothing for you to apologize for.”

Oses looked as fierce as ever, but I saw the sorrow in his eyes. He hadn’t meant to frighten Betra. That he had triggered such a response made him hurt.

The Nobek waited expectantly. I think he believed Betra would opt out of any further play. I was sure that the Imdiko would call a halt to everything. Surely he couldn’t go on after a scare that had apparently reminded him of the abuse he’d suffered as a child.

Betra, however, is made of stronger stuff than that. After a few moments of him gathering himself, he bowed his head to Oses.

“May I continue to pleasure Shalia, Master?”

Oses crouched down, putting his face on level with Betra’s. “Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive you are okay to continue with this?”

Betra met his gaze. A tentative smile played at the corners of his lips. “Yes, Master. I am sure.” He gave my still-open pussy a glance. “I am very sure.”

Oses also looked at me. His leer was pure lechery, but I saw the relief that eased his jaw as well. “I see what you mean. Remember, you are being punished, boy.”

“Oh yes, Master. Most definitely.”

Oses shook his head and stood. “Get to it then. Give that pussy a good tongue-fuck.”

“Yes, Master.”

I suddenly had a crotch full of tongue. Betra shoved it in and out of me, working me hard. I yelped in surprised excitement. His head bobbed back and forth, his nose colliding with my clit as he went at his duty with enthusiasm. My legs tightened around his head, trapping it like a vise. Betra decided to complain, though his voice was muffled against my twat.

“Master, she won’t let me move.”

“Hmm,” Oses mused. “I seem to remember being trapped by that pussy before. It was not an unpleasant experience, though I had little control over the situation. Perhaps Shalia would like to demonstrate just how demanding she can be.”

I grinned up at him. “I’d like that very much.”

“Then I will give him to you for you to enjoy. Boy, you will do as Shalia tells you for this portion of the discipline. Refuse her nothing and do not attempt to work your own will.”

Betra had only enough time to answer in a quizzical tone, “Yes, Master,” before I seized his head in my hands and wrapped my legs around it as well. I pulled him in.

“Lick it. Eat it. Suck it, fuck it, make me feel good,” I said, grinding against his poor trapped face.

Betra’s alpha nature hit. He made the mistake of using his hands to grab my legs and shove himself free. An instant later, he realized his mistake. He snatched his hands back behind his back and looked over at Oses, his eyes wide.

“I – I – I forgot,” he managed, lamely. “I’m not used to – I don’t like—”

He gave up.

“So I see.” Oses shook his head. “I guess enforced submission will have to be enacted. I’m going to cuff your wrists, boy. Your arms are all I will touch as I do so. Can you handle that?”

“Cuffs?” I could see alarms going off in Betra’s head. “But I’ll be helpless!”

“I believe that is the idea,” Oses replied, his tone mild. “Either you trust me or you don’t, Imdiko. I have given you my word that I will not take advantage of you. Is it good enough, or do we end this now?”

Betra grimaced. I could see him turning the situation over in his head, looking at it from every angle. “Damn it, I hate not having control,” he muttered.

“Which is why this is such a good disciplinary measure, especially since the humiliation angle is more reward than punishment.” Oses gave him a grin. “Just think of all the things I can tell Shalia to do to you for my amusement with you cuffed.”

Betra’s eyes went wide again. Now he was seeing something else in that messed-up head of his, because his arms drifted back, putting his wrists at the small of his back. I’m not sure he even realized he was doing it.

Oses moved quickly, taking advantage of Betra’s wavering while he had the opportunity. Before the Imdiko could react, he was wearing a pair of thin, shiny metal cuffs on his wrists. Oses stepped back and said something in Kalquorian.

I saw how Betra’s arms strained, the way his shoulder and bicep muscles bunched as he tested his bonds. He couldn’t move his hands. He started to gasp. He hyperventilated, his stare on Oses like a trapped fly watching a spider.

“Ease down, Betra,” Oses said. “Only Shalia will touch you while you’re like this. Not me.”

“Don’t – don’t you dare,” the Imdiko growled.

“I won’t. Look at me. Look in my eyes. You know I’m not going to hurt you like that.”

What had started as punishment was turning into a weird therapy session. I thought Oses had the right of it; making Betra helpless and then showing him he was still safe might heal some of the past wounds he’d suffered.

I sat up and leaned over to kiss the Imdiko’s sweating brow. “I’m here too, you know. Do you think I’d let Oses hurt you? Do you think I’d agree to anyone hurting you?”

Betra’s hectic gaze darted to me and then back to Oses. “Of course not. And I do trust Oses. I do; at least in my heart. It’s my head that keeps thinking something bad has to happen.”

“Then listen to your heart, Betra. Let it guide you through your fears.”

His breath was slowing, so I thought he might be okay. After a few moments, the panic began to ease. “Okay. I’ll try.” Then he yanked against the cuffs and grimaced. “But I fucking hate being controlled.”

Oses’ tone was careful, not wanting to set Betra’s alarms off again. “You will serve, as Shalia and I dictate. That is your penance.”

Betra drew a deep breath. He strained again and blew the breath out. “Yes, Master.”

“Get back into position. Shalia, that mouth is yours to use as you please.”

I leaned back once more, opening my legs. I crooked my finger in a ‘come here’ gesture. “Get in there, pretty Imdiko. I want to smother you.” I gave him a wicked grin.

Betra gave me a dark look, but his cocks jerked in reaction. He shot one last glance at Oses and then did as he was told.

I rode his face until sparkling thrills danced up and down my spine, culminating in sweet release. Judging by the way Betra was gasping at the end, I guess I did almost smother him. But his eyes were unfocused and those cocks were stiff and swollen, so I guess he didn’t find the experience totally awful. He licked the cream I’d left on his face, working for every drop. He even managed to get what was on the tip of his nose.  I hadn’t realized Betra had such a long tongue. Maybe that’s what made him so good at going down.


  1. TRACYYYYYYYYY!!! Seriously, you are killing me! I feel like an addict needing a fix, I so can not wait until Thursday you brat. Love you!!!

  2. Theres no way Betra isn't at least half Dramok if not a misclassified Dramok. no wonder the abuse had such a lasting/profound affect, something like that would be bad for most but for a Dramok I would imagine would be very damaging.

    1. I absolutely agree. Hopefully, Oses can help him break through that. I can't remember (will have to go back and re-read a bit) but was it said that Betra was completely straight, period or that he stayed away from men only because of the trauma.

  3. Wow,......
    Tracy do you giggle when you end the blog mid scene? You are a twisted little writer