Monday, December 9, 2013

December 21

You gotta love friends.  Especially friends like Candy and Katrina.  They came over first thing this morning, whooping it up like a couple of lunatics. 

“Up, woman!” Katrina yelled at me.  “Into the shower!  Get washed.  No more feeling sorry for yourself.”

“Who died and made you my keepers?” I grouched.

“No one died, but you’re going to get your tail in gear,” Candy insisted.  “You’re pregnant.  So what?  You don’t know who the father is.   Who give a shit?  The men you care about are far away and not returning to your life any time in the foreseeable future.  It sucks like hell, but that’s the way it is.”

“Time to join the living, baby,” Katrina agreed.  “Go shower and dress or we’ll hogtie you and do it for you.”

I stared at them in disbelief.  Their faces were set in determination, and they made a move towards me.  I ran into the facility.

“Fine!” I yelled, turning the water spray on.  “But there had better be coffee and breakfast when I get out!”

They saw to it.  I sipped delicately at the coffee.  Tep said I could have it, but it does tend to bring the nausea on a little bit.  Most of the morning sickness crap isn’t as big a deal these last two days with the medicine he gave me, but certain smells, drinks, and food do mess with me.  Katrina tells me I’m getting off lucky.

“All nine months with my third I was sick as a dog,” she confirmed.  “It was horrible.  Even the smell of tap water made me heave.”

“Tap water has a smell?” Candy asked.

“It did during that pregnancy.  I had my head hanging out of the shower, making disgusting puke noises towards the toilet.  My husband thought it was hilarious.”

“Do you know what happened to your kids?”  Candy asked very quietly, as if she hoped Katrina wouldn’t notice she’d asked the obvious question.

Our elder friend swallowed and shook her head.  Her eyes were suddenly too bright.  Mine stung in sympathy, and Candy ducked her head.

“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have asked.”

“I appreciate the concern.”  Katrina managed a smile as she swiped at her now-wet cheeks.  “The Kalquorians doing search and rescue in Memphis and Nashville have been contacted.  That’s where they all lived.  If they or my grandchildren are found, I’ll be notified.”

We were quiet for a bit after that.  What do you say to a grieving but hopeful grandmother?

As if I’d spoken aloud, Katrina said, “I have the joy my children and grandchildren gave me.  Nothing can take that away.  I know they had good lives before Armageddon, and I had a hand in that.  I have no regrets where my family is concerned.”

I suddenly felt awful for whining over being pregnant.  What were my concerns compared to Katrina’s?  Sometimes I am appalled at my own drama queen gestures.

“Names.  I need ideas for baby names,” I told the women. 

“So you’re going to have it?” Candy asked.  She looked excited.  “I’m going to be an auntie?”

“I’m still not sure,” I said as a fresh wave of terror overtook me.  “But it’s something to do.”

“You could name the child after one of your parents,” Katrina suggested.

I thought about that.  Eve was out.  I love my mother, but we have too much history of anger and disappointment.  I wouldn’t saddle a daughter with my mother’s name.  It seems like asking for trouble.  I don’t want to fight with my own kid.

“I wonder what the name Nayun means,” I mused, putting girl names aside for the moment.

“You wouldn’t name your child after your real dad?” Candy asked.

I gave her a look.  “That’s exactly who I’m thinking about.  Nayun has been more of a father to me in the short time I’ve known him than the guy who got my mother pregnant.”

Katrina nodded.  “The kid is half Kalquorian.  Why shouldn’t he have a Kalquorian name?”

Boy, I wished I knew that someone in Dusa’s clan was the father.  I could have named the kid after one of them. 

We tossed names back and forth, eventually getting sillier as we went along.  I finally called a halt when Candy came up with Ebenezer Rumpelstiltskin Monroe.

“You’ve lost your mind,” I told my giggling friend. 

“How is that worse than Katrina suggesting Michael Monroe Your Boat Ashore?”

The two idiots howled.  I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, let’s do your clan forms,” Candy finally said when I stuck my fingers in my ears to ignore any further horrid names they would saddle my child with.

“Bleah,” was my response.

They got on my case though, and I had to admit I was long overdue on starting the process.  The questionnaire file on the computer was so ridiculously long that I was glad to have the company. 

After half an hour of that nonsense, I asked, “Where is the part where I write, ‘I’m already pregnant by a Kalquorian'?  I also need a space to say, 'my mother, who will not be sent far away, is batshit crazy.  Stop now and run for your lives’.  Where do I put that?”

Candy snorted.  “They say having a child makes you even more attractive to the Kalquorians.  You’ve already indicated you’re expecting in the ‘proof of fertility’ space.  Now, what is the most important characteristic for your potential mates to possess?”

“Write, ‘big penises’,” Katrina advised me, as she already had for a dozen other questions.

I contemplated throwing the computer at her.  “There is more to a lifelong relationship than the size of a man’s endowment.”

“You’re right.  Make sure you indicate they should have long, strong tongues too.  And nice butts.”

This was my day.  Silly, distracting, and fun.  I owe those women, and not just because they got me almost halfway through that damned questionnaire.   I almost feel like I can handle my mess of a life again. 

My life is crap, but right now I feel like one of the luckiest people I know.  Friends will do that for you.  I’m grateful for mine.


  1. Well at least Shalia is getting over her funk about an unplanned pregnancy and finally filling out her clan forms.

  2. I am happy to see Shalia perking up, I still have my hopes that she will end up with Dusa's clan, call me a romantic and not wanting to see someone already in love, being pressured to turn her back on that. Who knows Look At Jessica's mother, She found love in Yuder, perhaps Shalia's mother will be cured and find someone that she falls in love with. freeing Shalia to go be with Dusa's clan. Like Lindsey had initially, after Jess told her "Tell those guys to man up and stop worrying about rank. If you love them and they love you that's all that matters!" ..."Stay with them if that is what you truly want." Who knows what time will bring, in any case I am look forward to every Diary entry, and to see what happens next.

  3. Shalia is different. She has skills the empire can use and won't have to learn much to employ them. She is excellent at propaganda and what humans need to hearto sway them to the empires way of thinking. On top of that she could have her own business as a wedding videographer. I can totally see her becoming an independent single parent and waiting for her clan of choice to catch up with her

    1. agrees completely, I think she will have many choices, she should not be pressured into any one direction.

  4. Always can't wait for the next entry. I liked this one, girl time Is always fun.

  5. As Long as you write it I'm going to read it. BTW........does it count if your BFFs are family. It seems I'm related to all of my favorite people. Lol!
    I feel bad for Katrina. On the other hand Shalia will do just fine however it ends up. She seems pretty adaptable and independent.

  6. She needs to be with the Dusa clan. And I need you to write more, please!

  7. Forgot to say thanks for writing/publishing Thanksgiving week. I love my weekly Shalia entries!

  8. How about a naming contest? Just for kicks and giggles.. ;) I vote for Styxx if it's a boy and Sparkles for a girl. I think Shalia is coping fairly well for going through the hormonal changes in the first part of preggers, and the crap she's been through so far.