Thursday, August 7, 2014

February 27

When I woke from my nap, Oses was still there.  It was as if we’d never moved an inch from when we’d come in.

For a few seconds I was confused as to my surroundings.  We weren’t in our cave, which was what I expected.  The tangerine walls, not too obnoxious in the soft glow of an overhead light, were foreign to me.  I didn’t even remember them from when we came into the room.  Man, I had been tired.

I looked over my shoulder to see Oses regarding me with a funny smile that seemed more sad than happy.  He welcomed me back with a kiss to the tip of my nose.  “I wondered when you’d wake.”

“Why?  How long was I out?” I asked. 

“Long enough that we’ll be meeting Zemos’ ship in three hours.”

That was a shock.  I’d slept longer than a full night’s worth.  “Everything is still all right?  No trouble?” I asked.  “When was the last time you checked in with the bridge?”

“I just got back from verifying our status ten minutes ago.”  Oses chuckled.  “You weren’t kidding when you said you were exhausted.  You never budged at all.  Here, I brought you some food.”

He helped me sit up and brought a floating tray close.  I wrinkled my nose at the Ofetuchan fare, already anticipating eating some ronka and pilchok.  I couldn’t wait to get off this damned ship.

Oses fed me, as Kalquorian men prefer to do for us women.  Usually it seems weird to me, but I felt it was right for some reason this time.  It felt like it was especially meaningful to Oses.  There was an intimacy to the act that I’d never felt before.

After a little while, I understood why.  Oses said, “I will be beyond glad to quit this hellhole of a ship, but I am already missing having a Matara of my own.”

I looked into his beautiful cat-pupiled eyes with concern.  “We’ll still be together on the transport.  We can go back to what we had there, right?”

He nodded.  “Of course.  I am glad to hear you have not tired of me yet.”

I punched him on the shoulder.  “You goof.  How can you say such a thing?  You don’t really think I’m done with you, do you?”  I arched a brow at him.  “In fact, you’d better keep your door locked when you want some rest.  I’m definitely a fan of Nobek Oses after all this.”

He chuckled.  “I look forward to having my privacy breached, hopefully often.”  Oses turned serious again.  “Still, here you were my mate.  I was your Nobek.  That is about to end.”

I traced his jaw.  “I know what you mean.  I hated being a prisoner, but if it had to happen, I couldn’t have asked for a better protector.  You kept me safe and sane, Oses.  Of all Nobeks, I think you must be the best of your breed.”

He smiled at that.  “I made mistakes.  I had moments of weakness.  For those times, I am sorry, my Matara.”

I shook my head.  “We both crumbled at certain times.  I think it’s a testament to our strength that we came back.  We’re badasses.”

Oses laughed for real that time.  I grinned up at him as he pushed the now-empty food tray away.

“So, should I send off my temporary Nobek-mate with proper thanks?”

That earned me a growl and a show of fangs.  Oses was suddenly a long way from sad.

That hideous yellow toga thing Finiuld had dressed me in was gone in an instant.  So was the animal hide Oses had been forced to wear, in favor of his naked hide.  You can guess which I preferred.

Perhaps because of being a captive, a most awful fate for a Nobek, Oses was the most domineering I’d ever seen him.  He didn’t even bother to order me around.  Instead, he put me in the positions he wanted and took what he wanted.  Am I complaining?  Oh fuck no.  I enjoyed every second of my controlling lover.

First I was facedown on the bed.  Oses held my wrists at the small of my back while he ate my pussy.  I screamed into the soft mattress while he sucked my clit and stabbed his tongue into me.  When I couldn’t take any more, I writhed and bucked.  That got my ass warmed beautifully with a spanking.  Then Oses gobbled me some more.  I came for him like that.  Still holding me down, he finger fucked me next.  I climaxed again with three fingers pounding inside me and his thumb rubbing my clit.  I screamed fit to shake the ship.  Oses decided to spank me again before making me kneel on the bed surface.

He used a sheet to tie my hands behind my back.  Standing before me, he lifted his larger cock out of the way and fucked my mouth with the secondary one.  He held a handful of my hair in one fist as he plunged in and out, occasionally pulling as if to remind me who was in charge.  My pussy ached with renewed enthusiasm after a few minutes of that.  Damn, he was amazing.

Then he pumped my face with his larger cock.  He was like Betra with the Imdiko’s love for gagging me.  Every time I coughed, Oses groaned and backed out to hold still.  I think he came close to climax several times.  I was more than willing to let him do so, but the Nobek wanted more.  After all, this was going to be our last time with me as his own Matara.  He was determined to make it count.

He practically threw me on the bed, this time on my back.  Then he was on me.  Then he was in me.  Oses fucked me every way a man can:  slow, fast, hard, gentle, rough, tender, in every conceivable position and then a few more I’d never thought of.  Hey, a century and a half meant a lot of experience.  That man should write a how-to book.

It finally ended with me nearly doing a handstand on the floor while Oses stood on trembling legs, holding my ass in the air and pounding hard.  Every magnificent muscle in his body was clenched, tendons and veins standing out.  He let go with a roar that sounded like every emotion in the world:  relief, release, agony, ecstasy, joy, and loss.

Can a moment be both enthralling and heartbreaking?  I suppose the answer is yes, because that was how it felt as we said goodbye to our temporary ‘clanship’.  No, I’ve never seen Oses as the lifelong partner for me, perhaps because I know it can’t happen as far as the Empire is concerned.  I’ve done my best to keep him out of my heart.  However, he has taken up residence there, as a lover and friend.  I love him in that way and will never be able to repay him for keeping us alive.  Of all the men I’ve been with, he is the one I know I can rely on for whatever comes at me.

We took our time collecting ourselves and cleaning up.  We bathed together with barely two words spoken the entire time. It was enough to simply be, signaling the end of our terrible captivity.

We made our way back to the bridge an hour before Captain Zemos’ destroyer rendezvoused with our hell ship.  The Kalquorian ship was able to fit the much smaller Ofetuchan vessel into a bay.  The instant we got the word that a breathable atmosphere had been established in the hold, everyone spilled out of the hatch.  There we were, a menagerie of beings from all over the known worlds, laughing, cheering, and crying.  We were surrounded by beautiful Kalquorian men, who watched us and stared in fascination at the mirror-finished rectangular alien vessel no one had ever seen the likes of before.

We had made it.  We were safe.


  1. I'm not sure whether to jump for joy or cry my eyes out. What a bittersweet victory. I have really come to love and adore Oses, how will Shalia ever leave him behind to join with her future clan?

  2. It was bittersweet, but it was also a great way for this to end. I loved it

  3. What a great ending to that horrible chapter in Shalia's life?

  4. Yes I agree bittersweet, and one hell of a roller coaster ride, but then it seems that has been Shalias life, one never ending roller coaster ride, with a number of Kalquorians joining her on it. Is what was said about a 3 month break true, I agree not that Tracy does not deserve it, I just had seen nothing else regarding that, and do not recall her having had such a long gap between Shalias stories.

    1. If you read Tracy's main blog she had a post (on Sunday, I think) that she is behind on some projects due to re-releases and new material that she has had to but Shalia on the back burner for a bit.

  5. That was a perfect way to end this portion of Shalia's journey.

  6. What a fantastic roller-coaster ride!! Let's do it again :)

  7. Tracy, I understand obligations, I understand dead lines, do what you need to. Go on vacation, get away from the story for awhile, hell, take a pottery class.
    In my opinion you have 4 or 5 (ten) books left to write about the Earthers and Kalquorians. Jump ahead in the diary, come back to us with a book or two (three or four) with Shalia all round and doing the ducky walk. Take us with to her new home.
    Back burner is fine, for now, but there is too many people (characters) left flying thru space to end the story now. Plus, we don't know what happens with her young clan back on Earth.
    The Kalquorian stories have made me laugh, giggle, fan myself, get angry and cry for people who don't really exist. Its like a drug that I'm not willing to give up.
    Thank you for being a great write, please don't leave Shalia hanging and us with her.
    I await your next book or blog for the diary.