Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 14

Yesterday, after much consideration following the near evacuation we’d undergone, I consulted with my group and Betra.  During the impromptu meeting, I outlined my ideas on how we Earther girls needed to have access and training on blasters.  I impressed on Betra what had happened to me and Candy at the Academy.  I insisted on how being armed might have kept us from being locked and nearly killed in a burning building.

I have to give our liaison credit.  Betra didn’t pooh-pooh my concerns even once.  He offered no condescending bullshit on how the manly Kalquorians would keep us all safe and to not worry our pretty little heads about such things.  He listened, asked a few questions, and asked the rest of the group what they thought about the matter.

“I was there with Shalia,” Candy said quietly.  “I’ve never felt so trapped and helpless my entire life as when I was forced to give up the blaster I had.  I want to be able to defend myself.  I totally agree we should be armed and trained.”

Katrina said, “You’d better believe it.  I was terrified yesterday when we were attacked.  I know a blaster won’t help us in that situation.  Still, if the transport was boarded and we couldn't escape, at least I’d feel like I had some sort of chance of survival.  I vote yes for blaster training.”

The others agreed that they’d been scared as well and that feeling helpless had only made it worse.  They all wanted to be armed and trained properly ‘so we don’t shoot our own feet off’ as someone said.

Betra nodded to us all.  “I’ll arrange a meeting with the weapons commander of this ship about the matter.  He’d be the first hurdle to getting such a thing to happen.  If everyone is in agreement, Shalia and Candy can represent you all at the meeting since they’ve had actual experience with the issue.”

It was agreed on.  First thing this morning, Betra called Candy and I to his office to meet with Weapons Commander Nobek Oses.

My first thought when I came into the room was ‘Hello, mountain pretending to be a man.’  I’d been impressed with the amazing physique of Oses when he was at least 30 yards away.  Up close, he was even more astonishing.  Heaven help us all, the Nobek was just so muscular.  He made Betra look like a child.

It was hard to notice the weapons commander's face when there was all that chiseled body filling my gaze.  But yes, Oses does have a head on top of all that steel and granite made flesh.  His curly hair falls past his shoulders and frames an intense face.  He’s not classically handsome, but I found him striking nonetheless with those piercing eyes, flared nostrils, and full lips that someone could nibble on for days.

Did I mention the pregnancy hormones are seeming to make me like brute masculinity?  Once again, I had the wild urge to pull Oses’ formsuit off and lick every inch of him.  I mean, I LITERALLY wanted to lick him ... yes, tongue out and slurping all over those hills and crevices.  Why can’t I crave normal stuff like pickles and ice cream, for crying out loud?

Betra had Candy and I sit down as Oses bowed to us.  I noticed his nostrils flaring wider still when he looked at me, and I was reminded that I had that funny pregnancy smell that the Kalquorians find so enthralling.  Oh boy.  If the commander started following me around, I didn’t know how I’d say no – especially if he consented to that weird urge I have to give him a tongue bath. 

The weapons commander said nothing, however.  His expression kept a pleasant if savage respectfulness.  He remained standing, as did Betra.

“Thank you for coming in to seeing us,” Betra began.  “We’ll try to not take up too much of your time, but the Mataras have some very pressing concerns about their safety.”

“I can always make time for you and your charges, Imdiko,” Oses said in a rough voice that filled the room.  His gaze went from me to Betra and held there.

Betra quickly averted his gaze from the weapons commander.  Again, I had that sense of something between the two, some kind of tension that lay between them.  I wondered what was going on there.

Betra wasted no time in explaining our wish to be armed and trained.  Candy and I described to the attentive Oses what we had gone through back at the Academy, which was the long and short of our case.  As Betra had the day before, Oses didn’t downplay our fears or tut-tut our abilities to take care of ourselves.

After some discussion, he said, “I can understand your feelings on the matter, Mataras.  While it is unlikely we’ll be boarded, there is always a chance for it to happen.  After all, we were sure Tragoom raiders wouldn’t dare bother us with two destroyers keeping watch, yet they tried our defenses anyway.”

He smiled, softening the harsh planes of his face.  Oses might not have been conventionally handsome but I still found him fine to look at, especially when he smiled.  “I will consult with the ship’s officers as well as Fleet Command on the matter.  I will tell them I fully support this measure you have suggested.”

Candy and I expressed our enthusiastic thanks.  Betra also added his gratitude, still refusing to look Oses in the face.

“I appreciate you doing this for us, Commander,” he said.  “We won’t take up any more of your time.  Shalia, may I speak to you in private before you go?”

I had the idea that Betra was subtly telling me not to leave him alone with Oses.  There really was something weird going on with those two.

The weapons commander bowed to all, and Betra returned the respect.  I perched in my chair as Candy and the impressive and tongue-tempting Oses took their leave.

As soon as the door shut behind them, I invited Betra, “Come on.  Spill the beans.”

“Beans?”  He looked at me with puzzlement.

I had to laugh at Betra’s confusion.  He speaks English so well that sometimes I forget he’s not entirely up on our slang.  “Tell me why Oses freaks you out.”

Betra scowled.  “I don’t want to talk about the weapons commander.”

I eyed him.  “Betra, if I didn’t know that you aren’t into boys, I’d swear there was a bad breakup between you two or something.”

The Imdiko got up and paced as he spoke.  “No Shalia, there is nothing between Nobek Oses and myself.  He simply wishes there was and refuses to face the fact there never will be.”

“Oh.”  It was clear to me now.  “Oses has a case of unrequited love.  He’s not tried to force himself on you, has he?”

“Thank the ancestors, no.”  Betra drew himself up and took a deep breath.  “In all honesty, Oses has been quite respectful about not trying to force me into his bed.  He seemed to understand when I told him I have no interest in men.”

“So what’s the problem?”

My liaison’s smile was bitter.  “He still comes around and asks me to join him for meals and entertainments.  I get the idea he thinks that I’ll eventually change my mind about him.”

I could tell Betra really had issues with the situation, but I couldn’t resist teasing him just the same.  “That’s what you get for being so irresistible and yummy.”

That earned me a smile.  “Am I irresistible to you, Shalia?”

I snorted.  “You must be.  I was sure I wouldn’t want to have sex again after what happened with Nang and having my heart broken by Clan Dusa.”

Betra came over and leaned down, his hands propping him on the armrests of my chair.  Our faces were only inches apart.  “Poor Matara.”  He kissed me.

Ah yes, poor me.  Stuck in a lustful situation with an all too accommodating Kalquorian.  I returned that kiss with interest, my hands eagerly exploring his formsuited chest, abdomen, and points south. 

His eyes half-lidded with pleasure at my touch, Betra whispered, “I am always delighted to take care of your needs, pet.”

“Prove it.”

I got an evil grin for my challenge.  I’d almost forgotten how demanding Betra had been during our previous encounters.  He reminded me in a hurry.

Stepping back from my chair, he motioned for me to stand.  “Up.  Panties off.”

That demanding tone had me on my feet and drawers down around my ankles almost before Betra had stopped talking.  My pussy gushed in anticipation.  It was like a switch had been thrown and my only thought was to do whatever he wanted.  When it comes to sex, Betra reminds me a lot more of Dusa and Nang than he does fellow Imdiko Weln. 

Once I was sans panties, he made a twirling motion with his finger.  “Turn around and kneel on the chair.  Legs wide apart.  Hold onto the back of it.”

I could see where this was going, and I liked the idea fine.  As soon as I assumed the position, Betra pushed my skirt up around my waist.  His hand caressed my upturned ass. 

“That’s my pretty pet.  So obedient too.”

He reached in front of me to untuck my blouse.  Still stroking my butt with one hand, he pulled my bra up to free my breasts.  Feeling the warmth of his palm cupping one mound drove a moan from my throat.

“So soft.  Lovely,” he praised me.

The hand on my ass slid down.  Betra slid two fingers in my pussy and slowly pumped in and out.  He plucked at my nipples, bringing bright warmth all over.  I flooded his hand.

“That’s my girl.  Soft and wet.  Perfect.  I like how you beg me to fuck you without speaking a word.”

I trembled as his hands coaxed me into a high level of arousal.  My hands clutched the padded top of my chair as my insides melted into a spill of hot lava.  I felt utterly wanton and helpless at the same time, submissively offering myself to Betra.

“That’s it, pet.  I feel you shaking all over.”

His fingers left my pussy.  I whimpered.

“Hush, sweetness.  I need to get your tight little ass ready for my primary cock to fuck it.”

Betra’s fingers landed on my anus and pressed into it.  I gasped and opened to him, letting him stretch me.  His fingers twisted all about, easing the muscles loose.

“Oh yes, pet.  That’s very nice and tight.  I’m going to enjoy feeling this around my cock.  You like getting your ass fucked, don’t you little girl?  Yes, I know you do.  You’re dripping on the seat.”

Betra’s words humiliated and excited me all at once.  Yes, I acknowledge I do enjoy anal intercourse.  It doesn’t mean I’m entirely comfortable admitting it.  My body showing its more taboo proclivities with such abandon was embarrassing.

Still, it was hard to dwell on being ashamed when he continued to roll and tweak my nipples with one hand and prepare my ass with the other.  Betra kept talking as he played with me.  That guy really has a thing for verbalization during sex.

“I think that’s got it.  You’ll still be a bit tight.  It might hurt a little bit, but you’ll accept that for me, right?  You’ll let me fuck your tight ass to make me happy, won’t you pretty pet?”

His fingers departed my breasts and ass.  A moment later I felt the fevered tip of his cock probing my anus.  Betra’s hands closed around my hips.  I clenched the chair in my fists.  It was coming.

“That’s my girl.  Open up for me.”

The tip of his dick slid inside.  I shuddered to feel it move past the ring of loosened muscles, traveling into my body.  Deeper and deeper, his girth widening out to spread me for his entrance.  There was a slight nudge against my pussy, then his smaller cock forged inside as well. 

Betra groaned.  “I’m watching it happen, little girl.  I’m watching you take my cocks.”

I thought about how that must look, his thick bullet-shaped penises disappearing into my body.  It made my insides quake with doubled excitement.

He was getting bigger around.  My ass registered the pressure of Betra’s increasing circumference, making me feel really full.  I gasped.

“That’s it.  Take it, Shalia.”

The pressure built towards a low ache.  I pushed out hard against him, forcing my body to accept what he gave me.  Even so, Betra’s steady entrance was moving closer and closer to pain.  Yet it was nowhere on my radar to tell him to stop so I could have a moment to adjust.  No, it was all about making him happy and giving him what he wanted.  In that moment, I lived for his pleasure alone.

Still, I couldn’t help the whimpers I made as the ache became a throbbing.  And still Betra went deeper, his breathy praise encouraging me.

“That’s it, pet.  Oh, that’s good.  Yes, Shalia, yes.”

Just when it became actual pain, at the moment I thought he might split me in two, Betra’s groin met my ass.  I shuddered with reaction.  The movement brought a growl from my lover.

“Easy, little girl.  By the ancestors, you are so snug around my cock.  I could come within seconds, and I don’t want to do that.  I want to fuck your ass the way it should be fucked.”

My breaths sobbed loudly as I clutched the chair, willing all the tension to go there.  After many seconds that felt like forever, Betra said, “All right, I think I’ve got control again.  That was close, sweetness.  You are too incredible, Shalia Monroe.”

With that, he slowly rocked back, emptying me.  I might have groaned with relief of having that uncompromising steel exiting, except for the fact I was stuffed so full.  Because of that, there was a lot of rubbing pressure against my interior hot spot.  It was like have a firecracker exploding inside my pussy.  Instead of groaning, I unleashed a long, warbling cry.

Betra chuckled.  “That’s my girl.  Yell all you want.  I like hearing how good I make you feel.”

He plunged back inside me.  It hurt my ass, but once more he hit the right place in my sex.  Only this time, it didn’t feel like anything so tame as a firecracker.  No, that was a fucking bottle rocket that went off that time.  If Betra wanted yelling, I had no doubt he was pleased in that moment.

He had promised to fuck me the way I should be fucked.  Apparently, I should be fucked hard and relentlessly enough to move the damned chair across the room.  We’d only gotten halfway across when the first climax hit me.

Betra had released one of my hips to grasp and stroke my clit as he pounded away at me.  I not only felt the fireworks then, I also saw them.  Bright lights flashed before my eyes as my guts attempted to turn me inside out.  I think I tried to launch myself out of the chair, but Betra held me back.  All I could do was scream and claw the back of it as twisting heat tore at my sex.

Just like our last encounter, the Imdiko kept me coming.  No sooner was I nearly back in my right mind, gasping and sobbing, when he forced another orgasm on me.  My body quaked violently as eruption after eruption bloomed in my belly then suffused the entirety of me with mind-breaking strength.  I honestly have no idea how many times I climaxed before Betra finally shouted and pressed as deep inside me as he could go.  It was a relief to feel him filling my ass full of his cum, because that meant I would finally be allowed to relax.

Relax, hell.  Try collapse.  I might have even fainted like I think I did last time. 

When I returned to reality, Betra now sat in the chair, cradling me against his chest.  He smoothed my sweat-soaked hair from my face, gently pressing his lips against my forehead, cheeks, and lips from time to time.  I blinked up at him.

My voice definitely croaked when I spoke.  “Was it good for you?”

He chuckled.  “Amazing.  In case you don’t remember, I already gave you a pain inhibitor.  There is no damage, but you’ll probably be sore.”

No, I definitely don’t remember that part.

Bit by bit, I regained my strength.  Betra insisted on carrying me to the bathroom facility to help me pull myself back together.  I caught a look at myself in the mirror and wished I hadn’t.  I looked like a wreck.  My hair was sweaty and snarled, my mascara pooled under my eyes and streaked down my cheeks.  I had the dazed look of someone who had crawled out of a collapsed building.

“Oh hell.  Don’t look at me,” I groaned, hiding my face behind my hands.

“Why not?”  Betra sat me on the counter and tugged my hands away so he could wipe the smeared raccoon look away.  “It’s damned sexy to see a woman disheveled from a bout of fucking.  I love that I made you look this way.  If I could spend an entire day with you, I wouldn’t allow you to clean up between sessions.  I’d stay hard looking at you like this.”

“You’re a freak,” I told him.  “And I’m even freakier for liking the sound of that.”

He grinned at me.  “Then we’ll have to arrange it somehow.”

“Good luck.  You never get a day off.”

“A couple of other liaisons owe me favors.  Maybe I can call one in.”

I shook my head.  The way Betra enjoys sex might be more than I can take in one day.  It’s fun to contemplate a whole day of play, but to actually do it?  This is one fantasy that I’m sure shouldn’t make the journey into reality.


  1. Another hot and steamy scene, fans myself. Would so love to see if Oses can seduce Betra into a 3 way with Shalia, and perhaps then get him curios to try more, though, I find him being completely straight sort of endearing and would love to see a side story of him finding a mate of his own. Would make an interesting read. *smiles* love you Tracy, can't wait for more.

  2. Another great post. Can't wait to see if Shalia will get her chance to lick Oses. Although she seems to be doing fine with Betra.

  3. I totally agree, I would love to see Betra snd Osses get together with Shalia.
    Mmmm, we have an Imdiko and a Nobek. I wonder could we get a Drammock in this potentially hot mix.

  4. I would love to see Betra and others like him able to mate with an Earther girl. Say you have Betra, a straight Nobek and Dramok or even straight Earther men who wouldn't mind sharing with Betra.

  5. The libido is strong with Betra. He either needs to find some strait clan mates and a nympho matarra or a harem of women, because this guy has some pent up tension to work out.

  6. The picture at the start is rather confusing, is that suppose to be Oses? It don't look at all like a Nobek or like how Oses is described. Looks like another Imdiko.....

  7. Wonderful addition, sexy and informative. What is this blacking out thing happening after sex with Betra?

  8. @PASMITH: What is this blacking out thing happening after sex with Betra?- subspace? that's why the hugging after helps. It's aftercare without the water n chocolate.

    I think were going to see a bisexual Betra, but not until something from his past comes up. maybe Oses is the one to break the savage Imdiko.

    @ Tracy: I think the pic does match his description. JMHO.

  9. I think we might be seeing the makings of a clan, Tracy has only given pic's to those in clans or those in the process of clanning and right now we have a Nobek and an Imdiko, so we aught to be meeting a Dramok next.

  10. Betra is a "top" and being classified as an Imdiko that makes him all "bottom." I think he needs nympho and two "switches" (aka = DOM that likes to get it up the backside just as much as giving it) ya never know Betra may have been hurt when younger by a DOM or maybe he is a missclassified laid back Dramok. Either way he does have a lot of DOM tendencies when its one on one.

  11. Has Bertra been misclassified? Nobek he isn't. I can't shake the feeling that he just might be a Dramok, a laid back one as some have stated. Why can't 3 straight Kalqourians have a clan? Especially now that you have more Earther women interested in clanning.

    1. that's a good point about misclassification, we know it can happen, its also possible that he is both breeds, the Nobek emperor after all is Nobek/Imdiko. So perhaps Betra is Dramok/Imdiko.

    2. Could be a hybrid. And yes there could be a fully stright clan but how lonely is that. :-( Shalia has over 1000 request to clan, that over 3000 lonely men that at least have their clan mates so finding an "All Straight" clan is just shy of impossible sorry to say.