Thursday, February 20, 2014

January 25, part 1

Today was my big sex date with Oses.  It didn’t start out quite the way I’d planned.  Actually, none of it was what I planned.  Did I have a plan?  Maybe not, but if I had it wouldn’t have looked anything like what happened.

I made myself as pretty as I was able with a new blouse and skirt combo.  Since the outfit came from Earth it was not a sexy piece, but I thought it was lovely.  It was a pretty coral, like the color of sunset.  Short sleeves and scoop neck were as close to showing skin as I could get in it.  Oh, half my calves were bare too.  It wasn’t exactly salacious, but at least it fit nicely to my body. 

When my door announce went off  two minutes before Oses was due to pick me up, I was ready.  Wiping my hands on my skirt ... the Living Mountain makes me so nervous in that good way ... I called, “Enter.”

Imagine my surprise when I saw Betra standing there instead.  I stood there without a clue of what to say.

He looked me up and down, his pleasant smile darkening into something else.  Oh, I got all squishy inside at the way his eyes heated.  A sudden vision of him hiking the skirt of my dress up for a spanking had me wet in an instant.

“Well, don’t you look lovely,” he purred.

His head jerked around suddenly, as if surprised.  Then Oses stood at his side looking at him.  “Hello, Imdiko.”

Betra blew out a breath.  “You damned Nobeks.  Make some noise when you approach someone who’s not an enemy.”

“I’m sorry I startled you,” Oses said, sounding anything but apologetic.  His gaze moved to me.  He looked pleased that I had dressed up for our date.  “Hello Matara.  You are beautiful.”

Well crap.  I appreciated the compliments but I didn’t know what to do with having these two on my doorstep at the same time.  Here was the man I’d been having sex with and the man I planned to have sex with.  Awkward doesn’t begin to cover it.

“Would you two like to come in?” I said, at a loss.  “Unless you just needed to give me a message, Betra?”

My liaison looked from me to Oses and back again.  His jaw tightened.  “No, I have a few minutes to visit.  I thought you’d like to know about the attack yesterday.”

As a matter of fact, I did want to know that.  I asked Oses, “I realize we had plans, but do you mind?”

His gaze was calculating.  He stepped past Betra and came into my quarters, a devilish grin lighting his features.  “Not at all.  I was going to tell you about that myself.  Perhaps your liaison is better equipped to give you the news in such a way as to not frighten you too badly.”

“And here I thought you believed me too fragile to tell such things,” I smirked.

“I have decided that since you knew we came under attack, it was better to let you have the facts rather than stress yourself over rumors.”

Oses walked over to my lounger and settled down.  After a long second, I went over and sat next to him.  He smiled and moved so that our legs touched.

Betra’s eyes narrowed.  He came over and sat on the other side of me, his leg also making contact.  He stared at Oses, who only smiled pleasantly back.  The Nobek placed a hand on my knee.

Talk about testosterone.  Suddenly I felt like the prize at a turkey shoot.

I prodded Betra.  “You were going to tell me about the attack?”

He dragged his gaze from the older Kalquorian.  “Two Earther battlecruisers challenged us.”

I sucked in a breath at that.  It was every Earther woman on this transport's worst nightmare.  We did not want to be captured by our own kind, who would no doubt judge us in the worst way possible.

Oses’ deep voice added, “It was quite a battle, given we had only two destroyers to defend the transport.  Our ships are good and our technology advanced in comparison to yours, but Earther cruisers are too well-armed to make it a simple matter to overcome them.”

Betra’s tone was grudging as he gave Oses his due.  “This transport is not lacking in firepower either.  You made quite the showing in fighting the Earthers yourself, Weapons Commander.  We have you to thank for our victory as much as anyone else.”

All the challenge left the Nobek’s expression as he bowed his head in acknowledgement of Betra’s  gratitude.  “I did my duty to those I have sworn to protect.”

“Did you destroy them?” I asked.  Suddenly, I had a vision of many men, men of my own species, dying out there.

I know I sound crazy when I say this, especially given how I and every other woman on this ship would be treated if the Earthers had won.  But it made something inside me wither and die to think of the men on those battlecruisers all perishing because of blind obedience to Earth’s old regime.  We have already suffered so much because of what our leaders did.  It’s unthinkable that more must die in the name of the Church and Earth, neither of which really exist anymore.

Betra took my hand.  “We captured and commandeered one cruiser.  We are now towing it.  We placed its crew in stasis until they can be sent to the Galactic Council for determination of what should happen next.  The other Earther vessel got away.”

Oses squeezed my knee comfortingly.  “The casualties were quite low.  The majority of the crew of the ship we captured had abandoned it weeks ago.  The holdouts didn’t have nearly enough men to run it properly.  We were lucky.”

I breathed easier.  “I can get behind luck.  I take it every chance I get.”

That made the two men laugh.  “I agree,” Betra said.

He looked from me to Oses.  “I suppose I should be getting to my office,” he said.

“What’s your hurry?” Oses asked.  He eyed me speculatively.  “Or do you have an issue with accommodating more than one man at a time?”

That made me think of Dusa’s clan.  The memory of being held, controlled, and loved by the duo of Dusa and Esak – and later adding Weln to the mix – slammed hard in my gut. 

I had no idea what to expect from Oses, though his warning that he was commanding in sex pretty much gave me an idea.  Betra was also dominating.

Made to serve the lusts of two big, muscled Kalquorians at once.  Accommodating?  Yeah, I can be that.

“Just two of you?” I said, affecting boredom.  “I suppose it’s okay if that’s all we’ve got.”

Oses chuckled.  Betra however ... he didn’t look completely convinced. 

Oses caught it right away.  He rolled his eyes in exasperation.  “By the ancestors, you homophobic Imdiko, relax.  Given the choice between a man’s ass and a woman’s pussy, I’ll take the pussy every time.  Shalia has kindly consented to an amorous encounter to me this morning, and I’m willing to share.  Do you want her or not?”

Betra’s gaze heated as he looked at me.  “I want her.  I always want her.”

Oses grabbed me and parked me on his lively lap.  “Then you can have her mouth after I’m done kissing it.  I’m fucking the rest.”

I squealed to be hauled on top of the bear of a man that is Oses.  Good heavens, I felt tiny in his arms.  I thought of how easily the Nobek could crush me with just a squeeze.  That familiar fear-twinged excitement got my tummy going in an instant.

“What’s this noise?” he asked, grinning down at me.  “I haven’t done anything yet, little Earther.  But I will.  I will do plenty to get you to make all kinds of sounds.”

Making good on the threat, he palmed my breast, squeezing it just to the point where it thought about being pain.  I gasped and arched into his grip.

“She likes rougher pleasures,” Betra confirmed, sliding a little closer to watch.  He kept far enough away that Oses couldn’t accidentally touch him though.

“Good to know,” Oses rumbled.  He squeezed my breast tighter and I moaned from the ache.  “You do know how to say sholt, don’t you Shalia?”

“Yes, Nobek Oses,” I moaned.  “I’m supposed to say it if there is too much pain.”

“Or if you’re emotionally overwhelmed,” he prodded.

“I’ve been over it with her,” Betra added.  “I believe those she entertained on Earth also gave her a good grounding on how to cope with our stronger urges.”

“Excellent.”  Oses smile warmed me even as he squeezed my other breast as hard as the first.

I was going soft with acceptance as he tested my limits.  The Nobek teased my breasts, making the nipples jut hard against the fabric of the top I wore.  When he had them showing off blatant points, he pinched and tugged.  Searing heat stabbed through my chest, shooting down to produce exciting ripples in my pussy.  I whimpered from the mingled pain and pleasure, panting from the attentions.

“Responsive, isn’t she?” Oses rumbled with approval.  “She also displays wonderful obedience to what I want.”

Betra snickered.  “Only because it’s what she wants as well.  She appreciates a strong man who takes complete control in sexual matters, but don’t test her otherwise.”

“So she doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit outside of sex.  A most compelling creature.  Do I dare hope they all are like this?”

“Unfortunately, no.  Shalia is unique in her combination of strength and surrender.”

Oses grinned.  “Then we are fortunate to have an opportunity to enjoy her, if only for a short while.”

Despite his tormenting play, I heard everything they said.  I didn’t attach much meaning until later when my head came back together.  The men’s conversation was only background noise while Oses fondled, pinched, caressed, and squeezed my breasts.  While he talked his eyes riveted on my face, cataloguing every reaction.

For my part, I felt little darts of pain, soothing warmth, profound aching, and excitement that fed directly to my trembling sex.  My pussy oozed wetness, and I clung to Oses’ forearm, hanging on as he played with me.  For heaven’s sake, I still had all my clothes on.  Yet I already wanted to feel that mountainous Kalquorian on top of me, inside me.  I crumbled beneath his fierce stare and equally fierce hand.

Oses lifted me a little as he lowered his head, his lips parting for the first kiss.  I moaned as his breath wafted over my mouth, ready to devour and be devoured.  His mouth closed over mine.

He didn’t waste time on niceties.  His tongue plunged in, taking me with ferocious command as he continued to assault my breasts.  Oses tasted like hunger; pure devouring , insatiable hunger.  I was surprised I didn’t melt into a literal puddle under his searing kiss.  Had I been incapable of thought before?  Now I was as helpless as if he’d chained me down.  There was only his mouth, hands, and the bulk of his body.

That lasted for several seconds.  I lay utterly wasted, incapable of anything but feeling when a pair of hands crept up my thighs.  Betra had decided to play too.

His mouth joined in the carnal attack, licking and kissing a path up my inner thigh.  My skirt lifted higher as he traveled towards my aching pussy.  If my bottom lips could have screamed, they would have urged him on in hysteria to be touched.  I couldn’t wait for his kiss there.

I moaned a plea under Oses’ mouth.  He growled back, not letting up on his demands for an instant.  I fell deeper into the spell the two men wove, my body weak and incapable of resistance.  Betra’s mouth came ever closer to my waiting cleft.  I just knew the instant he touched me there that I would detonate.

Oses’ hand left off tormenting my breasts.  I whimpered to lose that powerful touch, but the kisses the pair treated me to continued to keep me soft and easy to them.  I still clutched the Nobek’s wrist in both my hands, and he reached down towards my pussy.  My whole body wanted to beg him to touch me there, to join Betra as he closed in on me...

Oses’ hand raised up, moved slightly back and forth.  I heard Betra gasp.  Suddenly his mouth disappeared from my thigh, only a couple of inches from kissing my mound.  Oses broke our kiss too to look at the Imdiko.

Betra’s face was red and suffused with anger.  “Damn you, Oses!  Why can’t you leave it alone?”

Oses looked irritated but not surprised by the outburst.  “I stroked your hair, Imdiko.  That’s all.”

Betra jumped up and strode to the middle of the room. “I don’t want you to touch me!  Not my cocks, not my ass, not my hair, nothing!”

“Yes, because your hair is such an intimate part.  How foolish of me.”  Oses rolled his eyes.

I had no idea what to say, so for once I kept my mouth shut.  I decided those two could work it out for themselves.  Man love was not something I felt capable of refereeing.

“I don’t like men that way.  Why won’t you accept that?” Betra asked.

“Because I do like men that way.  I particularly like you and I don’t get many opportunities to show you how much.”  Oses sighed.  “I apologize, Imdiko.  Come back.  I will not touch you again.”

“I have work to do.  I’ll see you later, Shalia.”

And just like that, Betra walked out.  So much for my menage.

I could think again, though my pussy was still crying for Betra’s kiss.  I looked up at Oses, wondering if his ruined attempt to seduce Betra was going to put the kibosh on our fun too.  Fortunately, the big Nobek got over the rejection pretty quick.

He grinned down at me.  “Back to Plan A, then.  I was looking forward to having you to myself anyway, pretty pet.”

I wriggled with puppy dog delight.  “Good, because you two got me hot and bothered.”

“Did we?  I don’t think you have been bothered nearly enough yet.”

He tugged at something on his belt.  He pulled something out of a pouch he wore on his waist.  It had straps that connected to a flat piece of plastic.

“What’s that?” I asked, my stomach churning in equal parts anxiety and excitement.  I had no clue what Oses had brought me, but I had a feeling it would make me crazy.

“A present I bought just for you,” he grinned.  “Time to get those underpants off, pet.”

Oses tugged off the pretty lacy panties I’d put on just for him.  Oh well, I hadn’t planned on wearing them very long anyway, and I was delighted that he appreciated them.  He especially liked that they were already quite wet.

“Lovely, little girl.  Now we’ll replace these with my gift.”

I really had no idea what to do with the plastic and strap doohickey, but Oses was perfectly happy to show me what it was for.  The straps went on over my hips and up my butt crack, putting the flat plastic bit right up against my clit.  A few adjustments to the straps, and the contraption was snugged on tight so it wouldn’t shift.

“I’m not going to feel much with that there,” I pouted.  The plastic was cold and I wasn’t particularly crazy about the thin strap up my crevice.

“Oh you’ll feel something,” Oses chuckled.  Then he said something that sounded like, “Satacri, werpac.”

The bit covering my clit hummed to life, vibrating with low intensity.  It didn’t blow me into the stratosphere, but the effect was immediate just the same.  Arousal bubbled, making me moan and arch.

“There you go, pet,” Oses said approvingly.  “That feels nice, doesn’t it?”

 “Nice.  What an interesting way to put it,” I gasped. 

I knew I was in trouble when he wrapped one arm about my shoulders and captured both my wrists in his hand, holding me prisoner.  His other arm pinned my legs against his wide body.  Then he said something like, “Fihul.”

The thing vibrating my clit went from a gentle vibration to a merciless thrumming that I felt jolt all the way up to my skull.  Ecstasy so intense that it hurt made me fight Oses.  I had to get that thing off me.

I screamed his name.  His dark visage filled my stare, a calculating smile spreading over it.  He held me still easily though I fought with everything I had to get free.  Brutal climax galloped towards me, one that I knew would rip me apart.  I couldn’t get loose.  I couldn’t fucking move.

My jaw yawned wide open.  I didn’t even have breath to shriek as the orgasm bore down on me.


Abruptly, the torture device on my clit went back down to that discreet little hum.  The violent climax that had threatened me backed off, leaving me trembling and almost sobbing in a mixture of disappointment and relief.

“Lovely, little pet.  I’m glad you like the present.  Shall we go?”

Oses stood, setting me on my feet.  My knees tried to buckle, but the Nobek was right there, keeping me upright.  I couldn’t have stood on my own.

I wanted to say so many things, most of them pretty foul, but all I could gasp was a one word question.  “Go?”

“To my quarters.  You’ll remember I told you yesterday that was where I wanted us to enjoy ourselves.”  He prodded me towards the door.

Somehow my legs moved forward, though they were in no shape to support my weight.  Oses was going to make me walk the ship’s corridors to his quarters?  Like this?

“Oses,” I said, trying to balk before I was seen in public.  “Oses, the thing you put on me... it’s still vibrating.”

“Yes, I know.  I don’t want your anticipation of what we’re going to share to be interrupted.”

“But, but...” I was having trouble thinking with that damned thing humming along against my now sensitized clit.  “Oses, turn it off.”

“No pet, I don’t want to do that.  However, if you don’t behave like a good little girl, I might turn it up full again.”

My door opened and he swept me into the corridor.  I stared up at him, barely breathing in the wake of his threat.

Oses still grinned at me, looking as pleased as punch with my predicament.  Downright jolly, in fact.  However, there was a hard light in his eyes that said he wasn’t kidding around.  The bastard had every intention of making me scream with orgasm in the middle of the transport’s halls if I didn’t go along with what he wanted.

He gave me a slow, wicked wink.  “I told you, Shalia.  I’m a very controlling man.  I play by my own set of rules, rules you’d better learn quickly.”

I was so screwed even before the fucking had started.


  1. Poor Oses, unrequited love can be quite painful. Tho I dont understand Betra's level of dislike of simple touch in a culture that is so physically expressive. Hopefully S will help him forget about it for a bit.


  3. OMG ending it like that Tracy, uuhgs, you really know how to wet the appetite. I am wondering if perhaps Betra might have had a bad experience with males, hense his dislike.

  4. Im with you Kathy something had to have happened to Berta to get that strong of a reaction from someone raised by 3 fathers and a mom. Sooner or later it will come out and then and only then our girl can try and help. Hell she might be able to get the guys to an even playing field.

  5. Oh, I feel really bad for Betra. Betra is already different than everyone in his culture and Oses proves again and again he has no respect for Betra by hitting on him. Then he goes after the girl that Betra is seeing. I mean Betra finally gets some female companionship and Oses, his tormentor, is now messing around with her. That has to suck big time for him. I would be pissed and a little hurt in his shoes.

  6. I also think Berta has had a few bad experiences and I hope these two can help him so he can have a chance at love and a clan.
    I loved this post. I love Mon &Thurs, I get up early so I can read in quiet.
    Thank you Tracy and keep them coming.

  7. What a great addition to the story.
    My heart aches a little for Betra.
    Come on Monday!

  8. What a great addition to the story.
    My heart aches a little for Betra.
    Come on Monday!

  9. Maybe something did happened to Betra or maybe he is tired of being hit on all the time by guys. But Oses is definitely crossing the line. I cant wait til Monday.

  10. Im not so sure something did happen to Betra, if he is a misclassified Dramok then it is only natural he would object/reject to being in a position that would make him a "bottom". He can function enough as an Imdiko to care for others but not enough to be the one being taken instead of taking. He could also be half and half like the Imdiko/Nobek emperor is and sexually the Dramok half is stronger. Just a hypothesis.