Saturday, August 30, 2014

Continued Hiatus

Due to ongoing personal issues and time constraints, I will be laying low for a few weeks. The Shalia’s Diary blog will continue to be on hiatus until further notice. The Wicked Words blog will also be taking a break until October 4. Until October, I will not be on Facebook or Twitter. Until I return, everyone take care.  See you soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shalia's Diary on Hiatus

Shalia's Diary is temporarily on hiatus as I finish the next storyline. I will keep you updated as to when entries will begin again. Thanks for your patience.

Monday, August 11, 2014

March 21

So I’ve finished my story about being a prisoner on the Little Creep’s ship.  We were rescued by Captain Zemos’ ship three weeks ago.  I guess Finiuld's ship had been in no hurry to get anywhere in particular, because it only took us a week to reunite with the transport. The Pussy 'Porter had remained at the Xniktix space station until Captain Zemos sent word that we’d been found.  Then it flew with its two remaining destroyer escorts to fetch us.  I’ve been home for two weeks.

The destroyer had searched high and low for us since we disappeared.  I am impressed that they did so for one pregnant Earther woman and a Nobek.  More than ever, I am reminded of how much importance the Kalquorians hold those of their kind and mine.  After all, Oses and I had been missing for almost two weeks.  Given that Finiuld’s ship was phased invisible should have knocked the search party off the scent after a couple of days.

Yet the Ofetuchan vessel had left a trace of its passage, some kind of energy disturbance trail.  Since Captain Zemos’ crew couldn’t find a good reason for its existence, they thought it might be worth following.  They didn’t have anything else to go on, so it was as good a clue as any, Zemos told Oses.  That’s why they were only two days behind us.

I’ve been told that once we got back to the transport, we returned to Xniktix Space Station, where our fellow prisoners were let off.  The Adrafs will take care of them until arrangements can be made for their various worlds to reclaim them. 

They had to tell me about it later, because ... well, I went a little crazy.  Not bouncing off walls and straitjacket crazy, but more like a really quiet and huddled kind of crazy.  I kept hiding in corners and inside closets and under furniture.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I cried a lot.  I had nightmares that made me scream my throat raw. 

I saw things that weren’t there.  Usually it was a movement at the corner of my eye that looked just like something small with spiky orange hair and a fluorescent green coat.  My room in Medical had to be kept lit at all times.  Otherwise I would see things in the shadows; maybe a tombstone-toothed smile like some monstrous Cheshire cat.  Those waking nightmares are fading at last.  The last time I saw something that wasn’t there was three days ago.

Dr. Tep says the baby is fine, thank goodness.  My dads have commed to say they’re glad I’m safely back on the transport and to send them a message as soon as I’m able.  No doubt worried he’d upset me, Nayun didn’t cry...but his voice kept getting choked up.  Their Matara Joelle also left a message, saying she was sorry for what I’d been through.  She seems nice.  I don’t know why I kept putting off talking to her.  I’ll have to do that soon.

Betra, Candy, and Katrina come to spend time with me every day.  It is so good to see my friends again.  They cried over me when I first got back, but since then it’s been all jokes and funny stories and ‘let’s make Shalia happy again’.  I think they’ve had a lot more to do with me pulling myself back together than the psychologist Dr. Feru ... who is a pretty decent fellow, incidentally.  He’s talking about letting me loose from Medical in a few days.  Maybe a week.  We’ll see how it goes.

Then there is the man who held me together through the worst time of my life.  Oses is back at work, which Betra assures me is the best possible therapy for a Nobek.  Betra also says Oses is much quieter than he was before and keeps to himself for the most part.  I think my liaison is worried for his friend.  Betra may not want to have sex with Oses, but I think he does love his would-be suitor, at least as a brother might.  When they happen to encounter each other in my room, Betra is not standoffish at all anymore.  He smiles at Oses and looks him in the eye as they converse.  It’s Oses who has become a little hard to reach.  Not because he desires Betra any less ... I can tell that yearning is still there from the way he looks at the Imdiko when Betra’s back is turned.  I think Oses is simply trying to put the pieces of his life back together, though in a much less dramatic fashion than I am.

Oses doesn’t keep to himself where I am concerned.  He stops by every day, even if it’s just a few minutes before he pulls a double shift.  We never discuss our captivity with each other.  We don’t talk much about anything.  Both of us are perfectly content just to be in the other's presence.  When you know someone will do anything and everything to keep you alive, all the rest is just noise.  I have that in Oses.  I hope he knows he has that in me ... I think he does, anyway. 

He and I may not be clan anymore, but we are family in our hearts.  To me, that is more precious than any legal binding.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

February 27

When I woke from my nap, Oses was still there.  It was as if we’d never moved an inch from when we’d come in.

For a few seconds I was confused as to my surroundings.  We weren’t in our cave, which was what I expected.  The tangerine walls, not too obnoxious in the soft glow of an overhead light, were foreign to me.  I didn’t even remember them from when we came into the room.  Man, I had been tired.

I looked over my shoulder to see Oses regarding me with a funny smile that seemed more sad than happy.  He welcomed me back with a kiss to the tip of my nose.  “I wondered when you’d wake.”

“Why?  How long was I out?” I asked. 

“Long enough that we’ll be meeting Zemos’ ship in three hours.”

That was a shock.  I’d slept longer than a full night’s worth.  “Everything is still all right?  No trouble?” I asked.  “When was the last time you checked in with the bridge?”

“I just got back from verifying our status ten minutes ago.”  Oses chuckled.  “You weren’t kidding when you said you were exhausted.  You never budged at all.  Here, I brought you some food.”

He helped me sit up and brought a floating tray close.  I wrinkled my nose at the Ofetuchan fare, already anticipating eating some ronka and pilchok.  I couldn’t wait to get off this damned ship.

Oses fed me, as Kalquorian men prefer to do for us women.  Usually it seems weird to me, but I felt it was right for some reason this time.  It felt like it was especially meaningful to Oses.  There was an intimacy to the act that I’d never felt before.

After a little while, I understood why.  Oses said, “I will be beyond glad to quit this hellhole of a ship, but I am already missing having a Matara of my own.”

I looked into his beautiful cat-pupiled eyes with concern.  “We’ll still be together on the transport.  We can go back to what we had there, right?”

He nodded.  “Of course.  I am glad to hear you have not tired of me yet.”

I punched him on the shoulder.  “You goof.  How can you say such a thing?  You don’t really think I’m done with you, do you?”  I arched a brow at him.  “In fact, you’d better keep your door locked when you want some rest.  I’m definitely a fan of Nobek Oses after all this.”

He chuckled.  “I look forward to having my privacy breached, hopefully often.”  Oses turned serious again.  “Still, here you were my mate.  I was your Nobek.  That is about to end.”

I traced his jaw.  “I know what you mean.  I hated being a prisoner, but if it had to happen, I couldn’t have asked for a better protector.  You kept me safe and sane, Oses.  Of all Nobeks, I think you must be the best of your breed.”

He smiled at that.  “I made mistakes.  I had moments of weakness.  For those times, I am sorry, my Matara.”

I shook my head.  “We both crumbled at certain times.  I think it’s a testament to our strength that we came back.  We’re badasses.”

Oses laughed for real that time.  I grinned up at him as he pushed the now-empty food tray away.

“So, should I send off my temporary Nobek-mate with proper thanks?”

That earned me a growl and a show of fangs.  Oses was suddenly a long way from sad.

That hideous yellow toga thing Finiuld had dressed me in was gone in an instant.  So was the animal hide Oses had been forced to wear, in favor of his naked hide.  You can guess which I preferred.

Perhaps because of being a captive, a most awful fate for a Nobek, Oses was the most domineering I’d ever seen him.  He didn’t even bother to order me around.  Instead, he put me in the positions he wanted and took what he wanted.  Am I complaining?  Oh fuck no.  I enjoyed every second of my controlling lover.

First I was facedown on the bed.  Oses held my wrists at the small of my back while he ate my pussy.  I screamed into the soft mattress while he sucked my clit and stabbed his tongue into me.  When I couldn’t take any more, I writhed and bucked.  That got my ass warmed beautifully with a spanking.  Then Oses gobbled me some more.  I came for him like that.  Still holding me down, he finger fucked me next.  I climaxed again with three fingers pounding inside me and his thumb rubbing my clit.  I screamed fit to shake the ship.  Oses decided to spank me again before making me kneel on the bed surface.

He used a sheet to tie my hands behind my back.  Standing before me, he lifted his larger cock out of the way and fucked my mouth with the secondary one.  He held a handful of my hair in one fist as he plunged in and out, occasionally pulling as if to remind me who was in charge.  My pussy ached with renewed enthusiasm after a few minutes of that.  Damn, he was amazing.

Then he pumped my face with his larger cock.  He was like Betra with the Imdiko’s love for gagging me.  Every time I coughed, Oses groaned and backed out to hold still.  I think he came close to climax several times.  I was more than willing to let him do so, but the Nobek wanted more.  After all, this was going to be our last time with me as his own Matara.  He was determined to make it count.

He practically threw me on the bed, this time on my back.  Then he was on me.  Then he was in me.  Oses fucked me every way a man can:  slow, fast, hard, gentle, rough, tender, in every conceivable position and then a few more I’d never thought of.  Hey, a century and a half meant a lot of experience.  That man should write a how-to book.

It finally ended with me nearly doing a handstand on the floor while Oses stood on trembling legs, holding my ass in the air and pounding hard.  Every magnificent muscle in his body was clenched, tendons and veins standing out.  He let go with a roar that sounded like every emotion in the world:  relief, release, agony, ecstasy, joy, and loss.

Can a moment be both enthralling and heartbreaking?  I suppose the answer is yes, because that was how it felt as we said goodbye to our temporary ‘clanship’.  No, I’ve never seen Oses as the lifelong partner for me, perhaps because I know it can’t happen as far as the Empire is concerned.  I’ve done my best to keep him out of my heart.  However, he has taken up residence there, as a lover and friend.  I love him in that way and will never be able to repay him for keeping us alive.  Of all the men I’ve been with, he is the one I know I can rely on for whatever comes at me.

We took our time collecting ourselves and cleaning up.  We bathed together with barely two words spoken the entire time. It was enough to simply be, signaling the end of our terrible captivity.

We made our way back to the bridge an hour before Captain Zemos’ destroyer rendezvoused with our hell ship.  The Kalquorian ship was able to fit the much smaller Ofetuchan vessel into a bay.  The instant we got the word that a breathable atmosphere had been established in the hold, everyone spilled out of the hatch.  There we were, a menagerie of beings from all over the known worlds, laughing, cheering, and crying.  We were surrounded by beautiful Kalquorian men, who watched us and stared in fascination at the mirror-finished rectangular alien vessel no one had ever seen the likes of before.

We had made it.  We were safe.

Monday, August 4, 2014

February 26, part 4

Oses had the sense to ask Finiuld’s computer for directions to the ship’s control center. When that failed to give us any answers, he asked for the vessel’s schematics. Still nothing. So we were stuck doing it the hard way. We set off to find the way to the ship’s bridge.  I quickly lost my bearings, but Oses seemed to know what he was doing.  It didn’t take me long to figure out he was systematically searching and committing the layout to memory.  I envied him that ability.  Most days I’m happy if I can remember what I ate for breakfast.

As I’d feared, we encountered Tragooms.  Fortunately our commands set off their collars, leaving them writhing, shitting, and squalling all over the floor.  We weren’t complete ass-hats about the situation; after a few seconds we countermanded the pain orders. Nor did Oses go out of his way to kill any of them.  We gave them a chance to run away and leave us alone.  Every last one of them did.  After half a dozen such encounters, any Tragooms we chanced upon didn’t wait around.  They got the hell out of our sight in a hurry.  Word was spreading.

I don’t know if Oses was nearing the end of his rope or simply giddy from our success in breaking free.  However, he seemed as thrilled with seeing Tragooms run from him as he did killing them.  He even snickered from time to time.  At least someone was enjoying our bid for escape.  I was too stressed over the whole thing to take any enjoyment out of it.

It seemed like every wall we passed through brought us to a place where Tragooms were.  As a couple more lumbered through the wall across what appeared to be a storage bay, rushing to get away, I noted, “We should go in another direction.  Those things have phase converters and are everywhere in this part of the ship.”

“Which leads me to believe we are getting closer to the bridge,” Oses said, heading straight for where the Tragooms had exited.  “It seems the Ofetuchans do the same thing with their Tragoom slaves that the Bi’isils do.  They use them for security.”

It turned out he was right.  The next room we entered had no Tragooms, but there were two collared Dantovonians and three Adrafs waiting for us.  The instant we entered, they fell to the floor, as if to worship us.

One Adraf spoke, his speech insanely garbled.  Oses must be a linguist of the highest order to have understood him because he told me, “They beg us to spare them.  They are slaves who run the ship for Glidas.  They fear she will kill them if they do not attempt to stop us, but the Tragooms have told them we command the collars.  They don’t know what to do.”

Oses didn’t wait for me to reply.  He barked out something in his own language instead.  I guess he doesn’t speak Adraf.  I don’t blame him.  I doubt mouths like ours could form such noises.

Fortunately, they understood him as well as he did them.  The group got to their feet, chattering and buzzing away all at once.  Hope lit their alien faces.  One Dantovonian’s segmented face even stretched in a smile.  It wasn’t pretty, but it lifted my heart a touch just the same.

Oses grinned at me.  “They’ll take us to the control center of the ship.  One of them is a navigator.  He says a Kalquorian destroyer is not far away, perhaps only two days’ journey behind us.  It may be one of our transport’s escorts because it’s been close since we left Xnicktix.”

My heart really leapt to hear that.  At the same time, I felt suspicion.  Were we really going to be rescued?  I kept thinking it had to be some kind of a trap.

Yet there was no subterfuge that I could detect on our new friends’ faces.  Their cautious hope was turning into real joy as they showed us the way to the ship’s bridge.

Word apparently spread fast, because there were cheers sounding through the walls before we stepped onto the bridge.  The bedlam that greeted us when we did get to the vessel’s control center was something else. 

An Isetacian was literally climbing the walls, his six legs adhering to the shining surfaces like a fly.  A couple more Dantovonians hopped on their froggy-like hind legs.  Four brightly-furred Joshadans ran right up to Oses, jabbering happily and patting his muscled legs.  He wasted no time in bowing deeply to the sapphire, emerald, citrine, and ruby fluffs of fur.

I had no more than conversational Kalquorian under my belt and damned little of that.  I could only stand by while Oses spoke to the collared bridge crew.  After a few minutes of what must have been him telling them all of how we were now free (they kept interrupting him to shout, cheer, and bounce about), he apparently got them to do more helpful functions.  Everyone suddenly hurried to stations that looked much like Finiuld’s desk-controller without the phasing.  Oses continued to talk as they worked feverishly.  Occasionally he was answered by someone.

After a couple minutes of this, the Nobek turned to me in triumph.  “There is a destroyer nearby, and its identification marks belong to one of our transport’s escorts.  I’m having them de-activate the ship’s phasing so that we can be detected. Then we’ll com a message.  We’re changing our heading to meet them.”

“How far away is it?” I asked.

“If the destroyer matches us at top speed, we’ll meet up tomorrow.”  Oses grabbed me in an impetuous hug.  “We’re almost out of this, Shalia.  Everything is going to be all right.”

“There are no other Ofetuchan ships?” I asked, killjoy that I am.

“According to this crew, no.  The vessel was scheduled to meet up with others for a party in three days.”  Oses’ grin lit up his dark face.  “We will not be attending.”

“Thank God,” I breathed.

One of the Joshadans spoke up.  Oses answered.  Then, joy of joys, a deep voice came over the com, speaking in the staccato Kalquorian language I recognized.  The captive crew cheered wildly once more.

Oses and this other Kalquorian conversed for some time once things settled down again.  It was only then that I finally began to really relax.  We were going home to our transport.  Our time in purgatory was nearly at an end.

Oses wrapped up his conversation.  “They are coming as quickly as possible,” he told me.  “Captain Zemos is nearly beside himself with excitement that we have captured an Ofetuchan ship.  Studying the technology of a race that was more legend than reality is going to make our scientists extremely happy.”

“I’m delighted we have been of service,” I commented drily.  “I’m so glad I signed on for this.”

Oses laughed, but there was a note of pain to match my own.  “Yes, you’ll have to demand hazard pay from the fleet.  Mother of All, we all deserve to be rich after what we’ve been through.”

“Fuck rich,” I said.  “Let’s just get back to the transport.”

“Yes, my Matara.” 

Oses froze and his mostly happy expression dropped away.  He stared at me.  “I’m going to have to stop calling you that now that we’re about to be rescued.”

His expression turned sad for an instant.  As relieved as I was for our hell to end, I too experienced a pang of loss.  Our temporary clanship was at an end.  I no longer belonged to Oses. 

Since I was too wrung out to offer meaningless consolation, I went for distraction instead.  “We should release the others from their containments.”

Oses straightened.  “Yes, we should.  It’s too bad the phase device is tuned to me and not you.  I hate to leave the bridge.”

“Can’t you keep in communication with the crew while we’re setting everyone free?”

“I can.  Still—”  His brow creased with concern as he looked at the happy denizens flying the ship towards the destroyer.

“You don’t want to leave anything to chance when we’re so close to rescue,” I finished for him.

He nodded.  “I keep feeling like things are going to go wrong any second now.”

I glanced around at the bridge crew, all of whom jabbered, hugged each other, and smiled with huge smiles on their faces even as tears streaked down.  “I think this gang is as determined to be set free as we are.  At the very least, the Joshadans are supposed to be completely trustworthy.  But there should be something set up so the Tragooms can’t access the bridge.”

Oses spoke to the crew.  The ruby-furred Joshadan answered him, waving his tiny hands in glad dismissal.  Oses turned to me.

“Glidas and Finiuld never gave any of the Tragooms access to the bridge.  The bastards are too opportunistic to be trusted around the ship’s controls, even with the collars on.  They can’t get in here to change our course or take over.”

I linked my arm in his.  “Then shall we set the others free?”

Oses nodded, though his reluctance was still obvious.  “Yes, I suppose we should.”

I too was hesitant about leaving the bridge.  I was pretty sure of the crew.  They had confirmed Glidas and Finiuld were the only two Ofetuchans on board. Yet I felt the same superstitious concerns as Oses ... that the instant we turned our backs, it would all go to shit.  Still, I couldn’t stand the thought of the others sitting in their cages, waiting to hear if they had finally been released.  Had I been in their place, every second would have been a lifetime.  It was too cruel to leave them there.

I guess Oses felt the same way, because he relented.  We made the trek back to that horrid room where we’d been kept caged.  Our fellow prisoners went wild with joy when we told them Finiuld and Glidas were dead and a Kalquorian destroyer was on its way.  The Plasian wept, as she had done almost continuously since I’d first laid eyes on her.  When Oses led her out of her habitat, she simply stood with her bronze-furred head bowed, crying and crying.  She didn’t speak.  Heaven only knows if her mind will recover from whatever horrors she’d borne.

We left the Tragoom in his cage, though Oses did inform him he and the others would be left unharmed on a planet or space station friendly to their kind ... as long as they behaved themselves.  The big critter simply shrugged his boulder shoulders and turned away.

We knew there were other containment areas on the ship, but since none of those prisoners knew their good fortune, Oses made the decision to not tell them until the destroyer reached them. 

“For one thing, we don’t know their mental states,” he told the rest of us.  “It could be they’ve become dangerous from insanity.  Let them learn the happy news when we can take them off this cursed ship for good.”

The rest who were capable of doing so agreed.  I was the most hesitant of the group to do so, though I could understand Oses’ point.  It made sense to wait.

We trooped back to the bridge, where all continued to be well.  Our companions were greeted by the crew with more cheers.  Two of the Joshadans immediately began to comfort and fuss over the Plasian, making soothing cooing noises.  She even smiled through her tears at them.

I noted Oses immediately confirmed our heading and checked in with the captain of the oncoming destroyer, a Dramok named Zemos.  Nothing had gone terribly wrong in our absence, and I started to breathe easier.  It seemed we were going to make it.

I wanted to join in on the happiness of the rest, but with rescue on the horizon I was simply too tired.  All that adrenaline left me in a hurry.  After a couple of hours of the others trading stories, which Oses translated for me, I felt like I might pass out.

“I need to sleep,” I told him.  “I’m out on my feet.”

He looked me over and pulled me close.  “Are you sure that’s all it is?” he asked worriedly.  “You seem paler than usual.”

I smiled at him, my protector and hero.  “Too much excitement and I’m crashing hard from it.  I just want to find a nice soft bed and snooze for a few hours.”

Oses nodded.  He told the rest of the crew that we were going to sleep.  One of the Joshadans kindly directed us to a guest room, which he said he would place security buffers around, much like the ones that kept the Tragooms off the bridge.  With many thanks, we left our fellow escapees to continue their celebration.

With that unerring instinct of his, Oses found the safeguarded room, which appeared to be clean though not recently used.  All the floating trays were bare but for one single vase with a dark purple bloom.  There were no control desks like in Finiuld’s quarters.  I didn’t notice much else except that the bed was small for a human.  I didn’t care.  It would be fine for me to curl up in a little ball, which was my preferred way to sleep anyway. 

I climbed into the bed and Oses snuggled up against me, spooning me against his strong body.  I had the last thought that his ass was probably hanging off the edge of the bed and then I was instantly asleep.