Monday, November 17, 2014

April 3, later

Oses dropped by my quarters in the middle of the day today.  I was as glad to see him as if it had been a week since we last got together.  He showed up at my door and I greeted him with an enthusiastic smooch.  You’d never know we got frisky just last night.

Sleeping eight hours straight with no nightmares does wonders for a girl.  I’m upbeat and enthusiastic today.  I’ve asked Candy and Katrina go through ship’s stores with me tomorrow to look for baby things.  Betra made an inquiry on my behalf to the acquisitions officer, and he confirmed there are some infant clothes and paraphernalia on board.  I’m excited to see what I can get my little one.

But I was talking about Oses stopping by, wasn’t I?  I wasn’t the only one who looked like last night did bountiful good.  I hadn’t realized my Nobek sweetheart had been sporting deep circles under his eyes, or how strained his overall look had become until I saw him looking so much better this afternoon.  I think he’s lost some weight too.  At any rate, he looked more at ease and healthier than I’ve seen him in too long.

Note to self:  have Betra check on Oses to make sure he’s doing okay.  I know those Nobeks don’t like to admit to weakness, but even Big, Bad, and Beastly needs someone to talk to.  I think he needs to vent to another man, one who cares about him.  Betra has known Oses far longer than I have. As a fellow crewmember in a sometimes hostile situation, he’s got to have insight I don’t. 

Oses seemed particularly happy to get a kiss.  I felt his happiness poking me in the stomach as I clung, my arms slung around his neck.  He hadn’t quite made it into my quarters; the door was still open and anyone who wandered the corridor could see us.  I didn’t care.

Neither did Oses.  He returned my kiss with interest and chuckled when we broke apart.  “I’m glad to see you too, pet,” he told me.  “You make me wish I wasn’t on duty.”

“So what brings you wandering past Shalia Land?” I asked, tugging him into my sitting room.  The door shut behind him, and we were alone.  I was a little disappointed I wouldn’t be able to crawl all over him.  My hormones seemed to be cooking once again.

“I’m doing a security tour of the ship.  I had a message for you, so I thought I would deliver it in person rather than on the com.”

I sighed and ran my fingers over his chest to let him know where my thoughts were.  Okay, my thoughts were aimed at a part south of Oses’ chest, but I didn’t want to tease him too much.  It wouldn’t be nice to send the brute back to work with a boner.

Oses grinned, a real big lusty smile just for me.  He looked so much like pre-Finiuld Oses in that moment.  I can’t begin to say how happy it made me to see him like that.

I said, “So what did you want to tell me?  Get it out and then you get out, because you are entirely too delicious to have my hands on and not be allowed to enjoy.”

He snickered, amused by my antics.  “I need you need to go see Dr. Feru today.”

That cooled my jets a bit.  “What for?  Don’t tell me you think I’m loopy again, because I’m doing better than—”

Oses put a finger over my mouth to silence me.  “I think you’re doing perfectly fine.  I want you to re-take your psychological exam so I can clear you to resume blaster training.”

“Oh.”  That made sense.  I was delighted to hear Oses thought I was ready to get back into the swing of things.  “That would be great!  Katrina has completed her training, and Candy is pretty sure she’ll ace her final test in a few days.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

“Yes, you do.  Dr. Feru expects you in his office in one hour.”

“Okay.” I eyed Oses speculatively.  “I wonder how I could pass the time until then?”

The Nobek gave me a bland look, though his eyes gleamed with amusement.  “I suggest you make it a solo activity.  I have to get back to work.”

I blew a raspberry at him.  He swatted my ass and gave me a kiss before taking that fine body away. 

I took the test and passed it with flying colors.  I also complained about the sedative Dr. Feru had given me.

“Hallucinations?” he said with a frown.  “I’ve never known it to cause that kind of side effect in Earthers or Kalquorians.  It inhibits the part of the brain that dreams, so it shouldn’t allow anything like that.”

“Okay, so I woke up and something big, dark, and scary was in my room with me.  Something that disappeared into the shadows.”  I rolled my eyes at him.  “Some people are seeing ghosts on the ship.  Maybe your honored dead are paying me visits.”

Dr. Feru stared at me, no doubt thinking I was making fun of him.  After a moment he shook his head and gave me a different sedative to try.  He said he’d forward his clearance for me to resume blaster training, though I could tell he was second-guessing the test results.

Doctors.  Why do they think they have all the answers when we patients have the proof? 


  1. Boy perhaps I am being over reactive, but wow is Shalia being stubborn as ever, given Candy's sightings and her own experiences, you would think Shalia would be open to the idea there is much more to the universe then she ever thought, I know she might simply not want to face anything else after dealing with the little creep and his ship, but sheesh. I am so eager to find out what is going on and who is haunting them.

  2. Me too! But I do understand the "laugh it off or ignore it" attitude most people do that with the unexplainable. As long as the girls keep voicing what they see sooner or later one of the guys will see it too.

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    1. Mistral Dawn you are evil, lol in a good way. You wrote that and I heard that foreboding music everyone hears at a cliffhanger.