Thursday, February 27, 2014

January 25, Part 3

Oses went to the strange object I’d noted before, the kind-of pommel horse looking thing.  He dragged it from the wall ... from the way his big arm muscles strained I guessed it was pretty heavy ... towards the most open part of his cramped room.  Then he touched the wall it had stood against and a drawer opened out.  He took out looped straps with clips at their ends.  I swallowed as he also took out a thick, rubbery looking strap.  He moved to stand next to the pommel horse.

“Lean over this,” he told me.

I started towards it.  “Stop right there,” Oses commanded, and I froze with my foot in the air, not even having taken the first step.  “You will crawl wherever you are commanded to go.  Hands and knees only, pet.”

“Yes, Master,” I whispered.  That weird feeling was back, the one where I felt nervous and yet utterly secure.  I think it had something to do with Oses spelling out exactly what he wanted from me.  I wasn’t left guessing in the least.  All I had to do was listen and obey.  It really did simplify things ... now if only the rest of life came with step-by-step instructions.

I knelt down and crawled over to that hulking beast of a man and his strange bit of furniture.  Once I got there, I stood and draped myself over it.  I’d expected it to kind of dig into my stomach.  Yet with all the padding, it wasn’t uncomfortable. 

Oses put one of those loops of his around one of my ankles.  He latched it to the lowest metal hooks on the leg of what I was now thinking of as the strapping horse.  He tightened the loop a bit to make sure it wouldn’t slip off my foot, but still loose enough that he could fit his finger between skin and strap.  “There shouldn’t be a problem, but if you feel your circulation become compromised, you will tell me immediately,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master.”

I felt like a parrot who’d learned only one phrase.  Yes Master, yes Master, yes Master.  Shalia wants a cracker.  It was probably the nerves that came close to making me giggle.  I stopped myself by thinking of Oses with that thick rubber strap in his hand.  That left me scared spitless and aroused all at once.

He secured my other ankle, then came around the front of the strapping horse to latch two more loops higher up on that side of the legs.  From my position, peeking through my hair, I could see those muscled knotted arms and big, merciless hands as they worked.  I shivered.

He told me, “These tethers are for you to hang onto with your hands while I wear that pretty ass out.  Can you do that, or do I need to bind your wrists instead?”

“I can hang on, Master.”  Somehow it was more exciting that I would be free and forcing myself to accept his dominion, rather than being tied down powerless.

“Good pet.”  Oses handed me the loops and walked around behind me.

I remembered how Dusa and Esak had taught me to not tense when discipline was on the menu.  Thinking about big, bad, scary-hot Oses beating my butt made that exceedingly difficult. 

His hands rubbing my rump elicited a breathless scream.  Damn, I was keyed up.

“Easy, little one,” he soothed.  “I promise to make it hurt without injury.  You can trust me for that.”

He said something else that I didn’t catch, but I figured out what it was when the clit vibrator suddenly came to life.  My moans came out for entirely different reasons than terror this time.  My feet jerked in reaction but didn’t have far to go in their bindings.  I clenched the loops tight in my fists as heat uncoiled in my pussy, pulsing through my belly. 

“That’s it, pet.  Good girl.”

The wonderfully heavy hands massaging my ass disappeared.  I sighed unhappily to feel them go, but the pad humming against my nubbin stole away most of my disappointment.  Damn, it felt good.  I lost myself in the exciting throbs, urging desire upward.  I wanted more.  I wanted to realize the promise of what this little toy could do, having felt it at full power before. 

As my mind began to unveil a laundry list of all I wanted in that moment, Oses struck.  There was a heavy swack sound.  An instant later the meatiest part of my ass caught on fire. 

My feet yanked hard on the loops keeping them prisoner, and for an instant I let go of the ones in my hands.  Holy crap, it hurt!  I remembered myself despite the searing pain and got hold of the tethers once more.  Jeez, had we discussed how many of those I was going to get?  I couldn’t remember for the life of me.

Oses’ hand caressed one blazing buttock.  “Where are we, pet?  Keep going, discuss, or sholt?”

I gasped, trying to catch my breath.  “How many, Master?”

“Enough to turn your ass and thighs red.  You seem to mark rather easy, so probably about ten.  Can you handle it?”

I swallowed.  There was no denying just the one lick had hurt unbelievably.  Yet there was still something about being bent over Oses’ pommel horse (or whatever it was called).  Giving him myself entirely continued to keep me turned on.  Plus the clit vibrator was returning to my consciousness, making my guts feel tumbly-good.  I worried that if I stopped Oses from wearing my ass out, all the other good stuff would end too.  I didn’t want that.  Maybe if I concentrated on the sensations of the clit toy I’d not notice the strap so much?  It was worth a shot.

“I’m okay, Master.  Please continue?”

“Very good, pet.  I am delighted to allow your request.”

He sounded happy with me.  Good, that was good.  I concentrated on the vibrator.  Yeah, that felt damned fine, and when I wasn’t noticing the sharp stinging that continued from Oses’ first lick, the heat that pulsed from that streak of hurt added to the excitement.  I just had to keep my ass relaxed so it wouldn’t hurt too much.  Maybe if I channeled all the tension into my hands clutching the loops—

Another swack, like a thunderclap from God Himself.  I shrieked and writhed from the blistering pain that erupted in its wake.  This time it was just above where Oses had hit me before.

“Look at you dance, my beauty.  That is quite lovely.”

I moaned.  Fuck, it hurt.  Yet I was really, really noticing the clit vibrator too.  I don’t know if it was an instinctual self-protective gesture on my body’s part to try and distance itself from the beating I’d agreed to, or if that weird submissive part of me was getting off on the discipline and therefore enhancing my clit’s sensitivity.  Right that moment, I couldn’t tell whether I was more in hell from pain or heaven from arousal.

The next blow landed a few inches above the back of my right knee, right where the thigh started to get thick.  A second found the same mark on the other leg.  I don’t know how the tethers held my ankles as I kicked hard to free them.  My strapped flesh sizzled with misery.  My clit throbbed with happiness.  Elation stabbed deep in my core and tears dripped from my eyes to the floor below.  I was wrecked and loving it. 

It’s official.  I am beyond weird.

Oses continued to praise me.  “Gorgeous, little Shalia.  Such a good girl.”

The next lick landed just below my buttocks, square on where my thighs began.  Oh gosh, I don’t know what was going on in my head, but the pain suddenly was good.  I fucking liked it.  Something in me begged for it.  I’d had some fun before with the lighter roughness I’d enjoyed with the other Kalquorian men who’d fucked me, but this was more intense.  Oses turned my flesh raw, and I wanted him to keep right on going.

Another smack, this one just below where his first strap had landed.  Oh, that one was beyond good.  The fire of it zapped right to my clit, which was engorging and pressing desperately hard against the vibrating pad that covered it.  My pussy spasmed, as if I would orgasm right then and there.  I think I nearly did. 

The strap struck the backs of my legs between where the previous two had gone.  Oh, my master wasn’t going to miss an inch.  I sobbed my gratitude as fresh infernos lit on my skin and in my core.  There wasn’t so much pain as just intense sensation now.  It was like every swat hit something delightful just within my pussy.

The next two came quickly, landing right above where he’d gotten me over the knee area.  I yelled as fire shot from the blows to my crotch.  My entire body shuddered and writhed.

“Ah, what a beauty you are.  Dance, little Shalia.  That’s my pet.”

The last swat was on the lowest point of my bottom.  I had a kind of mini-orgasm then, my pussy rolling a lovely little ball of happy through itself.  I panted, hoping for more.

Oses disappointed me.  “I think that will do for now.  You are the most charming shade of red.”  He switched the vibrator off.

My only thought was that it couldn’t possibly be over.  Damn it, it was just getting good!  “Please, Master?  Just a little more?”

Oses chuckled.  “I love the enthusiasm, pet, but I’m not one to leave bruises or worse.”  He patted my ass affectionately.  I don’t think he used hardly any force, but the sting was pretty darned profound where his hand found welts. 

Okay, I thought, that could do too.  I moaned to let him know I liked it.

“Who’s in charge here, Shalia?”  Oses’ tone was light, but there was a dark undercurrent to it that sent ice through my veins.

“You are, Master,” I whispered. 

He came around the front of the horse.  I felt his big hand grab a handful of my hair at the back, and he pulled my head up so I could look into his beautifully savage face.  His look was as steely as it could get, which made me scared and excited all over again. 

Oses told me, “I will forego the pain relief since you are enjoying the effects of the beating so much.  If you attempt to push your own agenda again however, I will send you out of here with a perfectly painless ass and no orgasm.”

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered.

The tough bastard then untethered me from his strapping horse.  He carefully lowered me to the floor and stooped down to have a good look at me. 

“Do you need a break yet, pet?  Pay attention to your body and tell me truthfully how you feel.”

I did as he said, checking not only how bad my ass and legs hurt, but also my state of mind.  Beyond the heated stinging of my spanked flesh, my body was a roiling mass of want.  My brain was eager to see what Oses had in store for me next.  I thought I was good to go.

“I’d like to continue, Master,” I told him.


  1. I loved it.
    Crawling isn't to put her down and Oses isn't being a pig, he is all DOM. Most sub's understand the freedom of serenader and submitting to their DOM. Crawling shows you are willing to give up control, nothing more.

    I can't believe Tracy is going to leave us hanging like this. That's just mean. I understand "spreading it out" but dang girl that hurts.
    I'll be fully distracted thinking up all kinds of wonderful activities Oses can do to Shalia until Monday. Tracy, I'm calling a "party foul" on you. You are a naughty writer for leaving us "hanging" w Shalia. ;o) no pun intended :o)
    Keep it coming Tracy, its a wonderful, toe curling story.

    1. I am glad I am not the only one distracted by all the possibilities.

    2. I agree, that has got to be the worst cliff hanger ever. I can' t believe we have to wait until Monday.

  2. Crawling is one of my all time favorites in the bedroom. I thought it was hot. Three has been my favorite so far. And remember, this is for SEXUAL play and domination. He wouldn't do or ask her to do this stuff out side of that. He's even stopped everything to assess how she's doing mind and body. That's not the act of a sadistic pig. Not to mention, most of these 'oppressed' earth women wouldn't be doing even half of the stuff Shalia's been doing since she met the Kalquorians. That's why it's Shalia's Diary. 'Super Oppressed Earth Girl Diary's' would kind of be a dry read.

    I like Oses, and although he's not one of my favs, I think he's going to take Shalia places sexually, and teach her things about herself that she needs to know, before making a lifetime commitment to a clan. And if these things he's doing didn't trip her trigger she would say 'sholt' and he'd be upset if he learned she was disturbed by something and didn't say sholt. That's why he's stopping to see where she is at.

    That's why he's a good Dom. Shalia has a big voice in this and she's not a second class citizen. Hell, would he have worked to get her and the earth women blaster lessons if he didn't care about their over all safety and well being?

  3. I am loving this entry and think that crawling can be a very sensual act for both partners in the bedroom. The sway of breasts and hips while crawling can be enticing as well as the submission of crawling. I just wish there was more in this entry, and I am really hoping at some point Oses loses his tight control on himself as he continues.

  4. Shalia, as his submissive, receives more detailed attention to her pleasure than many women would receive from a 'vanilla' type of relationship where a man sadly and too often focuses on his pleasure and very little on hers. The act of strapping also releases so many endorphins that pleasure becomes so much more acute. Remember too it's a power exchange.....Shalia can cry 'sholt' at any time, but part of her pleasure is the security of knowing he is in charge and she is guaranteed that her Dom will do what he needs to do for her to receive pleasure as well as he.

  5. It was a little hard for me to read ( just my strong women mother coming out) but I do understand how an opperessed women would enjoy this, I takes away her responsability and she can just enjoy and I believe the pain helps with the guilt. You have to keep in mind when reading this how even rape women were treated. I did enjoy it but some parts were hard to read but that's why I enjoy Tracys wrighting.
    Thank you Tracy for making us think. I love your books, keep them coming

    1. Raped , sometimes I reay hate auto correct.

  6. This one was indeed intense, and I will admit, being commanded to crawl, is not my thing, and I doubt it ever will be, but that is just me. Everyone is different,and where the line is I don't cross ends is where some one else's may begin, and far be it from me to deny anyone what they enjoy. I found the rest of the post incredibly hot, and can't wait until Monday. However if he began any scat to golden showers, that is where I would be done. It's one thing to be completely dominated, it is another to be completely degraded and humiliated. As open minded as I am to what others enjoy, that would make me ill to read. I truly hope you do not go there Tracy.

  7. You go Shalia. Do what your lustful body wants, girlfriend. It's a little too intense for me personally, but hey...whatever keeps a duck paddling up the river is fine by me!

  8. Most people who are not a part of the Dom/sub (BDSM) lifestyle do not seem to understand it. Being a part of that lifestyle myself, I feel that Tracy does an excellent job in portraying her D/s scenes.

    The D/s lifestyle is not about demeaning someone, it is about trusting and respecting each other to the point that the sub can let go of everything and know that the Dom will take care of them. There are limits between them that are mutually agreed upon.

    It is not for everyone, just as a non D/s lifestyle is not for everyone. Scenes like the one Tracy posted about today are done to enhance each others' pleasure, and I thought this one was very well-written.

    Thank you, Tracy, for doing such a wonderful job writing scenes like this :).

    1. I agree Brianna, Tracy must have done her homework when I comes to D/s lifestyles. I've lived and enjoyed as D/s lifestyle for almost 25 years and I have never been forced into doing anything, ever. I have had 6 knee surgeries and my DOM knows I can't stay on my knees for long w/o pain so my DOM always makes me get off my knees even when I would prefer to stay there. ;o)

  9. I loved the post and can't wait until Monday to see where Oses takes Shaila. I'm personally not into crawling, but I can see where others could enjoy it. I completely understand Shaila being a sexual submissive. She grew up in a totally repressive society. Being a sexual submissive allows her the freedom to explore and enjoy her sexuality. She doesn't have to worry about whether what she is doing is right or wrong. She just has to follow directions or "the rules". And then, of course, ultimately she has the power to make it stop. This is more power and freedom than she had under Earth's repressive regime.

  10. Tracy, you are the most evil woman. I can' t believe we have to wait until Monday to finish this post.

  11. I've enjoyed all the books tremendously, and have loved the diary postings, but I have to admit this latest posting was over the top for me. First, she's pregnant. She should consider the child first. Second, the "spanking". That wasn't a spanking, that was a beating. I know these guys are "doms", but the question is valid: WHAT would they do if one of the earth women said "I think you guys are hot. I love the idea of a foursome, but I'm just not into pain. So Sholt!"

    1. I, too, have wondered about the pain thing. Are ALL Earth women into some degree of pain? From every one of the Kalquor books--all of which I've enjoyed a lot--it would certainly seem so. Just once, I'd like to see a clan run into the Matara of their dreams who says "Sholt! Not in this lifetime!" to pain--period. Seems to me it would be pretty interesting to see how three guys who--let's face it--enjoy handing out at least a little (and in some cases, a lot) of pain handle such a situation. Especially if they're really emotionally engaged with the woman in question.

      Would they give up on her? Would they tell her, "Too bad. We like hitting you and clamping your nipples, so get used to it."? Would they use sex with each other to satisfy their sadism needs and keep their sex play with the woman within the limits she likes? I'd really like to know. Because it seems inevitable--or, at least, logical--that, sooner or later, some clan who've happily living the BDSM lifestyle will run smack into, and fall hopelessly in love with, some wonderful *vanilla* female.

  12. It's not always about pain, Vickie, there are many, many ways to play. And, sometimes, for some people, pain built up slowly is an aphrodisiac. It also depends upon the instrument used...a flogger that is extremely heavy, with thick falls delivers a thud that is much more like a massage than a beating.

    As for a submissive who does not enjoy pain, and there are plenty out there like that, the Dom would not administer pain in a play scene like this one. For a scene like this to work, the pleasure must be mutual.

    One of the beauties of submission, is that the "power" is actually in the sub's hands: they can call a halt at anytime.

    Also, a good Dom will know how to, how not to, when and where, to hit or not hit, depending on circumstances, like their partner being pregnant, having a tattoo, a bad back, etc.

    This was a very intense scene and I definitely get how & why many were disturbed by it. The more intense the scene (or play), the more highly the emotions can be involved and many times the higher the level of arousal for both participants and watchers. It can be very upsetting to find yourself in a higher level of emotion or arousal from something that wouldn't normally be to your taste. It's not something to be ashamed of, imo. It's actually very natural and doesn't mean that you are a deviant or perverted, just that you were caught up in the intensity of their (the participants) energy. That's part of what makes it a good scene. :).

    btw, there are female dominants and male submissives out there too ;). And it is just as intense and fun for all.

  13. Shalia likes pain. remeber she took a whipping by Nang. Discipline by clan Dusa was a turn on for her. Bertra didn't take it easy on her either. Furthermore, Oses as a good Dom should and would do, asked about whipping, etc and according to Shalia's answer decided where they would start. Shalia's answer was key.