Monday, February 3, 2014

January 17

There’s been a lot of talk the last couple of days.  People have been saying that a passing Dantovonian vessel made contact with our transport.  The Dantovonians reported they had sighted an Earther battlecruiser near our route a few days ago.  Where this rumor began I have no idea, nor do I know if it’s true.  It’s got all the women nervous however.  Earther battlecruisers are nothing to screw with.  A single Kalquorian destroyer can take one out, but that’s only if it’s lucky and the crew is really good.  Better odds are four destroyers to a battlecruiser.  We’ve got only two guarding the transport right now.

We know that a large number of the Earther ships are out there.  After Armageddon, many refused to surrender.  It’s thought that most of the crews fear what will happen if they give themselves up.  So they’re out there, flying around and trying to remain out of sight for the most part.  In most cases when they’re sighted they rush off, apparently trying to avoid confrontation.

There have been accounts of a few attacking Kalquorian ships.  These insurgents haven’t given up yet, still fighting the Church’s lost war.  Those are the ones that scare us and for good reason.  Battlecruisers are like space-going fortresses.  They are made for one thing alone:  to demolish enemies.  If our transport and its two sentries were to encounter a battlecruiser, there is a good chance we’d be overwhelmed.  A great many of the women on board here say if it comes to that, they’d prefer we be destroyed outright.  None of us wants to face men of our own kind who still hold to the old government and religion.  Death would be the least of our worries in that case.

Even Katrina is freaked out.  Her party last night was reportedly a wilder than usual affair.  Candy, who is now enjoying entertaining plenty of men these days, refuses to discuss what went on.  The only hint she’s given was a cryptic comment at lunch in which she told our older pal, “Thanks for letting me have the one virgin Imdiko, Katrina.  I’m not calling you greedy, but damn.  I’m surprised you’re walking.”

Popping stim tabs like candy and with dark circles under her eyes, Katrina muttered, “First it was Tragooms and now battlecruisers.  You might have to find your own fresh meat supply, Candy girl.  From here on out, I’m packing in as much livin’ and lovin’ as I can.”

The door announce just went off.  Weapons Commander Oses is here to speak to me.  I’ll write more later.

Well, that was an interesting little visit.  And when I say ‘interesting’, I mean it got me horny again.  All this lust can’t be from pregnancy hormones alone, can it?   Maybe it’s simply because I can jump everything with a pair of cocks that makes me want to do so ... well, at least in the weapons commander’s case.  Is it the sense of freedom after escaping the overbearing rules of Earth?  Woo hoo, I can have all the sex I want and no one will hurt me for it.  Fuck, they don’t even care.  If I’m not careful, I’ll end up like the Sex Sisters Katrina and Candy.

I did manage to not screw Nobek Oses.  Nor did I lick him, as I’ve been known to want to do.  I think he would have gone for either option, but neither of us made any overt moves in that direction.

I opened my door to that big mountain o’ muscle.  Looking up at him, my tongue tried to crawl out of my head so it could run all over him.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  Heaven give me strength.

I managed to keep my tongue inside my head as I invited him in.  “Commander, this is a nice surprise.  Please have a seat.  Can I offer you something to eat or drink?”

Like me?  Ha-ha, I almost said it out loud.  I wonder what he would have done.

Oses bowed before coming inside and sitting on the lounger.  “I appreciate your offer, Matara Shalia, but I require nothing.  I simply wanted to stop by and let you know I have discussed your request with the captain and other officers of the ship.”

“And?” I prompted, sitting across from the Nobek in my tiny Earther-sized chair.  I thought maybe if the news was good, I could thank him with sex.  If the news was bad, he could make it up to me with sex.  See what I mean?  The Hormone Fairy has dowsed me with a ridiculous amount of libido these days.

Oses had neither good nor bad news.  “We are going to have a meeting about the matter to discuss it in full.  If the ship’s officers feel the idea has merit, we will approach Fleet Command with the request.”

Ah, bureaucracy.  Earthers and Kalquorians must have common ancestors as so many allege.  Nothing says human like ‘red tape’.

“So we’re at wait-and-see,” I sighed.  My gaze roamed all over that massive body in front of me, not really caring if he noticed he was being ogled.

Oses arched a brow at me and grinned.  I think he enjoyed me giving him the once-over.  “I’m afraid that’s the case.    However, we’re going to talk about it in two days.  You and your friend made a compelling argument regarding the issue.  I wonder if you would like to record yourselves stating your case for the officers to hear?”

I jumped at the chance to put together a vid presentation.  For a few seconds I was able to stop undressing Oses in my head.  Instead I thought about recording interviews with my fellow Mataras and making a nice little professional package of the thing. 

“I can do that,” I said.  “Do I send it to you or Betra?”

I had an ulterior motive for suggesting my liaison as a go-between.  I wanted to see how infatuated Oses was with him.

His friendly smile altered just a hair, but it was enough to see something calculating for a moment.  “Sending it to Imdiko Betra to forward on to me would be fine.  He can view it first and make suggestions to us both, if needed.”

I got the impression that Oses was pretty much gung-ho for any chance to interact with Betra.  That Nobek had a case of unrequited something for the other man ... whether lust or love, I couldn’t tell.

He didn’t bat for just the home team though, not from the way he was looking me over.  I gave him a little smile when his eyes managed to make it back up to my face.  He went red in an instant.

“I’m sorry, Matara.  I suppose you’re aware you’re one of those Earther females who gives off a certain aroma because of your pregnancy.”

“Yes, I’ve been told.  I owe you an apology for subjecting you to that.”  Not that I was one bit sorry.  Oses had landed on my radar in a big way.  If I had to deal with rampaging hormones, then someone else was going to suffer along with me.

“No need.”  He shifted, crossing one leg over the other, possibly trying to hide the erection he was getting.

Since I was pretty sure Oses didn’t have an Imdiko ... that seemed a foregone conclusion the way he was sniffing around Betra ... I asked, “Do you have a Dramok?”

He slowly shook his head.  “I am one of those Nobeks who has not been lucky in finding clanmates.  It happens quite often since my breed is much more numerous than the other two.”

“That must be difficult.”

“It can be,” Oses agreed.  “I have a great need to protect others.  I live with a sense of emptiness from not having clanmates to offer my strength to.”

“If you don’t mind me being nosey, how do you deal with it?” I asked.  I had a sudden pang that this decent-seeming fellow was going through life lonely.  Him and Betra both.  Sad sigh from me.

He shrugged.  “Being in charge of ship’s security allows me to feel I protect my shipmates.  I take some consolation in that.  Since we were assigned to take you lovelies back to Kalquor, I’m given even more purpose.”

“Arming us gals and letting us learn to defend ourselves won’t cut into that?” I teased.

Oses grinned.  “It takes a great deal of practice to be a good shot.  Letting you women have blasters is only for a worst-case scenario.  I have no intention of letting any enemy get close enough to you that you’ll actually have to shoot anyone.”

“That’s good to know.”  I shuddered.  “I can’t tell you how awful I felt killing the men I did to save my own life.  I know it was them or me, and yet I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact I ended lives.”

Oses looked at me with grave emotion.  “That’s because you are a lifebringer.  You create life and bring it into the world.  It is against your nature to destroy others.”

I don’t know if there was any validity to the weapons commander’s assertion, but he certainly seemed to believe it.  Maybe it is harder for women to kill since we give birth.  I don’t know.  I just know I don’t ever want to have to go through that necessity again.

“Seriously, Oses, how much danger do you anticipate for us on this trip?” I asked.

He sighed.  “In all honesty, I have no idea.  I wish we had another two destroyers accompanying us.  I’ll be glad when we get to that portal and gain the extra defense.”

“Was there really a battlecruiser sighted recently?”

The Nobek quirked a smile at me and rose to his feet.  “If there was, what good will it do for you to hear about it?  The only thing such knowledge will grant you is worry and sleepless nights.”

“Evading the question makes me think there’s truth to that rumor,” I pointed out.

Oses chuckled, but he wouldn’t relent.  “Matara, we Kalquorians have a strict policy on stress and mothers-to-be.  Unless we are under attack, I am not going to tell you of any potential enemies we come across.”

I stood as well and followed Nobek Muscle Mountain to the door.  I wished I could drag him into my bed despite getting a bit frustrated with his paternal condescension.  “You Kalquorians are all alike.  You treat us women like little children who can’t take care of ourselves.”

Oses grinned at me as he walked out of my quarters.  “You are a child, precious tiny Shalia.  I’m old enough to be your grandfather five times over.”

I gaped at him as he walked away.  He was that old?  The mature way he spoke had made me think he was fifty, fifty-five years, maximum.  Then I remembered that Kalquorians live around 250 years.  Well, duh.  If Oses is a middle-aged Kalquorian, that puts him at well over a century.

Wow.  I’m lusting after a really, really old man. 


  1. Great post Tracy, I love seeing different faucets of Kalquorian society.

  2. Indeed another great post, and yes I like seeing more and deeper facets of. The Kalquorian society, seeing some of their flaws, so to speak, I admit though I wish they would stop treating human women like they are fragile as egg shells, we are most often made of much sterner stuff.

    1. Kathy,
      I think part of the reason the men act that way is because of the age difference between them and the women. Even though Earther women mature faster, they are still unintentionally being looked at as teenagers or very young adults. Imagine if we meet a species that matured and died by 40. We would try to treat an adult ten year old like an adult but some where in the back of your mind, you would still see a kid.
      The difference in size doesn't help either.

  3. I think she should just jump his bones. Old male or not ya know he is yummy. ;o)
    I so enjoy Tracy's writings. Ya know I'm still going to get the book when you put the blogs all together.

  4. This new clan is super sexy and more thenalbe to care for her and the baby, and have beenwaiting along time for a matara.