Thursday, March 13, 2014

January 29

 There is nothing like a sense of purpose to put one’s head back on straight.  I feel much better than I did a couple of days ago.

Both Betra and Oses left me messages on my super-blue day.  They let me know that blaster training had been approved for those Earther women who wished to take advantage of it and had passed the psychological tests.  I had my first practice today.

Confiscated Earth weapons were given to those of us who reported this morning to an assigned cargo bay.  The bay had been relegated to the purpose of getting us Annie Oakleys into fighting shape.  Mine was the first class of the day.  It consisted of 20 of nearly 350 women who had signed up.  Overseen by Oses and half a dozen other security personnel, we learned the basic parts and functions of our weapons, went over Kalquorian safety regulations, and how to maintain the blasters.  Then there were a lot of proper handling procedures before they let us load the things up with practice simulation power.  We don’t get to have live power packs until we show proficiency with our weapons.  Once we do get live power for our blasters, we have to register their amounts every week and document any usage.  Oses tells me it’s that way for everyone on board, even the Kalquorians.  If a murder goes down by percussion blaster, the perpetrator will be quickly found. 

Once we had our practice loads in the blasters, we finally got to shoot.  The last quarter of our two-hour class was all about hitting static vid-projected targets.  Of my nearest and dearest, Katrina was our best shooter at a 84 percent contact rate with 56 percent kill shots fired.  I turned in a respectable 77 percent contact rate with 43 percent kills.  Candy, who has a bad habit of shutting her eyes when she fires, was disgusted with her 38 percent contacts, no kills.

As Oses gently remonstrated her for her bad eye-closing habit, Candy scowled at me in frustration.  “Every time I fire, I see Shalia killing that guy back at the Academy.  I don’t want to watch anyone’s head vaporize again.”

“You’ll have to get over it, Matara,” Oses said.  “Percussion blasters take apart what they hit if the body isn’t armored.  This is a matter of your life versus that of an attacker.  If you can’t pass proficiency, you can’t carry.  That means you’re going to be helpless.” 

“I know, damn it.  How about handing me some of that fierce Nobek practicality so I can do this right?”

Oses chuckled and patted Candy’s shoulder.  When she took out the target’s arm on her next shot, having squinted but managing to keep her eyes open, the big guy cheered her with the rest of us.

We were allowed to keep our weapons, though they have no firepower.  “They are yours, Mataras,” Oses informed us at the end of our first training.  “They will be inspected before every class to make sure you are keeping them properly maintained.  If you are unable to keep them in perfect operating condition, you will have to surrender them back to me.  If you do not consistently attend training, you will give them back as well.  If it is determined that you have no business owning one of these, I will confiscate them.  Understood?”

Murmurs of agreement sounded around him.  I think we all appreciated how meticulous Oses and his men were about the blasters being treated with the respect deadly weapons are owed.

“We will meet every other day for training until you have either acquired proficiency or it is determined you cannot benefit from the work.  Once you are trained and cleared for live fire, you will practice once a week on your own in the fight simulation range we are preparing for you.  Meet here again at the same time, day after tomorrow.  Well done, Mataras.”

Dismissed, the rest of my class left, chattering about all they’d learned with each other.  Most kept their hands on their holstered blasters, placed in belts the Kalquorians had provided.  They wouldn’t be able to tromp around the transport like lady gunslingers however; we were all under orders to lock our weapons in our quarters immediately and not take them back out until the next practice.

I hung back a little, wondering if I could get in a word with Oses.  It had been days since our tryst, and I hadn’t heard anything from him except to report for blaster training.  I wondered if I’d disappointed him sexually.

He barked a few orders at his underlings, who were readying for the next class due in a few minutes.  Looking like a big, bad force of nature, Oses turned from them and headed for the door I lingered near.  He grinned at me as he drew close.

“Not too bad for an Earther, little one.  You’ve got a natural knack for shooting.”

“Really?”  I felt a thrill that he’d noticed my skills.  “Katrina was pretty damned amazing.”

Oses chuckled as he accompanied me out into the corridor.  “I’ve trained Nobeks who didn’t have her skills.  I might put her on patrol next time one is needed,” he joked.

I was trying to come up with a way to hint that I’d expected to hear from him sooner and not about training to shoot, when he beat me to the punch.  “I apologize for not contacting you, Shalia, but readying for the portal jump has kept me busy.”

I frowned.  “I didn’t know it was such a big deal.”

“Normally it’s not.  Since your planet’s Armageddon, the dynamics have changed.” 

In what way?” 

The route between Earth and Kalquor is not well protected yet.  We don’t know if anyone on the other side of the portal will be waiting out of sensor range to take advantage.  The Galactic Council and its member planets are scrambling to put defenders in place along our route, but this close to Earth, the portals are still unguarded.  We have to be ready for the worst.”

“Wonderful,” I sighed.  As if leaving Earth and those I loved far behind wasn’t bad enough.

“We probably have nothing to be worried about.  However, caution must be attended to.  Until we get through the portal safely, I’m not going to be available to explore all the lovely things I want to with you.”

Oses’ lascivious grin told me I’d not disappointed him at all during our first encounter.  It made me a happy Shalia.

With a wicked grin of my own I said, “I do enjoy new discoveries.  Be warned, patience is not one of my strong suits.”

“No?  Then the moment we are through the portal, I will be prepared to put you through your paces in my quarters.”  His low tone turned growly with threat.  “I will be quite demanding, sweet girl, so be ready.”

Whew.  Thinking of how Oses looked at me when he said that gets me all wobbly inside.  Speaking of men who melt my butter, I need to make nice with Betra too.  The sooner the better.


  1. Wow, I can almost feel the heat coming off Oses. Lucky Shalia. ;0)

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  2. Damned big, brawny men. They always get my knees quivering and lady-bits slobbering. Oses may be a bit much for me to handle personally, but it in no way ruins his sexy, beast-like charm. Shalia could easily find herself spoiled for other Kalquorians if she isn't careful...Force-of-Nature-Oses is on the prowl.

  3. lol I so agree! Give me a male that knows that he is doing and can back it up with action. The old saying dont let your mouth write checks your ass can't cover, comes to mind. ;•)