Monday, May 19, 2014

February 10, later

I’m no prognosticator, but I’m willing to make a prediction:  our last night on the space station will be amazing.  Why?  Because I am going out with two, count ‘em, TWO Kalquorian men. 

Oses stopped by to say he’s finally going to get to take some shore leave.  As we were about to go over our options for fun, Betra showed up. 

“Mine tonight,” Oses said with a grin, putting a possessive arm around me.  “Unless you wish to join us, you’re flying solo my Imdiko friend.”

I expected Betra to say no thanks and leave.  Instead, he considered for a moment before asking, “Can you keep your hands off me, Commander?”

Oses blinked, apparently as surprised as I was.  “I can.  I assume you want me to keep everything else off you as well.”

Betra snorted.  “Yes, that would be most appreciated.  I was hoping to show Shalia the underwater forest tonight.  I thought the environment would be an interesting place to, um, play.”

Oses grinned hugely.  “An underwater forest, eh?  You realize the Alneusians will want to watch and study.”

Betra shrugged.  “I have no problem with that.”  He looked at me with a lecherous smile.  “Alneusians are fascinated by terrestrial beings.  They have a standing invitation for non-water sentients to frolic in their environments so they can research our behaviors.  The chance for them to study an Earther female is one that they won’t want to miss.”

“You want me to fuck you two in front of an audience?”  My eyebrow was arched so high I felt like it met my hairline.

The two men nodded and leered.



“You know I can hold my breath for only so long, right?”  I scowled at the Horny Duo.

“You won’t have to.  We’ll wear oxygen extractor helmets.  They pull air from the water,” Betra explained.

He wiggled all over like an excited puppy.  Oses continued to look his usual dark and dangerous self, but his smile stretched from ear to ear.  What a pair they were. 

“These Alneusians ... they aren’t going to want to join in, are they?” I asked.

Oses shook his head.  “They aren’t equipped for sex with our kind.  They see us more as research subjects anyway.  We aren’t very attractive to them from the standpoint of lust.”

“They won’t even touch you,” Betra confirmed.  “They’ll stay out of sight too, to make sure they don’t compromise our activities.  If you thought the zero-g environment was fun, you’ll love the underwater forest aquarium on this station.”

Oses uttered a hair-raising laugh.  “Especially if the Alneusians populated it with their native foliage.”

Betra grinned at him.  “Oh, they did.  I checked.  The orfica ferns and atabetin tubers are in season.”

“By the ancestors.  I’m glad you stopped by to let us know.  I’m going whether Shalia wants to or not.”

Oses’ enthusiasm had me wondering what was so great about Alneusian plants.  He wasn’t the gardening type, as far as I knew.  Plus he was willing to go into this aquarium alone?  Maybe the foliage was intoxicating like a Kalquorian’s bite. 

Sex in an underwater forest.  It did sound interesting.  I narrowed my eyes at the pair.  “You guys like being watched, don’t you?” I guessed.

Betra reddened, but he said, “It can be exciting.”

Oses looked him up and down.  “Imdiko, I didn’t know you had that side to you.”

“Don’t start on me, Oses.  I’m willing to share Shalia, but you know I’m not entirely comfortable with you being a part of this.”

“Fine, but don’t ask me not to look.  Especially now since I know you like that part.”

Betra rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to me.  “What do you think, Shalia?” 

I threw my hands up in mock surrender.  “I’m not going to say no to having both of you, especially when it sounds so exotic.  Let’s do it.”

The two of them beamed.  “Make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting wet,” Oses advised me.  “Even out of the water, Alneusian environments are high in humidity.”

“I guess I need to shop for a bathing suit,” I said.  “Darn, shopping again?  The awful things I have to do for you guys.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed how much you hate to shop,” Betra snickered.  “I’m surprised you have any funds left.”

I blew a raspberry at him.  I turned to Oses.  “Did you ever find anything out about my little creep?”

“The Ofetuchan?”  The Nobek shook his head.  “The station did report one of their ships docking here a few months ago, so they aren’t just legend after all.  The description corresponded to the creature you saw.  However, there are supposedly none here or anywhere in Adraf space that anyone knows of.  They may have cloaking technology, which would allow them to move about as they please with no one the wiser.”

“Did you let the station know I saw one?” I asked.

“Of course, but Adrafs don’t care who shows up in their space as long as no hostile action is taken against their dominion.  They recorded the sighting.  That’s as far as it went.”

Betra grimaced.  “It’s not as if the one you saw threatened you, after all.”

“No, he just stared and smiled at me.”  I shivered.  That damned thing had looked so evil.  At least I knew I hadn’t been seeing things.

Oses patted my shoulder.  “I have put an alert on our transport and informed our escorts of the creature’s undue interest in you.  Just keep an eye out when you’re on the station and com one of us if you run into any problems.”

Betra nodded.  “We leave tomorrow, so I doubt you’ll find trouble before we’re gone.”

I guess my liaison forgot he was talking to Shalia Monroe.


  1. *pouts* Tracyyyyyy. Whined piteously, another cliffhanger? Love you but you are killing me. Soooo can't wait until Thursday. Awesome entry !!!!! Still killing me though!!!

  2. Well, if I know Shalia. She will manage to get kidnapped, set the space station on fire or cause some kind of intergalatic misunderstanding.

  3. We all know Shalia will get into some kind of trouble but she can't help it shit just happens to her, She is a magnet for it, but that is why I read this every week first thing on Mon & Thurs. :0)
    Keep the wonderful posts coming Tracy we all love them.

  4. Kathy and Rebecca are right. Tracy you have a very evil side to you. Thursday is sooo far away. I'm pouting too. I do like the idea of our boys, together with Shalia this could get interesting. Maybe they can do the oreo cookie style with her and get all up close without touching....... completely. ;•)

  5. You're a mean mean woman, Tracy St. John. Where' a Nobek when you need one to hand out a spanking?

  6. Great post! Finaly, these three get to play together but I won't be satisfied until it happens... you never know what surprises Tracey st. John has for us!!!