Thursday, November 7, 2013

December 11

I am going to com Dad and give him what for.  He is being an absolute busybody!  The ship’s medical department commed me this morning, asking me to report as soon as possible for a checkup.  Pain in my ass.  Plus, my dear old dad still hasn’t fessed up about whatever floozy he and his clan have been entertaining.  When I get hold of that man...

Speaking of people trying to push me around, Candy is bugging me about working on my clanning questionnaire so the lottery can start matching me up to worthy men.  Ugh, the thought of going through all that makes me ill.  I’m talking physically ill.  I woke up this morning thinking about fielding all those hopeful clans, knowing I’m going to be rejecting and disappointing so many, and I got downright queasy.  I couldn’t even face breakfast.  I pushed around the food on my plate and never took a single bite.

Candy shook her finger at me, a cheerleader blond mommy talking to her naughty five-year-old.  “It’s got to be done, and you know it.  The sooner you get it over with, the sooner you don’t have to face it anymore.”

“No, then I have to face the deluge of supposed matches to sift through.  What are you up to, like a thousand?”

“About fifteen hundred.”

I gaped at her.  “Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses.  You’d need twenty years just to meet them all.”

She waved off my concerns.  “I make myself look through a hundred possibilities every night before I go to bed.  If I feel they are anything less than right, I order the registry to delete them from my queue.”

“So how many Triple Mister Rights have you got so far?”

“Three hundred sixteen.”

I groaned.  “Candy, Candy, Candy.  You are impossible, girl.”

“At least I’m working on it.”  She rolled her eyes at me.  “You are going to show up on Kalquor without having done the least thing towards finding your clan, and then what will you do?  You think it’s overwhelming now; you won’t know what hit you when it comes time to actually start meeting suitors.”

I pushed my plate aside and rested my forehead on my folded arms.  “I can’t handle this.”

“Stop whining.  Get with the program.  Start today, or I’ll tell Betra you’ve admitted to me how much you want to be in his bed.”

“Crap.  I still haven’t given him back his gifts.”  I stared at the table beneath my face.  How could I contemplate searching for a clan when my favorite one was back on Earth?  That gave me an idea.

I sat up to look at Candy, who was attempting to look stern.  Ha, prissy, cutesy girl couldn’t pull that expression off if her life depended on it.  It’s a good thing she’s tougher than she looks.

“I can’t work on my questionnaire today, girlfriend.  I’ve got to work on the vid from Dusa’s clan’s ceremony.”

Candy stared at me, incredulous.  Now that’s a look she can do.  “You never finished it?”

“No.  I’d almost gotten it done on Earth, but stupid stuff kept getting in the way.”

“Stupid stuff.”  Candy grimaced.  “Nearly dying several times over doesn’t exactly translate as ‘stupid stuff’.  Man, that was some fucked up shit we went through.”

I laughed in surprise.  Candy rarely uses profanity.  It doesn’t look right coming out of The Girl Next Door’s mouth.

She grinned back.  “Almost done, huh?  So you can tackle the questionnaire tomorrow.”

“Maybe.”  I made sure I didn’t sound optimistic.  To distract her, I said, “You know, I should make a copy of your howling performance from the clanning party.  You can send it to your would-be clans, thin out the herd a little—”

Candy waved the knife she’d been using to cut her ronka chop with.  “I will hurt you.  Badly.  You erase that footage, woman.  I mean it.”

I’ve spent most of the day putting the finishing touches on the vid.  I did include Candy’s lemanthev debut.  If she asks, I can always remind her that Weln was standing right next to her the whole time, so of course I had to include it.

I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster now.  One minute I’m smiling to see my boys and my dads having such a good time, the next I’m sniffling because I miss them so much.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ve bawled my head off a couple of times.  I’ve also laughed until my stomach hurt.  Today, I’m a woman of extremes.  Must be hormones.  I bet I’ll get my period soon. 

I sent the vid to my sweeties and a copy to Dad with a reminder he’d better com me soon.  I miss them all so much.  If Candy knew how much it hurts!  If she could just understand that the next time I see Dusa, Esak, and Weln that we can only be friends, she’d get off my back about filling out that damned questionnaire. 

The pain will fade with time.  I know that.  But I’m not ready to move on with my life yet.  I’m not ready to contemplate letting another clan into my heart.  Candy and anyone else who cares about getting me clanned will just have to understand that.


  1. After reading this and lurking for a while I couldn't help but post a comment when I began to put two and two together. I don't want to spoil for anyone by posting my theory, but I wanted to say I can't wait to read the next few posts!!!
    Hurry up Monday!

  2. You are not spoiling anything. We all think she is pregnant. I dont think it matters if Shalia hasnt finished her questionaire. After all she may be stepping off that shuttle with a brand new little Kalquorian. They will be thrilled she is so fertile.

  3. maybe nang is the daddy and betra's his nephew? what do you think?who would send Shalia gifts so far away Dusa? no he doesn't have enough rank. oh well the fish line is being drawn slowly in waiting for monday.

  4. Have pity, Tracy. Bait and switch will not do here. But oh man what an upstir you will make if you make it Nang's child. And think of the fun you will have making his clan realize they want a matara in their clan and in their bed.

    1. Ive made that argument several times myself. Nang's clan members may say they have no interest in females and don't want a matara but its not like before finding out about earther women matara's were readily available, many Kalqs wouldn't k now what to do with a woman and might think they were strictly gay not that theres a problem with that because there absolutely isn't, but the idea does come up on whether they are strictly gay or just convinced themselves over time a matara would never be a possibility. Id rather see her with Nang than Dusa and his clan.

  5. Even if it is Nang's child, Shalia can't join Clan Nang. They've made it clear they don't want a matara. This could open a path to Clan Dusa however. The baby would just have 6 fathers and 21 grandfathers counting Shalia's Dads!

  6. The thing about Dusa's clan (to me) is that they are too wishy-washy. They let Shalia leave without even a penny of a fight. As crazy as Nang is he was ready to fight tooth and nail to keep Shalia. (Which I assume he is still doing somewhere in the background of this story.) Up until this excerpt I felt Shalia herself was being somewhat fickle also. It's hard to take the characters too seriously when they are being so , let's say, flexible.
    It's good to see Shalia considering her real loves a bit more. Hopefully Dusa' s clan will push a lot more to make Shalia their Matara. Before Nang is successful in whatever devious plan he may have come up with.