Thursday, March 6, 2014

January 26

I’m trying not to cry.  Trying and failing miserably.

Betra left me a message that we would be going through a vortex portal in four days ... what we Earthers commonly referred to as a ‘wormhole’.  It will allow us to skip over about one hundred years worth of standard space travel in only twenty minutes’ time.  This portal is a lot more stable than the one between Jupiter and Earth’s Bermuda Triangle, not to mention much more compressed.  My understanding is we’ll go through a total of five of these things before we get to Kalquor.

The reason for me being so ‘woe-is-me’ is that after we go through this one, there will be a two-day delay when comming Earth.  From that point on, all I can do is send and receive recorded messages. 

Me being the hopeless case that I am, I tried one last time to reach Dusa, Esak, and Weln.  They didn’t pick up on their end ... surprise.  I know I should have expected it, but I had really, really hoped they would at least let me have one last goodbye.  Yeah, yeah, silly Shalia.  How many ‘last’ goodbyes should a girl get?  Ah, fuck.  I’m crying again.

Okay, so I did manage to reach my dads.  Dad Nayun joined me in being weepy, which made me feel awful.  There is nothing sadder than a seven-foot giant teddy bear of a Kalquorian with tears rolling down his cheeks.  Dads Bitev and Rak kept patting him on the back and shoulders. 

“Stop it,” I begged him.  “I’m never going to quit bawling if you don’t.”

“I’m sorry, my daughter,” Nayun said, knuckling his eyes dry only to have them leak again.  “It’s been hard enough not having you around, and now our Matara is on her way to Kalquor too, and I’m going to have to go through this all over again...”

Dad Bitev shook his head.  “You’d better sedate yourself, my Imdiko.  I think perhaps you’ll be better off unconscious until we return home ourselves.”

Rak was equally at a loss to deal with two crying family members.  “I’m no good with this comforting shit.  Shalia needs an Imdiko who’s not grieving.  For that matter, our Imdiko needs an Imdiko.”

That managed to crack me and Nayun up a little.  Dad Rak grinned sheepishly.  Like the Nobek he is, he said, “Someone give me a head to separate from someone’s shoulders.  That I can manage.”

It was Bitev who remembered Nayun’s weakness, and he used it on my Imdiko dad like a pro.  “Go over what Shalia needs to know while she carries our grandchild.”

I could have slugged him for that.  In no time, Dad Nayun was all mother hen/drill sergeant, clucking worriedly and issuing orders.  At least he stopped weeping, so I suppose it was for the best.  Still, my temporarily dry eyes were soon doing their patented Shalia-roll.  If Dad told me to report any strange symptoms to Dr. Tep once, he told me a thousand times.  Meanwhile Bitev and Rak smothered snickers and hid their grins at my growing irritation.  What a pair of buffoons.

The goodbyes turned the waterworks back on.  With them came more last-minute instructions on how to handle my pregnancy.  Then Dad Bitev weighed in by telling me to study the customs of the various planets and space stations the ship would be stopping at on our way to Kalquor.  “I can’t tell you to not get off the transport and enjoy shore leave, my daughter.  However, I’ll feel better knowing you won’t run afoul of customs and laws you’re not familiar with,” he said worriedly.  “Watch yourself on Dantovon especially.”

Then Dad Rak issued warnings I was to pass on to potential suitor clans, since he wouldn’t be around to threaten them himself.  Am I really supposed to tell those I’m going to date that making me cry will result in their bodies being slashed open from chin to cocks?  Actually, it might be fun to relay that message just to see the looks on people’s faces.

Finally I found myself staring at the blank space where the vid image of my fathers had been standing.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alone.

I was already missing them before this.  Now it’s so much worse knowing they won’t be able to respond to me right away anymore.  This sucks.

Fuck this.  I’m going back to bed.  Betra can wake me up when we get to Kalquor.


  1. I love how her dads love her,She needs them and its a great addition to the story. Great post Tracy. Thank you

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  2. Aww I miss the Dads, it was good timing talking to them and I miss the Dusa clan

  3. Great post, Tracy, I really enjoyed seeing the dads again :)

  4. Loved this post too. It was awesome seeing the dads, and I sooo feel for them too, that their Matera is on her way to Kolquor with out them that has to be so hard. I must admit I am a little annoyed with Dusa's clan, but then it occurred to me, they are on the same base as that Nang, if I remember correctly. and I would seriously not put it past Nang, being selfish and doing something, to prevent or possibly blocking their attempts at communications, you know having the whole, "If I can't have her they can't" attitude. He lied about them already, separated them from her on earth so he could try to have her to himself. Maybe she can in some communication with her dads Ask them to say something to them. I really find it hard to believe after how much they had care for her. them cutting off all ties, perhaps I am wrong. In any case will be interesting to see what happens. Lovin it Tracy.

    1. I thought about the Nang problem too, you might be right. For all we know the "boys" could be on the same transport with Dads' Maters and not even know it. The ships are really big

    2. Exactly Mary Nang is no slouch and is like psycho obsessive when it comes to her. even his clan knew that. Who knows what lengths he would go to to make it difficult or impossible if he could for her to have any communication with them . Unlike the dads who have a medical clearance ha likely has no power over, or at least can not trump. who knows I am just going threw possibilities in my had.

  5. I am sad to see the Dads go but I am not going to speculate why clan Dusa is not responding. They were really sweet and patient but it's time to move on. Shalia really should read over the customs of other planets or space stops, I could easily see her getting into trouble. I'm glad Oses is so fierce. She may need him to get out if a sticky situation.

  6. And you can wake me up on Monday when the next saga of Shalia' s Diary comes out. Nite-nite!

  7. Dang I feel like I'm going thru DTs Monday is sooo far away.