Thursday, November 14, 2013

December 13

Today started off not so good.  Last night's dinner of ronka tacos must not have agreed with me.  Too bad; they were delicious.  I woke up with my stomach queasy.  I didn’t puke, but it definitely kept me far away from the dining room during the breakfast hours.  Instead, I lay very still in my bed on my nice, soft sheets.  I drifted back to sleep.  By the time I woke two hours later to the sound of an incoming vid com, I felt much better. 

The call was from Dusa and the boys.  Oh, it hurts to see them.  I wouldn’t miss any opportunity in the world to talk to them, but sometimes I feel like it’s more torture than pleasure.  It doesn’t help that I notice more and more of a delay when it comes to them answering my questions and comments.  The transport is getting farther away from Earth, farther away from Dusa, Esak, and Weln.

The three of them smiled sadly at me, as if they were thinking along the same lines.  “Thank you so much for the vid of our clanning ceremony, Shalia,” Dusa said.  “From so many angles too!  You are such a talent.”

“And sneaky,” Esak said with an admiring grin.  “I didn’t realize you had put those small recorders on everyone.”

“It definitely made it the perfect keepsake,” Weln chimed in.  “I immediately sent copies to all our parents.  Thank you from everyone in advance.  I know they’ll be thrilled to receive the footage.”

“Even if I didn’t have much hair on that day,” Esak said, chuckling and rubbing his head.  His hair had definitely left behind the fuzzy stage.  I couldn’t even see his scars anymore.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said.  “I’m sorry it took me so long to get it to you.”

Dusa waved off my apology.  “That you were there in person was all I could have hoped for.  How are you?”

“Okay.  I miss you all so much though.”

“We miss you too.”  Dusa let his sorrow peek through.  “You have to find a clan to make you happy.  I hate you being alone as you are.”

I scowled at him.  “It’s not even been two weeks since I left Earth, Dusa.  If you think I’m going to get over you guys in that little amount of time, you don’t think very highly of me.”

He smiled.  “I think only the best of you, my lovely Shalia.  But a second of your unhappiness is a second too much.”

I’m not going to record all the further sickeningly sweet sentiments that were exchanged beyond that point.  Suffice to say, I miss them and they wished I didn’t, because missing them means I’m not happy.  Damn.  Maybe I should have stayed on Earth with them and waited until they could clan me.  But then Mom wouldn’t be on her way to Kalquor to get the treatment she needs, and blah-blah-blah, same old crap, different day.  Fate is not kind.  Fate actually is a suckfest of a bitch.

By the time I got off the com with my sweeties, lunchtime had rolled around.  I was ravenous by that time, so I joined Candy and Katrina.  Katrina led us in a little naughty game of ‘Guess His Size’ as to the men who walked past us.  Our choices were ‘It wouldn’t keep me awake’, ‘It’ll do in a pinch’, ‘Damn boy, what have you been feeding those snakes?’ and ‘No thanks, I don’t want my pussy and ass to look like impact craters’.  We laughed like the bunch of fiends we are.  It got me out of the funk talking to Dusa, Esak, and Weln had put me in.  Laughter really is the best medicine.


  1. "Damn boy, what have you been feeding those snakes?" LOL

  2. Someone needs to give her a clue! Baby on the way!

  3. Please let it be Dusa's clan's baby and not that disgusting Nang! Ugh! He's such a total ass! Shalia deserves to be clanned to her loves.

  4. Shalia. needs to wait for Clan Dusa on Kalquor. Of course she won't be waiting alone...

  5. Well if it is Clan Dusa's baby, she wont have to go into the lottery. They take parenting seriously on Kalquor. They would want to keep the family together no matter how young Clan Dusa is.

  6. I still have not brought in on the baby thing. That would make this story just too predictable and you know that this ship will not have an smooth trip. Trouble follows Shalia around like a nosy neighbor. One of those "one in a trillion" things is going to happen. I also think that Nang got aboard that ship before it moved too far from earth.

    1. I think if Nang was missing from his post, Her dads would not be able to hide their worry, they are quite transparent with their emotions.

  7. @lunchlady so Nang is AWOL from his job & clan? No way!

    1. I missed something when I read the newest entries. where did it say that Nang is AWOL?