Thursday, April 17, 2014

February 4, part 2

The frond stayed away from my armpits.  It circled lazily around my breasts for a bit, doing figure eights before setting me alight by tantalizing my nipples once more.  Then it traveled down, swirling about my abdomen in complicated patterns.  Here and there, more tickling ensued.  I alternated between sighing and squealing, depending on where Oses touched me with the thing.

Oses paused to move my legs wider apart.  I tensed, knowing what was coming and wondering how it would feel.

He didn’t go for my pussy right away.  Instead, he set the feathery touch dancing over my inner thighs, giving me a brutal case of goosebumps as he played with that flesh.  I shuddered when the frond came close to my slit.  Sooner or later, I would feel it there.  Oses kept my anticipation up until it nearly screamed under the strain.  The man knows how to play mental games.

When it finally happened, I was so keyed up that I jumped like I’d been struck by lightning.  Oses laughed at my extreme reaction.  He’d only given my pussy a brief touch, certainly not enough to justify nearly flying off his sleeping mat.  “You are so funny,” he told me.

I made a tortured sound between clenched teeth.  “Maybe you should be on the receiving end of this,” I said.  “Master.”

“No, I much prefer tormenting you.  Hold still, you naughty girl.”

Another gentle waft, more like a breath than a touch, whispered up my slit.  It made my insides tumble with the promise of what was yet to come.  I shivered.  It disappeared and then returned a moment later, this time swirling around my clit.  I groaned as desire spiked through my gut.

“How does that feel?” Oses asked.

“Exciting,” I said.  “I feel like I’m melting inside.”

“You’re getting wet.”  He let the frond play over my clit.  “Your losom is coming out to beg me for more.”

I trembled as he played with me.  The light, moth-wing sensations of the frond playing all over my clit and pussy grew more profound with each passing second.  I obeyed Oses’ dictate to remain still as best I could, but I couldn’t help but writhe a little.

The seconds bled into minutes as the Nobek continued to tease.  My sighs turned throatier under his control until I moaned almost continuously. 

“Keep your hands where they are.  I’m going to let go, but I don’t want you to move from this position.”

“Yes, Master.”  My voice was higher than usual as I answered.

He released me, the tufts of the frond still moving over my slit.  I felt the bed shift as he moved.  I had no idea what he was up to, just that he was moving away from my upper body.

Oses’ mouth closed around my clit with a suddenness that made me scream.  Raw, unadulterated passion flared with violent need as he sucked on it.  I grabbed handfuls of the sleeping mat to keep from grabbing hold of him.  My feet kicked.

The Nobek’s weight settled on my thighs, holding them down as he licked and sucked that point of fiery heat.  The frond was there too, its softness almost unnoticeable under the delicious assault of mouth and tongue on clit.

I shuddered and wailed, my head tossing from side to side as Oses mouthed me with decadent force.  Molten ecstasy swirled, tightening my belly.

He relented to chuckle.  “My, how overwrought you are.  Your pussy is trembling, little pet.”

I could only groan.  He still teased me with that damned plant.  Now that his mouth was off me, he swirled it over my clit, the fuzzy down tickling in a non-giggly way.

“Your clit has fully emerged from its hood, too.  So red and swollen.  That is a hungry little cunt, my girl.  Shall I feed it?”

I was afraid to say yes because he might decide to torture me instead.  Yet I didn’t want to know the trouble I might get into if I didn’t answer.  So I whimpered a “Yes, Master, please.”

The frond stopped its playing with my lady parts.  There was the slightest movement of him between my legs.  The next moment, two burning hot, heavy, slick weights plopped onto my stomach.  His cocks.  His wonderful, big, thick cocks.  I wriggled in anticipation.

“Easy, pet.  I haven’t prepared your ass yet.”

Oses was right.  I could have cried in that moment, because I really wanted him to fuck me.

“How nice that you are so eager for me.” 

Fingers stroked my pussy, and one pressed in to gather moisture.  I sighed, happy to feel anything inside that aching chasm.  The frond came back to flick my clit.  My breath caught and I shuddered.

“That’s it, little girl.  Nice and soft and wet.  What a pretty little pussy you have.”

He pushed another finger in.  I warbled a welcome, getting more chuckles from Oses.

“Someone is very ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned.  “So ready.”

“Soon, my lovely.  I must say though, I could sit here and watch your pussy take my fingers all day.”

I groaned.  “Please, I really want your cocks.  Your fingers are great, but I’ll do anything to have your cocks in me.”

The frond swirled over my clit.  “You want a cock in your pussy?”

“Yes, Master.”

His fingers withdrew.  I could have cried from the loss, but then I felt the pressure against my ass as one settled against it.  I pushed out, opening for him and he accepted the invitation.  His finger forged deep inside, moving around to stretch me.

“And you want a cock in your tight little ass?”

I panted, “Yes, Master.”

“You want to be crammed full of my cocks, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You want my cocks fucking both your holes, right?”

I groaned as he pushed a second finger in my ass.  “Yes, Master.  Please.”

“Good girl.”

I moaned as he spent several minutes preparing me and letting that frond play all over my girlie bits.  Then finally his fingers disappeared and I felt the tapered tips of his cocks at my entrances.

Oh yeah.  Time for some main event, I thought.


  1. Whimper whimper I so wanted to find out what happened. Shall have to wait till next week.

  2. Oses playful... who knew? He just moved up on my list of favorite Nobeks!
    Glad to have you back to string us along, Tracey!

  3. WOW I must say initially Oses had felt a little to dominant for me, but again WOW, I must admit that opinion is changing, am loving this entry, and you Tracy, am loving you and hating you for leaving us hanging, you delightfully evil woman. :-) but hey gives me something to look forward to. I can not wait until Monday.

  4. OMG!!! Tracy you are killing me. You are more of a DOM and a tease then Oses is. You are being mean.... Making us wait till next week is just not nice. I am soooo enjoying Oses' style. He reminds me of someone I still love.

  5. Tracy, you are so mean. Why? We love and adore you. Yet you still make us wait. I agree with Marcy, you are a closet DOM. Can't wait until Monday.