Monday, March 3, 2014

January 25, part 4

Oses had been studying my face while I evaluated my well-being.  He nodded, apparently content with the answer.  “Very well.  Crawl to the middle of the floor and remain on hands and knees."

I did so.  I heard a drawer open and close but didn't dare look around to see what the Nobek had gotten out this time.  I was too nervous.

"Stay right where you are, pet.  I'm going to put a stretching device in your ass to prepare you for me."

Now I definitely didn't want to look.  Stretching device?  That didn't sound very good.  Yet since Oses was apparently making sure to get me ready for anal penetration, I had to assume he wouldn't do anything that wouldn't cause real harm.

I could hear a squooshing sound right behind me.  I figured out Oses was lubing up whatever thing he had in store for me.

"This will inflate a little at a time.  If you experience any pain, you are to tell me immediately."

"Yes, Master." 

Oses moved aside the strap that kept the vibrator in place over my clit.  He inserted something in my backside, something slim and slippery.  It didn't hurt at all.  The tension I'd been feeling relaxed.

Once he had it in me to his satisfaction, Oses readjusted the strap.  "All right, you may now kneel as you’ve been taught.”

I did as he told me while he crossed to the bed and sat on its edge.  My fingers laced at the back of my neck, thrusting my tits out.  My legs splayed wide, opening me and showing me off except where the clit pad covered.  I felt a little extra pressure in my ass.  The stretching thing was apparently inflating a bit, but I felt no pain.

"Is everything all right, pet?"

"Yes, Master."

Satacri, fihul.”

The vibrations on my clit were back, this time at full force.  I jerked and a cry left my lips.  All at once, my entire body clenched hard around the excitement stampeding through it.

“Quiet, pet.  Stay still.” 

Oses sat there and watched me as I knelt before him, my whole body shaking uncontrollably under the delicious assault.  Spikes of elation drove deep from my clit into my gut, coiling tight until I could feel something inside fraying from the tension.  I was going to come and come hard.  I hoped.  I had an ugly feeling things wouldn’t go quite the way I wanted, however.

I was right.  I was nearing the tip of the peak when everything would let loose when Oses said, “Sholt.”

A flood of tears escaped my eyes as the humming ceased.  Damned controlling Kalquorians and their teasing.  Did they all go to school for this or something?  It seemed every one I’d been with had loved to torment me with near climax, only to snatch it away at the last possible second.  Dominating bastards.  I had the feeling I was with one of the most severe examples of that mindset too.

My belly hurt with the interruption.  Somehow I managed to hold as still as my trembling nerves would allow and keep my mouth from calling Oses every name in the book.  I had no doubt he would send me back to my quarters unfulfilled if I disrespected him in any way.  Sure, I could rub one out on my own, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good as getting properly fucked by a Kalquorian.  I knew that for a fact.

“Satacri, werpac.”

The vibrator cranked up again, this time at the more sedate level.  It didn’t matter, however.  I was still so anxious and aroused from everything that had led up to this moment that I was already moving up that peak again, albeit a bit slower this time.  I bit my lips to keep back the moans that rose from my pussy to my throat.  I tried my best to keep my breath steady too, and to calm the shaking that enveloped me from head to toe.  I thought maybe if I could fool Oses into not noticing how close I was that I’d snag an orgasm before he could stop me.  Ah, foolish dreamer that I am.

Once more I poised just a moment before crescendo when the Nobek said, “Sholt.”

Bitter agony came over me once more.  My pussy shuddered involuntarily, trying to realize orgasm without stimulation.  It wasn’t enough.  I was left hanging once more, more tears drenching my cheeks as I fought to obey this harsh master I’d given myself to.

I beseeched him with my eyes, pouring my desperation into the gaze.  He only looked back at me, the hint of a smile playing at the corners of his lips.

Satacri, werpac.”

Shivering ecstasy rose yet again, refusing to believe it would be denied.  My libido is a glutton for disappointment.  It insisted, this time he’ll let me.

Purple eyes watching my face with such intent that I could feel his gaze boring into my skull, Oret leaned over and grasped one of my nipples.  He squeezed until I hissed with a mixture of pain and desire.  As soon as I reacted, he rubbed the tender bit gently with his thumb, easing the sting.  Then he did the same with my other nipple.  Squeeze and soothe.

I panted with need.   Only the threat that I’d go back to my room unsatisfied kept me from trying to jump on this cruel and wonderful Nobek, to pull his dicks out of his pants and shove them in my pussy and ass. 

Massaging my tits, Oses said, “Fihul.”

The vibrations increased.  I swear, my eyes crossed as my clit became the center of my universe.  All I could feel was the mounting orgasm, growing huge as it tried to power its way through me, fighting for escape.  The silence Oses had commanded was beyond my power.  Moans that were almost screams poured from my lips.


He released my breasts as the vibrations abruptly cut off.  I wailed as if my heart had been broken, the agonizing need unrealized yet again.  I couldn’t stop crying.


I gasped out an answer between my groaning sobs.  “Yes, Master?”

“What do you want right now?”

Ha!  Easy enough.  I wanted the tormenting bastard to fuck me hard until I’d come a thousand times.  I wanted him to ride me until he split me in two.  I wanted him to drill me like he was searching for oil, to jackhammer me like he was taking up a sidewalk, to pound me until his dicks popped out of the top of my head.  I wanted to fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck in all capital letters with exclamation points.  That’s what I wanted.

Even in my crazed state of brutal lust, I got the feeling that wasn’t the answer Oses was after.  It was damned hard to think, but I finally believed I found the correct response, the one that might get me stuffed full of big, fat Kalquorian cocks in short order.

“I want what my Master wishes of me.”

The smile that came over that rough face lit me up like fireworks.  I hurt like hell from unrealized climax, but it was worth it to see how happy I’d made Oses. 

He nodded his approval.  “I hear the truth of that statement in your voice.  Since what I wish is probably what you’re hoping for, we are both going to be pleased that you gave me that answer.”

He stood and moved aside.  “Get on the sleeping mat.  Lie on your back and spread your legs for me.”

It was a good thing I was expected to crawl, because no way was could I walk to that mat though it was only a couple of feet away.  Even crawling was an effort, my arms so shaky that my elbows kept unhinging.  I had the crazy vision of myself powering across the floor with my frantic knees while my face slid over the coarse surface.  Yeah, I’d introduce myself to everyone as ‘Matara Rug Burn’.

Somehow my elbows held and I managed to shuffle my way to the waist-high bedding.  I climbed that sleeping mat like it was Mount Everest and finally arrived at the top.  I wasn’t one bit graceful about plopping over on my back, and I didn’t care.  I splayed my legs wide open, my whole being centered on my aching pussy and what I needed to relieve it.

Oses looked like sexual doom as he stood at the foot of the mat, looming over me with his face so dark and intent.  That big Nobek was scary as shit, but my body didn’t give a fuck.  All it cared about was him shoving inside and granting me release.

I put my hands back behind my neck, thinking that’s where he would want him.  He nodded approval, and I could have cried in relief.  As fearful as Oses looked, I was even more afraid of not pleasing him and therefore, not getting laid.  I have never been so desperate to come my entire life.

He slid that horrific vibrator off me, revealing my swollen red clit.  His smile was cruel as he looked at my blatant arousal, and I knew what he was about to do.  A moan escaped me even before he bent down and his big, broad tongue licked over it.  When contact was made, I damned near jumped from the bed to the ceiling. 

“Pretty, needy pussy,” Oses growled in that wolf’s voice of his.

He next slid the stretcher out.  It was like a fat sausage with a flat base, big enough for me to wonder that I hadn't noticed it up my ass.  It had inflated so gradually and I'd been so overcome by the vibrator that I hadn't been aware of it all this time.

Maybe Oses was just as horny as me.  Maybe he’d pushed his own limits.  All I know is that the teasing was blessedly over.  Oses had his formsuit open and pushed all the way down to the tops of his boots in an instant and crawled between my legs and over me. 

His body was every bit as impressive as the clingy formsuit had suggested it would be.  There were scars all over him, small dark and light streaks that made him look like a carved statue that had been left out in the weather for centuries.  The 'marks of honor', as I'm sure he would refer to them, somehow made Oses more magnificent than before.  

More importantly, his cocks were huge swollen lengths, bobbing over my pussy and gleaming with lubrication.  The larger dribbled pre-cum in its excitement.  Oh yeah, I wasn’t the only one suffering here. 

Ready to fuck or not, Oses was still ready to exhibit his complete control over me.  His arms scooped my legs so that they rested in the crooks of his elbows.  Then he held one hand out to me. 

“Wrists,” was all he had to say.

I immediately offered those to him, and he gathered them in that big hand.  I felt as delicate as fine porcelain in his grip, my arms ready to shatter from the leashed strength I felt he possessed.  He pressed my arms up over my head against the bed’s surface, pinning me.

With his other hand, he placed those huge cocks where they needed to go.  Damn, he was big.  He might have been the biggest of all the men I’d been with. 

“Take me,” was the only warning I got from Oses.  He started cramming me full.

I gasped and immediately opened myself to his assault.  His lengths shoved into me, parting pussy and ass with no mercy.  Not that I had the sense to ask for any.  No, my poor body had all it could take, especially when all that fullness rubbed right up against my interior hotspot.  Oses hadn’t gotten halfway inside when I finally detonated.

The climax was simply there, right at that moment, hauling me furiously into the maelstrom after having been denied for so long.  There was a howling wind in my ears, flashing lightning before my eyes, and a gut-wrenching heaving that hurt more than it delighted.  I’d never come so hard.  It was like my insides twisted themselves in knots before trying to tear right the fuck out of my body.  If I’d been able to pray, I’d have asked for death in that moment.  It was that intense.

My pussy was still clenching like a fist when I found enough of my senses to realize Oses was pounding hard and fast.  He was fighting his own end for all he was worth, from what I could tell.  His fangs were down, his eyes narrowed into slits, his jaw clenched.  Every muscle was corded in effort, veins popping out like they would tear right through his skin.  The man looked like pure destruction.  If I’d had breath, I would have screamed at the look of him.

He recognized I could see and hear again.  Apparently, it wasn’t what he wanted, because the hand not holding my wrists down went for my pussy.  I found the air to cry out then, trying to ward him off.  I couldn’t take it, not again.

Oses made me take it.  He seized my over-sensitive clit between his fingers and rubbed.  “Again!” he roared.

Once more, I descended into the depths of brutal orgasm.  Once more, I lost all knowledge of anything but ecstatic suffering.  My universe heaved in a roil of havoc. 

I have no idea when Oses got his.  I only knew we were done when I found myself lying on top of Oses, who sprawled beneath me on the sleeping mat.  His chest rose and fell beneath my cheek quickly, and his cocks twitched hard inside my pussy and ass.  His every exhalation ended in a groan.

It was definitely a long time from when I found my brain again and when we were able to move.  My head felt too heavy to rise, but I managed to do so just enough to look into Oses’ half-lidded eyes.

“Were you trying to fucking kill me?” I asked.  I didn’t add ‘Master’.  Sex play for Shalia was officially over.

He chuffed laughter, a decidedly weak sound for such a big, bad Nobek.  “I think I nearly killed myself.  Are you all right?”

“You will fetch me a pain inhibitor,” I commanded, bossy now that we were done.  “You will clean me off and tuck me in for a nice nap.”

It was probably stupid of me to talk that way to such a controlling beast.  However, Oses only chuckled, as if indulging a cranky child.  “With absolute pleasure,” he agreed, not affronted in the least.   

He only paused long enough to kiss me with such gentleness that I thought someone had come in and substituted a nice Oses for evil Oses.  Or maybe it was simply that he appreciated getting laid by a woman for a change.  Whatever it was that caused the switch, he took very good care of me.  He checked me over for actual injuries (there were none), got me some protein drink and fruit, bathed me like a baby, and put me to bed.  He even snuggled with me, and I cuddled happily in his wondrous warmth.  I slept for three hours.

Yeah, I’ll do that again ... in a week or two when I’m feeling brave.


  1. What a hot conclusion. I feel worn out just reading it, I can't wait for her to see Betra later. Hopefully, he will not be whiny that she is seeing Oses. Maybe they can have an unofficial contest to see who Shalia likes better in the sack. Oh, Shalia you lucky girl. Hot hunky Kalquorians falling all over themselves just to please you.

  2. So gonna miss this for two whole weeks.

  3. That was AWESOME!! Thank you Tracy!

  4. Three words YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY, ok maybe not 3 different words, but OMFG Tracy, that was hot!!! Gets a cigarette and takes a very long drag. AND I DON'T SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cue fireworks!! Loved that Oses turned into a big ole teddy bear after all the scenes of him being an intense commanding master. It was nice to see that side of him.

    1. I wouldn't say he turned into a teddy bear, he was providing after care as a good Dom should.

  6. that is if I understand BDSM correctly not practicing it my self I might have that wrong.

    1. Actually, you are right and partially wrong. You are right about the aftercare, that would be part of it, yes, indeed. But, it's also about the "scene" being over too and Oses just being a 'man' and not a Dom at that point. At least, in reference to this situation.

      In Kalquorian society, the D/s play pretty much only happens in the bedroom, outside of it, they are in the clan roles, with the Dramok being the leader (Dom) of all, with everyone having an equal opportunity to voice questions/concerns/opinions etc. at any time. Usually, in a D/s relationship, any questions/concerns etc. would be addressed under somewhat more formal circumstances.

      In our BDSM society, the Dom does not generally stop being the Dom, and what Oses did afterwards was part of aftercare (there is more to aftercare than just the physical aspect of taking care of someone). The rest of what happened would depend upon the individual agreements that the partners had come to...some Doms never stop being the Dominant even after 'play' is over and some Doms may become more laid back about things. It generally depends a lot on the individuals involved and how they choose to do things.

      However, all of that being said, you were pretty much on the mark :). If you (or others) decide you would like more info on the lifestyle in our world, I would be happy to help you out.

  7. A great big thank you, You are a master at putting together words so we all can see it in our heads. Hope thay get together agin. Shalia is one lucky girl but I think Oses would be a bit much for me ;0)

  8. Holy smokes this was HOT! You had me laughing pretty hard at the Matara Rug Burn, I couldn't help sitting with a huge grin on my face reading the rest of it :o)

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  10. Tracy takes her personal time to write this up when she could use it working on stuff that pays the bills. I am not at all concerned about a couple of typos.
    Awesome job, Tracy. I loved it.

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  11. A great conclusion to the four part Shalia and Oses appointment. I loved the end where Oses takes over care of Shalia. What a hero! Lol!

  12. Okay, Tracy you made my eye balls sweat with this one. Wow that was yummy, very intense and funny all at the same time. I knew Oses would be the perfect DOM. He kept her off balance but mentally and physically she was never not "safe".
    I like Breta but if I had to choose which male would be my fulltime DOM it could only be Oses

  13. I really enjoyed seeing this side of Shalia, I may not be part of this lifestyle but I do understand it and read a lot of BDSM stories. Don't change the story line line I'm looking forward to seeing what Osis does next and who he may bring in to help pleasure Shalia. We have yet to see a Dramok in