Thursday, February 27, 2014

January 25, Part 3

Oses went to the strange object I’d noted before, the kind-of pommel horse looking thing.  He dragged it from the wall ... from the way his big arm muscles strained I guessed it was pretty heavy ... towards the most open part of his cramped room.  Then he touched the wall it had stood against and a drawer opened out.  He took out looped straps with clips at their ends.  I swallowed as he also took out a thick, rubbery looking strap.  He moved to stand next to the pommel horse.

“Lean over this,” he told me.

I started towards it.  “Stop right there,” Oses commanded, and I froze with my foot in the air, not even having taken the first step.  “You will crawl wherever you are commanded to go.  Hands and knees only, pet.”

“Yes, Master,” I whispered.  That weird feeling was back, the one where I felt nervous and yet utterly secure.  I think it had something to do with Oses spelling out exactly what he wanted from me.  I wasn’t left guessing in the least.  All I had to do was listen and obey.  It really did simplify things ... now if only the rest of life came with step-by-step instructions.

I knelt down and crawled over to that hulking beast of a man and his strange bit of furniture.  Once I got there, I stood and draped myself over it.  I’d expected it to kind of dig into my stomach.  Yet with all the padding, it wasn’t uncomfortable. 

Oses put one of those loops of his around one of my ankles.  He latched it to the lowest metal hooks on the leg of what I was now thinking of as the strapping horse.  He tightened the loop a bit to make sure it wouldn’t slip off my foot, but still loose enough that he could fit his finger between skin and strap.  “There shouldn’t be a problem, but if you feel your circulation become compromised, you will tell me immediately,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master.”

I felt like a parrot who’d learned only one phrase.  Yes Master, yes Master, yes Master.  Shalia wants a cracker.  It was probably the nerves that came close to making me giggle.  I stopped myself by thinking of Oses with that thick rubber strap in his hand.  That left me scared spitless and aroused all at once.

He secured my other ankle, then came around the front of the strapping horse to latch two more loops higher up on that side of the legs.  From my position, peeking through my hair, I could see those muscled knotted arms and big, merciless hands as they worked.  I shivered.

He told me, “These tethers are for you to hang onto with your hands while I wear that pretty ass out.  Can you do that, or do I need to bind your wrists instead?”

“I can hang on, Master.”  Somehow it was more exciting that I would be free and forcing myself to accept his dominion, rather than being tied down powerless.

“Good pet.”  Oses handed me the loops and walked around behind me.

I remembered how Dusa and Esak had taught me to not tense when discipline was on the menu.  Thinking about big, bad, scary-hot Oses beating my butt made that exceedingly difficult. 

His hands rubbing my rump elicited a breathless scream.  Damn, I was keyed up.

“Easy, little one,” he soothed.  “I promise to make it hurt without injury.  You can trust me for that.”

He said something else that I didn’t catch, but I figured out what it was when the clit vibrator suddenly came to life.  My moans came out for entirely different reasons than terror this time.  My feet jerked in reaction but didn’t have far to go in their bindings.  I clenched the loops tight in my fists as heat uncoiled in my pussy, pulsing through my belly. 

“That’s it, pet.  Good girl.”

The wonderfully heavy hands massaging my ass disappeared.  I sighed unhappily to feel them go, but the pad humming against my nubbin stole away most of my disappointment.  Damn, it felt good.  I lost myself in the exciting throbs, urging desire upward.  I wanted more.  I wanted to realize the promise of what this little toy could do, having felt it at full power before. 

As my mind began to unveil a laundry list of all I wanted in that moment, Oses struck.  There was a heavy swack sound.  An instant later the meatiest part of my ass caught on fire. 

My feet yanked hard on the loops keeping them prisoner, and for an instant I let go of the ones in my hands.  Holy crap, it hurt!  I remembered myself despite the searing pain and got hold of the tethers once more.  Jeez, had we discussed how many of those I was going to get?  I couldn’t remember for the life of me.

Oses’ hand caressed one blazing buttock.  “Where are we, pet?  Keep going, discuss, or sholt?”

I gasped, trying to catch my breath.  “How many, Master?”

“Enough to turn your ass and thighs red.  You seem to mark rather easy, so probably about ten.  Can you handle it?”

I swallowed.  There was no denying just the one lick had hurt unbelievably.  Yet there was still something about being bent over Oses’ pommel horse (or whatever it was called).  Giving him myself entirely continued to keep me turned on.  Plus the clit vibrator was returning to my consciousness, making my guts feel tumbly-good.  I worried that if I stopped Oses from wearing my ass out, all the other good stuff would end too.  I didn’t want that.  Maybe if I concentrated on the sensations of the clit toy I’d not notice the strap so much?  It was worth a shot.

“I’m okay, Master.  Please continue?”

“Very good, pet.  I am delighted to allow your request.”

He sounded happy with me.  Good, that was good.  I concentrated on the vibrator.  Yeah, that felt damned fine, and when I wasn’t noticing the sharp stinging that continued from Oses’ first lick, the heat that pulsed from that streak of hurt added to the excitement.  I just had to keep my ass relaxed so it wouldn’t hurt too much.  Maybe if I channeled all the tension into my hands clutching the loops—

Another swack, like a thunderclap from God Himself.  I shrieked and writhed from the blistering pain that erupted in its wake.  This time it was just above where Oses had hit me before.

“Look at you dance, my beauty.  That is quite lovely.”

I moaned.  Fuck, it hurt.  Yet I was really, really noticing the clit vibrator too.  I don’t know if it was an instinctual self-protective gesture on my body’s part to try and distance itself from the beating I’d agreed to, or if that weird submissive part of me was getting off on the discipline and therefore enhancing my clit’s sensitivity.  Right that moment, I couldn’t tell whether I was more in hell from pain or heaven from arousal.

The next blow landed a few inches above the back of my right knee, right where the thigh started to get thick.  A second found the same mark on the other leg.  I don’t know how the tethers held my ankles as I kicked hard to free them.  My strapped flesh sizzled with misery.  My clit throbbed with happiness.  Elation stabbed deep in my core and tears dripped from my eyes to the floor below.  I was wrecked and loving it. 

It’s official.  I am beyond weird.

Oses continued to praise me.  “Gorgeous, little Shalia.  Such a good girl.”

The next lick landed just below my buttocks, square on where my thighs began.  Oh gosh, I don’t know what was going on in my head, but the pain suddenly was good.  I fucking liked it.  Something in me begged for it.  I’d had some fun before with the lighter roughness I’d enjoyed with the other Kalquorian men who’d fucked me, but this was more intense.  Oses turned my flesh raw, and I wanted him to keep right on going.

Another smack, this one just below where his first strap had landed.  Oh, that one was beyond good.  The fire of it zapped right to my clit, which was engorging and pressing desperately hard against the vibrating pad that covered it.  My pussy spasmed, as if I would orgasm right then and there.  I think I nearly did. 

The strap struck the backs of my legs between where the previous two had gone.  Oh, my master wasn’t going to miss an inch.  I sobbed my gratitude as fresh infernos lit on my skin and in my core.  There wasn’t so much pain as just intense sensation now.  It was like every swat hit something delightful just within my pussy.

The next two came quickly, landing right above where he’d gotten me over the knee area.  I yelled as fire shot from the blows to my crotch.  My entire body shuddered and writhed.

“Ah, what a beauty you are.  Dance, little Shalia.  That’s my pet.”

The last swat was on the lowest point of my bottom.  I had a kind of mini-orgasm then, my pussy rolling a lovely little ball of happy through itself.  I panted, hoping for more.

Oses disappointed me.  “I think that will do for now.  You are the most charming shade of red.”  He switched the vibrator off.

My only thought was that it couldn’t possibly be over.  Damn it, it was just getting good!  “Please, Master?  Just a little more?”

Oses chuckled.  “I love the enthusiasm, pet, but I’m not one to leave bruises or worse.”  He patted my ass affectionately.  I don’t think he used hardly any force, but the sting was pretty darned profound where his hand found welts. 

Okay, I thought, that could do too.  I moaned to let him know I liked it.

“Who’s in charge here, Shalia?”  Oses’ tone was light, but there was a dark undercurrent to it that sent ice through my veins.

“You are, Master,” I whispered. 

He came around the front of the horse.  I felt his big hand grab a handful of my hair at the back, and he pulled my head up so I could look into his beautifully savage face.  His look was as steely as it could get, which made me scared and excited all over again. 

Oses told me, “I will forego the pain relief since you are enjoying the effects of the beating so much.  If you attempt to push your own agenda again however, I will send you out of here with a perfectly painless ass and no orgasm.”

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered.

The tough bastard then untethered me from his strapping horse.  He carefully lowered me to the floor and stooped down to have a good look at me. 

“Do you need a break yet, pet?  Pay attention to your body and tell me truthfully how you feel.”

I did as he said, checking not only how bad my ass and legs hurt, but also my state of mind.  Beyond the heated stinging of my spanked flesh, my body was a roiling mass of want.  My brain was eager to see what Oses had in store for me next.  I thought I was good to go.

“I’d like to continue, Master,” I told him.

Monday, February 24, 2014

January 25, Part 2

Keeping me in the curl of his arm, Nobek Oses ushered me down too many corridors to count.  I had planned to take note of how to get to his quarters on my own, but with that damned thing vibrating my clit, I couldn’t think straight.  Walking shifted the stimulator minutely, but it was enough to intensify the sensations.  Curls of knee-knocking pleasure continuously swam up my crotch and into my gut.  Eager juices ran down the insides of my legs.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I left drip marks on the springy floors as Oses guided me to his room.

I’m sure we passed others on our way.  I can’t imagine the sight I must have been.  Did I moan all the way?  Was I hunched over as arousal coiled tight in my belly?  What was the look on my face?  I have no idea.  All I knew was how fucking horny that contraption made me and how trapped yet secure I felt in Oses’ grip.  I didn’t dare defy the huge Nobek, not with his warning still ringing in my ears.  I wasn’t about to test his threat that he would increase the level of vibration and make me climax where I stood.

I’m quite sure he took me on the longest route possible to get to his quarters.  That insane walk went on forever, and by the time we were nearly there, I was dying to come.   I actually wondered how awful it would be to stop right there in the corridor and refuse to take another step.  I almost didn’t care I’d be forcing Oses to make good on his promise to make me orgasm in front of whoever might be around.  I hurt bad.

At last the torment of our journey ended.  A door opened in front of my face, and Oses brought me inside his quarters.

The vibrations switched off, leaving me panting just inside the room.  The door behind me closed.  Oses released me, and my hands moved towards my poor, desperate crotch.

The steely tone of my companion froze me.  “You will not touch yourself, Shalia.  If you do, I will bind your hands and refuse to let you climax during our time together.”

I stared up at him, my eyes wide enough to tempt them to fall out of my head.  Oses stood over me, an implacable huge creature of destruction.  Well, I felt nearly destroyed at any rate.  His expression wasn’t cruel, merely set.  Determined.  He meant what he said.

My fingers curled into my palms with the effort it took to not rub myself and end my frustration.  It nearly killed me to not do it. 

“Good pet.”  He gave me a smile that warmed me to my toes despite the agony he’d put me through.  “Come over here.  We’re going to discuss our expectations of this meeting.”

He walked over to a decent-sized sleeping mat and sat on its edge.  It wasn’t as big as mine.  In fact, nothing about Oses’ quarters equaled my suite.  It slowly registered that while my living quarters consisted of a sitting room, bedroom, and bath facility, all Oses had was the one room with a bathroom half the size of mine. 

The flooring was padded and soft.  It was a solid surface, but it had the give of a carpeted floor, much like the floors in my room.  Oses had a table and chair in one corner.  There the flat disk of the typical Kalquorian computer sat, without the vid up to indicate it was on.

There was a piece of furniture I couldn’t quite figure out.  It sort of looked like a pommel horse without the handles.  The horizontal beam was heavily padded with what appeared to be black leather.  The A-framed supporting beams had metal latches midway down and at the bottom of their lengths.  The room was way too small for Oses to be performing gymnastics with that hulking body of his, so it was a real mystery.

He had a few vid plaques hanging on the walls, but I couldn’t read any of the hieroglyphic writing on them.  There was also a still picture of three Kalquorian men and a woman.  I’d not seen a Kalquorian female before, so I couldn’t help but stare in curiosity as I drew closer to Oses.  She wasn’t as big as the men, but she had more muscles showing in her flowing sleeveless dress than any woman I’d ever seen.   The chick had biceps our steroid-fed ground troops would have died for.  I sure wouldn’t have wanted her to take a swing at me.

“A still of my parents, taken many years ago,” Oses said, noting my interest.  “You may take off your clothes and kneel before me, pet.”

I wondered if the Nobek’s mother and fathers were still alive.  I didn’t want to ask Oses, since it might kill the mood.  I was so fixated on that detail that it took me several seconds to register all that he had said.

I blinked at the big weapons commander.  Had he just ordered me to strip and kneel?

He looked at me with great patience.  “I do not like to repeat myself, Shalia.  It is grounds for punishment.  Do you want to find out about discipline so early in our dealings with each other?”

Whoa, okay, now I got why Oses had stressed how commanding he was before.  This Nobek didn’t play around, apparently.  From the look on his face, sex was serious business for him.  I wasn’t sure of what I’d gotten myself into or if I should keep going.  However, I was still pretty needy after that crazy walk from my quarters to his.  Just looking at Oses made my knees wobble.  If for no other reason, I needed to kneel to keep from falling on my ass.

Trembling all over, I pulled my shirt and skirt off, kicking my shoes to the side as I went.  Oses bent and picked up the things I discarded, folding them neatly and laying them on the nearby desk.

My bra came off.  I hesitated, wondering if I was supposed to take off the vibrating pad strapped to my clit as well.

“You may leave that on,” Oses told me.  He held out his hand.  “I will give you support as you go to your knees.”

The tart retort “Oh, such a gentleman,” rose to my lips.  It didn’t get out of my mouth, however, not after checking the Nobek’s firm expression.  Once in a great while I show I have some sense.  I swallowed my cleverness and knelt down between his booted feet.

“Lace your fingers behind your neck, so that your breasts are lifted.  Widen your legs out so your pussy is displayed.”  Oses waited for me to obey.

I really didn’t know what to think of all this.  Who was this man to tell me to show myself to him like some enslaved slut?  We barely knew each other.  Yet I found myself doing as told, my body surrendering to his wants even as my head filled with resistance.

Oses chuckled.  “You should see the look on your face, Shalia.  It is obvious you are thinking heavily about defiance.  You may have thought you’d been with controlling men before, but I think you will find I am in a league of my own.  Legs wider, pet.  I want that lovely pussy wide open.”

I couldn’t help the sound of protest that slipped from my throat.  Yet I spread my thighs as far apart as I was able.  He was right about one thing; Oses brought domineering to levels I’d not even guessed at. 

“Very nice, though I could have done without the whining.  You have much to learn if you are to be pleasured by me, Shalia.”  The Nobek’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

I couldn’t take anymore.  “You are taking this lord and master thing a bit to the extreme,” I said.

“You like it.  No, don’t try to deny it or I will punish you and send you back to your quarters with no climax.  Not only do you automatically move to obey my orders, but your breathing is fast, you’re flushed, your nipples are engorged, and your pussy is dripping on my floor.”  Oses caught my chin in his hand.  “You enjoy being mastered, pet.  You have met a most exacting ‘lord’, as you put it, and your entire being is thrilled at the prospect.”

I didn’t want to admit he was right.  I’m a survivor, damn it.  I’m strong, not some weak girl who looks to men to take care of her. 

I asked, “If I want it so bad, then why is my brain questioning all this?”

“A very good question,” Oses agreed.  “One I am happy you asked.  It is the mind’s natural function to question things, even things in which the facts all point to one conclusion.  In those instances, it is only fear that brings about such noise.  Your head resists doing what the rest of you knows is right for you because you are afraid.”

Well, he had the afraid part of the equation right anyway.  “How do you know what’s right for me?” I asked.

“I don’t know everything about you, but some of it my instincts tell me,” the Nobek said.  “I’d like to find out the rest.  That’s why we’re going to have a little chat before we go too far with this.  We need to establish the ground rules for our interactions.”

That was a plan I could get behind.  If I was going to put myself in the big hands of this demanding Nobek, I definitely wanted rules.

“Okay,” I said.  “Let’s do that.”

He nodded and released my chin.  “Very good.  As you have no doubt figured out, I am in absolute control here.  In my quarters, when we are enjoying intimacies, my word is your law.”

I raised an eyebrow.  Oses grinned.

“Only in here, Shalia.  And only because you allow it.”

I considered.  So far, that sounded okay.  “Sure,” I said.

“Yes, Master,” he prompted me.  “We will do this right from the start, pet.”

“Yes, Master.”  Saying the words made me feel smaller than ever next to the behemoth, but at the same time I felt secure under his power.  I liked it.

“When you come in here to spend time with me, you will immediately take your clothes off.  Then you will kneel as you are doing now and wait for my instructions.”  Oses reached down and stroked my hair, as if to take the sting of his expectations out of the equation.  “Your eyes will be downcast unless I want you to look at me, as I do now.  It may be I choose to let you kneel for some time before I acknowledge your presence, but I will be very aware of you, pet.  I will note every breath you take, every small shift of your body, every tremble you experience.”

I believed him.  I had the feeling Oses missed nothing.

He kept on.  “When I give you a command, you will not question it.  You will simply do as you’re told.  If it is something that upsets you more than mere nervousness, you will say, ‘Will my master allow me to speak?’  That way I will know you are more uncomfortable than usual and we can discuss what is upsetting you.”

That sounded good to me.  I felt even more secure, knowing Oses would listen to me if things got a little too weird.

His instructions continued.  “If you are in an absolute panic about anything we are doing and you need it to stop immediately, you will say sholt.  You are already familiar with that, so we will keep it as your signal that a halt must be called to our play.  Do you understand my instructions so far, Shalia?”

“Yes, Master,” I answered. 

“Excellent.  Repeat them back to me.”

So I recited the whole business.  He looked pleased.

“One final expectation that I have for you, pet.  This is the most important one, so if you cannot perform it, we will stop right here.  You will be absolutely honest with me at all times.  I will tolerate no lies or half-truths.”  His purple eyes narrowed.  “Kalquorian sex play can be more extreme than Earther, from what I’ve heard.  It could affect you emotionally as well as physically.  For that reason, I must know exactly where your head is at all times.  Can you do that, Shalia?”

I thought about it.  It sounded easy enough on the surface.  I do see myself as a pretty honest person.  However, I also realized something else:  I’d kept a lot of secrets in the past.  I’d honed that ability to get along under Earth’s tyranny.  By now, it might have become more instinct than something under conscious control. 

Thinking about that, I had a feeling what Oses wanted from me wasn’t going to be all that simple to give.

“Will my master allow me to speak?” I asked, since I thought my answer was going to venture way beyond a simple yes or no.

“Yes, pet.  What concerns you?”

I swallowed, my heart throbbing at the considerate tone in his voice.  How could a man be so demanding and compassionate at the same time?  Oses had this thing down to an art.

“You said you need to know what’s in my head all the time.  Is that really necessary?”

He nodded slowly, his gaze boring into mine.  “Absolutely.  I cannot care for you properly if you hold back information, especially anything that interferes with you being completely in the moment with me.”

I took a deep breath.  He wanted honesty, so he was going to get it.  “I don’t know if I can do that.  You see, what I have in my head is not always very nice.  It’s become instinct to keep some things to myself.”

Oses separated a length of my hair from the rest, gently twirling it around his finger.  “Such is the effect of a repressive government that strives to mold all facets of one’s morality.  It’s not surprising that the soul would battle to find a way to preserve even a small piece of itself in such a fashion.”  He smiled, but managed to look sad at the same time.  “We will make a compromise, Shalia, because you don’t know me well enough yet to hand over absolute trust.  I must earn it first.”

“What compromise?” I asked.  I hoped it was something I could live with, because I really, really liked Oses.  The care he was taking with me in that moment was solidifying that regard.  That he felt he had to earn anything from me was amazing.

“You will promise to try your very best to share everything with me.  You will place your greatest effort in this.  If I feel you are holding back in any way, I will push you to get past it.  Sometimes this might be unpleasant for us both.  Yet we cannot share the kind of intimacies I crave ... and the ones I think you want as well ... without finding a way for you to be completely open with me.”

Funny enough, it was this kind of  vulnerability Oses advocated that scared me more than anything else.  Could I really let myself be that unguarded?  Being beaten bloody sounded a lot less daunting at that moment.

“I can try,” I said slowly.  The hesitancy in my tone told us both I was unsure of success.

Oses pursed his lips.  “I suppose that will have to be enough to start with.  If I don’t see any real effort however, we cannot do this Shalia.  Remember, I don’t have just your welfare on my hands.”

I blinked.  “What do you mean?”

He raised his eyebrows.  “You’re pregnant, pet.  It’s true you aren’t showing yet and the research I’ve done on the matter tells me that in these early weeks, we may play as if you aren’t.  It will become an issue later however.”

Well, duh.  Dumb Shalia.  I’d been so overwhelmed by Oses, I’d forgotten my little hitchhiker.

Oses wasn’t done.  “You’ll have to report to your doctor about our sexual relationship.  Before we get too far, we need to know what restrictions need to be in place and when.”

I arched an eyebrow at him.  I so did not want to have such a conversation with Tep.  “You mean, I have to discuss my having sex with you with the doctor?”

“Absolutely.  We are not taking any chances with you or your babe’s health just to fuck.”  Oses smirked.  “You don’t have to tell him exactly who you’re getting familiar with.  He’d probably assume it’s with Betra anyway.”

I sighed.  “This is so embarrassing.”

“But you’ll do it, or we’ll say goodbye right now.”

I squirmed.  I was still feeling the effects of the damned vibrator on my clit.  The last thing on my mind was walking away from Oses.  I wanted his hands on me.  I wanted his mouth on me too.  I wanted both his dicks in me.

“All right,” I sighed at last.  “I agree to all your terms.”

Oses chuckled and shook his head.  “You’re getting something out of this too, you know.”

“I sure hope so.”

He laughed out loud at my dour tone.  “Oh pet, you are going to be so much fun to train.  I foresee much discipline in your future, and I am not at all disappointed with that.”  He ran his fingers over my scalp, stroking my hair with an air of delight.  “Shall we start?”

“Ready when you are.”  At his sudden cold stare, I hastily added, “Master.”

“Very good.  Stand up and turn your back to me.”

I did so.  Oses didn’t help me to my feet this time, and I felt awkward getting up with my hands still clasped behind my neck.  I wasn’t sure that I had to leave them there, but it seemed a good idea to err on the side of caution. 

I made my clumsy way to my feet and turned as I’d been instructed.  “Legs apart,” Oses said.  “Whenever possible, your pussy is to be open for my gaze and use.”

The firm tone and his words had juices flooding all over again.  Pavlov’s dog has nothing on my crotch.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when strong hands closed over my buttocks.  Oses rubbed the mounds, massaging them with delightfully calloused fingers.  His palms were warm, and I nearly moaned with delight.  He has a strong touch.

“You have had dulmaLaxan?” he asked.

I’d heard the words before and thought they had something to do with sex, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the acts they went to.  “I don’t know what those words refer to, Master,” I gasped.

Dulma is spanking, usually of the bare-handed kind.   Laxan is a Kalquorian man’s primary cock fucking your ass.” 

“Yes, I’ve had those done to me, Master.”

“Excellent.  Have you been exposed to straps, floggers, or the like?”

My pussy gave an involuntary clench.  “Yes, Master.” 

One of Oses’ hands moved from my ass to my pussy.  His fingers slid along my juicy slit and I moaned.

His voice came out in a growl.  “I take it you enjoyed being beaten.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And restrained?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good.  That’s where we’ll start then.”