Thursday, May 15, 2014

February 10, early

There was no dancing last night but I still had plenty of fun on shore leave, thanks to Betra.

Candy, Katrina, and I showed up at the club last night to find it packed.  I don’t mean just busy; it was stuffed full of people.  We almost couldn’t move.

Betra had accompanied us to the club with the intent of keeping an eye on me.  Oses had forwarded him my incident report with the Little Creep.  Though I’m thinking more and more that I was seeing things, Betra decided it was best to keep tabs on me while I visit the station. 

There was no Little Creep last night, but there were plenty of other aliens in the club, along with a lot of Earther women from the Pussy ‘Porter looking to see what the fuss was about.  A few were on the dance floor, awkwardly trying out moves under the delighted guidance of other patrons. 

“I think the Earther presence has made this the place to be,” Betra yelled.  The crowd noise had necessitated the music be turned up to a thunderous volume.  Even with him shouting, I could barely make out what he said.

“Too crowded!” Candy shouted.  “This isn’t any fun.”

Katrina snapped a nod to show she was in agreement.  We all got out of there to the level’s concourse, where our poor ears basked in the relative quiet.

“There are other dance clubs on this level,” Betra said.  “Even though this one is the highest rated, I’m sure you can find somewhere else to have fun.”

“Right,” Katrina said, ready as ever for a new adventure.  “I’d be interested in seeing some new surroundings.”

“It sounds great,” Candy agreed.  “Are you in, Shalia?”

Before I could answer, Betra said, “Ah, maybe you’d like to check out some other entertainments with me while Mataras Candy and Katrina continue to amaze with their moves?”

That Imdiko’s face was as red as fire when he said that.  I could well imagine the ‘entertainment’ he had in mind ... or at least I thought I could at that particular moment.  Candy and Katrina giggled, and he blushed harder.

I find it hilarious that Betra gets flustered discussing sex in front of others when he is so demanding behind closed doors.  It’s like two different men exist in him.

“I think that’s our cue to leave,” Katrina said with a wink for Candy.  “See you later, Shalia.”

“Bye, Shalia.  See you later, Betra,” Candy snickered, giving our liaison a smirk. 

He refused to look at either of them.  “Have fun, ladies.”

They tripped off, laughing in good-natured fun.  I arched a brow at Betra.

“So what sorts of nefarious activities have you got going?” I asked.

With the other two gone, Betra lost his embarrassment.  He was as eager as a child on Christmas morning.  “You are going to love this,” he said.  “I had planned to pull you out of the club anyway.  Come on, we need to get to the transport.  Where I’m taking you is two levels up.”

So off we went.  As Betra gave the elevator a command in Kalquorian, I noted, “I really need to learn your language.  This thing doesn’t respond to Earther commands.”

He shook his head.  “Your people came here too seldom for the Adrafs to bother with programming.  Plus, you used several different languages.  It’s too much work for too little return.”

The lift’s door opened and Betra took my hand. He tugged me onto that level’s concourse.  “This way.”

After only a few seconds of walking, he led me into a rounded shimmering portal in the wall between a virtual gaming facility and a place where bets are made for various sporting events throughout the galaxy.  Wherever he was taking me, I couldn’t figure out.

A long, green creature I didn’t know the species of stood in the middle of the corridor that we entered through the portal.  I assume it was standing; it had no legs.  It looked like a pole covered in green skin, with long, looping tentacles ... or maybe they were branches? ... coming out of the top.  They wavered and crawled along the ceiling overhead. 

The pole creature stood as steadfast as a tree as it spoke Kalquorian to Betra.  Again, I have to assume when I say it ‘spoke’.  I heard the staccato language coming from its direction, but it had no mouth.  Heck, it had no face with eyes, ears, or nose.  There were no features at all that I could see. 

I try not to be a small-minded Earther, but some other aliens are just too bizarre for me.  They freak me out.

Betra, of course, knew how to act with this strange fellow ... or lady.  He bowed, stared up at some of the branches to the left of the tree pole alien, and answered back.  Then some of the alien’s branches shook, and another shimmery portal opened in the wall to our right.  Betra bowed and pulled me towards the portal.

“This way.  We have about an hour in Earther time.”

“To do what?” I asked.  I stepped through the portal behind Betra and into outer space.

I yelled in terror as I suddenly found myself floating out above a greenish-blue world.  I saw a moon in the distance, along with a fiery sun.  Pinprick stars scattered like glitter on the black velvet of the space around me.

I grabbed Betra and wrapped my arms and legs around his body in panic.  “We’re outside the station!” I screamed.

“Of course we aren’t,” he laughed.  “If we were, we wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.  We’d be dead.”

I realized he was right.  I went from terrified to grouchy in a moment and punched his chest.  “That’s a lousy trick to play on someone,” I said.  “You are such a jerk, scaring me like that!”

A flash of contrition passed over Betra’s face.  “You’re right.  That wasn’t very nice.”  A mischievous smile chased the repentance away.  “You should have seen your face though.”

“Bastard.”  I was already getting over my pique as I stared out at the space around us.  It was pretty cool in all honesty, this illusion of floating in outer space.  “What is this?  That looks like Kalquor below.”

“It’s a zero-g romp room,” he grinned.  “And this is a representation of my home system.  Fun, isn’t it?”

“It is,” I said, finally calm enough to unwrap myself from Betra’s body.  I gave him a gentle push and floated away.  “Yeah, this is fun!  It’s like I’m really flying through space without a shuttle.”

Betra gave a little kick and curled himself into a ball.  He turned over and over, doing flips for my amusement.  I followed suit, feeling more like a goofy kid by the second.  I giggled as Kalquor, the sun, and the unfamiliar moon drifted across my vision in turns.  It was like being a kid.

Even funnier was the way Betra’s long hair drifted around him, rising and falling as if it had a mind of its own.  Every now and again, it stood out straight from his head.  I checked mine.  Sure enough, I had a wild zero-g ‘do of my own.

“Talk about your bad hair days,” I laughed.  “Tell me I still look beautiful.”

“Of course you do,” Betra said.  He kicked and kind of swam towards me.  “Especially when you’re naked.”

“Seriously?” I asked, my eyes widening.  “In here?”

“What else would we do in a room like this?”

“How hard is it going to be to get my clothes back?” I asked, peering uncertainly at the illusion of vast space all around.  “I can’t tell where this room ends.”

“That would ruin the effect.”  Betra reached me and tugged at my dancing dress.  “Come on, a little sense of adventure, please?”

I snickered as he peeled the new stretchy black-and-metallic gold dress off my body.  “Oh yeah, because we haven’t had nearly enough adventure since I left Earth.”

Betra was delighted to find I wore no underclothes beneath my dress.  Of course I hadn’t; the thing was too formfitting to ruin it with panty and bra lines.  I was left wearing only earrings, heels, and a smile.  My dress floated away like some bizarre species of fish.

“Now that’s more like it,” Betra said with a lusty growl.  His hands and mouth latched onto everything they could grab.

“Oh no you don’t,” I smarted off, knowing I was going to get in trouble for it.  I pushed to escape him, hurtling away.  “You can get naked too, buster.”

I didn’t move fast enough in the environment I had no experience with.  Betra grabbed my ankle and hauled me back.  He held me like a running back with a football, my waist cinched tight by his arm curled at his side, with my face pointed behind him.

He spent some time spanking my vulnerable ass in that position.  I flailed and kicked as he delivered punishment for my misbehavior.  With us bobbing about in the middle of space, there was no surface for me to get a purchase on.  Escape was impossible, so I had to accept the spanking until Betra decided I’d gotten what I deserved.  My butt was hotter than our pretend sun when he was done, and it probably shone just as brightly.

“Now then,” Betra said as we floated about.  “Who gives the orders around here?”

“You do,” I whimpered, tears dripping off the end of my nose.  Man, did my tush burn.

“That’s right.  I’d advise you to not forget again.”

He was breathing heavily.  I didn’t have to see his crotch to know Betra was aroused.  He loves being in control when it comes to sex.  My misbehavior had been for his benefit.  It was worth a stinging ass to know I had him going.

So who’s actually in control here, big boy?  Ha-ha.

Betra tugged me upward so that we were face to face.  I knew I had my runny-mascara raccoon face happening, and his eyes darkened as he looked at me.  I felt his erection against my stomach.  Just as I’d suspected, he was hard enough to put a few new impact craters on the Kalquorian moon.  Can I play this man or what?

His mouth crushed against mine, kissing with ferocious passion.  I forgot to breathe under the delicious assault.  By the time Betra broke the kiss, I was dizzy and lightheaded.  This girl wasn’t putting up any more fights, pretend or otherwise.

“Damn, Shalia,” Betra gasped.  “You make me crazy.”

His hand worked between us, freeing his cocks.  Then I found myself spinning down, my head swapping places with my crotch.  I suddenly had a lovely eyeful of The Twins.  They were hard all right, and glistening with that yummy, cinnamon-like lubricant the Kalquorians exude.  It took all I had to not smack my lips in anticipation.

Betra groaned, and I assume it was because of what he had an eyeful of.  “I wish we had a zero-g chamber on the ship,” he said.  “You and I would never leave it.”

“That’s probably why the transport doesn’t have one,” I teased.  “Horny floating Kalquorians can’t fly worth shit.  You’d be crashing into planets left and right.”

He laughed.  “Behave yourself, woman, before I spank you again.  You know what to do.”

I certainly did.  My hands closed around the bases of his pricks, and my lips homed in on the smaller one.  I grinned around my mouthful when Betra yelled and kicked, sending us in a spiral orbit around Kalquor.

His mouth latched onto my pussy.  He licked and sucked my clit hard, and it was my turn to yell and kick.  We wobbled through the faux galaxy, sucking, licking, and slurping our way through the stars.  It probably looked hilarious, but I was too aroused to find any humor in the situation.

There is an amazing freedom to having sex when gravity no longer plays a part.  I needed no support, leaving both hands and mouth free to stroke, lick, kiss, fondle, tease ... everything.  My legs floated apart weightless as Betra feasted on my delighted pussy.  His fingers plunged deep in ass and cunt, making me alternately moan and shriek with ecstasy.  No one’s hair got trapped under the other person.  I didn’t have to shift a thousand times to relieve tired or cramping muscles.  There was no surface that any body part had to lie on, therefore making all flesh easy to touch.  I’m not even sure which of us could have been called ‘upside-down’, because there seemed to be no up or down.  We didn’t have to perform any crazy gymnastics to accommodate our mutual oral pleasuring.  Damn, it was good.

Betra ate pussy and fucked me with his fingers, moaning the entire time.  I sucked cocks until my jaw was sore.  We must have used over half the hour just with that.  I’m proud to say it was the big, bad boy who cried ‘uncle’.

He pushed me away just enough that my clinging mouth lost its delicious mouthful.  “Turn around here,” he said, his voice rumbling low with urgency.  “I’m going to fuck you.”

I twirled in space, ending up face to face ... and more importantly, groin to groin ... with my yummy Imdiko.  My legs wrapped around that entirely too-fine, well-chiseled ass.  I held him tight and rubbed my body up and down against his, letting my clit enjoy the hills of his lower abdomen.  Betra growled and seized my mouth with his for a plunging kiss.  Our flavors mixed:  my slight saltiness with his sweetish-spice.  I made a keening sound.

“Take me,” Betra said, shoving me around so that his cocks aimed for pussy and ass.  His hands gripped my hips in a bruising grip.  His eyes were dark and feral, and for a moment that usually open face looked more Nobek than Oses’. 

He thrust into me hard.  He’d prepared me fairly well with his fingers, but the air still left my lungs in a rush with the sudden impaling.  I cried out.

“Take it,” Betra snarled, pounding his cocks into me.  “Take it.  I’m fucking you, girl.  I’m fucking you, so you take it and you like it.”

I took it all right.  I had no choice, not that I’m complaining.  Heavens no; it made me so excited to be wanted with such passion.

Betra’s upper lip curled back, showing his fangs had descended.  His eyes had gone as dark as the space around us because the pupils had eaten up his purple irises until they were barely slivers.  He stared down at where we joined, where he made us join, his cocks jackhammering into me with inhuman speed.  His hips shuttled back and forth, and his hands on my hips drove me to meet him with each heave.

I was full of cock as only a Kalquorian man can offer.  The girths of Betra’s pricks meant he moved against my inner hotspot with a friction that made me cross-eyed.  Adding to the wondrous chafing was the quickness with which he had me.  His groin also rubbed gorgeously against my clit.  In seconds I squalled like a banshee.  I was climaxing, and I was climaxing hard.

“Yeah.  Yeah, you’re going to fucking come for me.  Do it, Shalia.  Come for me now.”

Boy, did I ever.  I twisted and contorted like my body thought it really was in space.  Everything seemed determined to turn itself inside out with the force of the orgasm Betra gave me.  I felt that monster everywhere.  I swear, I think even each strand of my hair climaxed.

I was still screaming my head off when Betra’s shrieks joined mine.  He filled me with an ocean of cum, his beautiful body straining so that every tendon and vein showed against his dark skin.  If we’d truly been in space, we would have shaken the cosmos.

What was it the long-ago Earth scientists named the beginning of the universe until the Church put them all to death for heresy?  It was called the Big Bang.  Betra came up with a big bang of his own in our pretend Kalquorian space.  The heavens should have shuddered, as hard as we came.

Afterwards, we just kind of floated around, our bodies wandering over Kalquor, past its moon, skirting the sun.  Whee.  Just a couple of particles of space debris.  I barely remember reclaiming my dress or leaving that place.  I think Betra had to half-carry me all the way back to the tube.

This trip to Kalquor isn’t turning out so bad after all.


  1. Okay that was yummy! I still like Oses style better. Betra is cute but he is a bata to Oses' alpha

  2. Zero gravity sex sounds absolutely awesome!! Lucky Shalia

  3. Really sexy, it is so funny how tough Betra acts in private. He really is a suprise for an Imdiko.

  4. Its going to be hard for these two to split up. Shalia's fooling herself if she thinks shes not in love with both Oses and Betra.