Thursday, October 9, 2014

March 29

I’m sprung from Medical at long last.  Dr. Feru has released me back into the wild with sedatives to help me when I can’t fall asleep.

Betra accompanied me to my quarters.  It was odd to see my rooms once more, like visiting a house I’d occupied in the distant past.  It had only been six weeks, but it felt like a lifetime since I’d last been in those rooms.

“Come look,” Betra invited me as he opened my closet.  “I got Candy to help me pick out some maternity clothes from ship’s stores.  You should be all set for a little while now.”

I laughingly plucked at some ruffled pink thing with a short skirt.  “It could be worse,” I said.  “Heaven only knows what Katrina would have picked out for me to wear.”

“Thongs and high heels,” Betra snickered.  “That woman is hopeless.”

“You mean you would object to me in a thong?” I asked.  I teased, but I already felt a little self-conscious about my rounding stomach.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Betra seeing me in little or no clothing.

“Absolutely.  It covers too much.”  Betra leered.  “In fact, I wondered if I could see you without anything on  while I have a little time to get you settled back in.”

“That’s right.  You’re the guy who thinks he likes a round, ripe figure.”  I couldn’t keep the disbelief out of my tone.

He grinned.  “I know I do.  Please, Shalia?  I’m dying to see you now that you’re showing.”

“Ugh,” I muttered.  “I wouldn’t mind having sex, but I was hoping we could turn all the lights off first.”

“Come on,” Betra coaxed, already tugging on my blouse.  “You know you’re beautiful.  You know you excite me.  Let me see.”

I let him pull my shirt off.  Though I privately found my growing girth to be exciting simply because of the evidence of life happening inside me, I didn’t kid myself about how I looked.  The word ‘blob’ comes to mind.

I fussed the instant my belly came into view.  “Is that a stretch mark?  Oh jeez, it is.  How is it I’ve got one so early on?”

“Quiet, woman,” Betra commanded.  He sank to his knees before me and framed my gut with his hands.  He stared sappily at my stomach.  “Look at this.  Look at you!”

“You look,” I groused.  “I’ll look later.  Like when the kid is out and my stomach doesn’t look like I’m smuggling a soccer ball.”

Betra kissed all over my stomach.  “You are an idiot, Shalia.  This is amazing.  Here’s a kiss for you –” he smacked lips to belly loudly “—and here’s a kiss for the babe.  And another kiss for each of these wonderful marks of honor –”

“Marks?  Plural?  I’ve got more than one?”  I bent double to look, whacking my head against Betra’s.  I saw stars.

I got a few sharp smacks on my bottom too, courtesy of Betra’s ready palm.  “Stop behaving like a ninny,” he told me.  “Embrace your fortune.  Your body is a miracle.  You have to see that.”

That man really has a thing for pregnancy.  I get the idea that if Betra got the chance to bear children himself, he’d do it in a heartbeat.  He’d be useless to everyone because he’d spend all day rubbing his stomach.

“And these!” he exclaimed, getting past belly worship long enough to note my slightly enlarged breasts.  “By the ancestors and Mother of All, these are wonderful.”

Any further praises Betra might have sung to the swelling body o’ Shalia were cut off because he opted to fill his mouth with my tits.  Oh double joy – the thrill of lust and relief of shutting him up.

I suppose I should be delighted that Betra is so enamored with my growing figure rather than being turned off.  He takes it a little far though. 

I lost track of embarrassment and irritation as he suckled and kissed my breasts.  Happy zings traveled from my mounds to my clit as my lover lavished attention.  I sighed and sank into the joy of being erotically mauled.

It got even better when Betra moved his hands up the backs of my legs, under my skirt.  He grabbed hold of my ass, pulling me close to himself as he continued to mouth my breasts.  He kneaded my flesh with those big hands.  The room was filled with sucking sounds and sighs.

My body hummed with contentment.  Okay, so maybe baby bump worship was a good thing after all.  I certainly wasn’t complaining right then.

Betra pulled my panties down so that they fell to my ankles.  I was barely aware when I stepped out of them.  Instinct  held sway over me, because my attention was riveted on the Imdiko’s mouth and hands as they moved over my flesh.

My skirt was tugged off too.  I was naked and not worried about it in any way after all.  Betra made me feel too good.

He scooped me up in his arms and stood.  “I am taking you to bed and I am going to fuck this glorious body,” he proclaimed, as if speaking before an assembly.

What a nut.

As soon as he put me down, Betra started in on kissing and caressing boobs and belly again.  After a few moments of that, he stood up to peel the top of his formsuit down to his waist.

Oh my gosh.  I’d forgotten how beautiful that man is.  Once again,  I was reminded of how long it had been since I had last had intimacies with Betra.  All at once, I knew how much I had missed him.  It was good to be back.

Betra didn’t finish disrobing.  Instead, he looked at me and groaned.  And it was back to slurping Shalia like an ice cream.  I had no complaints at that moment, but again ... in hindsight, it was a bit much.

When he could tear himself from me, Betra hopped about as he pulled a boot off.  Then more attention was lavished on me.  Then the other boot.  Then more attention.

When that crazy Imdiko got up to pull the rest of his uniform off, I said, “Would you get all the way naked, already?  You’re a maniac, Betra!”

“Hey!  Since when are you in charge of sex?” he asked, finally nude for my happy contemplation.  “I thought you knew who ran this show.”

I snorted even as I reached for him.  “Oses usually is too, but he’s taken a few commands from me.”

Betra was leaning down towards my chest, ready to recommence with Breast Fest.  However, my words made him pause.

“Oses bottomed for you?” he asked.  “Oses?”  He looked wide-eyed at that.

“It was a matter of our survival,” I answered.  “Neither of us was crazy about it, but I guess in the right situation he’s up for that kind of thing.”

“Really?”  Betra’s gaze went far away, as if contemplating something.

“What?” I asked.  I could practically see the hamster running on the wheel in his head.

He shook himself to come back to the here and now.  “Nothing.  Or maybe something.  Let me think about it and we’ll see.”

I wanted to know what that Imdiko had going on in his brain, but he re-directed his attack.  Instead of going back to my boobs and stomach, Betra latched onto my pussy.  That pretty much short-circuited my brain, and I forgot all about wondering why Betra would find Oses’ ability to submit so interesting.  I’m pretty sure that’s what he intended.

While licking and kissing me down there, my lover positioned himself between my legs.  He propped my legs on his shoulders, lifting my hips and opening me just right.  I sighed with pleasure as Betra mouthed me with exquisite thoroughness.  As he did so, he gently rubbed my rounded belly.  We were both getting what we liked.

Ah, the artistry of Betra performing cunnilingus cannot be overstated.  He started with gentle open-mouthed kisses, letting his tongue peek out for delicate little tastes as he did so.  From there, he went to more enthusiastic mouthings.  He dipped his tongue into me for a while, fucking me like that.  Then he carefully inserted a finger, watching my face as it pressed in and out. 

I sighed.  “I don’t know that you’ve ever been this gentle.”

“We’re supposed to be more careful now,” he murmured.  He started kissing my stomach once more as he pushed a second finger inside me.  Between smooches he said, “Do you not like it?  I’m still in control here.”

“No, I like it fine,” I moaned.  “I like it rough, I like it tender.  I like everything you do.”

He grinned.  “Glad to hear it.  I really missed you, Shalia.  I was going crazy worrying about you and Oses.”

“You didn’t give up hope?”

“I couldn’t.  It would have killed me to think you were gone forever.”

I glanced down at him, concern filling my head despite all the yummy feelings in my body.  “But one day I will be gone, you know.  I’ll join a clan and this will be over.”

Betra continued to smile, though the expression was a bit sad.  “You’ll be safe though.  Safe and cared for.  I’ll know that, and it will make it okay.”

I wasn’t so sure.  He’d said he loved me once before, and I knew from my own heartache over Clan Dusa that such things can’t be turned off like a water spigot.  Could Betra walk away when we reached Kalquor?

Before I could continue that line of questioning, Betra pulled his fingers loose from my pussy.  He pushed the wet digits into my ass, readying me for sex.  His thumb went into my sex and his mouth descended on my clit.

All my concerns were gone in an instant.  Betra sucked and his tongue stroked my most sensitive place as his fingers pumped in and out.  I clutched the back of his head, snarling his long hair around my fingers.  Heat built and exquisite delight burbled in my lower bits.  I moaned and shivered as elation built higher and higher.

The louder I got, the more intensely he worked me.  My feet began to kick of their own accord, completely out of my control.  They thudded unheeded against Betra’s broad back.  He kept sucking, licking, fingering.

Liquid fire filled my abdomen.  I felt it gather for explosive release.  My whole body tensed as I readied for that sublime deliverance.  Then it was on me, bursting forth in thrilling spasms.  My belly seized over and over, liberating the pressure that had built up.  My hips jerked, bucking against Betra’s face.

The Imdiko looked quite pleased with himself once I had settled again, my cries tapering into gasps.  “That was lovely,” he purred.  “I want you to do it again.”

His deliciously raspy tongue laved my swollen clit once more.  I was so sensitive now that the pleasure was almost painful.  I couldn’t help but struggle a little, but Betra kept me prisoner easily, fucking me with fingers and mouth until a rush of warmth enveloped my entire body and I jerked with climax once more.

When I was finished, Betra grabbed a pillow and set it beneath my hips.  “Comfortable?” he asked.

I was amused that my usually demanding Imdiko was so cautious with me.  “Very.  I was hoping to have a mouthful of you before we got to the main event, however.”

“Really?”  Betra seemed delighted.  “Okay, but we have to be careful with the positioning.  Kneeling could bother your knees.  Being on top might strain something.  Let me see ... oh, I think I know what would serve us both best.”

He moved around until he was on hands and knees over me, his cocks over my mouth and his mouth over my crotch.  Next thing I knew, he was kissing me again ... on the stomach.  Sheesh, the guy really does have a thing for pregnant bellies.  If he was this way over a slight bump, how would he be in another couple of months?

I shook my head and repressed the giggles that wanted to bubble out.  Then I eyed those tasty lengths suspended over my face.  They smelled delicious.

It occurred to me in that moment that Betra and I were alone.  I hadn’t been intimate with a man without an audience for some time.  For a moment, I remembered Finiuld’s containment, being with Oses in our little cave, trying to achieve some measure of privacy and failing.

In that instant, it was like being back there again.  I could feel the fake grass beneath my back.  I could see the cave ceiling over my head.  I could hear the Plasian sobbing and the Isetacian pounding his head against the wall.  Worst still, I felt the hopeless desperation that permeated every act I’d done.

I took a couple of deep breaths as my libido plummeted.  I reminded myself that I was back on the transport.  I was safe.  No one was watching me.  No one could hurt me here, not with Betra, Oses, and a few hundred Kalquorians nearby.

Betra paused as he became aware that I was rather quiet.  “Shalia?  Is everything okay?”

“Sure,” I lied.  “Just contemplating the gorgeous view.”

He chuckled.  He went back to kissing me, but concentrating his efforts on points south of my stomach.  His mouth on my pussy brought good, happy feelings once more.  It felt like butterfly wings were tickling my insides.  Betra’s usual excellent technique drove back the bad stuff.

I reached up and grabbed a couple of handfuls of cock and tugged gently to bring them down to my mouth.  That distinctive spicy-sweetness exploded on my tongue as I took Betra’s smaller prick in.  All thoughts of my captivity vanished.

I gobbled that Imdiko like turkey on Thanksgiving.  While my hand pleasured one prick, my other hand and mouth worked the second.  I switched between them, going back and forth, gulping the natural lubrication Betra emitted.  My liaison was finer than any dessert ever made.  The occasional drop of pre-cum was an additional treat, adding a salty zing to the overall deliciousness.  I fed and fed on him, unable to get enough.

Meanwhile, Betra treated me to another exciting round of oral pleasure.  He made happy, moaning sounds as he licked and sucked and kissed me to dizzying arousal all over again.  My eager lower bits fairly sizzled with excitement, responding to his masterful use.  I kicked the bed from time to time when he found an especially sensitive spot.  Pretty soon, it was all sensitive.  I groaned as loud as he did, and my feet couldn’t seem to stop drumming the surface of my sleeping mat.

At last Betra heaved himself up and away.  “Damn it, I could do that all day, but I’m going to come soon,” he told me.  He moved around to crouch over me, this time face to face. 

“That would be perfectly fine with me,” I grinned.

“Normally, I’d agree.  But I have to fuck my beautiful Shalia.  I must.”

Betra kissed me, and I tasted myself on him.  No doubt he tasted himself too.  I found it highly erotic to blend ourselves that way.  Judging from the passion my lover kissed me with, he was every bit as excited by it.

He broke our kiss and reared up to kneel between my legs.  “Now I’m going to fuck this wonderful body,” he gasped.  He grabbed my hips and tilted them up, placing me in line with his rigid cocks.

I reached down to grasp them, putting them right where they needed to go.  When the tips touched my openings and slowly crept inside, I cried out.  It felt so good to be back with Betra.  Too good, almost.  I thought I’d climax within a few seconds.

“Easy,” Betra whispered, taking things slow.  “Easy.  I’m right on the verge.  It won’t take much.”

I clutched handfuls of bedding, trying to transmit all that tension into my grip.  Betra continued to enter me in careful increments, his jaw tight.  Veins corded his muscles as he watched our bodies join.  I could tell he resisted the need to orgasm with monumental effort.

“So beautiful,” he murmured over and over.  “So beautiful.”

I could only moan in response.  The slow taking meant I felt every bit of him spreading my pussy and ass open.  The hot thickness was profound, and I was terribly aware of the friction against my inner flesh.  My feet started kicking again.

“Betra.  Betra,” I sobbed.

“Yes.  Let me hear you speak my name while I fuck you.  Tell me how much you missed feeling me inside.”

“I did.  Oh God, I did.”

“Now I’m watching your body take me.  I’m watching my cocks fill your ass and pussy.  Do I feel good to you, Shalia?”

“Yes.  Oh please Betra, I want to come.”

“No, not yet.  Wait for me, Shalia.  Wait until I’m all the way inside you, feeling you surrounding me.  That’s my girl.  Almost there.”

He continued to impale me so slowly.  As badly as I wanted to give in to the need for climax, I also wanted to prolong the encounter.  It had been too long since we’d last made love.  Like Betra, I wanted to make it last.

So even when we were groin to groin, I didn’t let go.  Instead, I wept a little to be with my liaison.  It was then that I knew that at some point during my captivity, I had believed I would never see Betra again. 

We went slow.  Insanely slow.  It was as if we were trying to fuck for the rest of our lives, to hold off the end of this encounter.  Betra’s hips slid back and forth at a pace that would have awed a turtle.  I didn’t urge him on, choosing instead to bask in the joy of renewed intimacy. 

It remained that way until we finished.  Even when his entire body shook with the strain of refused orgasm, even when Betra ground his teeth together and his brows furrowed until he looked as fierce as Oses at his worst, he did not give in to moving any faster and harder.  Sweat ran off him in rivers.  His groans sounded like those of a soul in torment.  Veins stood out on his straining muscles.  Yet he still refused to degenerate into the fierce fucking I knew his body fought for.  

Instead, he stroked my clit until I bucked and shouted.  He brought me three times that way.  The last time, as my pussy pulled hard at him, Betra finally lost the battle to not climax.  His head fell back and he shrieked at the ceiling as his cocks jerked inside me. 

We curled together on my bed afterward.  We didn’t speak for some time, though we did stroke and kiss a lot.  I finally felt like I’d come home.  I really was safe at long last.


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