Monday, February 17, 2014

January 24

Did I complain about being bored a few days ago?  I’d like more of that, please.  Much, much more.  Universe, you can bore me until I’m catatonic from it.  Please.

I’m still shaken.  We came under attack again.  The claxons went off just as Katrina, Candy, and I were finishing breakfast.   The moment the blaring started, so did the women's screams.  Their cries echoed in the dining room.  Katrina and I did not scream.  Candy squealed a little, but then Candy squeals at the least little thing, both good and bad.  I’m pretty sure she does it during sex too.  Since she’s traded in her virginity, I’ve heard more than one Kalquorian mimic that distinctive sound when she passes them in the corridors.

No Kalquorians were teasing Candy while the alarms went off, however.  After the initial jolt of terror, our group rose from the table as Betra reached us.  All ten of us were there, and we trotted behind him down the halls to the shuttle bay, exactly the way we’d drilled.

We were the first group to board our assigned escape craft.  Betra looked proud of us despite the concern that played freely over his expression. 

I ended up in the seat between Katrina and Candy.  Secured, the only thing left to do was sit and wait for whatever came next.

“Hey Betra, any idea who is behind this one?” Katrina asked.

He sat across the aisle from our bank of seats.  The Imdiko shook his head.  “They didn’t announce it.”

Candy gave him a mock pout.  “Well, someone needs to get with the program.  I hate being left out of the excitement.”

I couldn’t resist joining in.  “Sheesh, you’d think the captain was busy or something.  Can’t he give us a play-by-play of the battle while he fights it?  What kind of a cruise are you guys running, anyway?”

Betra chuckled.  I think he appreciated us trying to keep things light rather than freaking out all over the place.

The other two groups assigned to our shuttle filed in and took their seats.  No one was panicked, not when we knew exactly how to handle our part in this mess.  The drills had served us well.

Candy started ticking items off on her fingers.  “Okay, if we don’t have to leave this time, we definitely need to stock this thing with distractions for future false alarms.  Puzzles, reading material, music players, snacks...”

“We have rations,” Betra said.

“Forget it, Betra.  I want cookies and chocolate on this tub next time.”

“Plus a fully stocked bar,” I added.

“Dildos and lubricant.”  Katrina was as shameless as ever, especially when she added, “Or you liaisons aren’t going to get any sleep.”

Betra laughed.  “I’ll see what can be done as far as things to keep your minds occupied.  However, keep in mind that most of the shuttle’s storage is taken up by survival items.”

Can people be on edge for almost an hour?  We all were, and that’s how long we sat in our shuttle waiting to hear word on what was going on.  It was almost anti-climactic when the announcement came and Betra translated:  “We are clear.  You may return to regular duty stations or your quarters.”

“That’s it?” I asked, releasing my restraints.  “No other explanations?”

“Not for now,” Betra said, ushering us off the shuttle.  “You have to give the officers a chance to sort through what happened.  For all we know, we took some damage.  If so, that has to be dealt with right away.”

“This sucks,” Candy groused.  “I chewed my nails down to nothing and I don’t even know why.”

Betra made sure to check especially on me, no doubt because of my impending motherhood.  “You’re all right?  Not too stressed?  I’ll take you to Dr. Tep if you need something to settle your nerves.”

“I’m fine,” I said, though I did feel a little trembly inside.  For all our goofing, it had been scary to simply sit and wait for who knew what.  “I think I’ll go to my quarters and relax for a while.  Maybe take a nap.”

“Com me or come to the office if you need anything.”  Betra’s hand on my back was welcome as he rubbed soothingly.

He accompanied me all the way back to my quarters and even tucked me under the covers.  I had the urge to pull him into bed with me, but I decided I’d rather he find out what had happened so I could interrogate him later.

I lay around for about half an hour before I realized I was too keyed up to actually sleep.  So here I am, jotting all this down and worrying about what will happen next.  I feel really confined in my quarters, almost like I can’t breathe.  I think I need to get out and about, walk a bit of this nervous energy off.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.


  1. Oh I am not sure walking around is a good thing, that is when something bad happens. :0) I so can't wait to read the next one.

  2. Indeed Vickie. Hmmm maybe she will run into Oses and Betra and remember the appointment, that I hope was only interrupted by the attack. There will be a very delicious way to work off that nervous energy.

  3. You're right VickieH walking around always seems to get this woman in hot water or under a hot male. ;o)
    She should just call Brtra or maybe a nice older male that's really good with weapons. I know that a big male with a bigger gun always makes me calm down... Or heat up, both would make her feel better.

  4. Kathy, Oses was working a double yesterday and today so as long as his area isn't damaged he should be able to pick her up tomorrow morning for a full day of "distraction" in his cabin. Or maybe she can go wondering and see if she can "stumble into him" during her walk.

  5. ahh Yes Marcy I had no read the date. My bad, when I saw this((Did I complain about being bored a few days ago?)) I was thinking her last entry had been a few days before. I completely over looked the date of the entry. Face palms and waits patiently , or not.:-) lovin it Tracy!!!

  6. If my count is right we should get some HOT Oses action Thursday.

  7. Unless Shalia's walk around lands her some hot action first. That woman can find willing men in a sandstorm.

  8. I am so looking forward to Thursday. Oses. Oses. Oses. Oh, and Betra.

  9. Hmmm I do believe she is going to form her own clan. Seems this clan is going to be formed by the Matara instead of the K clan. Happy hunting Shalia.