Monday, February 10, 2014

January 20

I’m thinking of going and finding Betra and seeing if he wants to have sex.  It’s not that I’m particularly amorous.  I’m just bored.

It’s kind of setting in for all of us.  We had an evacuation drill yesterday, and Betra was cranky with the gals since we didn’t take it that seriously.  Oh, we did everything we were supposed to, but as we marched to the shuttle bay we chattered and joked, flirted with the crewmembers we passed, and just generally did it as casually as if we were on our way for coffee.  As soon as we were locked down in the shuttle, Betra froze the controls so we couldn’t get up.  He read us the riot act. 

“Just days ago when that alarm went off, most of you were weeping and screaming, convinced you were going to die,” he said, giving us an ‘I’m so disappointed in you girls’ expression.  He did it really well too.  Almost everyone was squirming shamefaced by the end of his speech, which went on for about five minutes.

After that little fiasco, I went with Katrina and Candy to the ship’s main concourse, looking for some way to entertain ourselves.  I could scarcely believe it when our freewheeling matriarch gazed with serious evaluation at the hardass-looking Nobeks going into the pleasure club’s black door.  Every time the door opened, you could hear people shrieking.  I’d swear I heard a shockwhip once too.  Those damned things will kill you.

“Let’s go have a look,” Katrina finally said.

“You go have a look.  I’ll stay here and write your eulogy,” I snorted.  I took a few steps away for good measure even though we were at the opposite side of the center.

“I’ve heard anything goes in that place,” Candy agreed.  “Peggy said the other day that she saw a couple of men covered in blood walk out of there.”

Katrina wouldn’t stop looking at the club’s entrance.  “They just play rough with each other.  They wouldn’t hurt Earther women.  My boys say they have sex toys we can’t even imagine in there, along with ways of tying people down that makes them completely helpless.”

“Then you can definitely count me out,” I said, though my insides warmed at the thought of being restrained.  It gave me naughty thoughts of Dusa’s clan, Betra, Oses ... okay, I’ll admit memories of Nang snuck in there too.  He was an ass, but he knew how to give a girl screaming orgasms.  Still, I was not going in through that black door.  It was one thing to be bound by men I knew, quite another to do it with complete strangers.

“I don’t think I want to be helpless with guys we don’t know so well,” Candy said.  “It’s not just the men we see in our part of the ship, you know.  Those are men from all over the transport and the destroyers too.  They may not know when to stop with one of us.”

“It would be fine,” Katrina insisted.  “Am I the only one who needs a little danger in my life?”

“I’m taking care of two these days,” I pointed out, reminded of my little hostage of fortune taking shape in my belly.  “Besides, I smell like crazy sex to these guys already.  One step in there, and I could be in big trouble.”

Katrina was ready to concede my safety on that count.  “Shalia, you are definitely not going in there with a bunch of horny Nobeks,” she agreed.  “Candy, you’ve got no excuse.  I thought you were Miss Adventure now!”

“Adventure, my ass,” Candy snorted.  “I get worn out to the point where I can’t walk with the ones I play with.  I don’t need anything rougher than that.”  She grinned a challenge.  “Maybe it isn’t so bad in there.  You go in, scout it out, and then tell us all about it.”

Katrina arched an eyebrow.  “Even I’m not crazy enough to go in there by myself.  I definitely believe in safety in numbers.  Come on, Candy.”

Candy wasn’t having it, and I applaud her good sense.  We may all be getting bored, especially when one realizes we still have over eight more months (!!!) of this trip to go.  Still, boredom trumps being maimed during sex any day.

So Betra was mad, Katrina continues to pout, and I’m still bored.  However, I don’t dare wish for something interesting to happen.  That never goes well. 


  1. how about playing strip poker with betra, oses, where shalia is the surprise

  2. oh good idea Ana. I was thinking truth or dare but Betra would take all the truths and Oses would take all the dares.

  3. As much as a sexy romp sounds good, I'd be going nuts without something to do and I don't mean more sex, I mean something that uses some brain power, I'd need to work otherwise I'd be a blubbery fool.

  4. Well, Shalia could do a documentary of the trip. Interview everyone or they all could learn Kalquorian. That would take some brain power or perhaps geography and history lessons about Kalquor and it's colonies. I already would have started on all of those options. I would want to know as much as possible about my new home.
    I also would have gone into the club, I would want to see what is going on out of curiosity.

  5. I think it would be amusing to see Kalq's playing twister or musical chairs. and some1 in the mess hall should start a food fight, just to see what the Kalq's make of that. poor betra would really have a lecture to think up lol, can just see the look on his face as he looks at the food covered waste land.

  6. Ha ha Ha Erin had the funniest image of a number of big hulking kolq's playing duck duck goose, but yeah would be interesting to see some bits of drama break out. nothing huge just to spice up the down time.

    1. Hadnt thought of duck duck but I can just picture a pack of Nobeks trying to figure that one out lol, can also picture them thumping each other on the head harder than necessary.