Monday, October 14, 2013

December 2

It is interesting to note that when it comes to time-wasting meetings, Kalquor is about on par with Earth.  The orientation was just a rehash of the welcome message the computer played when I first got into my quarters a few days ago.  Well, mostly.  A few interesting  things came up.  And when it comes to wasting time, what else is there to do on a long ride?

We newbies were assigned a liaison.  This is a Kalquorian who we can contact with questions and concerns at any time.  Every liaison has ten of us to keep an eye on.  Mine and Candy’s is Imdiko Betra.  Like the other Imdikos I’ve met, he’s got a sweet, open face that just begs you to trust him.  Candy of course went totally dreamy-eyed over him in an instant.  Her crushes come and go with amazing rapidity, so she’ll probably be over him by this time tomorrow. 

He’s a cutie, older than Weln.  He looks like the Boy Next Door type with the biggest biceps I think I’ve ever seen on a man.  Yes, I checked him out.  No, I have no intention of doing anything more than that.  I am done with playing with these guys.

I did find out Betra is unclanned, which was kind of a surprise.  I thought the Imdikos all got clanned pretty fast, and Betra is a little older than me.  I guess he’s holding out for something particularly special.  Smart guy.

The other interesting person I met was Katrina Dawson.  I was startled to see an older woman among us, one who was obviously over childbearing age.  She’s gotten permission from Kalquor to come live there in order to  counsel the young women at the living complex.  She’s a lean lady, extremely fit looking.  Her gray hair was brushed back and held with a hair clip.  She told me it was in that awful in-between growing out stage. 

“A lot of the Kalquorians like longer hair on a woman,” she said with a sly smile.  “Who am I to disappoint them?”

Candy blinked at her.  “You, um, you like – Kalquorians?”  She was all flustered, which clued Katrina in on what she was really asking.

“You mean having sex?  Honey, I adore teaching those boys what a woman needs!”

I was almost as stunned as Candy.  I mean, despite her impressive build, Katrina looks like a schoolteacher nearing retirement.  Yet here she was, grinning at us with happy debauchery. 

I said, “You teach them?”

Katrina trilled happy laughter.  “Damned straight I do.  I was married three times for a total of thirty-five years.  I should hope I know a thing or two about good sex.  That’s the kind of counseling I’ll do for you gals on Kalquor.  It’s not really the awful, terrible act you were told to expect by the Church.  I’ll take the fear and confusion out of the whole thing.” 

Candy looked dazed.  “You said you were teaching boys.”

Katrina snorted.  “At my age, any man younger than forty is a boy.  However, I do prefer the ones in their twenties.  It’s good to catch these Kalquorians while they’re still young.  For one thing, they’re grateful to be with a woman and ready to do anything she wants.  For another, they don’t think they know everything, so they’re willing to let a woman with experience show them what works.  I think of myself as their training Matara.”

I thought Candy would fall over in a dead faint.  “Holy shit, you look like you could be my mom,” she whispered.  “No offense, but I can’t imagine someone like you doing ... you know.  That.”

Katrina didn’t take offense.  Instead, her grin got only broader.  “Well, you know your mom had to have done ‘that’ for you to be born.  She might have even enjoyed it.”

Candy turned green.

I envy Katrina.  It must be nice to simply have sex without needing an emotional investment.  It seems like there would be a lot less heartache attached than what I’ve been doing with the guys I get involved with.  Maybe I’d make fewer bad decisions. 


  1. oh i think i am really going to love Katrina, she is a hoot.

  2. I love Katrina. She could be the Dr. Ruth Westheimer of Kalquor!

  3. Guess I'm not really into Katrina. Thinking I'm losing interest now that Shalia's men aren't around anymore. Was waiting for the HEA, but when it gets slow I get bored. Nine months of no Clan Dusa and I'm probably done, switching clans and I'm done also. I'm a loyal kind of person where guys are concerned, and switching would be betrayal. Not sure where this story line is going but I'll check back in a while.

  4. I like Katrina already, looks like it will be a good trip for the girls.

  5. I like Katrina so far. Shalia has a whole lot of future ahead of her. I hate to admit this but the first thing I do when I pull up Shalia' s Diary on Mondays and Thursdays is look to see how long the story for that day is. I just can't help myself. If it's really short I know nothing eventful could happen and start out disappointed. Now let me ask you How spoiled rotten is that? Hahaha! This is such an exciting story (most of the time). Haha! Can't wait for more adventures of Shalia's Diary.

  6. I like Katrina. She's open about sex, which considering how Earthers view sex, is rare. Earther women need her!

  7. I like Katrina too, but good lord is she a black widow? How the heck did she get away with being married three times on an earth where divorce is probably off the table (can't remember the rules on that one).
    But, hey, all power to her :)

  8. I like Katrina. I can't wait to see what Shalia and Candy will get in involved in on their way to Kalquor.

    Tracy, are you planning to release the 2nd story line as an e-book like you did the 1st?

  9. I love the new character, hot older woman who still likes sex. Sounds like she could make for some intetesting reading on the voyage.

  10. OHHH Katerina, U go, girl. A mature woman after my own heart. Thanx Tracy