Thursday, October 31, 2013

December 9

You know, I just don’t get it.  I mean, what is it about me that men are so fascinated with?  I wish I could figure it out, because I’d bottle that shit and sell it for a fortune. 

I’m attractive but not the prettiest girl ever.  I don’t have the most perfect body.  I’m intelligent, but not the most scintillating speaker I’ve ever heard.  There are other women for the Kalquorians to prowl after.   I mean, look at Candy!  She’s definitely too cute and bubbly ... man bait if I ever saw such.  And Katrina, while older, is quite attractive too.  She’s got personality to spare.  Plus she is happy to have sex.  What more could they want?

Yet I have another beau falling to my questionable charms.  My liaison Imdiko Betra of all people.   Yes, he of the flaring nostrils and obsession with asking me how I feel.  The weird guy.

I didn’t realize at first that this was what was happening.   When he stopped by this morning with a container full of goodies, I thought it was just another Kalquorian thing.  You know, ‘welcome to our culture and please like us enough to have our babies.’  That sort of thing.

The container had some pretty good things in it.  Soft, fuzzy slippers that made my feet want to just wallow in contentment.  A robe to match.  Pretty hair adornments that I’ll have to get Candy to do for me since I’m pathetic with styling.  Extra soft linens for my sleeping mat.  Some exotic foods from other planets like nellus from Plasius and drocori cubes from Joshada. 

“You guys know how to spoil us girls,” I told Betra. 

“I’m glad you are happy with the items,” he told me with a placid smile.  “How are you feeling?”

I decided to nip that one in the bud.  “I’m perfectly fine.  I feel terrific.  I’ve never felt better in my life.  There are no words to describe how wonderful I feel.”

He blinked at me.  “Oh.  That’s wonderful, Matara.  I’m glad to hear it.  You will let me know if there is anything you require?  Anything at all?”

“Sure,” I said. 

I thought that would be the end of it, but he had something a little less pleasant to ask me.  “I have been informed that you should visit our medical facility for a checkup.  When should I tell them to expect you?”

I almost growled like a Kalquorian myself.  Dad was poking his darn nose in again, comming others to bug me with his worries.  Then I got a little emotional, thinking how sweet he was to still be so concerned over my welfare.  I miss him.

I just shrugged at Betra.  “I’ll think about it and let you know.”  After all, I really had to check my social calendar, ha-ha. 

Lucky for me, he accepted that.  “All right, Matara Shalia.  I’ll schedule it when you get back to me.  I’m heading back to my office right now and I’ll be there most of the day, so that’s where you can contact me.”

Off he went.  Curious to know if the other women all got the same things as I did, I went to Candy’s quarters.  I took my hair stuff with me, hoping to get her to put my hair up in a pretty chignon, accentuated with one of the sparkly gem pieces in my new collection.  Maybe the curved spray of blue and green stones set in gold metal, I thought. 

She answered almost right away.  “Oh good, now I don’t have to go to you,” she said.  “I was wondering what we could do before I die of absolute boredom.  What’s in the little box?  Ooh, how pretty!  Where did you get these?”

“They were in the container Betra brought me.  What did you get?”

Candy stared at me in amused confusion.  “What do you mean, what did I get?  I didn’t get anything.  Betra gave you these?”

It was my turn to be confused.  “Yeah, along with some other nice stuff.  Slippers, robe, fruit.  He didn’t bring you anything like that?  I thought we were all getting something.”

Candy’s brows were raised far enough up to crease her forehead.  “Betra didn’t bring me anything.  Shalia, you are like catnip for Kalquorians.  Kalnip.  That’s it; that’s what I’m calling you from now on.  Kalnip.”

I frowned.  “Maybe he just hasn’t gotten to you yet?  Maybe he’s about to bring something?”  But he’d said he’d be in his office, not delivering goodies like some Kalquorian St. Nick.

“Come on,” I said, angry suspicion raising its head.  “I can’t be the only one who got a bunch of free stuff.”

I headed out the door, Candy at my heels.  “Where are we going, Kalnip?”

“Don’t call me that,” I said.  “We’re going to check with Ms. Popularity herself.  If anyone is getting presents, it’s going to be Katrina.”

“Katrina?  Wait, Shalia.  What if she’s not alone?  What if she’s ... entertaining?  You know.  A man?”

That almost kept me from going on.  I sure didn’t want to interrupt Katrina with one of her young conquests.  But I had to know that I wasn’t the only one benefitting from Betra’s generosity.  So I kept going until I reached her door.

“It’s Shalia.  Are you in there, Katrina?” I called.

“Shalia!  Hold on.”  A second later, her door slid open.  Katrina stood there looking delighted to see me.  She was alone, thank the Trinity.  “And Candy!  This is great, girls.  Come in.  Let’s have some drinks.”

“Drinks?”  Candy followed me in and goggled at Katrina’s purple and gold fabric-draped quarters.  “I haven’t even had breakfast yet.  Wow, this place is really something.”

There were seating cushions scattered everywhere on the floor, along with the sleeping mat.  Katrina certainly had ample places to do her ‘entertaining’ as Candy had phrased it.

Katrina smiled.  “Thanks.  Cozy, isn’t it?  I love being comfortable.  No breakfast?  How about some juice then?  The boys have been kind enough to supply me with a citrus-type beverage that is reminiscent of orange juice.  A splash of vodka will start your day off right.”

“What the hell,” I agreed.  “Set me up.  Hey, speaking of boys supplying things, did Betra bring you a container of items?  Like slippers or nellus or—”

“Or these,” Candy interrupted, yanking my box of hair accessories from me to show Katrina.

“Oh, aren’t those lovely?” Katrina breathed with appreciation.  “Very nice.  No, Betra does not give me presents.  He must like you.”

“They aren’t presents,” I insisted, taking my box back.  “He didn’t say they were, anyway.  I assumed everyone was getting things.”

“Afraid not,” Katrina said with a knowing grin.  She handed both me and Candy our drinks.  “I think you have an admirer.”

“Kalnip,” Candy said with a smirk.  She sipped her juice.  “Ooh, this is good, Katrina.”

“Damn it,” I grumbled.  I had a swig myself.  The drink was delicious.  I stalked over to a seating cushion and carefully flopped down so I wouldn’t spill any of it.  “I am not getting involved with any more Kalquorians until I choose my clan.  Do I have to give the container back though?”

Katrina sat next to me.  “Well, it might encourage him if you don’t.  However most of the men are cognizant that our flings with them are only temporary.  Betra isn’t clanned, so he knows the futility of pursuing you for more than sex.”

I groaned, thinking of Nang.  “I don’t even want that.  Some of them don’t get that being an impossible clanmate should keep them far away.” 

Candy sat on the other side of me and patted my knee.  “You can’t help being so irresistible,” she teased.  “Oh, don’t give me that mean look.  I’m only teasing you, you know.”

I sighed and took a sip of my drink.  “I know.”  My fingers played with the pretty hair accessories.  “I really like these.  I like all the stuff he gave me.  I’m getting so greedy in my old age.”

Katrina waved me off.  “Keep the stuff then.  It’s his own fault for giving you presents without first finding out if you’re interested.”

“I wouldn’t feel right about it,” I said.  “My stupid conscience won’t let me.”

My stomach twisted a little.  My drink, already half-gone, suddenly seemed too sweet.  I put it down and had another thought.

“Do you think Betra would be insulted if I give the gifts back?  I don’t want him to have a bad attitude towards me,” I said.

Katrina waved off my concerns.  “He would know better, I hope.  Giving you or any of us trouble will get him into trouble.  For the most part, Kalquorians are determined to not give their would-be Mataras any reason to not join the Empire.”

“All right, I’ll give him his stuff back then,” I said.  My guts churned a little more.  I suppose I was so nervous about telling Betra to shove off (even though I planned to do it nicely), that it was making me a bit nauseous.  Plus I really, really liked the goodies.

“At least I can enjoy a little of it for one day,” I decided to cheer myself up.  “Put my hair up for me, Candy?  Put this one in?”  I held up the blue and green jeweled hair embellishment.

“Sure,” she said agreeably.

My stomach took a little while to settle from its nervous fit, but otherwise, we three had a nice day together.  I really like Katrina, and even Candy seems to be getting used to her outrageous comments.  Our older friend invited us to join her ‘salon’ after dinner, which would include the company of half a dozen young Kalquorians.  Candy giggled in a screamy sort of way, squealing, “Oh no!”  However her fascinated gaze as we bid Katrina’s newly arriving guests goodbye has me thinking she won’t be resisting Katrina’s parties much longer.  Curiosity is getting the better of my nervous friend.

As for me ... nope.  No more nonsense.  Instead I’m enjoying my one night with the soft slippers and nice robe.  I even took a vid still of myself with my hair done up nice and pretty with its jeweled piece making me look like a duchess.  Tomorrow the stuff goes back to Betra with my thanks (and private regrets).


  1. here we go again another wait for the big BOO!! No fair cruel cruel woman.

  2. Ok i am starting to think Shalia is not playing with all the cards in the deck, how many times must something be hinted at before it clicks. sigh
    Still cant wait to see her reaction lol, I can see it is not going to go well.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wow - sorry this free service which takes time and energy away from the writing she does for a living is not meeting your expectations. Must be a real chore for you...

    2. i feel the same way.

      we're lucky we get anything for free and the fact that she has a DAILY blog seems to have missed the point. I know she only does M & Th for Shalia but the other daily blogs are either very good(read naughty) or very informative.
      I wait once a month for my next favorite authors free blog.

      Trac, you do what you need to do. Churn out what you can when you can and just don't BURN OUT!

  4. What is the gestation of a hybrid baby anyway?

    1. I dont know that's a good question. Does anyone know?

  5. OMG, you're killing me here!!! Seriously, I am dying a slow and painful death. Time to fish or cut bait, man... get that girl to medical, please!!!

  6. Shalia should look up all the available bathrooms on the ship, she is going to need them. Unless she is going to spend the first few months in her cabin puking. Who knows maybe her morning sickness wont be so bad.

  7. I KNEW Tracy wasn't going to give it up so

  8. Now we have to wait till the medic tells her the GOOD news. She is going to die!! LOL. It takes 9 months to get to Kalquor, so she will have the baby in the ship. By the time she gets there (Kalquor) she can ask to clan with her favorite clan ;-))

    1. Maybe if it is Weln's baby then Clan Dusa will be expected to step forward and clan her. But I think Dad is worried it might also be Nang's. I think that is another reason why he wouldnt let Nang near her until she was safely on the transport.

  9. This is so exciting. I'm an adult. I can wait patiently. I have learned over the years to bide my time, keep myself occupied while waiting for an outcome.
    But gosh!! I can hardly hold it together here. I'm about to split a seam, blow a gasket, have a cow (my kids used to say that, "Mom don't have a cow"),
    Just because this is so exciting. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?? Okay Tracy I've got it back under control. I'll be right here on Monday. Happy Halloween!

  10. A random thought, what if Betra is working for Nang? We know Nang I obsessed and couldn't get close to Shaila so maybe he pulled some strings as a commander to get Betra close to Shiala and keep tabs on her for him. That could be why Berta gives her gifts (from Nang) and also ran the other men off.

  11. Well he might have run them off in his own best interest. But what you said certainly does put another perspective on it now that you mention it. Holy cow! Where does it go from here?

  12. Another thought:If the Dads are now in Atlanta did the other base close, If so where is Nang and what is he up to?

  13. Laughing Mommy& Sue El ...wonderful comments on possible Nang sabotage. I've been assuming she is pregnant also...thank goodness someone mentioned she was last with Weln. But it has been mentioned in the series...Sister Katherine I think that the Imdiko has several parents because the Mother was impregnated by one clan but had joined another. All the adults agreed to share parenting.

    Is it possible she will join another clan like Dusa's even if the baby is Nang's?

  14. It was said that it didn't really matter who the father was, the clan acceptedresponsibility for their Matara's children, and the biological father and his clan could participate.
    And my personal% it doesn't matter who the father is, please, not clan Dusa for clanning! Someones more mature and interesting, pleeeeeeaaaaaaase!