Monday, March 10, 2014

January 27

One should not let orgy-loving friends attempt to pull her out of a funk.  Why?  Because orgy-loving friends will try to lift one’s spirits by taking her to an orgy.

Yes, I let myself get roped into one of Katrina’s parties.  I was so bummed out about the coming portal jump and being two days out of com reach of my dads.  I’ll admit, this amount of distance also makes it feel like the absolute end of me and Clan Dusa.  I’m in mourning.

Katrina’s answer to everything negative is sex.  Candy is getting to where she acts the same.  They kept enthusing how much fun they were having with all those boys until I thought, well why not?  Screwing a bunch of Kalquorian men has got to be so much better than sitting around moping.  Heaven knows, Betra is still on his high horse after Oses touched his hair and Oses is too busy being a weapons commander to bother with me right now.  I knew from experience that sex is an awesome distraction.

So I presented myself at Katrina’s quarters with Candy at my side.  When we got there, easily a dozen men were already stuffed tight in the sitting room.  Candy walked in like a princess, waving and blowing kisses to the chorus of appreciative howls.  She flipped her short little skirt up just to show them all she wore no panties.  Good heavens.  I’m no prude by any stretch, but there’s flirting and then there’s ringing the dinner bell.

I had on a top and skirt too, though mine covered a heck of a lot more.  If I flipped the hem of my skirt, all anyone would have seen was the backs of my knees.  Wild temptress, that’s me.  My blouse was sleeveless, at any rate.  Go Shalia, you bare-shouldered vixen.

Candy didn’t even bother with niceties of a few drinks and conversation.  That girl had fallen off the virgin truck harder and faster than anyone I could imagine.  She simply stood there, looking at her options before pointing at two fellows:  a Nobek and one whose breed I wasn’t entirely sure of. 

“You and you,” she announced.  She flounced off to the bedroom and her two choices wasted no time following, their smiles triumphant.

That left me standing in the middle of the room under the eyes of the remaining group.  I noticed one other woman from our group, Bethany the former waitress, sitting in a corner with one Imdiko-looking guy.  They were snuggling and whispering.

“Well, don’t just sit there,” Katrina called in a commanding voice.  “Show Shalia your manners, boys.  Someone get her a drink ... oh but mind the baby.  Better make it leshella.”

If Candy had entered like a princess, Katrina sat among her subjects like a queen.  A naked queen.  Holy smokes.

She was in the midst of four big muscled bodies, just as naked as her.  Her fair skin glimmered against all that dark brown nudity.  One man rubbed her feet, calves, and thighs.  Two sat on either side of her, running their hands up and down her torso, stroking and occasionally kissing her breasts.  They also fed her bits of food from a nearby platter and held her cup for her to sip from.  The fourth had Katrina reclining against him as he rubbed her shoulders. 

Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on Katrina’s quarters.  I’m sure of it.

The remaining five men were on their feet in a second.  They were in various states of undress too, though all had at least a pair of shorts or pants on.  Before I could sort out what was happening, I was sitting in the midst of all those men.  The next thing I knew, I was being petted and cuddled, fed and wined just like Katrina. 

“Easy boys, easy.  Shalia isn’t used to more than three at a time,” Katrina chortled.  “Sweet, aren’t they?  Damn, I love these Kalquorians.”

One big bruiser, surely a Nobek, flared his nostrils wide as he tilted a glass full of leshella to my lips.  “That smell ... Matara, you are making my head swim.”

Another who looked like he might have been a Dramok said, “You must be one of the rare ones that has that effect with pregnancy.”

“That’s what they tell me,” I managed to say. 

My own head was swimming.  Not shy in the least, the men surrounding me were getting incredibly friendly in a hurry, uncovering skin and touching.  I’d barely sat down and I was already being sensuously mauled.

My first instinct was to shove them all away, to jump up and run for my quarters.  It was too much, too fast.  But to go off just to be alone with my sad thoughts?  To have to deal with isolation that would only be getting worse when we made the portal jump?

So I stayed and played.  The leshella and intoxicating bites made everything sweet for a little while.  I lay at the epicenter of a sinuous nest of arms, legs, bodies, and cocks.  They slithered over me, beneath me, through me.  Mouths and hands investigated every single inch of me over and over.  I was filled in every way possible, my body absorbing the eager flesh of men time and again.  Pussy, ass, and mouth drew on cocks that poured their pleasure into me. 

I climaxed more times than I can count in the drifting dream of too many faces and bodies.  From time to time voices whispered in my ear, “Come for me, Matara.  Let me know I have satisfied you.”  Physically, it was not a struggle to obey their pleas.  My body responded to handling both firm and gentle, and that part was at least made happy.

I chased orgasm like a dog chases a cat.  During those few precious seconds, I had no regrets or concerns.  The horrid loneliness ceased to be.  If I hadn’t finally faded from exhaustion, I would probably still be there, opening myself to all Katrina’s boys, letting them blur the pain with sex.

When I woke, the Kalquorians were all gone.  I rested on a cushion, a soft blanket tucked around me.  Someone had even been kind enough to wash me after I’d fallen asleep, because I smelled so nice and fresh.  My skirt, blouse, and underclothes were folded neatly on a nearby table.

Katrina and Bethany were similarly passed out nearby, both softly snoring.  I don’t know if Candy was still in Katrina’s bed.  I didn’t check.

I dressed and came back to my quarters.  For all my efforts at escape last night, I still find myself alone after all.  Nothing has changed; I only pretended the inevitable wouldn’t happen for a little while.  If anything, I feel emptier than before last night.  All that sex with so many different men, as distracting as I’d hoped it would be, only feels pathetic  in hindsight. 

I’m not about to judge Katrina and Candy for the fun they’re having with their ‘boys’.  I’m glad they can enjoy themselves with such abandon.  Heaven knows, I’ve been no angel by any stretch of the imagination, and every Earther woman is due her freedom to sexual expression in my opinion.  However, the whole group sex thing, unless it is with a clan I know and trust, is not for me.  I have no interest in any more of Katrina’s parties.

It put me in a pretty crappy mood.  I made the mistake of looking over my prospective suitors while in this funk.  Before I knew it, I was deleting clans left and right for no reason other than being pissy.  I made myself stop and re-add them for later consideration. 

My moment of good decision-making ended when Betra announced himself at my door.  I refused to answer.  I don’t want to look at any Kalquorian male for any reason right now.  He didn’t give up easily either; he kept knocking and buzzing and calling out for at least two minutes.  I ignored him and he finally went away.

Betra doesn’t deserve my irritation either, but now that I think about it, it’s probably for the best I wouldn’t answer the door.  In the mood I’m in, who knows how mean I could have been with him, meanness he doesn’t deserve?  Maybe later I can com him and apologize. 

Hopefully, this is a case of pregnancy hormones gone wild.  I hope that’s what’s happening and I hope it passes soon, or I’ll be bugging Dr. Tep for some of the happy meds that I took during that depressive episode I had on Earth.  I can’t stay down like this.


  1. Oh, poor Shalia. What a walk of shame, I think we have all done the walk and then figured out that the night did Not help anything. Great post Tracy.

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  2. Vickie is right, poor Shalia. We've all been there. Not everyone takes on 4 or 5 guys to try and fill the empty spot in their heart but she should tell Betra that she is sorry for not answering door and why. He might be able to help. I still have a weird feeling something happened to him that has put him off men. He doesn't "have to" have sex with them but even in a 3some here on Earth the men touch each other, adjust each other, and hell even stimulate each other, that doesn't make them gay, that just means they both want to be with the woman and are willing to work together to have and please her.
    I hope Betra can help Shalia get over the "oh poor me's". I hope Shalia can do more than bondage with Oses and I hope Betra and Oses can get over the touching thing enough to both help and enjoy Shalia.
    she needs strong caring clansmen, that's why she misses her boys back on Earth and her Dads. They both love her and were strong/demanding with her which is what she misses and craves. :-(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My previous post was just stuffed with typos, so I am fixing it. I agree with you Marcy about Betra, I think we discussed it before, he seems to get really defensive, beyond just being straight, like ANY touch even just friendly, is distasteful to him, from a man, that's not natural. I could be wrong but I reLy do believe too, that there is more to his story and why.

  3. Shalia must very hormonal which is totally normal in her condition and earth is further away and about to get more so!! I would be in a funk too. I hope betra and oses can make more time for her! I am totally surprise with Candy... wow

  4. "there's flirting, then there's ringing the dinner bell" ROFL!! Loved it. At least now Shalia knows. She's not an orgy kind a gal. :)

  5. I feel for Shalia. To say she is on an emotional roller coaster, it a gross understatement, faced with leaving her dads behind and the thought if never hearing from Clan Dusa again along with all the hormones, I still think there could be something to that. Yeah they may have severed ties. I was assuming just that, until last week when I considered what Nang could be capable of. As said before I am just thinking on possibilities, Culture differences aside, I am not wanting to believe 3 strong Kolquorian men would give up so easily, but the orgy hysterical Candy such a riot, put me in the mind of Madeline Kahn in History of the world picking the men for the orgy "Yes no no no no no no yes, no no no no no no yes no no yes no no no no no no no no no no YES!!... Though I feel Shalia might have been better off more one on one, such an event might have just been to much, she did not feel good about herself after, but again so much going on in her life it will be hard to tell until after what is really good for her and what isn't. And perhaps this is a down note. Again just occurred to me, her mother she is in stasis right? I am guessing there are provisions from the medical staff to see her moved to safety as well if the ship is attacked. again just curious.

  6. This was great, and we are finally seeing that Shalia might be growing up and realizing what she needs. It's sad and eye opening that she feels sex is the way to deal with her loss. I'm glad she realized or is starting to realize that she needs a meaningful relationship. I hope she finds it. I am curious to know Betra's story, i bet there is an interesting story there!