Thursday, February 13, 2014

January 23

This morning I kept reminding myself of how old Oses is when he stopped by my room.  I’ve even taken to calling him ‘Old Man Oses’ in my head to try and remind myself of that fact.  My stupid pussy couldn’t give a shit as to his age though.  I look at him, and all I see is virile mountain o’ man that Shalia wants to climb and claim.  Sheesh.  I’m such a filthy tramp.

He came by to let me know we’d gotten the okay to train on percussion blasters.  Woohoo!  Betra will be seeing who wants to sign up for lessons and then they’ll post a schedule for us.  I feel better about things already.  I’m not so much a fan of running around armed and dangerous as I want to be empowered to defend myself.  Oses also informed me that those of us who do wish to train will be subjected to psychological exams to make sure we’re emotionally stable enough to carry.  That sounds great to me ... I keep thinking things like, what if a woman (like my mom) suffering from bipolar disorder had access to firearms?  Yikes. 

I had invited Oses in.  I served him a protein drink, thinking about crawling all over him the entire time.  When I came close I noted how he inhaled deeply.  His pupils dilated, and I thought I saw his fangs peek out from behind his normal teeth. 

“Sorry,” I said, not meaning it one bit.  “I can’t really help this smell thing.”

“Be careful around the younger men,” he counseled.  “Nobeks under the age of 25 have next to no self-control when it comes to sex.  Their hormones drive them crazy.”

“It’s a good thing you’re so mature,” I replied, sitting across from him instead of wallowing all over his growing lap.  “Exactly how old are you, if I may ask?”

Oses grinned.  “One hundred fifty-seven years, in Earth terms.”

Good heavens.  It is so wrong for someone his age to look that damned good.  “It’s not just Nobek boys who have trouble with their hormones,” I grouched.

“Betra seems to think your pregnancy is enhancing your drive.”

I stared at him in surprise.  “You two are talking about me?”

Oses’ smile turned sad.  “When I can get your liaison to talk to me at all, it’s usually because I bring your name up.  He’s quite dedicated to you.”

“Are you in love with him or something?” I asked.

Oses cocked an eyebrow at me.  “A Nobek does not speak of love for other men.  It’s considered demeaning to the objects of their affections.”

The way he said it made me guess, “I asked an offensive question, didn’t I?”

Oses shrugged.  “To a younger Nobek it would be.  My breed prefers to prove our attachments to fellow males through our acts, not our words.  It is a poor excuse of a Nobek who cannot demonstrate his love adequately enough so that others are aware of it.”

“I see it whenever you’re around Betra,” I said.  “So you’ve got the demonstration part okay.  I guess I just wanted verification.  I didn’t mean to insult you.”

The weapons commander smiled.  “I’m aware you mean no harm, Shalia.  We Nobeks do try to take into account how little you know of our society.  I took no offense from your curiosity.”

“Good.”  I found it interesting that he didn’t refute my knowledge of his unrequited fixation on Betra.

I chewed on my lower lip as I ventured another question.  “Nobeks have no problem voicing their love for women though, is that right?”

Esak’s quiet but fierce face was very much in my mind right then.  He’d spoken the words, words it seemed like I’d heard a million years ago.  My heart squeezed tight.  I may be trying to move on, but certain parts of me lag far behind the rest.

Oses nodded.  “Females must be reassured of our devotion through word and deed.  Every opportunity is taken to let a loved woman know she is the center of that Nobek’s life.”

“You can’t have a woman without a clan.  Does it bother you?”

“Oh, I could certainly have a woman.”  His grin turned naughty.  “I could even live with one if I wasn’t on a ship performing dangerous duty.  I just can’t clan one.”

“So is your plan to hop from girl to girl once there are more of us to play with?”  I flirted shamelessly, but I couldn’t seem to help myself.  Old Man Oses?  It’s more like On Me, Oses.  Now.

He laughed at my question.  “Matara Shalia, you are the funniest Earther I’ve met.  Yes, I am quite free to entertain all the females I want.  Unfortunately, most the females I run into are looking for something younger.  Even your naughty older friend Katrina prefers the younglings.”

I shook my head.  “Maturity looks pretty good to me.”

Oses  chuckled.  “Young lady, if I wasn’t due on the bridge in a few minutes, I’d ask you to prove that.”

I sighed, rolling my eyes at myself.  “Why do I keep doing this?  I used to hate sex!”

“That’s terrible.”

“Yeah, but it made my life a lot less complicated.  Not to mention a lot less heartbreaking.”  I stared at him.  Damn, Oses looked so wonderful.  He was nothing like any of the men I’d had before.  In fact, none of the men I’d been with were anything alike.  I don’t have a type apparently, unless you count ‘male’.

“My ego swells when you look at me like that,” Oses told me softly.  “Along with other parts, obviously.  Do I dare hope we explore our mutual attraction?”

“I’d be stupid to say yes,” I answered.  “Yes, I want to have sex with you.”

“I’m quite controlling.”

“You and every other Kalquorian I’ve ever met.”

Oses chuckled.  “I have double shifts today and tomorrow.  Would you like to get together the day after that?”

“Great, now I’m scheduling my sex like a hair appointment.  Sure, we’ll see if our parts fit day after tomorrow.”

Oses rose, still snickering.  “You are a funny one.  I’ll come and get you that morning then.”

I stood to walk him to the door.  “Come and get me?  We can have sex here.”

The Nobek stopped just short of triggering my door to automatically open.  “I’d rather have you in my quarters.”

He gathered me in his massive arms.  I was all too ready for his kiss when his face dipped down to mine.

At least, I thought I was ready for the kiss. 

It started soft and sweet, an amazing thing from someone who looked made of granite.  Oses cupped the back of my head, holding me just right for him as his lips drifted over mine.  Slowly, slowly, slowly, his mouth settled against me, moving in a delicate testing fashion.  When his lips parted, I opened my mouth too.  His tongue found mine, sliding over in a quest to get to know its partner better.  From there the kiss deepened, going from tender to assured.  Oses tasted good, kind of smoky and savory and masculine.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing close to this huge male.  I found all that muscle to be terribly exciting.

Oses’ kiss grew in strength.  It became demanding and then devouring.  I melted against him as he plundered deep in my mouth, kissing me like he owned me.  My senses swam.  Overwhelmed, I think I even stopped breathing as heat and want poured into my mouth and down my throat to make my guts boil.

He released me just in time to keep me from fainting.  I know how wimpy-girly that sounds, but I honestly damned near swooned from the power of Oses’ kiss.  Should I consider an older, mature man who knows what to do with his mouth?  Oh fuck, yeah.  Especially if he knows what to do with the rest of the package.

“The day after tomorrow,” he promised in a low voice that shivered my bones.  “We will go to my quarters and I will make you come screaming for me until you are no longer capable.”

The moment my door close behind him, I went to the couch and collapsed.  It took half an hour before my limp spaghetti legs found strength to stand and walk again.


  1. OMG!! I think I just fell in love with Oses. Great post today Tracy.

  2. well well its about time u know what they say the potent the wine the sweeter the drive i think Oses will fall for shalia to

  3. Great post. Can't wait! I think Shalia's in for a great time.

  4. Ok, that was a great post and Oses is the kind of man I 'd jump on in a heart beat,( if I was not married to great guy) so I get her attraction to him
    I'm not sure about the photo of him, in the posts he sounds SO much bigger and better looking. But that just me.

  5. Phew another post that has me breathless and tingly, yummy, I can't wait to see the appointment, oh and wouldn't it be awesome if Shalia accidentally, >.> had some arrangement to meet Betra At the same time. We'll maybe not. Who knows, I agree Vickie not that the picture is not impressive but yes I picture much more mass when Oses is discribed. Still lovin it Tracy!! Can't wait for more!

  6. Sometimes the models I use to depict the characters are chosen more for the 'aura' they project than actually matching the physical description.

  7. Oh hell yeah!!!!! Oses will ring her bell for sure. Can't wait!! :)

  8. WOW! That was hot. Sounds like Shalia is going to get laid good and proper. I agree with the others Tracy, I feel Oses picture looks nothing like he sounds. You know how much I love your work Tracy, so dont get mad. He just seems sexier, more muscular than the photo. By the way, whatever happened to that super hot clan Shalia was looking at. I still can get them out of my mind.

  9. Ok Tracy I get what you are saying. I am a super big fan and can Not wait for your next book. Keep them coming.

  10. OMG I so understand the swooning I was having a hard time breathing while reading this one. For an "older" male he just seems very yummy. I'd clime him like me a tree...... or chew on him like an ear of corn ;-)

  11. Indeed that kiss just radiated sexual energy that was nothing less then intoxicating. You certainly know how to put us all into the moment Tracy, you are DANGEROUS!!! in the best possible way I must add,

  12. HOKIE-SMOKES!!!!!!! I always wait until I know that I won't be disturbed to read Shalia' s Diary, so I didn't get to read it until Friday night. Wow!
    I picture Oses first of all a bit larger than the picture. Older too. Maybe a little tiny bit of graying at the temples and an infectious smile, when he designs to show it. Just thinking out loud. Loving the story Tracy.

  13. Spellchecker sucks sometimes. What I wrote was....Oses has an infectious smile when he deigns to show it. Hurmph!

  14. Please tell me your going to make my Monday morning worth getting up for!!!