Thursday, July 3, 2014

February 20, part 3

Oses grinned, showing me his fangs.  “I will even suffer if that pleases you.  I can take plenty of abuse.  I like pain.”

For heaven’s sake, he was as bad as me.  “Good boy,” I said.  “I’m going to tie your arms, and you will let me.”


As I crawled upward, my body moving over his as I went, I had an idea.  “You will eat my pussy while I tie you up.”

“Thank you, my Matara.”  Oses’ voice was an excited whisper.

I knelt over his face, grasping one of his wrists as I did so.  I lowered down, watching as my sex descended to his mouth.  His expression was eager, sending a stab of delight through me.  Having a man look at me with such want is always a turn-on. 

“Yes!  Shove your cunt in his face.”

Finiuld’s voice kind of took the arousal out of the situation.  I don’t know why I did what I did next.  It should have been asking for trouble.  However, with Oses putting himself at my mercy and me feeling the strength of it, I wasn’t in the mindset of anyone telling me what to do.  Not even the little shithead who had the power of life and death over us.

I paused and looked over my shoulder up at the ledge where Finiuld perched.  In a voice that stated ‘don’t-fuck-with-me’ I said, “He will serve me as I wish.  I am in control here. You stay out of it.”

I saw surprise cross Finiuld’s face. Even more shocking, I saw acceptance.  Next to him, Glindas, the green-haired woman who had been so disgusted with me, looked smug and satisfied.

I had a realization then.  It was the Ofetuchan women who were in control of their society, not the men.  I should have figured it out from their earlier conversation, but I can be a bit thick at times.  Particularly when I’m viewed more as a zoo exhibit and under the constant threat of torture.  I think I can be excused for not catching on a little more quickly.

Hoping I wasn’t pushing my luck, I told the Little Creep, “Do not interrupt me again.  This Kalquorian has some lessons to learn.”

Not waiting to see if Finiuld was going to freak out on me for putting him in his place, I returned my attention to Oses.  “How am I doing?” I whispered.

“Just give me that damned pussy,” he grinned.  “Stop stalling.”

“Did you just make a demand on me?  I think it’s time you learned better.”

With that, I sat on his face.  I ground my pussy against his lips and dug in.  It’s a wonder the man could breathe the way I crammed my sex against his face.  I rubbed against him and moaned as my insides lit up.

Making happy sounds, Oses licked and kissed my flesh.  Oh, that rough tongue felt so good as it moved against tender parts.  It took me a few seconds to remember I needed to tie him up.

“That’s it.  Eat that pussy,” I gasped as I wound the cord around his wrist.  Remembering how the men in my love life always took care, I made sure I didn’t tie the knot so tight that it would cut off Oses’ circulation.

My gorgeous man-toy obeyed me with a will that I can only be amazed at.  His mouth was a thing of brilliance as he pleasured me.  I was flooding him with juices, rewarding his astounding work.  He made a lot of noise, sucking and slurping, and of course snatching a desperate breath here and there.  I kept having to remind myself to lift up from time to time so I didn’t smother Oses.  He later told me it would have been a wonderful way to die.

It felt like it took me an hour just to tie that Nobek’s wrists.  To say I kept getting distracted was putting it lightly.  My insides quivered and shook under the sweet assault of his mouth on me.  Damn, Oses was talented.  He should have had a Ph.D. in cunnilingus.  It was insane.

Even after I finally had his hands helpless, I couldn’t tear myself away right off to tie his ankles.  I squatted there over his face, feeling that wicked tongue make me a happy Shalia.  Heat was a weight in my gut, and sizzling sparks seemed to fly from my clit when he mouthed me there.  My body quaked with excitement.  Have I mentioned Oses was really good at this?

I finally made myself draw away.  Oses looked up at me with such want, it nearly stole my breath.  “More,” he begged.

His plea reminded me that I had the power.  I could do whatever I wanted with this man.  I also wasn’t sure what to do with him.

Well, we’d made a pretty good start.  I thought I’d come up with something new by the time I got Oses’ ankles tied.

I was right.  No sooner had I bound my Nobek up nice and helpless when I got an idea.  However, I didn’t want to go too far ... a notion that seemed almost laughable given the big hulking body that was mine to command.  Even bound, Oses looked as eternal and unassailable as the stone heads of Easter Island.  I had a vision of him erupting from the platform, the cords shredding like confetti as he pulled free.  No way those ties could really hold him.

I crawled up his body, slinking like I knew what I was doing and held all the cards.  I purposely let his cocks trace down my torso as I slunk over him.  Oses watched me come, his gaze dark and excited.

“You like pain?” I whispered so only he could hear.

His cocks jerked against my stomach.  “Oh, yes,” he breathed.  “Will you give it to me?”

I nodded.  “I will.  This is going to sound stupid since I doubt I can really do much damage to you, but I want you to let me know if things get out of hand.  You can say sholt for me like I do for you.”

I have to give Oses credit.  He didn’t laugh at me telling him to let me know if little ol’ me caused big, bad him too much pain.  He simply nodded and said, “Yes, my Matara.”

I must note here that I really wasn’t into dealing out punishment.  Oses’ body excited me, and even having it tied up so I could enjoy it to distraction was a pretty hot idea.  However, I had something of a squeamish reaction to doing to him what I liked done to me.  Just ordering him around had felt awkward.  I really wasn’t cut out to dominate.

However, Oses was definitely excited.  I was determined to see what I could do to make him continue to enjoy this bizarre situation we were in.

My avenues of punishment seemed few.  I didn’t have a paddle or strap to hit Oses with.  Spanking him barehanded was out of the question since he was tied down on his back.  Besides, I would have hurt my hand long before I’d made an impression on his tough hide.  No, I was going to have to be creative.

I backed up so that I straddled his lower abdomen, just above where his cocks curved.  Feeling their hot slickness against my ass was delightful.  Sitting thusly, I stretched out over Oses’ body, putting my hands on his shoulders.  I hooked my fingers into claws and dragged my nails down his torso, all the way to the bottom of his ribs.  Thin streaks of red appeared on his skin in their wake, marking him.

His reaction was immediate.  He yelled out, and his hips jerked towards the ceiling, bouncing me.  His cocks jerked too.  His eyes glazed a little, and a slight smile touched his lips.

“You like that,” I said.  It was not a question.

“Harder, my Matara,” Oses groaned.  “Please.”

I did it again, digging in a bit more.  This time, a few of the streaks emitted tiny droplets of blood.  Oses’ heels drummed against the surface of the platform as he shouted, “Yes!  Harder, I beg you!”

I was glad he liked it so much, but this was edging into my personal squidgy limits.  However, I raked his torso again, drawing real blood this time.  Oses howled.

“Now fuck me while you’re doing that!”

I slapped him lightly on the jaw. “I command, not you,” I reminded him in a voice firmer than the slap had been. 

To drive home that point, I pinched his nipples harder than I wanted to, but not so hard I thought I would leave bruises.  Oses loved that.  His fangs came down and he writhed beneath me.  It was like trying to ride a bucking bronco.

“I’m sorry, my Matara.  I forgot myself.  Please, please, fuck me.”

I almost did, simply because I wanted to screw more than I wanted to hurt Oses.  I am definitely not geared for that kind of thing, it turns out.  Yet I wouldn’t be in control if I gave in.  I still wanted to enjoy a little of that aspect.  Awkward or not, I kind of liked it a little.

I slapped his chest in admonishment several times.  Those granite pectoral muscles seemed like a safe place to hit, where I couldn’t cause any damage.  “I don’t want to fuck you right now.  I want you to listen.  I want you to obey me, Nobek.”

Oses groaned and made himself go still.  “Yes, my Matara.  I beg your forgiveness.  I am not submitting as I should.”

“No, you’re not.”  I gave him a severe look.  “I am not pleased.  I may decide to withhold orgasm for your misbehavior.”

Oses’ eyes widened at that threat.  His dangerous expression suddenly had me ready to ask for forgiveness myself. 

But I was supposed to dominate him.  I swallowed back my fear and gave him a fierce glare of my own.

For a wonder, the big, bad Nobek surrendered, his fierce demeanor easing.  “If that is what my Matara wishes, then all I want is to please her.  Do with me as you will.”

I had the urge to be nice to him because he was obviously trying so hard.  I knew how difficult it was for Oses to hand over control, and that he did so out of love for me.  However, I had to command respect and keep this brute in his place.  I had to play the part of having the upper hand.  I had to own him.

Sounding as steely as I could, I said, “I fully intend to have you the way I want.  Do not test me again.”

His eyes widened again, but this time the tiniest hint of a smile lifted one corner of his lips.  I felt his cocks jerk against my backside.  “Yes, my Matara,” he whispered.

I gave his nipples another harsh pinch, just to drive home the point.  Oses caught his breath.  His eyes darkened.  Yep, he liked pain.  I might not have been a fan of dealing it out, but as long as he liked it...

I leaned forward and sucked one pebbled brown nipple into my mouth.  Oses writhed and moaned.  I seized the hard tip between my teeth and applied pressure.  He yelled in unrestrained delight.

I moved to the other nipple, abusing it as much as I could without getting that ‘yuck’ feeling in my gut.  Oses responded with more enthusiasm.

Feeling that beast beneath me, straining and eager, had good things happening inside.  I was ready to step up Oses’ torment and my pleasure.

I sat up.  Looking into that eager face, I said, “I am going to fuck you, the way I like.  You will not come until I tell you.  If I tell you.”

There was a flash of that dangerous look again, but it lasted only a moment.  “Yes, my Matara,” was what Oses said.

It was amazing to realize how much alike he and I were.

I arranged myself so that I was poised over his cocks.  Damn, I was ready to have him.  Being in control was giving me options I hadn’t had before.

I grabbed his smaller prick.  “So hard.  Hot and wet,” I breathed, rubbing it from base to tip.  Oses went rigid all over.  “I’m going to start with this one.  I’m going to fuck this cock until I come.  Are you going to be a good boy and make me happy?”

The Nobek’s response came out in a groan.  “Yes, my Matara.”

“That’s right.”  I positioned him to enter me.  “You’re going to serve me so that I feel good.  I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to lie there and take it.”

I slid down on him, absorbing him into myself.  His larger cock rubbed up and over my clitoris.  A galvanizing bolt of elation shot through me.  A lilting whimper left my throat.  The sound seemed to affect Oses.  His hands clenched into fists.

This, I liked.  I liked it a lot.

I braced my hands against Oses’ chest, leaning forward to keep that sweet contact between my clit and his larger prick.  I eased my hips forward, feeling not only that bright hotness on the most sensitive bit of my flesh, but also the luscious sensation of hard man slipping through me.  My head fell back and I closed my eyes to shut out all but that wondrous feeling.

My pussy was on the point of releasing its prisoner when I paused, enjoying the moment of anticipation before reclaiming him.  Then I moved back, my pussy swallowing the cock a little at a time, claiming it, making it mine.  My sheath gave a muscular spasm, tightening around what I had made my property.  Mine, to use as I chose. 

I rocked back and forth, letting my passion grow slowly, feeling every nuanced tingle that delighted my flesh.  I was aware of the chest beneath my hands rising and falling quicker in response to my motions.  I felt the heart within thundering.  I heard Oses’ gasps and the tiny uncontrollable motions his excited body made as he lay helpless beneath me.  But mostly I felt one cock filling me and the other rubbing with delightful friction, coaxing me to pleasure.

I moved faster, chasing that spiraling climb to ecstasy.  I felt my breasts swing back and forth as I moved, and I wished Oses’ hands were on them, squeezing and pinching, offering the heady torment I loved so well.  It would have been the perfect counterpoint to the rising pleasure.  A few slaps too.  His mouth covering mine, his demanding tongue filling my mouth, tasting my rising cries as the fire in my core burned brighter, brighter, overwhelming me, lighting up my entire being from within...

I rode the quicksilver trail of passion, rutting hard against my grunting plaything, the convulsions of my pussy squeezing him as I fed on climax.  I fucked that cock for my pleasure and my pleasure alone, taking without a thought for giving back.  This was for me.  This was mine.  I drank it in greedily to the very last drop of delight.

I sat back and looked down on the man beneath me.  Oses’ fists were still clenched.  His eyes were glazed, and his mouth wide open as he gasped.  His fangs were down, and his chest moved like bellows.  A delicious droplet crowned the tip of his larger cock.

A rumble of renewed want shuddered through my gut.  I was not done with him.  Not by a long shot.

I eased upward, releasing Oses from my trembling pussy.  He stared up at me, his face working with need.  He didn’t speak, however.  He didn’t need to.  He begged me with his eyes.

I felt a stab of guilt for what I was doing to him.  I even felt bad that I was about to do more.  I looked forward to it too, though.  Maybe I’ve got something of a sadist in my personality after all.

I bent to lick that sweet drop of pre-cum from his cock.  I moaned in delight at the flavor, and he groaned in answer.  Oses smelled too damned good to not taste even more.  I sucked on the juices lubricating his prick, noting how the veins stood out on it.  He was so ready for me.

I was ready too.

I crouched over him again, and his eyes lit up.  I was going to fuck him, and he was eager.  Too eager.  I would have to remind him of his place.

I grabbed his jaw and leaned close.  “You will not come without permission, Nobek.  Do you hear me?”

Between clenched teeth, Oses said, “Yes, my Matara.  I will obey.”

I’d have to trust him on that, because if he misbehaved, I had no clue how I would punish him for it.  Dominating was certainly harder than it had looked from a submissive point of view.

I filled myself with Oses again, this time taking cocks in pussy and ass.  Nice and full, just the way that makes my hair stand on end.  Damn, I love Kalquorians and their double pricks.

I started slow again, enjoying the feeling of my Nobek sliding in and out of me, rubbing all the good stuff inside.  Propped with one hand against his chest, I played with my breasts with the other, both for my own enjoyment and for Oses’ torment.  After a little while, I rubbed my clit too.  My sighs filled the air as passion built once more.

When my fingers were coated in cream, I shoved them in Oses’ mouth for him to lick clean.  He did so, his tongue wrapping all around my fingers to catch every drop of me.

“What do you say?” I demanded as I pulled the clean digits away.

“Thank you, my Matara,” he whispered.  His cocks jerked inside me.

I slapped his jaw, more to get his attention than to hurt him.  “You better not come.  I mean it, Oses.”

“I will not come until you say I can,” he answered.  He got a determined look on his face, as if accepting a challenge to a duel.  What the hell, that’s essentially what it was.

“You’d better not.”

I started fucking Oses in earnest.  I rode that man for everything I could get.  I fucked him and the orgasms rolled in.  I took and I took and I took.  Some climaxes were monumental earthquakes, rumbling through me until I thought I might fall apart.  Some were slow and sweet, like gentle waves lapping at the shore.  Some were explosions, bursting forth to send me into annihilation.  

Between them, I told Oses to not come yet.  I smacked his chest in warning when I thought he might lose control.  Beneath my demanding body, he shuddered and tensed, fighting to remain in command of his needs.  His tendons stood out in glaring relief against sweat-soaked skin.  His teeth clenched with effort.  He was beautiful in his agony.

I fucked him until I was too sore to enjoy myself anymore.  I leaned down and kissed Oses’ lips, bleeding where he’d bitten them.

“Good boy.  My wonderful, amazing Oses.  My Nobek.  You may come now,” I whispered.

His scream shattered the air as he let go at long last.  My ears rang in protest against that wall of sound.  I felt him pulse hugely within me, releasing in a flood.

Then he lay gasping, shattered, his eyes rolling.  “Fuck,” he whispered over and over.  “Fuck.”

Yeah, that pretty much summed it up. 

I managed to untie Oses before my strength failed.  I lay down on top of him and sighed as his arms wrapped around me.  I heard what sounded like cheers and applause in the distance.  I remembered Finiuld and his guests and did not care.  I drifted, finding shelter once more in the arms of my Nobek and tried not to think about what might happen to us next.


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