Monday, April 28, 2014

February 6

I’m feeling a bit lazy today.  I’m still in bed, in fact.  Spoiled, indulgent Shalia.  Ah, sometimes life is pretty damned good.

Betra just left to go to work.  He spent the night with me.  We had a quiet dinner together, just the two of us.  I had a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate fudge melted over it for dessert.  Betra had me for dessert.

We fell asleep.  This morning Betra was apparently awakened by Mr. Woody, because he woke me with warm, wet kisses from head to toe.  I lay there, luxuriating in the attention as my slowpoke brain immersed itself in the lovely heat of arousal. 

“Nice,” I mumbled sleepily as Betra started journeying back up my body, his lips and tongue leading the way.  “Best alarm clock ever.”

He chuckled.  “Good morning, lovely girl.  I couldn’t resist when I woke with you next to me.”

I sighed, my fingers stroking through his midnight hair as he moved up my thigh.  “I didn’t realize how much I missed sleeping with a man.  You should spend the night more often.”

“I’m worried I’ll get too attached.  It’s going to be hard enough letting you go once we reach Kalquor.”

That statement tried to put a damper on the mood.  Betra was right of course.  I’ve got no business latching onto anyone on this ship as more than friend and fuck buddy.  Still, it hurt a little bit inside to hear him say it.

Damn it all.  I do like Betra.  I also like Oses.  I cannot let it become more than that.  The next time I fall in love with Kalquorians, it’s going to be for life.  No more of this losing my heart to men I know I can’t keep.

Before my worrisome mind could take me somewhere it didn’t need to be, Betra’s mouth found my pussy.  It was almost as if he knew I was thinking too much about the situation, because he went to work on me with a will.  Those lips and tongue ... by the prophets, that’s a talented boy.  In no time at all I was jerking and yelling under his sweet assault. 

He laughed at me, turning cruel as he often does.  Holding my hips down, Betra sucked on my clit so hard his cheeks dimpled.  His tongue lashed that poor nubbin as he did so, making me scream.  I was on the verge of climax when he let go, denying me.

As soon as I recovered enough breath to speak, I unleashed a torrent of curse words that left Betra’s mouth hanging open.  “Shalia!” he yelled.  He turned me over.

I knew what was coming as he pinned my wrists to the small of my back with one hand.  I relaxed just in time for the other hand to start spanking my defenseless bottom.  The heat of his palm cracking against that padded flesh went straight to my aching clit.  I writhed with eagerness even as I moaned from his discipline.

The spanking was deliciously thorough, leaving my entire ass roasting.  I dove into the wondrous torment, feeling how helpless I was against the big Kalquorian.  I really had been a naughty girl.  Thank goodness Betra doesn’t mind taking the responsibility to correct my misdeeds.

When he finished, my ass stung brutally and the sheets beneath me were quite damp.  I peered at my liaison through tear-blurred eyes and clumps of disheveled hair.  He knelt next to me, breathing hard as he stared at my ass.  His breath wasn’t the only thing hard about Betra. 

“Are you ready to apologize for the disrespectful language, girl?” he gasped.

“Yes sir,” I said, as meek as a punished child.  “I’m very sorry for all the profanities I said.”

“I accept your apology.”

With that, he flipped me over again, ignoring my hiss of pain when my sore ass made contact with the bed.  He climbed on me, shoving my legs up onto his shoulders.  I was grateful for the position; it took the pressure off my butt. 

Excited by the spanking, Betra took me hard and fast.  Our groins sounded like gunfire, they met so hard with each thrust.  That Imdiko rode me like a rodeo cowboy on a bull.  I had no defense, though I clawed his shoulders and chest pretty good with my fingernails.  Betra’s got some masochist as well as sadist in him; he loves it when I mark him up like that.  It gets him even more excited, and he gasped with every scratch I dealt.  Then he’d pound harder against me to make me do it again.  He kept making sounds that I thought meant he was ready to explode.

Despite the vigorous and somewhat violent lovemaking, he held off on losing control for as long as he could, his face squinched up in a fierce grimace as he made me come four times.  Those Kalquorians are simply not happy with sex unless their partner is utterly devastated with release.  He had me shouting to all the prophets and even the Kalquorian ancestors before he finally unleashed a room-shaking howl.  I think he shot a flood into me when he let go.

I watched Betra’s face as he climaxed.  His beautiful face was more beautiful still caught up in those glorious moments of realization.  The euphoria made him like an angel hovering over me, a sweet, vulnerable angel. 

For a moment, I felt my heart open in invitation.  Betra was simply too wondrous to not love.  Then terror over what I was feeling washed over me, and I closed down the urge just as he came out of his ecstatic trance.  No, no, no.  I would not fall in love with Betra.  Not that way.  We are friends and nothing more.

I am determined I will not give in this time.  I have put myself in the position to be heartbroken too many times to be that stupid again.  Betra can be dear to me, like an adored companion, like a best buddy, like Candy.  That’s all.  I will not fuck myself up over him.

When he’d pulled his senses back together, I was recovered from my moment of insanity.  I smiled up at him and stroked his hair back from his forehead.  “Now that’s a good morning,” I teased.

He grinned at me.  “I’m so glad you approve.  I like waking up this way.”

Betra showered in my quarters and took his leave, still smiling and happy.  I’m glad.  I’ve also calmed from my momentary panic, knowing things are just as they should be.  All I have to do is remember not to fall in love until the right time has come.  I’m an adult and I can be mature about the way things are.  Come on, how hard can that be?


  1. Oh, Shalia it is not that easy and the heart wants what the heart wants, she so dosen't need another broken heart. But I enjoyed this post, thank you Tracy.
    When are you going to do another youtube post ?

    1. I hope to do a YouTube book update this weekend, but since I still don't have a release date for Clan, Honor, and Empire, recording keeps getting put off. I may not be able to do a video version. At any rate, there will be one by the following weekend going over the names in Alien Conquest.

  2. I like the Betra posts, he is so fun and he is a great lover. Oses on the other hand is all DOM. I like both but if I had to pick,...... I'd take Oses as my lover and Betra as a friend with benefits.

  3. YOUTUBE VIDS?????????

    Awesome post and yes I am loving Betra. he tugs at my heart in a way none of the others males do. IF he does not in some way end up with Shalia I so want for him to have a book of his own.

  4. That was awesome. I do like Betra as a lover. I am glad Shalia is trying to lean back when it comes to relationships. There is nothing wrong with having a Mr. Right Now or two.

  5. I would like to put in my 2 cents also. I have to agree, Betra is one of my favorites so far and I would love to read a book about him. He just HAS to end up with a clan!

    1. I just had a horrible thought! Tracy said this story line was going to get very dark. I'm really hoping she isn't going to kill off Betra. That would be pretty devastating for everyone. ARGH, now I'm going to be worrying about all these characters. *sigh* I keep telling myself they are just made-up stories, but Tracy is just too good at what she does. lol