Thursday, May 1, 2014

February 7

Woohoo, shore leave, here I come!

It turns out Oses won’t be able to meet up with me today.  He’s got to work the shift, so I don’t have my big, bad Nobek to keep me safe.  However, Betra is accompanying our group to Xniktix, so I’m feeling pretty good about things.  He even told Candy, Katrina, and me he’d escort us to the dance club.  He has stated flatly, however, that he does not dance.

“Let me maintain some dignity, ladies,” he sighed when we tried to talk him into shaking that fine butt with us.  “Other Kalquorians from this ship will go to the club, simply because we enjoy watching the various women that will be there.  We do not dance, however, except in demonstration of some ancient tribal rituals.  I will never hear the end of it if I join you on the floor.”

Katrina fixed him with a steely stare.  “You would bow to peer pressure, Betra?  Are you that insecure about how others see you?”  She sounded just like a lecturing mom.

He shrugged.  “Yes.”

With that, he refused to discuss the issue any further.  Betra won’t dance with us.  Period. 

As a joke, I brought it up to Oses that maybe he would like to show off some moves.  The weapons commander looked at me as if I’d just suggested he take out his cocks and wave them around in public.  He didn’t say a word, just stared.  Well, excuse me.  I guess Kalquorians really don’t like to dance.

Wallflower Kalquorians aside, we are looking forward to trying out some of the moves we’ve learned by watching the feeds from the dance club.  Candy is really, really good.  She looks like sex incarnate when she dances.  The Plasians, who have the steps we like to emulate most, are going to be blown away by her.  Katrina is not bad either, though she is a little self-conscious.

“I’m not exactly a young woman,” she sighed.  “I feel like I’m trying to pass myself off as one.  I don’t want to be totally ridiculous.”

“Stop worrying,” I advised.  “It’s all about having fun, right?  So have fun and to hell with what anyone else thinks.  Besides, how many of these people are you going to see again?”

“Just all the Kalquorians on our ship,” she snorted, but she did relax after that.  After all the carrying on she’s done with our alien fellas, I can’t see what Katrina has to worry about.

They tell me I’m pretty good at dancing too, not that I care.  Dancing like the aliens do is a blast.  You just sway to the beat for the most part, doing what makes you feel good and even sexy.  I’ve learned a few moves that translated as pretty darned fierce when it comes to naughty play.  Betra sure didn’t complain the other night. 

I’m all ready, and the first shuttle scheduled to go to the station leaves in half an hour.  All our group will be on it ... I think.  Katrina commed me to say Candy was still freaking out over what to wear. 

“Avoid her.  That’s what I’m doing,” Katrina advised.  “Otherwise, she’ll rope us in to go over her outfit choices and we’ll never get out of here.”

She’s right.  Candy gets a little crazy over stuff like this.  She’s been trying to decide what to wear since we found out about our field trip. 

For now, I’ve kept it simple with a short-sleeved blouse and a knee-length skirt.  They’re pretty, a black-and-emerald ensemble, but the outfit isn’t as racy as what the majority of the club-goers wear.  In fact, I’m overdressed, though it’s the most salacious clothing I possess.  The plan is that we’ll see if anyone in the market has clothes for sale that we Earthers can wear and blend in with the crowd.  Yep, I’m ready to spend some of my Kalquorian allowance.  I can’t imagine that I will wear as little as what some do – the Plasians in particular might as well be running around naked in some cases – but I do want something that says not-repressed-Earther.  I don’t want to look like I’m ringing the dinner bell either though.  Can someone be modest and sexy at the same time?

This is so exciting!  I feel like a little girl going to her first circus.


  1. Yay!!! I can't wait to read what they get up too in the dance club, or the outfit Shalia finds to wear.

    1. I'm right there withintoMichelle. What kind of mischief will the girls get into that Betra and /or Oses have to get them out of.
      Well what ever they get into it might work in our favor in getting the guys together. ;•D

  2. I sense trouble & drama for Shalia in the very near future

  3. Personally, I would go with low clevage if I were shopping. Going clubbing is always fun. I am so glad these ladies are getting to let their hair down.

  4. I cant wait to read about the club and I hope Shalia finds something sexy to change in to and lets see if the girls get Betta to dance we know he has moves in the bedroom, so he shouldn't have any problems in the dance floor!!

  5. I can't wait to see what happens on their shore leave!

  6. So much fun! Come on Monday! I think Betra will be VERY protective of his wards, especially Shalia! I think he's already quite attached to her whether he admits it or not (in love even).