Monday, January 13, 2014

January 9, later

Here I am, living life on a Kalquorian transport, where the fun never ends.  Ha!  I got tired of waiting for the fun to start so I made my own.

I was having lunch with Katrina and Candy when all us little Earther Mataras were told the meal would be followed up with a mandatory meeting.  All the liaisons and some guys that looked important stood at the front of the room to make the announcement.  We weren’t to go anywhere after we finished eating.

“I am sorry if you have plans, but they will have to wait,” said the captain of this good ship Lollipop, a Dramok named Wotref.  He looked about the same age as my dads and very stern.

“If Betra comes this way, snag him and find out what’s going on,” Candy urged me.

“Why do I have to snag him?  Why can’t you?” I said around a mouthful of food.  Since morning sickness leaves me skipping a decent breakfast, I am an absolute hog at lunch.  Politeness be damned when it comes to talking with my mouth full.  This gal is hungry.

Candy rolled her eyes at me.  “Well, duh.  I’m not the one boffing the big lug.  You gave him a ride on the Shalia coaster, he can damned well answer your questions, right?”

“Once!” I said, spraying bits of food in my pique.  “I did it once with him.  That doesn’t entitle me to special favors.”

Candy shook her head.  “It should.  These guys don’t know how Earther girls think or what we expect in exchange for our favors.  If I ever got the guts up to take one of these guys on, you’d better believe I’d make him think I was entitled to stuff.  Foot rubs, dinner, secret information about what the hell is going on aboard this ship...”

Katrina chuckled.  “That’s my girl.  Then work your way up to diamonds and shuttles.”

“Well, that goes without saying.”

I shook my head at the pair, grinning at them.  I know these two well enough to realize they’re not the types who would actually expect some kind of ‘payment’ in exchange for sex.  They were just being their usual silly selves.

Betra didn’t come our way to be grilled by his curious wards.  He stayed up front with the rest of the liaisons, the captain, and men I assumed were ship’s officers.

We didn’t have long to wait before the meeting got going.  I’d barely finished shoveling in my last mouthful when Captain Wotref spoke again. 

“If I can have your attention, Mataras?  Thank you.”  He smiled at us, which he honestly didn’t do so well.  Wotref looked tired and worn.  His face folded along deep fault lines, making me question my earlier assessment that he was around Nayun’s age. 

He went on.  “We have left behind what was once Earth-dominated space.  That means we have also left behind the main part of the Kalquorian fleet.  We have an escort of two destroyers at the present.  Two more are waiting on the other side of the next vortex passage, which we will be taking within the next three weeks.  We do not anticipate any trouble, but we don’t wish to be unprepared if trouble happens.”

That set off a few nervous mutters from the crowd.  I noted how pale Candy looked.

Wotref waited for the chatter to quiet before continuing.  “To that end, I will now introduce you to this ship’s weapons commander, Nobek Oses.  Commander?”

A profoundly fierce and stunning specimen of Kalquorian stepped forward.  Oses is big.  I swear, his muscles have muscles.  Seriously, the man was huge-hot-scary-delicious.  Okay, I think pregnancy hormones have hit hard, because I’ve never thought much about men who get that muscle bound.  I had a lot of thoughts looking at Oses.  Like licking those muscles.  Sheesh.

His voice was as big and rough as his body.  “Good day, Mataras.  We will begin running evacuation drills in the next few days, overseen by myself and other members of the ship’s security team.  Under the supervision of your liaisons, you will learn exactly what to do if this ship comes under attack by hostiles.”

I glanced at Betra.  He stood off to one side of the gathered Kalquorians.  He was watching me and gave me a wink when our gazes met.  His attitude was completely relaxed.  His ease made me notice I had become tense.  Seeing him confident helped me relax too.

Oses kept talking.  “Your groups have already been assigned to escape shuttles, and you will be taught how to get to them quickly and safely.  To keep you ready in case of such an unlikely emergency, we will run these drills daily until I am satisfied you are prepared.  After that, we will cut back the practice to once a month.”

“How likely would you say it is we’ll be attacked?” someone called.

Oses shook his head dismissively.  “Very unlikely.  Kalquor’s main enemy at this time consists of Tragooms, and they rarely attempt to take on one of our destroyers.  With two flanking us at this time, they are almost assuredly not going to bother us.”

“What about Earther battlecruisers?  They’re a match for three or four of your destroyers, aren’t they?”

Someone else chimed in.  “Yeah, didn’t several of them not surrender after Armageddon?  There must be a few hundred at large.”

“More like a couple thousand,” another woman said.

Oses smiled, no doubt attempting to comfort the worried women.  Hell, he should have just flexed for everyone.  The man looked like he could take apart a battlecruiser with his bare hands.  “They are in hiding.  None have tried to engage with us since your government elected to destroy Earth.”

I soon grew bored with the continued questions.  They were just the same concerns voiced over and over in slightly different ways:  how much danger was the ship in, who would want to attack us, who could mount a successful attack against us, etcetera, blah, blah, and more blah.  Sure, the thought of what might be between us and Kalquor was scary, but we were committed to our destination no matter what. 

More than once I wanted to shout at the others to shut up and deal with it already.  I was impressed with the patience Nobek Oses and Captain Wotref dealt with the unending questions.  Wotref might look tired, but he didn’t complain about soothing others’ frazzled nerves.  Everyone at the front of the room displayed nothing but calm.  In the end, that eased the initial panic better than them answering all those questions.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t ready to interrogate Betra the instant it was over.  I might have protested to Candy about being the one to ask him questions, but I was more than ready to get the real story.  In my experience, if the powers that be are readying you for the worst, they expect the worst to happen.

As the officers began to file out of the dining room and the liaisons moved towards their wards, I bounced impatiently in my seat.  Oses stopped Betra before he could head our way.  The Nobek smiled at him and spoke a few words.  Betra shook his head, keeping his gaze averted from the huge weapons commander.  When Oses tried to step closer to him, Betra quickly broke away and moved towards our group, walking quite fast.  Oses watched him come to us before turning and taking his leave.

I thought there must be a story there, but I was much more interested in things that directly impacted me and my friends.

Betra was barely within earshot when I asked, “Real deal, Betra.  What is the likelihood of this ship coming under attack?”

He made a face at me and acted like he might not answer.  When the other gals of his group began chiming in, he was forced to hold his hands up in surrender.

“Look, Mataras, it’s just a precaution.  A few transports have already gone ahead of this one, and none of them have been threatened yet.”

“But it’s a possibility?” Katrina asked.  “It must be, or there wouldn’t be these drills.”

Betra sighed and sat down, perching his big gorgeous self next to me.  I had a momentary flash of his naked body working mine and shivered.  He looked at me questioningly.  I gave him my most innocent look, which was a mistake.  The Imdiko narrowed his eyes.  He’s figured out when I look my most angelic is when I’m at my worst.

He addressed us all.  “Yes, there is the chance we’ll be challenged by our enemies.  Because the majority of the Kalquorian fleet went to Earth and a large portion of the rest remained patrolling our empire to keep it safe, there are large unprotected areas along our route.”

Candy chewed her lower lip nervously.  “Are there any species we should be worried about besides Tragooms and our own renegade fleet?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Not even Bi’is?” I asked.  “We could never prove anything, but those nasty little bastards were known to abduct Earthers.”

Betra cocked an eyebrow at me.  “Bi’is would be stupid to challenge our destroyers.  Not because we can easily beat them; their technology is as good as, if not better, than ours.  However, they have signed treaties with the Galactic Council about attacking and enslaving fellow members.  It would be ugly for them to break that.”

I nodded.  It was good to know the ugly little Grays weren’t likely to bother us.  One less enemy is always a plus in my book.

A few more questions, and the gang began to disperse.  I almost went with Katrina and Candy as they headed out discussing what our unhappy little virgin would wear at her salon tonight.  But I felt the heat coming off Betra’s body.  He smelled as delicious as a male could possibly smell too.  My senses felt ridiculously attuned to him, like I’ve never felt with any man before.  Maybe it’s some hormonal thing.

I already knew how good I smelled to him, and it was no surprise when I looked up into his face to see him regarding me with bald want.  Heat surged in my gut.

“My quarters?” I asked.

Betra smiled, stood, and bowed.  “Thank you,” he said and waited for me to rise.  We managed to walk casually, though I was suddenly so crazy with lust I wanted to sprint for my bed.

When we got to my quarters, I led Betra straight to my sleeping mat.  He drew me in his arms.

“This time, we take our time.  I am going to enjoy you as much as I possibly can,” he whispered.  “Tell me what you like, Shalia.  Tell me what makes you feel best.”

“I like a strong, bold man,” I told him.  “Someone who takes what he wants, but takes care of me too.”

Betra grinned, his eyes lighting up.  “In other words, you are perfect for Kalquorian men, who tend towards domination.”

“I’m so glad you approve.”

“I do.”  He searched my face.  “If I tell you what to do, you’ll enjoy that?  If I demand obedience?”

My stomach flip-flopped.  “Try it and see.”

Betra pressed a hungry kiss to my lips and then released me to step back.  “Undress for me.”

I did as I was told.  I took my time as I unbuttoned my blouse.  I let my skirt slide from my hips and legs.  I slipped my bra off and had my panties fall to my ankles.  Without Betra’s bidding, I turned around to let him have a good, slow look at what he was about to enjoy.

Betra licked his lips.  “One of the things I dislike about being with other male Kalquorians, other than the fact that it has no appeal to me whatsoever, is that they expect Imdikos to be submissive.  I am not a submissive man.”

I gave him a crooked smile.  “I enjoy surrender though.  I guess this is your lucky day.”

“I’m getting that.  But how submissive?”  He licked his lips again.  “How are you with pain?  Bondage?”

My stomach heated at his words.  “I like being restrained.  As for the pain, I’m all right with a little bit.  Nothing too crazy.  If I tell you sholt, you’d damned sure better stop right then and there.”

Betra grinned.  “It sounds like you’ve had some practice at this with my people.”

“The pregnancy didn’t tip you off?”

He laughed.  “I meant with the whole domination and surrender idea.”

“Yeah, that too.”

We grinned at each other.  Then something dark, dangerous, and exciting slid into Betra’s expression.  He said, “You misbehave quite a bit, don’t you little girl?”

Oh boy, I got that hot, twisty feeling in my gut that said I’d be losing my head soon.  “I am exceptionally naughty,” I agreed.  My voice came out all breathy in a barely-heard whisper.

Betra looked me up and down, his expression turning proprietary.  The cinnamon-sweet scent of arousal wafted to my nostrils.  I trembled all over, and one side of his mouth lifted.

He sat on the edge of my bed and motioned me over.  “You may lay yourself over my legs for punishment.”  His eyes narrowed as I started towards him, ready to obey.  “You may thank me for seeing to your correction.”

My lips moved, but I had no voice left at all.  I mouthed, “Thank you,” at him.  Wetness poured from my pussy.

I bent over Betra’s legs, laying my weight on those rock hard thighs and offering myself for what I guessed would be a spanking.  It reminded me of being spanked by Dusa and Esak.  The memory of that sweet, hot pain had me gasping as I clutched the bedding for support.  I wondered how an Imdiko’s discipline would compare to that of a Dramok and Nobek.

It turned out Betra was no slouch in the punishment department.  His hand was like the wooden paddle one of my teachers used on me back in elementary school:  hard with no give.  He spanked me like he meant it, his other hand between my shoulder blades pinning me down no matter how hard I struggled.  In the end, I called him every name in the book as my eyes poured tears from the pain.

However, I never said the magic word that would make him stop.  Even as my ass turned into toasted hell, my pussy poured just as hard as my eyes.  I think I’ve kind of figured this thing out.  It’s not so much the pain I like.  No, I have to say I’m not really getting off on that part at all.  But there are other factors that outweigh feeling hurt.  For one thing, it gets me high.  If the torment goes on long enough, endorphins kick in and this sense of peace comes over me.  It’s a weird thing; I’m in pain and yet everything calms in my head.  I love that feeling, especially since I rarely have moments of serenity when left to my own devices.

I also like that giving myself up to someone like Betra makes him feel good.  Like the other Kalquorian men I’ve gotten to know up close and personal, he loves to be in control.  It gets him off, literally.  His erections were poking me in the ribs good and hard long before the spanking ended.  I could hear him gasping with excitement over the loud smacks on my ass and my yells.  I honestly thought he’d spill before we got any further with our play.

More than any of that, however, I like being under a man’s control.  Well, I like being under the power of a man I more or less trust to not really hurt me.  Or maybe it’s that I like being under the control of a man that I’ve willingly handed myself over to.  Am I making any sense with this?  Probably not.

Anyway, the simple act of putting myself over Betra’s thighs, knowing I was going to get a got me excited.  Knowing he was going to take his pleasure with my body in whatever way he saw fit...oh my heavens.  There was no end to the possibilities of what he might decide to do to me, and I had committed myself to letting him.  Putting myself in his hands, for good or ill, had such an amazing effect on my libido.  I didn’t have to make any decisions with this like I do with the rest of my life.  I didn’t have to worry over doing something wrong.  All I had to do was whatever I was told.  I didn’t even have to think about it.  It was selfish and wonderful and freeing, even if that big hand did make it hard to sit without a pain inhibitor later.

When it was over, Betra turned me over so that I lay face up on his lap.  He studied my face, his expression pleased but still determined. 

He said, “I like seeing you with your mascara smeared under your eyes.  You already look well used, and we’re only getting started.  Very nice, pet.  Very, very nice.  Now you’re going to kneel on the floor and put that pretty mouth on my cocks.”

Betra helped me get my shaking body into position, his assistance as solicitous as one might expect from the most gentle lover.  Once I was on my knees, my hands braced against his thighs to steady myself, he opened the straining crotch seam of his uniform.  His cocks spilled out in front of my face, unleashing a delicious ‘Sunday morning French toast for breakfast’ smell.  He was rigid with eagerness and wet too.  My simmering arousal began to bubble.  Damn, I could hardly wait to service those twin lengths.

Betra’s fingers combed through my hair and gripped around my scalp.  “I have you.  You may put your hands behind your back and keep them there.”

I did as he commanded, once more feeling that thrilling rush at being at his mercy.  Maybe it showed, because he smiled, turning that handsome face gorgeous.

“Good girl.  Now keep your eyes on my face.  I want to see you looking at me while I fuck those soft lips.  Open up for me.”

I rolled my eyes up to look at his face as my mouth dropped open to receive him.  Keeping one hand on fisted in my hair, Betra grasped his larger cock and moved it upward out of the way.  At the same time, he slid the smaller member into my mouth.

I moaned as that wondrous sharp-sweet flavor coated my tongue.  Betra’s pupils flared wide as he pumped himself in and out of my mouth,  fucking me.  The way he undulated as he took me made the front seam of his formsuit, opened for his cocks, slowly part farther and farther up his gorgeous torso, baring his well-cut abs and chest.  He didn’t simply hump my face.  The motion of his hips rolled up his body, moving as sinuous as a snake.  Damn, the man was beautiful.  He was so amazing to look at that I could almost believe I wasn’t good enough to suck his dick.

Of course that bit of rocky self-esteemed spurred me to prove my worthiness.  I rubbed my tongue all over the length driving in and out, sucking hard enough on him that my cheeks caved in.  His groan was like a standing ovation, telling me I made him feel good.  Worthiness achieved.

I lost myself in making his breath quicken and urging him to moan and groan.  The view was splendid as I did so.  His formsuit had opened all the way up, leaving that magnificent chest bare.  His nipples were taut dark brown points jutting from those muscular hills.  I know I keep calling Betra beautiful, but the word really does him no justice.  He is simply stunning, especially when one is on her knees at his feet.

“Good girl,” he whispered.  “Now you’ll make a little noise for me.”

With that, he shoved his smaller cock all the way in my mouth and partly down my throat.  I gagged, and he pulled free again.  He went back to shorter strokes as I coughed around his cock.

“Lovely,” Betra breathed.  “That’s just what I wanted to hear.”

Okay, so it hadn’t been the most comfortable thing I’d ever had done to me.  Yet it worked for the giving mindset I was in.  I wanted Betra pleased with my performance.  I wanted him to know he could have whatever he wanted.  To that end, I felt proud I hadn’t struggled when he’d gagged me with his prick.  Hell, I hadn’t even moved my hands from where they clasped behind my back.

I recovered from the intrusion down my throat, going back to sliding my tongue all over that delicious dick.  He made happy sounds.  Then his hand tightened against my skull and I had the insight I was about to get a throatful again.  I was right.

Betra shoved deep, and I made what seemed to me to be some pretty ugly sounds as I dealt with it.  However, he really liked it, moaning and telling me I was a good girl.  I pretended this had never happened before, that another man who will not be named liked the same thing.  Betra is not an asshole.  He is not a weird, stalker freak like a certain Kalquorian commander I got to know too well.  Betra is not going to fuck my life up.

So here’s another guy who likes gagging me with his cock.  I like being spanked, so I’m different too.  It’s not my place to judge. 

Betra slipped from my mouth and pointed the larger cock at me.  “Now this one,” he said, his eyes dark with anticipation.  “That’s my girl.”

I couldn’t help but sigh with enjoyment as I got a taste of sweet-salty-spicy pre-cum as I took his prick in my mouth.  I do love how Kalquorians taste.  They are all similar, yet there are slight differences.  Dusa’s flavor had a kind of tanginess.  Weln’s was the sweetest.  Asshole – ahem, the commander who will not be named – had the spiciest bite.  Esak’s was the most balanced, I think. 

Betra had a savory saltiness that truly pleased me.  Excuse my frankness, but I could have sucked that cock all day.  I licked and sucked and mouthed to get more of him.  He rewarded me by lubricating heavily and making groans of pure enjoyment.  I should have gotten an award for how much noise I got that Imdiko to make.

He began to fuck my mouth with his bigger cock, holding my head still between his hands like before while his hips swung back and forth, feeding me with short strokes.  I had a pretty good idea he was going to pull that throat-fuck shit again, so I got myself as ready for it as I could.  Sure enough, after a few moments he slid deep down.  I had managed to relax into it so it wasn’t so uncomfortable, but since he’d really seemed to enjoy me making yarking noises, I obliged him with those.  His moans were really loud when I did that.  Never let it be said that I’m always a disappointment.

Betra liked this particular activity so much that it wasn’t very long before he was gasping and grimacing in such a way that I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.  After a few minutes of pleasuring him with the thrill of sucking and the obedient coughing that accompanied his sinking that length all the way in me, he pulled out so only the tip remained between my lips.  He released my head with one hand and began stroking himself hard.

“I’m going to watch myself come in your mouth,” he said, breathing hard.  “Here it is, Shalia.!”

I accepted the flood of his offering, watching his gorgeous face as his mouth opened wide and his whole body tensed and trembled.  As dominating as he’d chosen to be during our encounter, there was a sweet vulnerability in Betra’s face as he climaxed.  I was fascinated to see his pleasure laid bare, nothing held back, as his body gave way to the ecstasy I’d given him.  It occurred to me in that moment that while my lover had been in control, it was control I’d given to him and it was by my consent that he’d found such bliss.  It was pretty heady stuff.

The pulses of hot juices slowed and finally came to an end, leaving Betra gasping and staggering a little bit.  How’s that for power over a man?  I’d damned near knocked the big Kalquorian off his feet.

Despite his shakiness, Betra wasn’t about to leave me wanting.  He got his balance and bent down to pick me up.  “Your turn,” he said, the slackness on his face disappearing into an evil grin.

Oh, I was so ready.  I’d gotten crazy aroused servicing his needs, so I was more than prepared to have my own taken care of. 

Betra sat down with me draped across his lap again, this time face up.  “Lace your hands behind your neck,” he told me.  “Keep them there.” 

I did what I was told.  The motion lifted my breasts like an offering to the Imdiko.  With a delighted smile, he took me up on it, his mouth sucking eagerly on the mounds in turn.  I gasped and moaned as darts of excitement flew from my tits to my pussy.  It was all I could do to lay still, but I had the feeling Mr. Control Freak might turn mean if I dared to move.  I simply lay in the cradle of his arm around my shoulders, voicing my pleasure to the ceiling overhead.

While he licked and sucked, Betra’s hand investigated my throbbing sex.  He traced the delicate folds, parting them with a demanding touch.  Now I was really on fire, battling to stay in control as my hips instinctively tried to buck towards his hand.  I could feel my pussy pouring juices as Betra stroked me into madness.  My groans took on a sobbing quality as he drove my arousal higher and higher.  My stomach tied itself in knots, winding tight as my wicked tormentor played with me.

“So fucking wet,” he murmured, taking his mouth off my tits to regard me.  “Do I make you feel good, Shalia?”

“You know you do,” I whimpered, wishing he’d shut up.  No way I wanted to have a conversation when my lady bits were in a frenzy for him to get serious with them.

Betra gave me a half-smile that promised nothing but trouble.  “Yes, I can tell you are excited.  Still, I like to hear how much you enjoy me touching you.  How does it feel having my hand on your pussy?  Details, pet.  I want a good description.”

I could have cried.  Forget that crap about how sweet and kind Imdikos are.  Betra is a fucking brute when he wants to be.  Damned Kalquorians and their need to dominate.

Still, I wasn’t getting my cookie until I confessed to his satisfaction.  I said, “Your hand is warm and strong.  I like how gently you try to touch me.”

“Try?”  One eyebrow lifted.

“The callouses on your fingertips are rough.  I like it though, the dichotomy between the soft touch and hard skin.”

“Interesting,” Betra mused, as if he was performing a scientific experiment and not fingering a pussy.  “Now how does it make you feel?  Tell me what arousal is like for you, a woman.”

I wanted to say, it’s like I need to claw your fucking eyes out for making me suffer.   However, Betra in the mood he was in might not have been amused to hear that.  He might have really done something to drive me nuts, like not get me off.

“I feel heat inside.”

“Where exactly?”

“Where you’re touching me, but it moves all the way up into my stomach.  Sometimes I even feel it in my chest.”

“Really?”  Betra considered that for a moment.  He still stroked the lips of my pussy, his tender-raspy touch making me pant.  I’d spoken about heat, but what was in me right then was an inferno.  An erupting Mount Vesuvius had nothing on my poor aching twat.

“What else does it feel like?” Betra asked.  He tugged on my labia, and I couldn’t help but jerk in his arms.

Gasping, I said, “Like a shaken bottle of champagne, with the bubbles fizzing and popping like crazy.”  In that moment, it didn’t occur to me that Betra might not know much about a foaming bottle of bubbly.  Then I remembered we’d had some at the Christmas party a few weeks ago, so maybe he would understand.

“What about this?” he asked as he slid two fingers inside me.

My ass came up off his thighs as lightning blazed through me.  Betra held still until I settled back down and stopped gasping enough to talk.

“You have some fucking thick fingers,” I groaned. 

“A good description, considering that’s exactly what I’m going to do with them.  Tell me how it felt when my fingers entered you.”

Damn, Betra was determined to drive me nuts.  Would he never get tired of hearing me talk about what he was doing to me?  “It was a sharp blast of brightness.  Kind of like tickling but more intense,” I said.

“And now that I’m holding still?”

I somehow managed to not huff impatiently at him.  “I feel full.  It was a little uncomfortable at first because you did it all at once, but now it’s just good.”

Betra nodded, still with that contemplative look on his face.  “You gushed a lot of wetness right after I shoved my fingers inside.  Is it because you’re restrained and I have control over you?”

His words got my insides singing again.  I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

My breath caught when he began pumping in and out of me.  He watched me for a little while, his gaze alternating between my face and watching his fingers disappear and reappear from my pussy.  After some minutes of that, Betra started up with the questions again.

“How does it feel?  How is it with me holding you down and fucking your pussy with my fingers?  Tell me what it’s like to lay there helpless while I make you take it.”

What Betra said was every bit as strength-sapping as what he did to me.  I really did feel helpless, unable to stop what was happening.  My enraptured brain began to short circuit, taking away the ability to talk to him lucidly.  I couldn’t form the thoughts to answer him.

“Please, Imdiko,” I moaned.  “I don’t ... I can’t ... please.”

“Please?”  He grinned at me as his fingers moved faster.  “What exactly are you asking me for?”

The friction was getting stronger as Betra finger-fucked me harder and quicker.  My brain felt like it disintegrated under the onslaught.  What was I asking him for?  To stop?  To give me more?  I wasn’t sure as my pussy contracted around his touch.

“I want ... I want ... please.”

“Would you like to come, Shalia?  Is that what you want to do ?  Do you wish to come for me?”

I writhed helplessly on his lap, completely gone as arousal mounted with demanding strength.  It felt so good, but it wasn’t quite enough to send me over.  If Betra kept me at this agonizing level of almost-orgasm for very long, I would go insane.

I desperately seized on his words.  “I want to come for you.”

“How sweet.  Why don’t you beg me for it?”  His smile turned cruel.

At the same time, he curled his fingertips inside me, rubbing hard on the inside front of my sleeve.  The blast of ecstasy had me digging my heels into the seat, raising my rear off his thigh.  Yet it still wasn’t quite enough to bring climax.

“Down, Matara.  Put your ass down, or I’ll stop and leave you wanting.  I’ll also bind your hands so you can’t bring yourself to orgasm.”

I shrieked wordless rage at him, but I made my butt sink back down.  Meanwhile, he kept thrusting and pressing against that spot.  I couldn’t help but kick the air, my toes curled as I frantically tried to come.

“I believe you were about to beg me for release?”  The bastard laughed as he said this.

Ugly, vicious names jumped to my lips, ready to stream out at Betra.  However, some small sane part of me recognized the consequences that would follow such abuse.  I fought them back.

Instead of cursing him out, I sobbed, “Please let me come for you.  Please, Betra, please.  I want to come for you so bad.”

“I’d like that,” he said.  “I’d like you to come screaming my name.”


“Then I’d like you to come so hard you can’t even scream.  Wouldn’t that be nice?”

His fingers drove and drove, making me feel raw with need.  My pussy spasmed and clutched at those fingers making it crazy, trying to find its way to release.  Somehow, completion kept eluding me, though.  I teetered on the verge, unable to tumble into the violent rapture that wanted to claim me.

“I said, I’d like you to come so hard you can’t scream, Shalia.  Is that what you want as well?”

My broken mind tried to grasp what he said as my body shook and strained.  There was a roar in my ears that made Betra’s words hard to understand.  I prayed that agreeing to whatever he wanted would gain his mercy.

“Yes, please.  Please, I want whatever you want.  Anything you want, that’s what I want too.”

“Now that  is beautiful, my Shalia.  That is a sentiment as beautiful as you.  You may have your orgasms now.”

Betra’s thumb landed on my clit and rubbed.  My world blew apart instantly.  At last climax arrived, battering my insides with gorgeous fury.  All was sweet, tumultuous sensation that went on forever yet was over in the blink of an eye.


His voice was soft and coaxing, but his fingers still thrust without mercy as his thumb worked my clit once more.  I was suspended in that stunning world of heaving sensation where sight and, but for one word, sound did not exist.


I was utterly lost as Betra continued to draw climaxes from me, helpless to stop him from driving me over the edge as he kept me draped over his legs, my wrists pinned.


And again.  And again.  That word was the only anchor to reality I possessed, and its utterance meant more of the shrieking pleasure that barreled through me . 

I have no idea how many times Betra brought me.  I don’t know if I screamed his name.  I don’t know if I came too hard to make a sound.  When I regained my senses, I found myself in my bed with him, sheltering in the naked warmth of his big, muscular body.  I felt so safe and secure with him like that.  I didn’t even want to talk after getting my senses back, so I simply snuggled my cheek against his chest and let him hold me for a long time.

It’s nice to know that even I can shut up and just be in the moment sometimes.


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