Monday, November 24, 2014

April 4, early

Well, Betra now thinks I’m crazy.  However, Candy is thrilled to have a kindred spirit (pun intended, ha-freaking-ha) when it comes to believing in ghosts.

I got my act together soon after my last entry, and put my plan into action.  I commed Betra from my bed.  His sleepy, “Liaison Betra here” gave me a pang of guilt, which helped to steady my nerves so I didn’t sound like a big baby.

“Betra, something weird just happened in my quarters.  Can you come over?” I asked.

“I’ll be right there.”

I gave myself no time to second-guess any actions. The moment I clicked the com off, I threw back the covers and got out of bed.  Calling for the sitting room’s lights, I marched boldly in.

There was nothing to see.  No specter in chains, moaning and wailing, awaited me.  Well, I’d seen the damned thing disappear, so I knew it could be there, invisible.

I decided to act as if it was present.  “If you’re still here, I want to know who you are.  Maybe I can help you.  Is that what you want? Are you looking for help?”

I waited.  The silent seconds spun out as I turned in a circle in the middle of the room. I saw nothing.

Yet I felt as if I could sense something there. It could have been my overactive imagination, I do admit that.  I’ve never had any evidence that I possess ESP or telepathy or can commune with the dead.  Why would I start now? It was more likely I was feeling what I wanted to feel.

I tried again. “Listen, you’re freaking people out by showing up in their rooms, walking the halls, all that stuff.  You’ve given me a couple of bad scares now. It’s time to stop playing games. Tell me your name.  Tell me what you want.”

“Open the door, Shalia.”

I jumped a mile if I jumped an inch at the disembodied voice.  Then I cursed when I realized it was Betra talking through the door announcer.  Sheesh.

“Door open,” I said after filling the air with dirty words.

Betra came in, looking ready to fight with his armored formsuit on.  Maybe I had sounded more panicked than I thought when I commed. So much for my brave front.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked. He looked relieved to see me standing there in one piece.  Bless that man.

“Come look at this,” I said, grabbing him by the hand and tugging him into my bedroom to show him the stuff the ghost had knocked over.

As he frowned at the scattered things, I told him what had happened.  The crease between his brows grew deeper and deeper as I spoke.

“There was no one else in your sitting room. It’s just us in here.” He went and peeked in my bathroom before re-joining me. “We’re alone. You did not accidentally bump into these shelves?  You’re sure about that?”

“I said so, didn’t I?”

“Yes ,well...” Betra hesitated, looking at me with trepidation.

“What?” I kept looking all around us, wondering if the ghost would make another appearance.

“You’ve been known to sleepwalk these last few weeks since you got back. It’s possible you were dreaming about this threatening shadow, and that you got up and bumped into the shelves yourself. Then you woke, positive you’d seen something when in fact it was just a dream.”

I gave him all of my attention. Betra didn’t believe me. He thought I was still suffering from the trauma.

Speaking carefully so he’d know I wasn’t going loony again, I said, “I was wide awake. I know that for a fact, Betra.”

His concern didn’t go away. “You’ve had hallucinations recently.”

His continued disbelief in my powers of sanity pissed me off.  “This was no figment of my imagination, damn it! I saw something in here! It was real!”

“Okay, okay.  I can see you believe something was in here. I’ll report it to Oses first thing in the morning, and he can check the corridor’s security vids to see if anyone entered your quarters.”

I threw my hands up in the air. “I told you, it disappeared! That thing can make itself invisible. Why aren’t you getting that?”

Betra held his hands up, trying to placate me. “I heard what you said. But on the off chance someone broke into your quarters, it needs to be checked out. You want to find evidence of some sort, don’t you? You have to admit, it’s a strange story, Shalia.”

He didn’t believe me. Betra thought I’d been dreaming or was still taking trips into La-La Land.

I can understand his position. After all, I’d thought Candy’s story of a ghost was pretty silly a few hours ago. Plus I had been dealing with all the trauma of my abduction, what with nightmares and hallucinations. Betra had a point.

At the same time, I felt horribly betrayed by my lover. Betra was one of my safe harbors, a man who had given me strength and security when I needed it. The bit of me that relied so much on him was hurt to be dismissed as hysterical.  I know what I saw, and I needed him to accept my account as truth.

The hurt came out as anger. “Fine. Tell Oses to look. I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Don’t be,” he said. “You know I’m always here for you.”

“Sure, as long as I’m being sensible,” I spat. “Good night, Betra.”

“Don’t be mad,” he said, moving towards me with his arms outstretched.

I moved away. “It’s too late for that.”

“Come on, Shalia. I’ll spend the night so you can get some decent rest. Or you can come back to my quarters if you’re uncomfortable in here.”

I wasn’t having it. “No. Get out and leave me alone.”

Betra gave me the kicked puppy look he does all too well. “I just want to help you.”

“You can start by taking me seriously.”

“I take everything to do with you very seriously.”

I’d had enough. “Get out. I don’t want you here.”

My liaison finally saw he wasn’t going to placate me. “All right. I’ll have one more look around and go. Com if you need anything.”

“I won’t.”

I’d turned childish with my pouting, but the hurt was growing. I just wanted Betra to leave. He went over my rooms and then did so, shaking his head.

I didn’t get back to sleep. I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to happen for the rest of the night. Instead, I dressed and went to the rec room to wait out the time until others began to stir. I kept myself busy with games and using a Kalquorian language program Oses had installed on my handheld. The hours didn’t fly by, but they went faster than a crawl at least.

At last, people began to stir. I heard voices here and there calling out good mornings. Liaisons, maintenance, and housekeeping personnel began moving about the corridors, along with the occasional Kalquorian who had enjoyed a sleepover with one of the gals.

I’d already availed myself of the coffee dispenser in the rec room, but I poured myself a fresh cup along with a second. Thus armed, I walked a short distance down the corridor and stopped at one of the doors. I bumped the visitor announce with my elbow. When seconds ticked by and no one answered, I bumped it again, a little longer.

Finally a sleepy voice called, “Who is it?”

I had to smile. “Good, you’re here. Are you alone?”

“Hey. Come on in, Shalia.”

The door hissed open and I walked into the sitting room just as Candy entered it too from her bedroom. She wore a snuggly robe over a barely-there slip of lace. She blinked at me uncertainly. “What time is it?”

“Too damned early. Yell at me, and then have this coffee and wake up. I want to talk about the ghost.”

Her blue eyes widened.  “Did you see it?”

I went over to the lounger and sank into it. “I think it’s been in my room twice now.”

Candy’s mouth dropped wide open and she gasped with excited horror.  Twice? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought I was having funky sedative hallucinations. The first time still might have been nothing. Last night was a different story.”

Candy sat down and grabbed the coffee I’d brought her. Her rapt gaze never leaving my face, she said, “Tell me the whole thing from the first encounter.”

So I did while my friend sucked down her morning beverage in record time. I’m surprised she didn’t scald her throat and guts. Candy was riveted during the entire tale, gasping and muttering things like, “Oh my God,” throughout.

“You poor thing,” she said with real feeling at the end of my story. “It’s awful to have something like this happen and the person you count on most doesn’t believe you.”

I squirmed a little when she said that. Until last night, I hadn’t put any stock in Candy’s ghost either. Now I felt bad about that. At least I hadn’t outright ridiculed her or questioned her sanity. Betra’s attitude had hinted at him being worried for my state of mind. He had probably already commed Feru to report I was coming apart again.

“You’ve been looking into the soldier who died, right?” I asked, hoping Candy had persisted in her belief that the matter should be further investigated. “What was the kid’s name again?”

“Nobek Frin. I’ve looked into other deaths on board this ship too, but his was the only one to have taken place in this vicinity. It was also the most brutal murder.”

I stared at her.  “By the prophets, Candy, how many have died on this tub?”

“Close to 25 men.” Her blue eyes were wide. “Some were accidents, but most were from fights between young Nobeks that got out of hand. It’s apparently common for it to happen to that breed when they’ve been shut up in a ship for too long, especially the ones in their twenties. That’s why we have so many shore leaves scheduled on our trip. They need frequent breaks.”

“Older Nobeks don’t do well in confined spaces either,” I said, thinking of Oses on board the Little Creep’s ship. “So it doesn’t necessarily have to be Nobek Frin stalking around, giving us the shivers. It could be someone else.”

Candy nodded. “It is a possibility. However, Frin fits the profile of a restless spirit the best. He was the victim of a violent, unjustified death—”

“Is there any other kind?” I laughed with little humor.

She kept going.  “Plus there’s been a great deal of recent emotional upheaval in the vicinity where he died. I’m talking about being attacked by Tragooms and your abduction, of course. Hey, you know they tore out your old quarters and restored it to like new.”

I shrugged. “My new quarters are fine. I’m not moving back. Even if they got the shit smell out of there, I’m in no hurry to go back in where Betra and I damned near died.”

Candy was fairly bouncing with excitement. “You don’t understand. Re-decorating or renovating a place can disturb spirits. Maybe your old quarters was where Frin died.”

“You have no way of knowing that,” I said. I settled back on the lounger cushions and eyed her. “How do you know so much about what makes dead people haunt the living?”

“I told you, I had an experience living in a haunted house when I was young. I did a bunch of research into the spirit world later to try and get over being scared about it.”

I gave Candy a smile. “I guess that didn’t work out quite the way you planned. You keep getting freaked out over this ghost.”

She blushed. “I know. In most cases, they can’t harm the living. However, it’s one thing to know that and another to not lose my shit when I’m face to face with one.”

I laughed out loud over that. “So what else can make someone decide to come back to scare the hell out of us breathing types?”

“Oh, revenge. A need for justice.”

I mused. “I wonder if Frin’s killers were convicted.”

Candy nodded, sending her curls bouncing all over her shoulders.  “Three were executed and two received life sentences. But it could be that Frin doesn’t know about that. If we could make contact and tell him, it might put him at rest.”

“Putting him at rest would put me at rest,” I said. “I hate that he seems to have become fixated on me. If I move to other quarters, will that throw him off?”

Candy bit her lip. “Spirits can attach themselves to the living and follow them around. It could be your pain has attracted him.”

Attached to me? I had a sudden, ugly thought. My hair abruptly felt like it was standing on end. “Candy, let’s say for shits and giggles it’s not Nobek Frin roaming around. Given your reasons for a dead person to manifest as a ghost, I could be haunted because I had something to do with someone’s death.  If they blamed me for killing them in an awful way and wanted revenge...”

Her eyes went wide. “The Little Creep? Or his girlfriend?”

“Maybe.” I swallowed. They fit Candy’s profile for restless spirits in the making, but I was thinking of someone else.

There had been that Earther man Finiuld brought to me, hoping for me to exact revenge on the male gender for the way I’d been treated on my home planet. I hadn’t harmed him, not directly. But because of me, Oses had tortured him. Because of me, he’d suffered an awful, unthinkable death. I didn’t even know that Earther’s name, yet my worst nightmares were of what had been done to him ... all because of me. If anyone had a reason to want revenge beyond the grave, it would have been that man.

Candy’s words recurred to me: In most cases, they can’t harm the living.  That would have been comforting, except for the items knocked off my shelves. If a ghost could affect the physical world that much, then he could potentially make things happen to me. Considering the revenge that nameless Earther was due, they would be most unpleasant things.

“We need to find out who the ghost is,” I said. My voice trembled.

Candy nodded. “I’ll get right on it.”


  1. Considering how much time and effort they recently put into overcoming technology that allows someone to walk through walls and be invisible, I wonder why that possibility isn't occurring to anyone. I can't wait for Thursday! :-)

  2. I could not agree more Mistral, everyone seems to be overlooking that, I am also feeling a bit annoyed at Shalia, she got real bratty in this post, she needs to consider how she was the one insisting it was a hallucination, she admits to scoffing at Candies. Initial announcement of the ghost, she needs to realize people have a great deal more reason to think it has to do with her recent trauma with little creep, hen believing in a ghost, but then am still finding it odd as Mistral pointed out no one is considering the newly found tech, who knows maybe those ottofucen how ever you spell it, maybe sent something to find her, who knows.

  3. I would have thought of Commander Nang first after hearing the attachment part given he's about 7 foot tall rather than the 4 foot tall ophfucen (Spelling?) between his height, his obsession with Shalia and the possibility for technology helping him he'd seem the most likely.

  4. I think I must be the only person that liked poor crazy Nang.

  5. It may also be a former prisoner from the Finuld's ship. Maybe he is hiding and scared to come out. Or worse mentally deranged from being held prisoner so long.

  6. Erin don't worry I liked our crazy, wack-a-do Bang. I'm hoping Cmarchese is right about the former prisoner. He knows Shalia and Oses got out but he might be a Nobek that was being held. Didn't little creepy say something about having one at one time that went a little bat ass crack crazy because he was kept alone. Isn't that why creepy took Oses AND Shalia. Shalia because of being an Earther, Oses because of Shalia.
    I don't know, I'm grasping at straws here.
    Oh has anyone thought about timed night cameras, it worked for my cousin. Things kept disappearing from his dorm room, while he was in the attached room. He hooked up a fisheye lens one a timer to take a pic every 4 seconds. He found out over a one week period, not only were his roommates taking items but his neighbor from across the hall was coming in too. All dipping into his wallet, frig and drawers, each taking things.

  7. Spell check changed Nang into Bang sorry