Monday, March 31, 2014

February 1, part 3

Oses stood there like a living mountain, arms crossed over his chest and slowly shaking his head.  “You two are not in any way ready to defend yourselves if the worst happens.”

“I don’t have any real ammo for my blaster anyway,” I mumbled.  “Besides, that’s what you’re around for.”

“So I am.  The boarders have been eradicated and the attackers turned away.  We won.”  Oses grinned as he openly leered at us both.

Betra scowled and carried me to the big Nobek.  “Here.  She needs care and I need to put on clothes.  You’ve seen more than enough of me.”

“Funny.  I was thinking I haven’t seen nearly enough of you,” Oses shot back, but he took me readily enough, letting Betra pull his uniform back on.  I guess I made a nice consolation prize.

Betra couldn’t get out of the room fast enough with his admirer there.  “I’ll get you new quarters, Shalia,” he said.  “You can’t stay in here anymore.”

“The rest of your charges are on their way,” Oses called after him.  “You have forty minutes before they’ll dock.”

“Got it,” came the call back from down the hall.

Oses looked at me, cradled like a child in his muscled arms.  “I wish I wasn’t needed back on the bridge right away,” he said.  “Fighting gets me excited and you look utterly wonderful right now with your hair a mess and makeup running.  Betra did well by you, little Shalia.”

“Yes he did, to the point I can’t handle anymore,” I said pointedly.  “Naughty Nobek.”

He grinned without the slightest shame.  “And I got to see his ass.  What a great day.  Damn, I wish I had time to fuck you right now.  Let me get you some water, my sweet, and care for you until you have recovered your strength.  I can take a few minutes for that.”

I was probably sticking my nose in where it didn’t belong, but as Oses saw to my needs I just had to run my mouth.  “You know Betra was sexually abused as a child, right?”

Oses blinked.  “I was not aware of that.”  His lips went tight and I saw anger rise in his eyes.  “He didn’t happen to say who did it, did he?”

“The man is dead.”

Oses glowered.  “Too bad.  I would have enjoyed abusing the bastard before tearing him to pieces.”

I went quiet, a little frightened by the fury I saw on the weapons commander’s face.  However, Oses had decent control over himself within a few seconds. 

He sighed.  “With a history like that plus Betra being so completely heterosexual, pressing my case for his affections is going to be in vain.  I suppose I will have to content myself with being just his friend.  Perhaps in time I can learn to view him as a younger brother.”

The tone in his voice told me that was not going to happen.  Oses is in love with Betra, plain and simple.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to be doomed to want someone for the rest of my life, knowing all the while it can never be.

After a little while, I pronounced myself steady and ready to get back to life.  Oses helped me get dressed, muttering, “This is the worst thing I’ve done all day.”  I combed my snarled hair and washed my make-up smeared face.  Betra had turned me into an absolute wreck ... and the boys say they like this look? 

Oses went back to work.  I hung out in Betra’s office while he located a new room for me.  We moved my things into my new quarters, which looked pretty much like my old quarters.  I’m now next door to Katrina.  I hope that doesn’t mean she’ll expect me to attend her parties just because I’m near at hand.

Even with those misgivings, I was happy to see her and Candy return safe and sound.  They screamed with relief when I met them in the shuttle bay with Betra.  There was much crying and hugging when we reunited.  I hate that they were worried, but at the same time it’s good to know I have people who truly care about what happens to me.

I have two of the best friends a girl could hope for.  I also have a couple of men who make me feel good and take care of my needs ... sexual and beyond.  I have three dads, and I look forward to maybe getting the mother I was meant to have in a few months.  I may have lost Dusa, Esak, and Weln temporarily, but who knows what the future holds?  As long as life continues, there is always a chance for the future.

Plus I’m going to be a mom.  Life gets scary once in awhile, but all in all, I’m happy to still be here.


  1. Awesome Tracy, and though I hate waiting on the beginning of the next story line, you tied this one up real sweet. I am so looking forward to the next in two weeks, enjoy your hiatus, have fun and be safe!!!

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  2. Hi Tracy, can't wait to see what happens next, thanks for the great story. Always so excited for your books.

  3. Loved this post and I can NOT wait to see what happens next, but I can wait for you to have a nice vaca. Enjoy :0)

  4. Enjoy your "down time." Please tell me this story isn't finished! I'm too invested in these people. You either give us another book or keep up the blog. }:•[ you can't just end a book like this.

  5. Enjoy your vacation, have some fun :)

  6. Have a wonderful vacation. Don't even think about all of us back home who are waiting for the continuation of this diary. Ha Ha! Just kidding!
    Have FUN! FUN! FUN! We'll miss you but we'll survive.

  7. Thanks Tracy, we are all going to miss you.

  8. Great ending for this part. I'm waiting on pins and needles to see the cover for this one! I'm kinda scared about what you have planned for her next though.

    The best of luck to you on getting your next works published within the time frame you are hoping for. However long it takes though, I'll be lined up to buy them. I hope you manage to take at least a little time for yourself the next couple weeks. Don't make yourself too crazy trying to get everything done all at once. We can wait, it might not seem like it, but we can . . . really. :D