Thursday, October 17, 2013

December 3

Damn, I’m lonely without my guys.  I spoke with Dusa, Esak, and Weln via vid earlier today.  We even had sex ... well, sort of.  I guess it’s more accurate to say I had sex with myself while they watched.

Weln has finally made it to Atlanta.  It was good to see the gang all together again.  They looked happy, which gave me a pang of jealousy.  No, I do not want them pining for want of me.  I want them to be happy.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it kind of hurts to know their lives will go on perfectly fine without me.  I know, I’m an awful person.  I just feel so terribly alone without them.

They did say over and over how much they missed me.  Dusa looked me over, sighing unhappily.  “It hurts to look at you and not be able to touch,” he told me.  “Here you are, right in front of me, and yet you’re too far away.”

“Tell me about it,” I grouched, my eyes wandering over the three delicious bodies that looked for all the world like they stood right here in my quarters.  Dusa and Esak were in their uniform formsuits, which clung so very nicely to their bodies despite the armor inside the fabric.  Weln’s trousers were fitted, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt.  It was all I could do to not reach for them.

“Feel free to get naked and remind me of what I’m missing,” I said with half-hearted lasciviousness.  “Maybe I’ll have nice dreams tonight.”

Dusa’s grin was a naughty thing.  “I think I’d rather you got naked, Shalia.”  His voice deepened with command.  “Go ahead.  Take your clothes off.”

I couldn’t stop myself from jerking in response.  It was the dominant voice he’d always used with me when it came to sex, and I responded just as automatically as Pavlov’s dog.  I was wet and aroused in an instant, especially when I saw how all three pairs of eyes darkened.

Not really thinking about what I was doing, my blouse went over my head and flying away through the air.  My pants went next, followed by underclothes.  I was soon standing in front of them, bare and eager.

This is ridiculous, I told myself.  We can’t do anything!

The guys disagreed with me.  “Lie down on your sleeping mat,” Esak said.  He’d pitched a hell of a tent in his pants.

I had to back up a few steps to obey.  The com connection, complying with a barked command from Dusa, zoomed them closer so that it seemed like they stood at the edge of the bed, looming over me.

“Spread your legs.  Touch yourself,” Weln whispered.  “Put your hands on your breasts and pussy.”

Dusa added, “Make yourself excited for us.”

I did as I was told, moaning a little as I rubbed one nipple and rubbed the soaked petals of my sex.  It wasn’t my touch that was setting me on fire, though it certainly added to the excitement.  No, it was their eyes on me and insistent demands that had me writhing in pleasure.

“Pinch your nipple for me,” Esak growled.  “Pinch it hard like I would, making you accept my mastery.”

My finger and thumb were pincers, sending heady stings to make me shudder.  When Esak told me to do the same to the other nipple, I obeyed without hesitation.  Then Dusa and Weln chimed in.  Orders came at me, one after the other, orders I was to comply with as soon as I received them.

“Open your pussy so I can see inside.  Show me everything.”

“Rub the side of your clit.  Only the sides.  No direct contact.”

“Two fingers inside.  Fuck yourself with them.  That’s it.”

“Slower.  You may not come without permission.  Mind me, Shalia.”

“Rub your clit now.  Make it feel good.”

“You still may not come.”

“Put another finger inside.”

“Faster now.  Fuck yourself a little faster.”

“Rub your clit harder.  But don’t come yet.”

It went on like that for several minutes.  I lay there, pleasuring and torturing myself at their say-so, sobbing with need, as helpless to defy them as if they’d been standing there ready to punish me for any offense.  All three leaned in, watching with rapt attention.  They made me work my grasping pussy harder and faster until my arm ached.  My lower body coiled tight, on the verge of orgasm though I fought to keep climax from happening.  I know how insane this all sounds, but I was simultaneously trying to make myself come and keep myself from coming.  All at the behest of my wonderful, cruel Kalquorians.

I was finally reduced to screaming at them.  “Please, Dusa!  Please!”

He groaned and grabbed Esak’s shoulder, as if to keep from falling to the ground.  His voice strained, Dusa said, “Come, Shalia.”

A final pinch to my engorged, desperate clit, and I tumbled into ecstasy.  I jerked and writhed all over that sleeping mat, wailing in time with every pulse that clenched my guts.  It was what I’d wanted so much, and yet it was empty without those strong arms around me.

When I calmed, I noted I wasn’t the only one who’d found at least physical satisfaction.  “Time to send out the laundry,” Weln observed, his eyes half-lidded with completion.

Dusa had ended up on the floor after all.  He sat there, his head down as he caught his breath.  When he finally looked up at me, his smile was bittersweet, as if he’d found the encounter as barren as I had.  Still, his eyes were soft and loving.  “Thank you, Shalia,” he said.

“Damn it, I miss you,” I blurted.

That got me three dark heads nodding in agreement.  Esak couldn’t speak until our com session ended a few minutes later.  None of us wanted a conversation after that.  It was just too painful to continue.  The four of us muttered ‘I love you’ and ‘take care of yourselves’ and clicked off.

Nope.  I’m not going to get emotionally invested in anymore Kalquorians until I choose a clan.  I promise, cross my heart, and hope to die.  Whoever was the one who said, “It’s better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all” deserves to have his teeth kicked in.


  1. Well that was kind of sad, I hope Shalia finds a permanent clan soon. She deserves a loving clan and not to be alone.

  2. Oh come on!!! There must be something that can be done to bring these four people together!!!!! After all, by the time Shalia gets to Kalquor, the guys will have been clanned for almost a year!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was thinking the same thing Sabrina. By the time they get to Kalkor and Shalia's mother is treated, enough time has passed for her to ask for them to be her clan. She can wait until they come back to clan her or they can state a claim on her with interest in clanning, as soon as they get back to Kalquor, through the vidcom. That way she doesn't brake her promise to clan.

  4. My favorite quote....

    "He pitched a hell of a tent in his pants."
    I'd never heard that before. Hahaha!

  5. Can't wait for something challenging to happen. Something that threatens her resolve.

  6. These 4 people have got to get together. Tracy, please come up with something that brings these lovers together.I really feel for Shalia. My hubby was Navy for 21 yrs. All the constant separations were hell, and reading these posts brings it all back. My heart aches for Clan Dusa