Thursday, October 30, 2014

April 1, morning

Well, like the rest of life, last night was a mix of good and bad.  First the good:  sex with Betra. 

I showed up at his door, my makeup done and wearing one of the flirty little dresses Candy had supplied me with.  I showed a bit of cleavage framed by the teal dress’ ruffle, and a lot of leg with an almost scandalously short skirt.  My growing tummy was accommodated by the stretchy material.  I’d originally thought the dress would look obscene.  I mean, what was I going for?  Pregnant Woman Slutting It Up?  Yuck.  Yet once I had the dress on, I had to admit Candy had a good eye for these things.  I looked like I was expecting, but I thought I looked kind of sexy too.  With Betra’s adoration of my baby belly, the dress seemed perfect to wear for him.

Indeed it was.  When the door to his quarters opened, I was pleased to note my efforts were appreciated.  Betra looked me up and down, a slow smile spreading across his face. 

“This lovely package had better be for me,” he said.  “I swear, if you’re stopping by to tell me you’re spending the night with Oses—”

“Oh, is he free?” I said and made as if I would leave to hunt the Nobek up.

With a playful growl, Betra grabbed my arm and pulled me into his quarters.  “Even if he is, he’s out of luck.”

I laughed.  With the door shut, leaving us all alone, I reached up to wrap my arms around Betra’s neck and tugged him down.  He was more than happy to oblige me.  Those big, strong arms curled around me, one hand cupping the back of my head to hold me for the Imdiko’s kiss. 

Ah, sweet bliss.  Betra’s mouth moved gently over mine, almost as if we’d never kissed before.  His was a careful but thorough tasting.  First he explored my lips with his own, then his tongue darted to taste, and then teeth gently closed on my lower lip to tug.  I sighed with pleasure.  With my mouth parted open, Betra accepted the invitation to venture inside.  He kissed me with sensuous slowness, taking his time to enjoy all the flavors and textures he found.  Had I ever been so carefully plundered?  If I had, I couldn’t remember it. 

That such a tender kiss could birth the raw, biting passion that swept through me was a revelation.  All at once, my pussy ached.  It begged for a cock to shove in.  I moaned from the need.  Yet I did not do anything to rush Betra to satisfying that ravening part of me.  The kiss was too amazing.  Even if everything below my waist had exploded from want, I would not have stopped Betra.  It had to have been the greatest kiss of my life.

When it ended, I almost cried.  I’ve seen things of astounding beauty.  I’ve felt joy that made me want to shout and dance.  Betra’s kiss seemed to be made up of all the most amazing things I’d ever experienced.  It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not.  There are no words to truly describe it.

He looked at me rather quizzically, perhaps seeing some of what I felt on my expression.  I unleashed a trembling breath.  “You have no idea how wonderful you are, do you?” I asked.

Equal parts worry and pleasure crossed his expression.  He dealt with the worry part of it.  “Don’t do it, Shalia.  Don’t feel more for me than you should.”

“What, love?”  I felt sadness tinged with humor at his concerns.  “I’m allowed to love you like I do any of my friends.  I can love you like Candy and Katrina.  We can’t keep that from happening, and I wouldn’t want to.”

“Just friends?  You’re sure that’s all you feel?”

“Not quite.  I want to fuck your hot body too.  I don’t want to do that with my girlfriends.”

Betra looked relieved for a moment before amusement took over.  “Oh, so no chance of me seeing you intimate with Candy, huh?  That would have been exciting.”

I crooked an eyebrow at him.  “Like you, my darling Imdiko, I am hardcore hetero.  Now kiss me again before I lose the mood.”

“Oh no, don’t do that.”

Betra kissed me once more, with as much as finesse as ever.  However, I sensed a little reserve this time.  The idiot was thinking too hard, probably about how determined he was that I not fall in love with him.  It was a great kiss, but didn’t approach the poetry of the one that preceded it.

Oh well, maybe that kind of kiss is a once in a lifetime thing.  My toes still curl thinking about it.

Betra picked me up and carried me to his bed.  There wasn’t far to go.  Like Oses’ quarters, Betra’s room was pretty small.  It looked a little larger simply because he didn’t have the spanking bench that took up most of Oses’ available floor space.  Instead, he had a very small table with some personal items decorating the top:  a still vid of his parent clan (very good-looking people – Betra is the spitting image of his Dramok father but with a gentler smile), a commendation for saving my ass from raiding Tragooms a few weeks ago, and a championship trophy for some sport that sounds an awful lot like Earther surfing.

I noticed something new that I hadn’t seen the other night when I spent the night with him to keep off the nightmares.  Lying on Betra’s sleeping mat, I nodded at the hooks imbedded in the ceiling.  “What are those for?”

He grinned, a bit of deviltry sneaking into that sweet Kalquorian-Next-Door face.  “I just installed it.  Hold on just a moment and I’ll show you.”

He went to the wall next to the tiny table and touched it.  A closet slid open, showing three armored Fleet formsuits and a few other clothing articles suspended in mid-air.  Betra reached behind them to a set of shelves. He retrieved some contraption made of long black straps, metal fasteners, and a length of thick, cushioned dark blue material.

“What in the world?” I asked.

Betra stepped up on his sleeping mat and attached some of the metal fasteners to one of the hooks on the ceiling.  When he did that, the strange device, now swinging in front and to the right of me, made sense.  It was like a swing, sort of.  The blue length of material was a sling.  An ass sling.

“Oh,” I breathed.  I had nothing else to say.

There was more, though.  Betra moved some of the straps hanging from the sling so that they draped from the other hooks on the ceiling.  I noted the loops at the ends of the straps ... perfect to insert one’s ankles in to hold the legs high and wide.

“Oh boy,” I said, adding another word to my verbal arsenal.

Betra grinned fit to split his face.  “You’ve got that nervous-excited look on your face that tells me you want to try it.”

“It will hold my weight?”  I had an ugly vision of my growing body straining the straps, sending me, the sling, and half the ceiling crashing down onto the sleeping mat.

The Imdiko snorted.  “It would handle my weight.  Come on, stand up and let’s play with our new toy.”

He helped me to my feet and then lifted me to sit in the sling.  The back of it rose high enough that I was supported from head to ass.  I had to hand it to Betra; the thing was super comfy.  Even when he lifted my legs to secure my ankles in the loops and I was splayed like an offering to a gynecologist, I was snug in the swing.  Ha-ha, for once I actually appreciated ‘having my ass in a sling’.  

I wrinkled my nose at my stomach.  With my legs drawn up, squishing my torso a little, it looked bigger than before.  Of course Betra went into rapture at the sight.

“So sweet and round,” he moaned and delivered kisses to my belly.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.  “If you move that mouth down ... way down ... I’ll get a lot more out of this.”

The Imdiko gave me a dark look.  “You’re only going to get bigger, you know.  You might as well accept how beautiful pregnancy is.”

I sighed.  The last thing I wanted was Betra mad at me.  All I want from life these days is happiness.  If I can’t have that, at least contentment should be mine.

I playfully grabbed his ears and pulled him up towards my face.  He came willingly, his face softening in a smile.

“You always make me feel beautiful, Betra,” I told him.  “The belly worship is a bit much for me, but I do appreciate you.  Thanks for seeing good things and not my flaws.”

He chuckled.  “I am a little crazy when it comes to the evidence of your impending motherhood.  But it is amazing, Shalia.  It truly is.”

He had a point.  I have a life growing inside me, a miracle.  Why shouldn’t I embrace it?  Betra certainly isn’t put off one bit by my growing girth.

I gave him a long, deep kiss to show him my gratitude.  He responded in such a way as to make my toes curl in their binds.  Sweet prophets, that man knows how to kiss.  Why was I only now noticing it so much?

He broke away, but I didn’t complain as he started stripping.  I was glad my hands were still free, because I had every intention of touching everything once he got close enough to me again.  Yummy, yummy man with a capital YUM. 

I sighed with delight as Betra’s armored formsuit peeled away from smooth, wide shoulders.  My gaze didn’t know where to settle when the broad planes of his chest and strong biceps came into view.  Oh, but then there was that stomach to contemplate ... mostly flat with just a hint of abdominal swells to make me drool.

He was grinning from ear to ear now, no doubt amused by the wide-eyed delight I showed at what he revealed.  I blew a raspberry at him.

“Keep your mouth shut and continue getting naked.  You owe me a show for letting you kiss my stretch marks.”

Betra shook his head, chuckles spilling from those gorgeous lips.  “Are you ordering me around, woman?  Do you think I’m going to put up with that?”

“Oh, be a nice Imdiko for a change.  What about what I want?”

His eyes narrowed.  “But this is what you want.  You like me to be in charge.”

Betra was right.  I had a brief flashback of topping Oses in Finiuld’s Arena and all my humor vanished.  Maybe it wasn’t fair to judge the one time I’d controlled the action because of the awful circumstances, but I had not gotten as much out of dominating as I do surrendering.  As for now, the idea of me commanding Betra reminded me too much of being made to perform for antagonistic others.

Betra’s voice brought me back to the much better here and now.  “Shalia, are you all right?”

I looked up at his sweet face, now drawn with concern.  I drew a shaky breath.  “Sorry.  I had a weird moment there.  About that time I told you about?  When the Ofetuchans made me fuck Oses for their entertainment.”

Betra stood on his bed for a moment, contemplating me.  He seemed about to say something, and then shook his head as if to dismiss whatever thought he’d had.

He moved close instead and stroked my face.  “Do we need to stop?  If you’re upset—”

I refused to let the past trauma leak into my wonderful here and now.  “No.  No, if I stop because of what the Little Creep did to me, then he wins.  He’s not going to win, Betra.  He’s not going to ruin the rest of my life.” 

I made myself appreciate the half-naked gift now within reach.  My hands slid over Betra’s torso, solidifying where I was and who I was with.  I forced a grin to my lips.  “This is a pretty compelling reason to put the past behind me.  Got anymore reasons I should know about?”

“Just  this.”  He placed wet, open-mouthed kisses on my neck, shoulders, and breasts.  I wasn’t surprised when he moved down to the slight rounding of my stomach again, but this time it was more of a lustful celebration than belly worship.  He moved up the small hill of my tummy, getting closer to the top, moving to the belly button, sealing his lips over that...

And blew an insanely loud raspberry against my flesh.

“What is wrong with you?” I shouted, moving as if to slap Betra’s goofy, grinning face.  He was too quick for me to connect, even if I had been serious about smacking him.  He stood just out of reach, laughing at me.

“Just bringing you back to the here and now with me,” he snickered.  “Now that you’ve snapped out of the past, I can take advantage of what you’re in the perfect position for.”

Before I could think to yell at Betra some more, he put his mouth and tongue to my pussy.  I was suddenly not so mad at him.  Remember the kiss I’d been so ga-ga over?  Well now he delivered the same thing to my girlie bits, and boy, were they happy.

In an instant, I was moaning and shaking under his sweet assault.  With my legs wide open, Betra had access to everything, and he did not miss one tiny bit of my most sensitive flesh.  Lips and teeth laid hold of my folds, tugging gently.  His lovely, raspy tongue dipped and swirled and licked.  Raw need erupted, sending jagged shards of pleasure deep into my gut.

I hung onto the straps supporting the sling as he gorged on my avid pussy.  I had a grip so tight that veins popped out on my arms.  Oh hell, it was good.  It was so good that climax crashed maybe a minute after Betra started in on me.  It came on with a speed that left me breathless.  Fierce sensation rocketed from my clit straight up my spine.  It exploded in my skull.  I tried to scream, but all I could managed were these funny, breathless grunts as my body strained to deliver release.

When the strongest spasms had passed, I found Betra eyeing me with an expression stuck between amusement and awe.  He said, “That was fast.”

“Damn,” I groaned, still shivering as trills of rapture continued to chase up and down my body.  “What are you doing to me?”


With a devious smirk, Betra licked me from ass to clit with a slow sweep of his tongue.  I yelped as excitement sizzled anew from all points south.  I panted and looked at him with wide eyes.

“More,” I whispered, though I wasn’t sure I could handle more.

He did it again, and my moan should have shaken the walls.  Damn if I didn’t feel like I was on the brink of climax again.

“Pregnancy might be making you more sensitive,” Betra mused.  “Or maybe I’m that good.  Yes, I think it’s me.”

“Not full of yourself are you, you – oh – oh – OH!”

That evil Imdiko interrupted me by sucking my clit into his mouth and lolling his tongue all over it.  I detonated with a shriek that they might have heard back on Earth.  Brilliant light suffused my world, taking me out of it.  I rode heaving waves of bliss.

I came back to discover Betra laughing at me.  “Woo!” he exclaimed.  “Pregnant girls are fun.”

“You – oh – that – damn—” I stuttered, too breathless and shaken to find cohesive thoughts.

“You weren’t like this the other day,” Betra said.  “Have you noticed an increase in libido lately?”

I scowled at him as my brain began to work again.  “I am not interested in an evaluation of my hormonal shifts,” I answered.  “Besides, I thought you were taking credit for this.”

He grinned.  “I wish I could, but that’s just too instantaneous a reaction.  I am willing to take advantage though.  Let’s see if you can break your record for orgasms with me.”

Betra stepped up close, aiming his cocks where they were meant to go.  Tabs A and C, meet slots B and D. We interlocked as perfectly as ever ... except raging need filled me yet again.

I wonder if anyone else has ever climaxed to the point where they wish they would never orgasm again.  I think I got my lifetime’s quota during that encounter.  Betra fucked me with care, no doubt worrying over my health as these Kalquorians are wont to do.  There was no hard, powerful thrusting.  No Imdiko going wild.  That was perfectly fine, because it wasn’t taking much to stoke the constantly simmering fire that was my lustful condition.

I swung through the air back and forth, Betra moving me to feed my pussy with his larger cock.  He’d swing me slow and gentle, and I’d come.  He’d rock me sure and steady, and I’d come.  He’d not swing me at all, just standing there playing with my clit and mouthing my breasts while grinding in slow circles ... and I’d come.

I came moaning his name.  I came screaming profanities.  I came clawing Betra’s shoulders.  I came pounding my fists against his chest.  I came and I came and I came until I lost count.

Finally, wiped out to the point of feeling faint (but with my greedy pussy still insisting it could do more), I begged Betra, “Please, make it stop.  I can’t handle any more.  It’s too much.”

He kissed me gently, his arms wrapped around me and my sling, holding our bodies close together.  “Would you like me to fill that sweet pussy with my cum?”

Just those words were enough to bring a nearly painful flash of want to my clit.  I sobbed to know I would have to orgasm again. 

I said, “Yes, Betra.  Please fill my pussy with your cum.”

“Mmm,” he moaned happily.  “That sounds so good when you say it.  Shall I fill you until you overflow?”

“Yes.  Yes.”

He made me swing back and forth, sheathing and unsheathing his cocks.  The friction of our flesh rubbing together electrified me yet again.  Every hair on my body stood straight up.  My skin felt as if it sizzled.   A storm grew deep in my gut, expectation rumbling like nearing thunder.  It billowed, building stronger and more menacing.  My body shook with the oncoming onslaught.

A lightning flash of cataclysmic proportions lit me from within.  My head stretched back to let me peal screams at the ceiling.  Another flash ... and I was deluged once more by earthshaking orgasm.

Betra added his thick bellow to the raging chaos.  We shattered together, pounded from within by the sweetest tempest.   My Imdiko lover poured into me, and I absorbed every drop as if it fell on parched soil.

Betra’s face was a mere inch from mine, much of his weight supported by the sling that held me.  Our gasps mingled and joined as we recovered.  We stared into each others’ eyes the whole time, as if breaking our gazes would end our joining too soon. 

At last Betra seemed to come to his senses.  “Are you all right?” he asked.

“Wonderful,” I sighed.

“Let me get you down from here.”

He was quick about getting my legs down from their straps, and then me down from the sling.  Betra fetched us both water, plus a protein drink for me, before lying down next to me on his bed.  He rubbed my arms and legs, making sure everything was still in good operating order.  I smiled to be under his care.

I miss the rougher lovemaking, but I do enjoy this gentle stuff too.  I felt doted on like a queen as the Imdiko fussed over me.

“I have a question for you,” Betra said after several minutes of making sure I was recovering from our play.

“Ask away,” I said, swallowing the last of my protein drink.  I love that stuff, by the way.  It tastes like a thick chocolate-hazelnut coffee concoction.

“You’re still interested in being with both me and Oses at the same time, right?”

I arched an eyebrow at him.  “Well, duh.  I’m sad we missed out on our Alneusian water sex thing back on the space station.”

Betra grinned.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll probably get another similar opportunity at some point.  But since that’s some time in the future, I thought perhaps we should set something up on the ship here.”

I couldn’t help my disbelieving grin.  “You want to get together with Oses?”

“Well, if the circumstances are right, I think I’d be okay.”

I knew then Betra had been plotting something, perhaps for some time.  “Do tell.  What kind of circumstances would you be able to handle with another man?”

“Maybe something you wouldn’t be able to cope with, given what happened to you on the Ofetuchan ship.”  Betra looked worried.  “Given some of the things you told me, I’m not so sure you’d be up for it.”

“Tell me what’s in that head of yours,” I said with more than a little suspicion.  “I trust you Betra, but there is still some fucked up garbage in my head.”

“I’m still figuring it out, but it would involve me controlling you and Oses.  Finding out he’s okay with such a thing under the right circumstances makes me think I can play along.  It’s just a matter of me convincing him I have the power to dominate him.”

My eyes went wide at Betra’s idea.  “You dominate Oses?  You can be pretty commanding ... sometimes I think you’re more Dramok than Imdiko, in fact ... but that’s a tall order, Betra.”

He shrugged.  “Maybe not.  It depends on how much he wants to enjoy any intimacies with me.  Not sexual intimacies though,” Betra hurried to clarify when I gasped.  “The thought makes me nauseous.  But there are things I could do with him ... if he’ll agree to it.”

My thoughts swam.  I didn’t have to be a psychiatrist to know Oses was still having some issues with our captivity.  Being under another’s control so soon after our abduction might make things worse for him.  Heaven knows, I’m still on shaky ground myself.  Yet Oses loves Betra.  In a platonic way, Betra loves him.  Oses needs that right now.

“The usual rules apply,” I told the Imdiko.  “If either Oses or I say sholt, you’d better back off.  Even if I say it on Oses’ behalf, you stop whatever is happening.  No questions, no hesitation.”

“Of course.” There was a look of torment in Betra’s eyes.  “I want to help him heal.  You too.  I don’t know that either of you can ever be the people you were before your abduction, but I want to at least see you happy again.”

I took a deep breath.  “If you can get Oses to agree to it, I’m game.  It could be we all end up horribly disappointed, but I’m willing to try.”

You’d think I was agreeing to something awful, rather than screwing my two favorite ship sexmates.  But I really don’t see Betra dominating Oses.  I do appreciate my liaison trying to find a way to help us cope with what we went through, though.  Betra is wonderful like that.

I ended up spending the night.  I’d like to say I slept as well in the security of Betra’s arms as I did before, but I’d be lying.  I dreamed I was back on Finiuld’s ship, running from corridor to corridor and room to room with the Little Creep’s corpse bouncing on my shoulders.  I was looking for Oses and I couldn’t find him anywhere.  Finally I ended up in the Arena, where Tragooms ate from his corpse while Ofetuchans applauded wildly from the balcony.  I woke up screaming.

When I wouldn’t stop crying, Betra was forced to call Medical to come in and sedate me.  Now I have to go and see Dr. Feru today.  Me and my PTSD.  Will it ever end?

Monday, October 27, 2014

March 31, later

Oh boy.  I finally noticed I had a message waiting on my room’s com.  It was from the number one clan on my lottery list, Clan Seot.  I must be getting better because looking and listening to them has my motor running, pussy purring, hormonal soup simmering...

I need a cold shower.

Okay, beyond my crazed libido and on a purely platonic level, this bunch is interesting.  I keep reminding myself of that.  Substance, Shalia.  Concentrate on the substance, the stuff that really matters.  Brains.  Personalities.  Stability.  Even some humor.  Nice smiles, even from Nobek Larten, though he’s got a little bit of evil in his eyes, and wouldn’t I just love to know what he’s thinking when he gets that look?  Ooh, when I think about him looking at me that way, maybe just before he rips my clothes off with those big, powerful hands—

Damn damn damn damn damn damn.  I’m doing it again.

So, anyway.  I told the com to play my message, and there they stood before me, those three big delicious creatures Seot, Larten, and Cifa.  I had seen their vid pics before, of course.  I guess I forgot how amazing they look.  Either that, or the pregnancy hormones are giving me Lust Vision. 

I was so enthralled standing in front of their images and looking up into those stunning faces that I missed what Dramok Seot said in the first couple of seconds.  Okay, more than a couple of seconds.  I missed probably half a minute of his greeting.  This is my private journal, and I can be as stupid over hunky men as I like.  No need to play it cool here.

“Com, play message from start,” I said.  I rolled my eyes at how breathy I sounded.  Damn, I should get laid before I’m reduced to humping something inanimate.  Wait, I have that dildo Katrina gave me for Christmas.  Where did I put that?

And I’ve wandered off again.  Stupid libido.

Anyway, the message started over.  The three men, Seot in front, bowed low and straightened.  “Greetings, Matara Shalia,” Seot said.  His voice was as smooth as butter.  I shivered from head to toe hearing it.  If I had to pick a clan on voice alone, Seot would win it for his guys.  That man could quote the bible to me from front to back and I’d be a puddle at his feet.

Enough.  I am telling this story and my pussy will not interrupt me again.  Damn it!

He said, “Greetings, Matara Shalia.  We were delighted to receive your message that you are considering my clan as a potential life match.  As you no doubt know from viewing our profiles, I am Dramok Seot, leader of this clan.”

He gestured to the big but adorable specimen on his left.  “This is my Imdiko, Cifa.”

Cifa personified cute to the extreme.  At Seot’s introduction, he beamed a bright smile that had me smiling back.  His voice was every bit as cheerful as his demeanor.  “Hello, Matara Shalia.  I look forward to meeting you in person once you get to Kalquor.”

Seot gave his clanmate a gentle look that spoke of an easy tenderness between the two.  Well, that was sweet to see.  Then he turned to the dark and dangerous creature to his right.  “And this is my Nobek, Larten.”

Larten nodded his head respectfully to me ... well, to the recording device that had delivered the message.  “It is a pleasure, Matara Shalia.  I too eagerly await your arrival.”

I shivered again.  Larten’s voice was low and deep and thrilling.  It was the kind of voice that if he shouted, you’d expect a mountain to crumble before its might.  Wowsers.

I had a moment of imagining that voice ordering me to do naughty things.  I had to make the com reverse because I missed some of what was said again.

When I had it cued up once more, Seot had taken over the talking.  “We hope the message you sent means you will allow us to trade further communications prior to you reaching Kalquor.  We’d very much like to get to know you better as soon as possible.  Our high compatibility rating makes us hopeful we would make you a satisfactory clan.”

“We’ve never rated such high compatibility with anyone in the lottery.  Ninety-seven percent!” Cifa chimed in.  He was all boyish enthusiasm that made his companions smile.  I had to remind myself that the guy is 63 years old.  He comes across as much younger.

Larten’s tone was gentle even as he reminded his Imdiko, “A computer program cannot measure the intangibles that make a lifelong relationship work, however.  There is far more to it than a list of likes and dislikes.”

“That is true,” Seot agreed.  “However, the questionnaires were more in depth than that.  The rating is a strong indication that we would make Shalia a good clan.”

“As well as being good fathers for her child,” Cifa added.  He grinned harder than ever.  “I have a younger brother and sister, and I was often left in charge of them while my parents worked, Shalia.  It’s not the same as being a parent, but I have some experience in the matter.”

He seemed ready to keep talking, but Seot took over once more.  “We are all three excited at the prospect of welcoming a Matara and babe to our family.  At this time—”

Cifa couldn’t seem to help himself with his enthusiasm.  He interrupted with, “We have already begun to study Earther writings and recordings on how your race sees to childcare.  Some of it is quite contradictory, and of course, your wishes are the most important.  Ultimately, we’ll follow your lead on the matter, but we want to—”

“Cifa,” Seot said.

The Dramok’s buttery voice was quiet.  It was even gentle, without the slightest hint of temper.  He smiled at Cifa.  Yet the Imdiko shut up in an instant, blushing fiery red.  His grin didn’t dim in the least, though.  Larten chuckled, his deep voice vibrating my ears.  His grin at Cifa made the scary man look a lot more approachable.

Seot turned back to me.  His expression was amused, but he didn’t comment further on his clanmate’s exuberance.  “At this time, we will leave the decision as to our continued communication to you, Matara Shalia.  As you can probably tell—” he crooked a brow at Cifa, who shrugged without real remorse “—we are most excited at the prospect of hearing from you again.  Until then, please take care of yourself.”

They bowed.  The message ended.  I replayed it a few more times. 

So that was Clan Seot.  It wasn’t much to go on for me to form a real opinion (besides the fact they look so damned fuckable), but I admit to being intrigued.  I like that Seot is leaving our continued communication up to me.  It’s nice to have a Kalquorian man leave things up to me for a change.  I like that Larten isn’t ready to accept me simply because I’m female, I can breed, and I’ve shown an interest in them.  He wants to know we’ll actually work well together.  As for Cifa – could a man be anymore adorable?  He seems so sweet and caring.  That he has experience with kids isn’t a bad thing either.

Above all, I like the little bit I saw of how that clan interacted with each other.  I felt respect between the three.  I REALLY liked how Seot was able to show leadership without being an asshole about it.  If the gentle way he was able to get Cifa to settle down was any indication, he’d make a great father.

It may be wishful thinking, but I sensed a lot of warmth there.  It kind of reminded me of my dad clan. 

Obviously, I’m going to keep talking to Clan Seot.  The potential there is huge, at least for me.  I guess it would only be fair to warn them about what they would be in for, however.  I wonder if that will send them running to the hills?  It’s best to be honest right off the bat though.  I can hear the start of my message now:  Hello, I’m Shalia Monroe, and I am pure trouble.  You’ve been warned.

And if they are brave enough to give me a try?  Let’s just say I’m looking forward to all the scenarios that means.  I wonder how soon after we meet in person I can see them naked?  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

I think I’m going to watch that message again.  And then I’m going in search for that dildo.  Wait, it’s the end of shift now, isn’t it?  Ha ha, then I’m going in search of Betra.  He can finish what Clan Seot started.