Monday, May 12, 2014

February 9

Another night of dancing.  We gals are officially addicted to the activity.  I guess we’d better get in all of it that we can, since Kalquorians don’t dance.  I plan to lodge a complaint against the Empire, ha-ha.  Dance lessons for everyone, especially the Nobeks. Hey, maybe they’ll build us a dance club at the complex if we whine enough.

More of our fellow Earther women showed up at the club after they heard how much fun we had.  I think we’ve started a fad.  If the whole contingent doesn’t go to the club tonight, even if it’s just to watch, I’ll be shocked. 

Little Creep was nowhere to be seen, thank goodness.  It figures; I reported him to Oses yesterday.  Of course the freak would make a liar out of me by not continuing to stalk.  That’s okay.  I hope I never see him again.

When I described him to Oses, my big, bad Nobek frowned.  “It sounds a little like a rare species known as the Ofetuch,” he said.

“Rare?” I asked.  “Like Kalquorian-extinction rare?”

“Not quite.  I say ‘rare’ simply because the Ofetuch are hardly ever seen.  I couldn’t tell you the first thing about their race,” Oses said.  He looked disturbed.

“I guess they’re not much of a threat then,” I said.

He shrugged.  “Not to us, at least not as a species.  To be honest, I thought they were just a legend, the kind of thing you scare young, naughty Nobeks with.”

I stared at him.  “Seriously?  Like the Earther bogey man?”

“I’m not familiar with the story of the bogey man.  However, the Ofetuchans can supposedly make themselves invisible and snatch people away.  Some stories even say the Ofetuchans like to take children and swallow their souls.”  Oses snorted.  “Like I said, the kind of story you tell to make bad boys behave.”

I arched a brow at him.  “Don’t you dare tell my child any such tales.”

He chuckled.  “Of course not.”

The ridiculousness of the story made me wish I hadn’t said anything about Little Creep.  “It was probably my imagination that I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye.  I was nervous about going dancing and maybe running into Bi’isils, Tragooms, or Earthers.  With that kind of stress, the mind can play tricks.”

Oses nodded.  “Perhaps.  Still, I’d be remiss in not looking into it.  I’ll file a report and then see what I can find out about the Ofetuchans.  Plus I’ll check around for anyone who’s seen a creature fitting the description you gave me.”

I stroked his face.  “I didn’t mean to give you extra work.  Are you still going to visit the station with me?”

“As soon as possible, though not as soon as I’d hoped.  We’re recharging the ship’s blaster banks, and regulations demand I supervise that.  One of our power storage units has a short, which keeps draining the energy.  I also have to supervise that repair.”

“That’s what you get for being so important,” I teased.  He scowled.

It’s nice to know that our date being delayed time after time has him miffed.  I like being important to the big guy.  Meanwhile, there’s always dancing to keep me occupied until Oses can come out and play. 


  1. I think I' m in love, Oses is so cute and super hot but Little Creep kinda makes the hair on my arms stand up.
    Great post.

  2. Ok I think I might know what's going to happen but I really hope it doesn't really enjoying the series :) :)

  3. Its too bad Oses and Betra cant hook up with a Dramok to make a clan. It doesnt say that clanmates have to be sexually involved so maybe it could work? Im gonna be bummed if the next couple installments have Shalia getting heisted off the ship! :) but Im sure someone is about to have a close encounter of the creepy kind!

  4. I think the Ofetuchan wants Shalia so he can steal her baby. I also think he is the one causing the short in the ship's blasters tanks.

  5. I don't want to cut Shalia's fun short but I think she needs to put herself in Oses' pocket and stay put. there is soooo many red flags on this shore leave that its giving me the creeps too. Shalia is a trouble magnet and I think Oses needs to see there is a problem. How could she describe an ofetuchan straight out of Kalquorian folk lore to keep bad children good.
    emarchese, I think you're right tanks just don't drain on their own there has to be a reason and it doesn't sound like a "normal" defect.

  6. Oh Marcy I agree with you that she need to stick super close to Oses,but if she gets taken I am sure Oses will find her and I have a feeling Oses can track Shalia some how. Man the next few posts are going to be good.